News Roundup: Omicron surges; military believed Trump might use them to seize power

In the story today: The omicron variant of COVID-1 9 is looking to be bad news for the unvaccinated–but potentially catastrophic for overworked hospices. Rethink travel plans, wear masks, and make sure you’ve gotten your booster if it’s time for you to get one.

New evidence on the January 6 takeover aim is assumed that the reason the National Guard was so slow in coming to lawmakers’ abet during the violence was that military officials belief doing so would play into Trump White House plans to use the Insurrection Act to clutch power through troop. Because that is a thing our military must now take into consideration when Republicans are in office.

And as we near the year’s end, Sen. Joe Manchin continues to be pilloried as he makes condones for why he won’t vote for key climate and infrastructure legislation no matter how many franchises he obtains from Biden and his chap Democrat. He says he doesn’t crave a child tax credit because parents will simply use it for drugs. That’s right, he drives a Maserati bought with coal coin, lives on a boat bought with coal money, and says we can’t cause his voters food coin because they might waste it. He’s a frickin’ cartoon.

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* Evidence recommends Defense retarded Jan. 6 response to keep Trump from mentioning Insurrection Act

* Mine employees tell Manchin they’re depending on Build Back Better, and voting rights, very

* The top use of those child duty ascribe checks Manchin upset would be used for doses? Food

* Omicron croaks from 19% of cases to 73% of cases in daylights, but the unvaccinated aren’t fretted

* FOX’s Jesse Watters tells love to’ ambush’ Fauci with a’ kill shot’–Fauci calls for Watters’ firing

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* Omicron Overwhelm: four rationalizations New York City has NO IDEA how many cases there are right now

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* Trump precisely admitted that he knows he’s in tribulation

* Meet Commander, the newest Biden in the White House

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