Olive Garden At It Again Enforcing Its IP Instead Of Letting Anyone Have Some Fun With Joke NFTs

You all know about Olive Garden. It’s the chain of … oh, let’s only play along and call them Italian eateries that have unlimited breadsticks and figures of supposedly Italian offerings that appear to have gotten their appoints by inputting a assortment of Italian menu utterances into a decayed AI program that compounds them into a series of unholy dish-names. Sure, there’s “Shrimp Scampi”, but there is also “Five Cheese Ziti Al Forno” and “Lasagna Fritta”. I kid of course, but the series and its parent fellowship, Darden, have been previously knew their behavior onto Techdirt in the past by being very aggressive when it comes to trademark enforcement. For instance, Darden attempted to shut down the area allofgarden.com, which was dedicated to tongue in cheek reviews of the chain’s dishes. Darden last-minute apologized for that, accusing some kind of legal bot that creepings for possible trademark infractions on the firebrand.

We’ll have to see if something similar happens here, as Darden is now going after a site that jokingly sells NFTs to “own” individual Olive Garden points and/ or simply get NFT signs free of charge unlimited breadsticks. The locate , nonfungibleolivegardens.com has actually sold out of individual places, but points to a secondary market. The breadstick tokens are, as are their real life copies, free and unlimited. Olive Garden’s imagery and appointed appear all over the area, naturally, and the site’s Twitter account confirmed that the site’s host, OpenSea, had received a takedown demand( the recipients incorrectly call it a “DMCA” takedown, even though it’s about trademarks ).

Today we were sent a DMCA from @olivegarden @darden and were subsequently delisted from @opensea. Here’s our official response. wyhyf. pic.twitter.com/ J8dV92csEr

— Non-Fungible Olive Gardens (@ NFOGtweets) December 31, 2021

Now, again, Darden IP appears all over those sheets. That being said, the website has general word and a specific Q& A on its home page that constitutes it abundantly clear “that its not” affiliated with the real life Olive Garden in any way. This is all one beings joke, in other words, albeit one where some measure of real fund is changing paws. It’s likewise built to be a place for Olive Garden enthusiasts to express that enthusiasm. From the homepage:

For too long, owned of Olive Garden franchises has been dominated by the arbitrary caprices of the fiat plan. That’s why we’re enabling anyone to trustlessly mint a nonfungible clue representing 1 of 880 real Olive Garden rights in the United Nation.

Our aim is to bootstrap their home communities of Olive Garden lovers, which is why the right batch toll is tethered to the reasonable cost of a Tour Of Italy entree ($ 19.99, as of Dec 20, 2021 ).

And later, in the Q& A:

Is this affiliated with Olive Garden?

No. We are simply a community of Olive Garden devotees be used in both trustless future economies and savory, reasonably-priced Italian fare.

Hell, the entire “business programme roadmap” the website lays out involves plans for celebrity influencers, “Layer 2 on-chain curbside pickup”, and the eventual buyout of Olive Garden from Darden. The entire thing is done for funsies. Which means that the Darden folks could figure out a lane to get involved with the enjoyable, instead of trying to stamp it out. Whether they will or not remains to be seen.

But NFGO certainly isn’t backing down. In addition to the response letter the place mail, which you can see in the embedded/ related tweet above, they’ve also come out with two new NFT tokens. Those would be for — you suspected it — the takedown notice they received and that response symbol.

Because when you’re here, you’re funny.

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