People Are Listing Bizarre Historical Events They Can’t Believe Actually Happened (69 Stories)

Our history is filled with weird fibs, and the best part is that some of them are true. Interested in these crazy instants, Redditor u/ day-tripper9 6 constructed a post on the programme, inviting other consumers: “What’s a ludicrou historical event you can’t speculate actually has just taken place? ” And parties instant inundated the comment section with refutes. From the CIA training a feline to spy on the Soviets to the great Emu War, here are the most memorable ones!

#1The fact that Donald J. Trump was elected president of the United Position of America will ever offend and appall me.700-page

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#2I can’t belief i haven’t seen the besieging of Weinsberg in 1140 after so much scrolling. It was negotiated that the women would be allowed to leave unharmed with whatever they could are able to carry on their shoulders( with the intention that the men would continue to be sieged and eventually killed/ arrested ). So the women carried out the men. Conrad III wasn’t even mad, he actually acclaimed their treachery and allowed it.funny events

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#3The dancing plague of 1518, so from what I recollect about what I learned, a few people arbitrarily exactly started dancing in the town center for no seeming intellect, even seeming a bit distraught not really having fun, well haphazardly people started assembling seemingly against their will, I think it was reported that practically 400 parties were eventually involved and danced for literal dates without stop, this event was apparently well documented and a few people even died as a result of literal fatigue, pretty much objective like it started too, everyone merely kinda stopped.funny history

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#4Europe affirming campaign on Napoleon.

Not France…Napoleon.history

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#5During the besiege of Tenochtitlan, the conquistadors constructed a trebuchet. Nonetheless, the conquistadors, being an exploratory expedition, has not been able to produced any military operators with them. So they winged it. Amazingly, they did build a trebuchet, which burnt precisely one shot, instantly upwards, which immediately came here to and crushed the trebuchet. This event is chronicled in both the magazines of the conquistadors present as well as the Aztec records.strange events

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#6Operation Acoustic Kitty! The CIA was rigging up a feline with cameras and microphones to spy on the Soviet Union during the 1960 s. It expenditure about $20 million. When they communicate it out in DC to “test it out” it was immediately reached and killed by a taxi.weird events

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#7The Erfurt Latrine Disaster of 1184 where a assortment of royals met in a faith, where it turned out the wooden storey couldn’t hold their force, so it broke and they tumbled into the latrine in the cellar, and about 60 people drowned in poop.weird history

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#8In 1920, President Paul Deschanel of France precipitated through the window of the drill while traveling on the Orient Express. He stumbled up to the nearest signal box in his pajamas and told the signalman that he needed assistance and that he was the President of France. The signalman reportedly replied ‘And I’m Napoleon Bonaparte.’700-page

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#9During WW1, English and German troops stopped the fighting for one day on Christmas Eve and played a game of football, exchanged knacks, and nursed conversations..only to go back to killing each other the next dayfunny events

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#10The life of Zheng Yi Sao, a sex that became the most successful pirate lord in autobiography, commanding 500 sends at the height of her strength and combating Empire of China to a stalemate. She negotiated her forgo with honors and died calmly at old age.funny history

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#11I know it’s not very old, but it still astounds me that a science fiction author can talk about wanting to create a fake religion and then proceeds to create a fake science fiction religion and it somehow has actual adherents ??? history

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#12The Emu-War.strange events

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#13Alexander the Great named( or renamed) 70 metropolitans after himself. Some still have the honour or derivatives of it – Alexandria in Egypt being the most obvious, but also Iskandariya in Iraq and Kandahar in Afghanistan.weird events

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#14The Battle of Pelusium the persians straight up fixed cats to their shields so the egyptians couldn’t attack the shields or fire arrows at themweird history

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#15The Halifax Explosion. 100 years ago two carries did a sh ** t responsibility of extending one another while registering/ leaving Halifax Harbour, in Nova Scotia. One of them was LOADED with explosives destined for WW1. They collided and one of them burned for a while, then exploded. The shell was a~ 2/3 again larger than the one we envisioned in Beirut last year.

