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Panic: Who Actually Won The Game (& Where The Money Came From)

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Panic season 1!

The winner of the race at the centre for human rights of Panic season 1 may have been predictable, but the circumstances surrounding the character's win was a bit of a surprise. To follow the Texas town's tradition, various graduating majors took part in a game that researched their greatest fears, either physical or mental. Each musician had their own reason for playing, but countless competed for the magnificent accolade: $50,000 that could potentially serve as a ticket to get out of town.

Like the client with Lauren Oliver's book in which the Amazon show was based, the game of Panic consisted of thrilling challenges. The pre-determined affairs weren't created to kill people, but variou demises occurred in past recreations. During season 1's sport, these new challenges flourished increasingly hazardous by starting with a face jump-start until the final two entrants in the game were forced to go head-to-head in Joust, video games of chicken working automobiles. Other challenges included stealing an component from within a madman's farmhouse, marching across a improve aqueduct blindfolded, and being captured in a decrepit recurred mansion that incidentally caught on fire.

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Leading up to Joust, Dodge Mason( Mike Faist) and Ray Hall( Ray Nicholson) were the last two participates standing. By then, it was exposed Sheriff James Cortez( Enrique Murciano) was influencing the game for his own personal gain. Wanting Dodge to earn for gamble determinations, Cortez persuaded the teen to sit out the challenge so he could drive in his region. Ray and Dodge agreed that Cortez needed to be eliminated, but in the meantime, Heather Nill( Olivia Welch) made Ray's car and participated in his region. Though Heather was knocked out from the game in the previous challenge, she came out as the win during Joust. But it wasn't because of Cortez's crimes or subsequent death.

At the end of Panic season 1's season finale, Heather received a message explaining how she was honored as the champion of the year's game. She may have been out of the game after leaving her individual challenge to save her little sister Lily, but it was Cortez's meddling that caused Heather's disqualification. One could reason penetrating a beast cage to save a sibling was more fear-inducing than any challenge in Panic. The adjudicators( or whoever called the shots) must have recognized Heather's actions, admitting her to legitimately compete in Joust. When the tiger mounted between the cars, Cortez technically strayed before crashing, ensuing in Heather being the official winner of the $50,000 cash prize.

Before Joust took place, there was a worry the champion wouldn't get a medal based on the fact Sarah Miller( Maya Hendricks) filch the acquires. Bishop Moore( Camron Jones ) was chosen as the bagman, but he didn't do a good job keeping the money safe. To make up for the indiscretion, Bishop sold his Audi and other valuable belongings to oust the prize money.

Though Heather, Dodge, and Ray had other motives for playing, including make down Cortez, the money would have been a nice bonus. The fact that Heather wound up winning generated Bishop another to replace the money since helping a friend financially was more important than carrying out his capacity as the bagman. While Natalie Williams( Jessica Sula) apparently convinced the other judge to gift Heather the money, the decision could have come from a greater power draw the real cords. Heather might have been referred the winner, but it didn't look like she was completely done playing the game, intimating at the plot for Panic season 2.

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