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Joel Embiid Has His Eyes on a Different Prize

Getty Images/ AP Images/ Ringer sketch

Nikola Jokic took home MVP, but the Sixers center is angling for a bigger piece of hardware this postseason. More recitals like his one against the Hawks in Game 2 time might get him there.

There’s an easy tale to tell here: “On the same day Nikola Jokic was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player, Joel Embiid went out intent on showing why he should’ve finished at the top of the ballot.” Doc Rivers, always a friend to the working press, even led ahead and teed it up.

After Game 2 against Atlanta on Tuesday, the 76 ers instruct cancelled what it was like to be a member of the 1994 -9 5 Spurs, to watch David Robinson accept that season’s MVP trophy before the start of the Western Conference finals against the Rockets ... and then watch Hakeem Olajuwon absolutely destroy “the Admiral, ” extending Houston to a six-game victory en route to its second straight-from-the-shoulder NBA championship. What “the Dream” did to Robinson in that series--establishing himself as peerless, even when placed in the context of another all-time great--isn’t the kind of thing you forget, extremely when you had a front-row seat.

“Tonight, ” Rivers told reporters after watching Embiid pour in 40 phases, a new busines playoff high-pitched, in his team’s 118 -1 02 acquire, “you felt like that was Joel.”