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Morning Docket: 06.22.21

* A lawsuit alleges that the partner of an MLB star had an affair with a onetime pastor. Guess that pastor supposedly made it to home base ...[ Fox News]

* A lawyer at Dechert has been sanctioned $10,000 for manage during closing arguings of litigation involving purportedly imperfect earplugs.[ Reuters]

* A defendant accused of stabbing a California attorney to extinction is due in law.[ ABC News]

* A class action has been registered over a massive substance flame that occurred at a Chemtool plant earlier this month.[ Chicago Tribune]

* Harvard successfully rejected a lawsuit alleging that students should receive tuition discounts due to COVID-1 9. Guess a Harvard education doesn't merely overhead a Zoom subscription and $1.50 in late costs at the public library.[ Forbes]

Read more: abovethelaw.com

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