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Is Fast Food really bad for you and if so, Why do many rich people eat it then?

When you ask beings about fast food, they primarily say it's bad because it's cheap, widely available, and high-pitched in calories, which to me, the 1st two looks a lot like actually enormous certifies, that for reasons people talk as if they're not good things, and that last one, I could see true-life, for people looking to lose weight, but wouldn't that actually be a great thing for people that want to bulk up or gain weight?

Supposedly, it was reported numerous rich person, like Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, and even specific Athletes eat fast food, so they clearly have plenty of fund to not have too, but choose too do it anyway. Is there something certainly up with fast food or is it precisely the following statement entailed for parties looking to lose weight, that apparently time started to spread around to everyone?

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