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Nearly a year since the dog passed, and it still pains me…

I have been struggling with how to write this for a few minutes now, and I am just gonna write it/ open up about something that decided to present itself last year as an addition to the shitstorm of 2020.

About July last year, "weve had" one of our pups overtake who has been in my life since I was about 12 or so. I’m turning 24 in a week from today, so she lived about 11 years. Which is pretty normal for her engendered. But this has since been a hugely difficult thing for me. The agony I have felt losing her in one of the toughest year in "peoples lives"( granted in numerous people’s beings) it can not de-escalate since then. It was at a time when I is currently considering a publicity/ move to another area of my accumulation( not much of a publicity, only here “work here for the say rate”) the working day their own families decided to let her go was my firstly changed. They told me literally before I left for my first transformation, and I was a fucking dick. They roughly sent me residence. I think that whole occurrence doomed my time in that department because then I was moved to another department where I did well, but one day I saw something very traumatic pre-shift that shambled me up that day. I neglected a secret test. They shed me into a dark more or less supplying closet to work, and I had a breakdown.

But that’s not the item, the place being. It has been nearly a year and I am dealing with immense grief over my dog’s passing still and "its one of" those things I do not know how come deal with. My sister used to go and get another hound, but for me. I is not review I can ever do that. That dog was a very good thing for me in a highly shitty time in my life, and it simply fucking sucks she extended in the middle of a difficult time for me with COVID.

I exactly needed to open up tonight. This is something I have been silently fight with for a year. It has just been so hard to process. I feel like no one has been there for me seeing it and I just don’t like to talk about how much I’ve been hurting as a essential worker scarcely making a living wage in the midst of COVID trying to help his own society and be addressed with personal BS.

I welcome all comments and advice.

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