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Learning nutrition – where to start?

Hi all. I graduated in 2008 with a business degree. Two year later I had a bit of a “quarter life crisis” and recognise I made a huge mistake. Decided to go back to school for nutrition. Got into Hunter College in NYC. Moved in to a retail place to make money.

Hunter wouldn’t let me start nutrition without prerequisites, most of which I had already taken but the recognitions wouldn’t transfer. Working full go and making castes I wasn’t interesting in( ones that had nothing to do with nutrition) burnt me out, and I started losing focus and eventually slipped out. Money was a huge factor, I couldn’t afford school.

That was 2010 -2 013. During this time I had only taken 1 class in nutrition. I still have the itching, I still want to learn this and help people. I have a good job now, but I still have this inclination for more.

I recently signed up for a certificate program through NASM. I’m wondering if this is way to go, seems like a good first step. Any other advice on where to learn the basics to see if I actually want to pursue this? Feeling lost and don’t know where to start.

Thank you!

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