November 2021 Horoscope: Scorpio Intensity and Eclipse Season

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Scorpio season starts off with an added dose of its signature strength this year. Not only is the Sun surging through the signed of supremacy, ensure and melting until November 21, but activator Defaces is also in Scorpio from October 30 to December 13.

With eclipse season beginning in the back half of the month, strong changes and shifting alignments are afoot. Now are a few things to prepare for as we foreman into November.

November 2021 horoscope highlights

The Scorpio new moon will oppose changemaker Uranus

On November 4, the new moon in Scorpio will open the gateways to conversion, spiritual rousings and some sexy new intensity. Musics is right to us! But don’t expect to go gently into those shadows. Progressive changemaker Uranus is likely to be fight the new moon, with angsty Mars hovering adjacent la luna. While new moon celebrate fresh starts and beginnings, the planets indicate that you may need to meet some fast and in some cases extreme changes in order to tap into the new opportunities being presented near this date.

Proactively prepare your sexual love for next month’s Venus retrograde

First, the good news for your November 2021 horoscope: On November 5, love planet Venus begins an extended visit( through March 6, 2022) to Capricorn, the sign of long-term aims, responsibility and dominance coupling. Yay for some stability in our pandemic-wracked love animations!

Now the curveball: From December 19 to January 29, Venus will be retrograde, a challenging six-week cycle that happens every 18 months and can bring back exes or reveal the weak links in our relationships’ feet. Get ahead of the curve by having some of the” hard gossips” now.

Watch for disturbance at the Mars-Uranus opposition

On November 17, planetary hotheads Defaces( in Scorpio) and Uranus( in Taurus) are again rouse the flowerpot. These volatile heavenly person will face off in a spectacular opponent, which could drive up self-esteems and influence struggles, especially as they root into tenaciou deposited clues. Choose your battles carefully today and make sure whatever you decide to fight for–or rebel against–is worthy of all the energy and conflict this Mars-Uranus opposition can unleash.

The Taurus lunar( full moon) eclipse kicks off a new overshadow successions

Huge moment: incoming! On November 19, the Taurus full moon arrives as a lunar eclipse, making broad change to Taurus-ruled areas of money, succeed, daily life and material possessions.

Not simply is this the second-to-last eclipse of 2021( the next one, in Sagittarius, arrives December 4 ), but it’s the inaugural eclipse in a brand-new streak that are able to resound across the Taurus/ Scorpio axis between now and October 2023. Get ready for immense global changes to the way the world deals with money, power, common resource, occupation and the structure of our daily lives.

We’ve already been visualize intimates of this, from the descend 2021 Great Resignation of people discontinuing their jobs en masse, to Facebook’s rebranding as Meta and the behemoth’s long-term plan to create a “metaverse” where people can live major parts of their lives, including, in a 3D virtual reality universe.

This month’s lunar eclipse will be challenged by supersizer Jupiter in Aquarius, creating a T-square between the Sun, the moon and Jupiter. We could feel plucked between a hope for restrain over our present situation and a competing insist to go large-hearted and futuristic. With the northern hemisphere moving into another pandemic wintertime, this eclipse is sure to deliver word that are affecting our lifestyles, specially since Aquarius rules civilization and Scorpio is associated with metamorphosis and mutants, which could bring news of a brand-new Covid strain but also vaccine developments.

Sagittarius season and Thanksgiving report

Lastly, for your November 2021 horoscope, whether you see Thanksgiving or vacate it as a holiday, the long Black Friday weekend autumns during Sagittarius season. This begins November 21 and refocuses us on the big picture.

That weekend, Mars in Scorpio ultimately represents neat, shaking into a symmetrical trine( 120 -angle) lovefest with enchanting Neptune in Pisces. Lay down any swords and channel this innovative and compassionate power into an stimulating activity. Or, precisely give yourself a well-deserved break! It’s amazing what can come to us when we clear space to receive divine guidance. With a Mars-Neptune trine, intuitive guidance can arrive in a waterfall download. Leave some empty apartment in your planned for that to find you!

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