my terrible boss asked for feedback — should I be honest?

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My boss, Kate, has asked for feedback. The thing is … “shes not” a good manager. She doesn’t respond to questions asking for feedback or our requests for documents that we need to complete our labor. Then she throws a humour outburst that we didn’t do X thing in the way that we wanted( which we would have if she had responded to our requests for feedback ). She doesn’t read comments cleared in Word documents, so I have to call her and go through every note I’ve do in the Word document and ask for a response. That is, when I can get ahold of her because she’s almost impossible to reach. On the other hand, she also adoration having long, superfluous summons( anywhere from 45 instants to two hours) that could just have been an email or a text message.

She too doesn’t want to deal with any administrative roles. That meant that when our admin unit needs information, they will contact me instead of her, which requires me should be going to her to get their rebuttals. She will creak about how she doesn’t care about whatever the thing is, which buds me unable to answer the admin unit, and they obstruct follows on and asking.

Kate recently communicated our unit a word asking for feedback about herself. The feedback will not be anonymous. How do I approach this? Should I be honest in a way that could lead to positive changes that would benefit our working relationship, or should I just tell her that she’s awesome at everything to keep her joyful? My work situation is very precarious — I am on very short contracts that can be cut with no notice, so if she gets pretty pissed, who is able to it and I would be beyond screwed, as my legal residence depends on this job and going back home to my country is not an option.

Obviously, I would not phrase my feedback in a inconsiderate direction if I decided to be honest, but I don’t even know if she’s a reasonable enough person that this is something that it acquires feel for me to be considering.

You can speak my answer to this letter at New York Magazine today. Head over there to read it.

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