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Man City v Chelsea Offer – bwin

It's Man City v Chelsea in the Champions League Final on Saturday night and bwin are getting in on the action! Simply place a PS10. 00+ pre-match bet on Man City v Chelsea and bwin will give us PS1 0.00 in free bets. Translated into matched betting words, this demonstrates us a guaranteed profit of PS7. 71 and here’s how...

Key periods

We must opt in on the promotion page to be eligible.Applies to single stakes is available on Man City v Chelsea between 09:00 on Thursday 27 th May 2021 and 20:00( kick-off) on Saturday 29 th May 2021. Minimum stake of PS10. 00. Minimum odds of 1.50( 1/2 ). PS5. 00 free pot to use in play on Man City v Chelsea.PS5. 00 free wager to use on the European Championship( Euro 2020 ).

Qualifying pot

If you’d like more information about qualifying pots and how they use, please appreciate my qualifying gamblings guide.

It's entirely up to you what you place your qualifying bet on.

At the time of writing, Draw is available in the Match Result market at back odds of 3.50( 5/2 ). The lay odds are currently 3.55.

Either exchange works for this offer

Betfair and Smarkets logos

Betfair and Smarkets logos

Betfair and Smarkets are both great options for this offer. If you've not used one of them , now is a great time to give them a try.

Open Betfair Account

+ 0% committee up to PS5 00 for all brand-new sign-ups

Open Smarkets Account

+ PS10 bonus for all brand-new sign-ups

We can calculate our set ventures applying my Matched Betting Calculator...

Select pot form

Qualifying Bet - Use when placing back and prepare wagers to be eligible for a free gamble.

Free Bet - Use when extracting profit from a free wager or bonus.

Risk-Free Bet - Use to calculate the recline stake for a risk-free gamble

Back Bet( Bookie)


Back bet

Stake returned


Back odds( decimal)

Back commission


Lay Bet( Betting Exchange)

Lay odds( decimal)

Lay commission


Part Lay Stake

Part Lay Odds


+ Add part lay




Min PS


Max PS


Lay stake compelled: Pss





If back( bookie) gamble wins




= PS

If place( exchange) bet wins




= PS

Total profit:


Optimal Underlay

Lay stake required: PS

Total exchange Exchange liability: PS

If back( bookie) wager winnings:


If settle( exchange) pot prevails:


Optimal Overlay

Lay stake involved: Pss

Total exchange Exchange liability: PS

If back( bookie) speculation prevails:


If settle( exchange) bet acquires:


jQuery( certificate ). ready( purpose ($)

// Init Calc

calcMatchedBet2( "1 2073133 32 " );


As you can see, the calculator tells us that our arrange stake should be PS9. 92...

Bwin logo

Place PS1 0.00 on Draw@ 3.50= Potential profit of PS25. 00

Betfair logo

Lay PS9. 92 on Draw@ 3.55= Potential liability of PS25. 29


Let's have a look at our potential profit/ loss for the possible outcomes...

OutcomebwinBetfairProfit/ LossDraw+ PS25. 00- PS25. 29 PS0. 29 lossMan City or Chelsea win- PS10. 00+ PS9. 72 PS0. 28 loss

So , no matter the results of the, we'll lose a maximum of PS0. 29 in be eligible for our 2 x PS5. 00 free bets.

Free wagers

Our 2 x PS5. 00 free stakes will be ascribed upon placement of our qualifying stake. One of the free wagers will be valid in play on Man City v Chelsea and the other will be valid on any European Championship market for 30 days.

Using straightforward matched potting, we should be able to convert our free pots into 80% money, so PS8. 00. If we take into account our maximum modifying loss of PS0. 29, this yields us a guaranteed profit of PS7. 71 on this bwin offering!

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