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Is there a way, way back for Australian rugby?

How do you respond to a challenge? Do you hug it, abode your shortcomings without swerving and look for increases? Or do you shrink back into the corner of the room, and resolve to play with your own ball in your own space?

That is the question Australian rugby has to answer now, after get 0-10 in the first two rounds of Super Rugby Trans-Tasman.

Queensland head coach Brad Thorn had the answer spot on after the game 😛 TAGEND

“I’ve said all time we need to play the New Zealanders if you want to get better.

“Tonight, you get a punch in the face, but you be engaged in the cupboard chamber afterwards and think,' that’s it, that’s where we want to be’.

“We need to play these chaps, we want to play them, and we want to win.

“But there’s a crew that’s far superior tonight and you’ve got to wear that- welcome to world-class , now you’ve got to get in the ring with them.”

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It has been a huge wake-up call for Australia. After the temporary uplift of the domestic competition, the top two teams in Australian rugby- the Reds and Brumbies- have lost their opening plays by a combined median tally of 24 drawn attention to 44.

It is the second of those two digits that is the most concerning, at least in the short term. All of the Australian line-ups have shown they can score parts on their Aotearoa antagonists, but once they start to leak tries, they cannot a stop an ooze turning into a flood.

As Reds’ captain Liam Wright observed ruefully after the nine-try debacle at the Suncorp, “Everything we did wrong was punished.” In a nutshell, the Australian units have yet to fully fathom what works against New Zealand opposition, and what doesn’t. It is a process.

It is no coincidence that the team which has announced the most estimable develops in the two rounds still further, and the only one to threaten to beat a New Zealand opponent( the Force) is also the two sides which takes care of the ball better, for longer periods of the game.

The mission statement of the Australian crews for the remaining three rounds of the regular rival should be' good-for-nothing for free’. Do not give the teams from Aotearoa any easy stations, establish them work for every single tally they get. Be mean and make it hurt. Appoint Australian referees to oversee parallels played in Australia. That is the most fundamental of base-lines.

On Saturday at Suncorp Stadium, the Reds flunked altogether in this basic aim. They were 21 -0 down after simply 15 times, and 28 -0 down after half an hour. The fate of the game was already decided by then.

Let’s do a little statistical record. What did those targets expense the Crusaders?

Tries 0-31 mins AVG oversteps AVG offloads AVG rucks

4 3 1 0.75

That’s right, the first four tries each expense the Crusaders, on average, only four legislates( including offloads) and less than one ruck-per-try to convert into seven-pointers. Nice work, if you can get it.

The Reds’ presence in the game improved as those stats went slightly better.

Tries 0-80 mins AVG oversteps AVG offloads AVG rucks

9 4.1 0.5 1.8

For their final try of video games, the men from Christchurch at least had to establish 18 guides, two offloads and build five rucks. They had to work hard for it.

That could not be said earlier in video games. The mood was defined as early as the fifth hour of the match.