Overrated XI – The Argentinian striker who went from underrated to overrated

Overrated XI – The Argentinian striker who vanished from underrated to overrated – initially posted on Sportslens.com

A player who would’ve been in the underrated Xl half a decade ago, it feels relatively bittersweet to adopt Gonzalo Higuain to conclude our overrated Xl.

Now in the MLS, Higuain’s time in Europe appears to be over, as he’s unlikely to emulate Zlatan Ibrahimovic and return to top-tier football in Europe.

With Higuain’s European journey likely to be over it offers us a much-needed chance to reflect on his charm in Europe and why we’ve included him in this team.

The answer is simple- the Argentine’s move to Juventus in 2016 spawned him one of the most expensive footballers of all-time.

Up to this point, Higuain was perhaps underrated, playing without pressure and shining for Napoli- a big team without being a giant of the game.

This was perfect for the Argentine after the pressure of playing in the spotlight at Real Madrid, as he divulged goalscoring records in an incredible stint in Naples.

His subsequent move to Juve in 2016 varied things, as he never did enough to justify the EUR9 0 million the guild spent on him.

At this level, there was a large amount of hype around Higuain- perhaps too much for a actor who had just become one of the most expensive in the world at 28 -years-old.

Despite an superb start to life in Turin, his achievements started to fade once he smacked 30, with loans at AC Milan and Chelsea likewise failing to reignite the Argentinean.

A player who was shining at Napoli, the big money move to Juventus introduced Higuain back in the spotlight, as he had the inconceivable project of trying to live up to the money sprinkled out on him.

Now of Inter Miami, the onetime Madrid striker has failed to make an immediate impact in the US with only one point in nine jaunts for the MLS team.

This further supports the points we’ve made about a striker who has been severely lacking confidence for some time now and is therefore overrated.

This article is part of the Overrated XI series.

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