Thousands died or were blinded by destroy windows. There was a local tsunami( which followed a brief moment where the seabed was exposed to air ), and then a being snowstorm submerge the relief try in blizzard.

Largest human-made explosion even until the nuclear bomb, and I think it remains the largest maritime coincidence ever.700-page

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#16Weird cookery. Edison fried an elephant in the street to prove something about electricity…funny events

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#17When Teddy Roosevelt was shot before he was supposed to give a discussion.

The missile was slowed down by the folded up 50 -page speech, so it did not kill him. The bullet was inside him and he was bleeding, but he still gone on and handed the discussion, which was 84 minutes long.

He started it off with “It makes more than that to kill a Bull Moose” and evidenced the crowd the communication with the hole in it.funny history

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#18The astronomer Tycho Brahe had a baby moose that he used to get drunk with. One day he brought it to a dinner party at a friend’s house. But unhappily the moose did not survive the night. Once again the poor moose came drunkard on brew and died as a result of a bad fall down a plan of stairs. Tyco Brahe also lost his nose in a conflict, so he wore a prosthetic nose made out of metal. Some roots say brass, others say it was a gold/ silver metal. He was likewise utilizing a small court jester mentioned Jepp that he believed to be clairvoyant.history

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#19Battle of Tsushima in 1905.

Russian Baltic sail voyages the long way( 16 k miles and 7 months) started by them opening fire on British fishing crafts mistaken for Japanese bowls in the North sea …. sank their own carries while imparting target tradition, then were destroyed by the Japanese sail upon entrance( they mistook the Japanese ships for Russian and signaled them instead of firing ). strange events

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#20Henry starting a whole new religion because he missed a divorce and the Pope payed him the fingerweird events

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#21The Cadaver Synod – In AD 897, Pope Stephen VI had his dead rival Pope Formosus exhumed and put on trial. Stephen had a deacon speak on the dead pope’s behalf. Naturally, Formosus was be guilty. Stephen said that two thumbs Formosus used for blessing beings cut off and his body cast in the Tiber river.weird history

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#221866: Lichtenstein goes to guard a blot with 80 souls, returns with 81 men.700-page

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#23The citizens of Holland once ate their prime minister, that’s a outlandish lawsuit. It was the case of Johan de Witt 1672. You know, your political career is over when your citizens start to eat you…funny events

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#24What they did to the guy who told them that you need clean hands before you employed them inside someone.( Ignaz Semmelweis )# 25 Good old-time Operation Mincemeat.

Mostly, during WWII, the British attain some dead body of some poor guy, dress it up like a British patrolman, attach some hoax intel onto him, then hurl him into the ocean, hoping he moves to enemy province to mislead them.

It worked.funny history

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#26The Cobra Effect. Basically during the British rule of India, they were concerned about the number of snakes in the capital, so they sought a reward on Cobras. For a while its own population obviously waned, but soon parties started multiplying snakes time to collect the bounty. When the British became aware of this, they cancelled the bounty and so the breeders/ serpent catchers had huge numbers of now-worthless snakes which they let go in the wildernes, in turn actually increasing the population of Cobras in Delhi .# 27 Lincoln stopping a fight with a gentleman before it started, with a broadsword.

Most people know Lincoln was incredibly tall, but he was also immensely strong. A life-time of tenacity, grafting, and chopping grove constituted his skinny chassis tight with corded muscles.

A gentleman of parliament challenged Lincoln to a conflict for his decorate, the working day. Lincoln picked the weapons. Broadswords.

Lincoln demo up to the field of the conflict the following, and with one massive one handed swing overhead, lopped a sizeable limb off a tree. From a countenance start.

