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Katie Thurston Breaks Down on The Bachelorette, Reveals Sexual Assault

Katie Thurston got specially honest and specially personal on The Bachelorette this week.

First, however, she referred some potential partners home.

Still seething over the amount claimed last Monday night about guys being on her season for the wrong rationales, Thurston told her suitors at the outset of this new episode 😛 TAGEND

"I exactly don't have the right mindset to give some of the people the vitality and the time they deserve."

Katie Thurston Cries

As a ensue?

"I'm not going to give any more time to anyone else tonight. We're just going to go straight to the rose ceremony."

With that said, Thurston doled out lifts to David, Hunter, Conor C. and Mike P ., yet stopped after the 31 -year-old virgin invoked last Monday's allegation that a admirer was solely out for popularity and fate, saying to Katie 😛 TAGEND

"What Karl said wasn't the truth."

Karl, 33

"Do you all feel the same way? " Katie asked.

The men nodded their pates and Thurston excused herself.

She explained to co-hosts Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe that she wanted to keep Karl around, but after Mike P.'s revelation, she second-guessed herself.

Cut back to the rose service, where Katie chose NOT to give Karl a rose.

Michael, Connor B ., Quartney, Tre, Justin, Andrew M ., Christian, Josh, Brendan, James and Aaron moved on instead.

Katie Thurston and Nick Viall

But the main focus this week had to be on Nick Viall making an appearance in order to lead a discussion between Katie and her followers, eliciting each of them to open about about troubles from their past relationships.

The contenders then admitted to many things pertaining to divorce ... substance abuse ... and betrayal ... and, as they did, Thurston felt a need to speak up.

In a stunning quirk, she went ahead revealed something of her own that “not even her own mama knows about.”

Katie Thurston Makes a Reveal

“I know you all know me as this sex-positive person now, " Thurston said.

“But years ago at a New Years Eve party, I was drinking and there was a situation where I had fornication with someone that I did not give consent to."

Wow, huh?

Also: Just awful.

Katie Thurston Poses

Continued Katie on breeze, explaining that the incident happened ten years ago 😛 TAGEND

"I was in repudiation about what the hell happened, so much still that I tried to form a relationship with him because I didn't want to believe what actually had happened.

"And when that didn't work out, for years I had a particularly unhealthy liaison with gender. I didn't want to have sex, which affects a relationship.

"I didn't like talking about sex. And it's taken me a long time to get to where I am now.

"And being open and comfortable talking about it and adoration myself and countenancing things that I can no longer control."

Katie Thurston Puckers Up

Considering Thurston presented up to meet Matt James on The Bachelor with a vibrator in hand, this admission likely came as a startle to most viewers.

But you precisely never know, you know?

Concluded Thurston on this topic 😛 TAGEND

"I really want you guys to know that I've come a long way in who I was 10 years ago and how important consent is, how important communication is and how important it is to not guilt trip somebody for not having fairly sexuality with them, guilt trip them for not having sex with them in general."

Katie Thurston Bachelorette Picturer

At the afterparty, Katie called the group date and her confession "transformative."

But the chaps were more concerned with Thomas, who claimed he had told Thurston on this same episode that he was in love with her.

"It feels fraudulent, it may seem like, almost like a campaign, like, you want to be Bachelor. I don't know what it is, " Hunter told us to Thomas in front of the other men.

"I symbolize, is that something you've thought about? "

Thomas, 28

Thomas didn't disclaim it, either.

"Yes, coming into this, one of the studies on my judgment was potentially being the next Bachelor, " he ultimately admitted.

Whoa there! Total WRONG REASONS ALERT!

Thomas claimed he now attended much more about intent up with Thurston than aiming up as the next Bachelor -- but his opponents were left with plenty of doubt.

However, fetching such a concern to Katie's attention will have to wait until next week.

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