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How to write product descriptions to increase sales

How to Write Product Descriptions Woman Reading Book In Bed

This post was originally published on June 24, 2019, and was updated on June 7, 2021.

When it comes to setting up and administering an eCommerce business, learning how to write product descriptions may seem like a relatively simple task. On the flip side, if you sell numerous produces, it can feel monotonous and tedious. However, concoction descriptions shouldn’t be interpreted over or written in a hurry. They’re a small but mighty tool that can work wonders for patron interest and sales.

An effective concoction description has the power to convert a browser into a client.

Research are demonstrating that 87% of buyers said here today that detailed produce material is important to their overall acquire decision. Likewise, eCommerce marketings are at an all-time high with purchasers devoting $861.12 billion online with U.S. retailers in 2020, a 44% increase from the previous year. You can’t afford to miss a piece of that pasty with lackluster produce descriptions.

A successful make description involves the right balance of storytelling, rich content and SEO awareness. Use the following guide( with real-life examples) to learn how to write product descriptions that will boost your sales.

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Learn how to write product descriptions that tell a story

As you write concoction descriptions, try to describe an experience , not just the produce itself.

Focus on moving the reader envision themselves expending( and experiencing) your product.

If appropriate, go as far as describing a time or place.

For example, look at the description for the below Bumble and bumble fuzz produce. There’s a tagline under the product name “Sweat fearlessly. Clean Instantly.” Immediately, you already understand what this product does. Then the description further explains how you feel post-workout with sweaty hair, and how it can combat that issue. The help icons are just the cherry-red on top!( More on helps later ...)

Bumble and Bumble product description for dry shampoo mistImage: Bumble and bumble

Product descriptions that tell a story are credible to possible clients, nudging them towards the “add to cart” button. The narrative doesn’t have to be all flowery language -- it can also include informative items. In reality, consumers are 131% more likely to buy from a firebrand after they consume educational content.

Apple is the masterclass example of marrying storytelling with datum within their product descriptions. Cameron Craig, "whos working" in PR for Apple, told the Harvard Business Review 😛 TAGEND

“Our mission was to tell the story of how our innovative products cause clients the power to unleash their productivity and modify the world.”

You can see just that in the produce description of the latest MacBook Air. The photocopy immediately drills the book on how this concoction will optimize their personal and professional beings. They also break down complex technological specs( like CPUs) and ask what that means for users in practice, i.e ., you can complete more exercises and litter less battery.

Macbook Air product descriptionImage: Apple Write product descriptions that foreground your unique importance proposition

What manufactures your concoction different from the rest? Your unique value proposition( UVP) is your product’s differentiator, it’s what starts it noteworthy, and likewise worth buying. You should include your UVP near the opening up of your concoction description to quickly persuasion customers.

If you aren’t sure what that it is possible, do a little competitor research to see what other firebrands "re just saying" same concoctions and figure out why yours is different.

For example, refer to GoPro’s description of their recent Hero9 camera. They highlight that the device makes 5K video and has 7x more decide than conventional HD content.

Not merely do they speak about their best selling qualities but they likewise explains why this account is better than the previous iterations. The facsimile describes the benefits of Hypersmooth 3.0, the latest update to their stabilization technology.

GoPro product description exampleImage: GoPro GoPro product description example 2Image: GoPro

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Master concoction descriptions that consider your target purchaser

As you explore how to write product descriptions, make is not simply about your target patron, but too how they will use the product.

Focus on the potential benefits for "the consumers " , not only the features of the product.

While pieces are significant and have their situate( more on that later ), benefits cause enforcing reproduce that convinces "the consumers " why they need the product.

When thinking about the product and purchaser, ask yourself 😛 TAGEND

How will it make their life easier? What trouble will it answer? What advantages will it accommodate?

Those are the types of benefits you should highlight first and foremost in your produce description.

Read the first two paragraphs in Goop’s description for a skincare product. It immediately dives into what the commodity will do for the customer’s skin, describing, in detail, all the results users can expect.

Goop product description for skincare productImage: Goop Use commodity descriptions that parallel your tint to your customer personality

When you write a product description, you likewise want to consider your target customer so that you can speak directly to their buyer persona.

One action to accomplish this is by matching the flavor of the product description to your paragon customer.

For instance, if your gathering is millennial consumers and you’re selling a lifestyle product, you can inject humor and fluff to catch their attention.

On the other hand, if you sell professional-level tech makes targeted toward business purchasers, you’ll want to keep the tone more serious and detailed.

The perfect example of tone is Dollar Shave Club, a brand that made a worded for itself with contemptuou laughter. Notice how their produce description shows its overall symbol spokesperson( and competitors the manner of their gathering) with tongue-in-cheek jokes.

Dollar Shave Club product description for deodorantImage: Dollar Shave Club Make your produce descriptions concise and scannable

The above-the-fold section of your commodity page should contain the best copy. Remember that every oath substances. Potential customers can move or sounds for more information if they’d like. That means your initial product description should be concise and to the point.

Whether you give an expandable description or tabs below the bend with more the characteristics and details, the purpose is to offset the first product description scannable to secure the customer.

Scannability is also crucial for mobile clients so that they can see product descriptions easily on their phones.

Make sure to keep mobile-friendliness in subconsciou as 79% of smartphone users made a acquire on their mobile maneuver in the past six months.

