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Papua New Guinea Casino Plan Hit with Heavy Criticism

A plan for the development of Papua New Guinea’s first casino in the nation’s capital Port Moresby has triggered concerns about the social impact a gamble venue of a larger scale would have.

The PNG National Gaming Control Board( NGCB) last month signed an agreement with developer Paga Hill Development Corporation to build a $ 43 million casino composite.

News about the potential construction of a multi-million Las Vegas-style gaming facility immediately depicted condemnation from Transparency International and other gambling critics.

Peter Aitsi, Transparency International PNG board chair, has recently stated that “global experience with casinoes intimates an increased likelihood of money cleaning and disproportionate political force where the regulator is weak or compromised.”

He further noted that the NGCB is the “referee responsible for applying the rules of the game” and should not “be running around as a musician on the field.” Mr Aitsi and other analysts of the casino assignment thumped the nation’s gambling regulator for seeking to be an investor in gaming dares, which is not a standard practice anywhere in the world.

Paga Hill COO George Hallit protected their project, saying a casino would generate thousands of brand-new direct and indirect hassles. He further noted that their dimension, which will also include a inn, shopping center, and cinemas, among other amenities, would attract international tourists, pointing out that at present simply about a third of all visits to the nation are tourism relevant.

PNG Shortfall Legal Infrastructure to Deal with Expanded Gambling

While a casino could indeed encourage brand-new tourism and induce new receipts, the Institute of National Affairs, an independent thinktank, expressed concerns that PNG does not have the welfare or legal infrastructure to is dealing with expanded gambling and the problems that are often associated with brand-new lottery options.

Paul Barker, executive director of the canadian institutes, said that the introduction of slot machines in the country had already had a considerable social impact with countless becoming so “hooked” that they have been “squandering their limited incomes in the hope of numerous a win.”

According to Mr. Barker, casinos make these issues to a higher level. He pointed to Australia, which in his messages has the “toughest rules and capacity to manage their gambling industry” and “strong education and social welfare system” and hitherto it records the highest rates of gambling addiction in the world.

Mr. Barker elaborated further that PNG certainly is not have the “laws, sanctions, governance, education or aid capacity” of Australia and once has some extremely serious law and order issues to combat. According to him, a casino would deteriorate developments in the situation.

The indie thinktank executive likewise blamed the NGCB for looking to involve itself in gambling works as overseas investors, which he said is “wholly improper.”

Source: Plans to build Papua New Guinea’s firstly casino trigger suspicions over social difficulties, The Guardian, June 7, 2021

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