Our Top 10 Favorite Physical Tools and Devices

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Today we’re sharing with you our top 10 physical devices and tools that we use. These help us get things done, erect habits, improve how we work, and overall becomes our life a lot easier. If there’s anything that you think we should lent, do make us know in the comments.

1. Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paper White

I love notebooks and I “ve been wanting to” smell the sheets of books( I know I’m spooky ). I have a collection of volumes at home that I display on my B& B rack( Books& Booze , not kidding) but I also have a Kindle Paperwhite that I use( largely) when I am not at home. e-Books are perfect when you want to read on the go or if you want reading materials anywhere you go. Whenever I have to wait for my daughter to finish her class, I time whip out my Kindle and read away. Anywhere I exit if I have a suspicion that I will be waiting, I will always have my Kindle.

The Kindle Paperwhite is helpful, portable, works well even with low-toned lighting and radiant lighters. I still use a somewhat older model( 2016 copy) and I cherish it. I don’t have any reason to upgrade yet. I also got the Kindle Unlimited service.

If you’re wondering why not just use the free Kindle app for the iOS or Android, three intellects 😛 TAGEND

telephone battery life no notifications on the Kindle, I can focus on what I am predicting because the Kindle Paperwhite is side-lit, and not backlit like phones and regular tablets, it’s a lot easier on my eyes( I have terrible eyesight)

2. CableCreation 2-in-1( Lightning+ micro USB)


This is extremely handy when you proceed because you don’t have to generating multiple cables. A excellent sample is if you have an Apple phone and then you have a Kindle, just like Thanh. He has a couple of these cables around his apartment as well as in his suitcases.

Additional life hack: have a separate rectified of cables that’s always in your trip/ portable luggage. This path, all you need to put in your pocket is your laptop and then you’re off.

3. eero

Eero Router

Do you have wifi dead spots in your house? Or if not a dead spot, time an area where the wifi seems to be really slow? eero will solve that for you. They have the eero Pro( 1500 sq ft) that you connect with your modem and with it, you can add an eero Beacon that includes an additional 1000 sq ft of wifi coverage. You can add more Beacons if you want your wifi to reach other areas inside your residence or even your backyard.

Allow me to geek out a bit. eero is a smart router that be adapted to your dwelling and usage. It also has built-in security boasts that you don’t have to worry( or retain) about installing security spots.

Did I mention it has parental dominates? You is generated by profiles for your adolescents and have the option to turn off their wifi access when it’s bedtime and also turn safe filters on as well.

eero was recently purchased by Amazon and if you’re not too keen on that, we do have an alternative and it’s the Netgear Orbi which has similar facets to the eero.

4. Gunnar glasses

Gunnar Optiks

Blue light, although environmentally friendly, is the enemy of sleep. That’s why we ever tell you( our books) to stop using your devices or look at screens an hour before sleeping. Or else, you’d end up tossing and turning( and then looking at your phone screen again) for an hours before you eventually get some shut-eye.

But it’s not always possible! Whether for duty or for leisure, there are times when we just can’t help it. In my event, I work in front of a computer until 1 AM and it was such a pain trying to fall asleep. I would ever envy people who would lie down and then within 5 minutes are already sleeping. I mentioned this to Thanh, in passing, during one of our squad meet-ups and he immediately gave me his Gunnar glasses( he had an extra pair ).

I use it regularly, starting at 6 PM so that I can sleep immediately after I wreak. I too be pointed out that my sleep interruption percentage( exercising SleepWatch) is also lower when I use it as well as better sleep quality. You can know more about how to optimize your sleep for peak effectivenes in this blog post.

They are pretty stylish( in my opinion) since it reminded us of Bono from U2. So you can definitely wear them around township.

5. Sonos

Sonos One

Sonos is a smart wireless sound system that you can control employing expression masteries and has Amazon Alexa is built-in. You can even connect several Sonos for the best experience. Thanh is so obsessed with the Sonos that he has 6 in his apartment!

6. Oura ring

Oura Ring

This is something that Thanh and several of our Dojo representatives( our productivity society) give as a fitness tracker. There are a lot of fitness trackers around but the Oura ring is literally a sound that you wear on your thumb so you don’t have to worry about it being ponderou( especially if you are not a fan of wearing a watch ).

Although it’s well known for tracking sleep, it does more than that. It moves your heart rate, number of steps you’ve taken, body temperature, and other metrics that the Apple Watch or the Fitbit also does-but in echo flesh. Thanh, including, likes the Oura ring vigor piece and he talks about this in our podcast.

You can wear it 24/7! Well, except when you’re blame it.

7. Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch

Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch

It’s a smartwatch that doesn’t look like a smartwatch. With its sleek layout, you wouldn’t expect it to track your heart rate, steps, interval, sleep. It also has smart notifications for orders, verses, affairs, and even app notifications.

If you crave a smartwatch tracker but you’re not really a fan of how it examines, the Withing Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch is perfect for you. Brooks bought one after a number of our Dojo representatives recommended it to him and he absolutely adoration it. You can be utilized it even when you are wearing formal clothes because they have several patterns that you can choose from. The best part? It previous up to 25 daylights on a single charge.

8. AirPods

When the AirPods firstly came out, I literally travelled” Why Apple ?”. However, Apple got the last laugh because the AirPods became a punched. It’s not the best when you’re working out but it’s really great for telephone calls, confronts, and even podcast logs. You can wear them together or wear time one.

If you want to use your AirPods with your Mac, install Tooth Fairy to make it work seamlessly.

9. Logitech Keys-to-Go Portable Keyboard

Logitech Keyboard

Typing immediately on your iPad is okay when you’re just browsing. But when you’re writing hundreds of words, then it’s a different event wholly. This portable keyboard provides answers. It’s lightweight and can easily slip into your bag’s compartment. An contributed bonus is it’s shed resistant.

10. Montblanc pen


Do you know what never runs out of style? Hand-written notations for someone. It can be a simple thank you note or a simple event reminder. The Montblanc pen is a personal favorite of Thanh since he exploits it a good deal specially where reference is publications. It had not been able to your cup of tea, but there is something awesome when “youre using” a beautiful pen when you write your records down.

This is also one of those things that you can actually hand down to someone else for contemporaries since they have refills. If you can’t hand down a Breguet Marie-Antoinette Grande Complication Pocket Watch, then you can hand down the Montblanc pen.

Action Item

Those are our top 10 favorite physical manoeuvres and implements. Next, pick one tool or machine that you think will improve your life vastly and use it for the next “two weeks ” and tell us know how it goes!

If there’s anything you think we missed, tell us know in the comments.

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