Man Jailed For Theft of $1M From Poker Pro Chad Power

Clark County authorities have arrested and penitentiary one of two men believed to be responsible for a February suburban crime in which a safe containing a million dollars in currency and poker chips was taken from Las Vegas poker pro Chad Power. 32 -year-old Brock Brewer of Las Vegas was arrested on Tuesday and charged against eight offenses connected to the burglary.

Brock Brower

Brock Brewer( illustrated) is incarcerated with a ligament set at $ 200,000 in the crime of a safe containing$ 1M in money and poker chips from Chad Power’s Henderson residence.( Image: Henderson Police Department)

Brewer and another man, who has yet to be identified, are believed to be responsible for the February 10 pillage at Power’s Henderson home. Police speculate Brewer and the other robber trailed Power to his home at some time after mentioning him at a Vegas casino. On the day of the theft, Power left his home to play poker before receives the security-system alert.

By the time Power returned home, discovered the break-in and called the police, the swindlers were long gone, though surveillance footage evidenced two maskless humanities leaving his house. A suspect, later identified as Brewer, had Power’s home safe on his shoulder as he left the scene.

The police report about the steal, as noted by the Las Vegas Review-Journal , noted that “Chad advised that within the safe had been approximately $ 750,000 in cash in $ 100 invoice sects, mainly categorized into $ 50,000 bricks. The safe had also contained approximately $250,000 in high-value poker chips.”

Brewer not immediately linked to robbery

Investigators distinguished Brewer merely after a penetrating records scour looking for crimes of a similar nature, one of which occurred in 2006. In that chapter, a different poker player was looted of $15,000 in money and microchips, and Brewer was identified as a accused. Cell phone records from the time of the fraud at Power’s home too residence Brewer at the scene.

Brewer has been charged with burglary with owned of a deadly weapon, home invasion with wealth of a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit home invasion, two countings of property of a firearm by a prohibited party, steal of $100,000 or more, plot to perpetrate crime, and scheme to commit crime. Alliance was set at $ 200,000, and he remains penitentiary at the Clark County Detention Center pending a June 1 hearing.

Brewer, who was described in his latest arrest report as a” known organization member ,” has a lengthy criminal record. The 2006 chapter been successful in a slay of charges, including robbery, plot, kidnapping, and assault with a deadly weapon. He was sentenced to two to five years in that case. In 2012, Brewer was again arrested and convicted, this time on accuses of attempted battery and battery with substantial bodily harm.

Assets acquired with Power’s fund recovered

For Power, the chances of recovering the misappropriate money and chips is virtually zero, though he may get something back. Permissions have identified three vehicles, including a 2021 Dodge Charger Hellcat and a 2018 Maserati Levante SUV. Both the Charger and Maserati were purchased out of state in the days following the February 10 burglary. Both automobiles were also paid for entirely in money, and were registered to Brewer’s mother.

The vehicles, though possession may eventually be transferred to Power, still exclusively represent a small percentage of the embezzle currency and chippings. Capability is primarily a cash-game player, but he does have more than $ 600,000 in recorded tourney prevails, including a $262,574, 26 th-place score in the 2015 WSOP main event.

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