Many labels use bullet points to help with scannability in their concoction descriptions. Notice how Home Depot includes missile parts in both its initial produce description, as well as the expanded produce overview.

Home Depot product description for law mowerImage: Home Depot Home Depot product overview for lawn mowerImage: Home Depot Include several high-quality images with make descriptions

Holding a produce are crucial for certain buyers. Even with the eCommerce boom from the pandemic, a recent survey found that 46% of beings still prefer to shop in stores. And 33% say it's because they so wishes, touch, feel and try out items.

Ecommerce brands can overcome this overcome by including stellar make likeness from multiple slants.

You don’t certainly need to hire a professional photographer to take commodity paintings( although if you have the budget, it can be worth it ). High-res camera phones with biography procedure make it increasingly easier for eCommerce business owners to DIY make images.

When possible include epitomes of the product in use, like someone wearing a piece of draping, a patron utilizing a tool -- or even a screenshot of a digital produce. These types of idols help contextualize the concoction in action, which offsets it seem more real and tangible.

Note how Thrive Market overcomes the issue of selling spices( becasue it’s essentially time a ground-up powder, it’s tough to really spotlight in an exciting route ). But they still use representations to their advantage, demonstrating the container, so purchasers know what to expect. They also incorporate an image of a banquet that uses the spice, are in place to articulated the make into context.

Thrive Market product description for spicesImage: Thrive Market

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Incorporate client evidences with produce descriptions

User-generated content( UGC) is a strong tool in driving auctions for your eCommerce business.

Customer tributes and critiques are the best each type of UGC to include in produce descriptions.

Reviews help to provide social proof that other fulfilled clients purchased and used your product, which goes a long way to encourage capacity buyers.

Recent research confirms that UGC influences consumer interests buy decision process.

Depending on the layout and format of your eCommerce site, you can include a link to the product review page, or have native examines underneath the produce description.

Some labels opt to cherry-pick positive examines or testimonies and to be incorporated as a quotation in their concoction description.

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Make make descriptions searchable with SEO

If you require more customers to find your make with organic research( via search engines such as Google or Bing ), write product descriptions with SEO in mind.

Each individual produce page on an eCommerce site is another opportunity to include high-quality content that’s indexed by search engines.

When product descriptions are optimized for search engines, those indexed pages will ideally rank for your target keywords. In other utterances, a possible purchaser types in a inquiry related to your produce/ brand, and your place sounds as a top to be translated into the Search Engine Results Page( SERP ).

If you haven’t already, do some basic keyword research, so you know what terms and mottoes be listed in your produce description. Keywords are expressions that instantly are addressed to your concoction that a potential client might type into a search engine when looking to find it.

Make a index of keywords and naturally include them in product descriptions, details and anywhere on your make page.

Don’t forget about long-tail keywords -- these represent longer motto/ question huntings rather than specific two- to five-word keywords. To give you an idea, instead of the keyword “cleaning renders, ” a long-tail keyword would be “affordable organic cleansing spraying solution.”

Google tells us more and more shoppers use conversational research queries. Huntings with “do I need” originated in notoriety by 65% -- these are probes like: “what immensity generator do I need? ”

Their advice on using this to your advantage? “Lock down keywords and terms generally are connected with[ your] businesses and then consider natural language search utterances that customers might be using to find them.”

Make product descriptions that include useful and technical items

After you craft and sharpen your initial produce description, include technological and specific product details. As you’ve seen in the lessons above, the produce details slouse commonly comes below the fold and under the initial product description.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s not as important.

Consumers have specific needs and concerns when it comes to obtaining a commodity, and items can be a utter or smash when it comes to conversion . Just consider: what if someone has a skin allergy and can’t find information materials for a clothe part?

Your goal with product items should be to answer any question before a purchaser asks it, and provide useful information to help them on their buying journey.

A good example is Macy’s -- they include the height and garment immensity of the simulates in their concoction envisions. These details give the buyer additional penetration into how items fit on an actual person, for example where a dress girdle might fall.

How to write product descriptions MacysImage: Macy's A/B research your product descriptions

Once you pin down how to write product descriptions, don’t stop there. A/ B evaluation descriptions against one another to try out different tactics and find the best alternatives. You can formally A/ B evaluation with commerce implements such as Google Optimize, Optimizely or Visual Website Optimizer.

Alternatively, you can do informal A/ B testing by exploiting different versions or formats for descriptions on similar commodities to see which sells better over a certain period of time.

Every eCommerce business is different, and there’s no-one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to make descriptions.

Testing your commodity sheets will allow you to improve your descriptions to increase traffic and sales.

Make sure to check in with all product pages, if one seems to be selling better than the rest, try to repurpose that description on the low-selling produces. Remember that data and metrics will help you refine your process.

Editor’s note: With dedicated commodity sheets, GoDaddy Online Store spawns it easy to update your concoction descriptions .

Learn how to write product descriptions to drive more marketings

Product descriptions have the power to increase sales for your eCommerce business dramatically, yet large and small companies alike can struggle with them. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 makes, it can be challenging to write unique, customer-attracting descriptions. But trust us, when you put in the effort, squandering the above tips-off, you’ll envision the ROI!

The main takeaway? Don’t get discouraged when setting up your eCommerce store. Follow this guide, and with a little creativity, policy, and persistence, your make descriptions will be enhanced transitions for your online store.

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