MINI celebrates 20 years of production in Oxford, Swindon – over five million units produced since 2001

It’s been two decades to the day since a tiny little runabout altered BMW’s destiny forever. After a interminable occurrence and a touchy affair with Rover that led to a high-profile split, the first MINI Hatch( not to be confused with the original Alec Issigonis-designed Mini) wheeled off the then-new Oxford production line on April 26, 2001.

Since then, the fashionable icon has covered three generations and two mas vogues( 3-door and 5-door ), plus a slew of derivatives that involving the extant Clubman and Countryman– the former is also built in Oxford on the same production line. The southeastern English city has also been churning out the brand’s only fully-electric mannequin, the MINI Cooper SE hatch, starting last year.

In total, over five million MINIs have been produced in the United Kingdom- including at the nearby Plant Swindon, which began pressing body parts a few months earlier in the early stages of 2001. Both facilities currently apply over 4,500 personnel( including 130 apprentices) that together build around 1,000 autoes every day- or one every 67 seconds.

” Congratulations to everyone at MINI Plants Oxford and Swindon for reaching such a great manufacturing milestone ,” said BMW Group chairman Oliver Zipse, who operated manufacturing at Oxford from 2007 to 2008.” I still have very fond memories of my duration at Oxford. It was a real pleasure to work at the home and heart of the MINI brand with such engaging and intense beings, nearly one quarter of whom have dedicated these 20 years or more to building our cars.”

Plants Oxford and Swindon managing director Peter Weber computed,” I am extremely proud of our teams at Oxford and Swindon and the incredible chore they do. Their continued commitment and joy over the past 20 times has helped to strengthen MINI’s stature around the world .”

Both plants had a storied biography long before the MINI project even began. The two equipment is initially Morris embeds, with Oxford debuting the Ford-style assembly line in the UK in 1914 and Swindon supporting production in 1956. Remnants of the British Leyland empire, the floras were acquired by BMW as part of the purchase of Rover in 1994.

The MINI marque will too guide BMW into the age of electrification- the firebrand will debut its last fossil fuel-powered vehicle in 2025 and transition into a perfectly electrical lineup by the early 2030 s, the first of Munich’s subsidiaries to do so.

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