The gentleman backed out of the confrontation moments after watching the man dismember a tree as casually as one might behead a floret of broccoli.history

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#28Dr. Robert Liston performing a surgery with a 300% mortality rate. Wild if “youre reading” the storystrange events

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#29The hanging of a monkey in Hartlepool, UK who the townsfolk believed to be a French snoop #30Mexico and France went to war over a pastry shop.weird events

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#31Mel Blanc( the utter performer who uttered every male persona on Looney Tunes, as well as reputations like Barney Rubble on The Flintstones and Mr. Spacely on The Jetsons) was in a head-on collision driving his sports car in a dangerous intersection known as “Dead Man’s Curve” in Los Angeles in 1961( the same “Dead Man’s Curve” from the Jan and Dean song ). His legs and pelvis were fractured, and he was left in a coma. For weeks, physicians tried everything to get Blanc to wake up. Eventually, when things were glancing gloomy, one of his neurologists decided to address one of Blanc’s people instead of Blanc himself, expecting him “How are you feeling today, Bugs Bunny? ” After a modest interrupt, the previously-comatose Blanc rebutted, “Eh … just fine, Doc. How are you? ” Mel Blanc made a full convalescence.

When he got out of the hospital, he litigated the city of Los Angeles for $500,000, lastly leading to the city reconstructing Dead Man’s Curve.weird history

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#32If I had a nickel for every time there was a Defenestration of Prague, I’d have ten pennies, which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice.700-page

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#33I am a big fan of the period when there were like three different popes all excommunicating one another and the period anti-pope is valid in Christian theology .# 34 Austro-Hungarian army started shooting at itself while pushing Ottomans. The German speaking units apparently screeched “Halt” when they encountered the Slavic troops of the same army, which then the Slavic units who have spoken s ** t German( if any) mistook for “Alah” and started shooting. I accept the Slavic troop was also severely liquor at that point

Actually … I can totally see this happeningfunny events

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#35Putting a soldier on the moon with a small fraction of the computing supremacy used to write this message.funny history

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#36Napoleon was once attacked by a host of rabbits.

Basically, a rabbit hunt was set up to celebrate the Convention of Tilsit and they resolved up amassing somewhere between hundreds and thousands of rabbits( accounts motley ). Anyway, the day of the hunt they determined the rabbits in encloses encircling the expanse that they would be hunting in.

They released them formerly everyone was set, but instead of being scared the bunnies swarmed the hunting party. At first they thought it was funny, but then it got overtaking and Napoleon and the others had to flee from the bunnies in a coach-and-four .# 37 The experience that Olga of Kiev burned an part city to the ground with birds! She’s a badass! Oh, and she’s a saint now too .# 38 Carausius. Everything about him is boss. A Gallo-Belgic peasant who rose up the military ranks to become a Roman general. Successfully pushed actual pirates after waiting for them to attacked their targets and so became insanely prosperous. When he found out Emperor Maximian had caught puff of this and had prescribed his execution he snapped him the fowl, voyaged into what is now Great Britain, bribed around four part brigades to join him with the money he’d nabbed, and set himself up in London as the Real Legitimate Emperor, Yo!

Why has nobody made a film about the man, hitherto ?# 39 London’s beer flood in 1814. What a nature to gohistory

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#40Tsutomu Yamaguchi survived two atom bomb in Japan. His tale is amazing .# 41 The facts of the case that Cleopatra rolled out of a rug naked/ half-naked to meet Julius Caesar .# 42 The Great Molasses Flood, Jan. 15, 1919. Massive wave of molasses from a transgressed barrel filled the country. It killed 51 parties and injured people 150. 2.3 million US gallons.strange events

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#43That duration the US house of representatives had an all out fist fight.

I conclude the most fascinating part is that they all time various kinds of laughed it off #44The 2016 comedian assaults.

I lived through that and I still can’t believe it happened .# 45 In ww2( maybe 1 I can’t remember) Germany was making a fake aircraft base out of wood as a decoy but the Brits made aware of it and, following the completion, ceased a wooden hew of a device

Us memers found our modes even in struggle #46Hannibal parade elephants over the Alps to assault Italy.weird events

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#47Well, the Prostestant reformation was knocked off by Martin Luther. A chap so haunted by sin that he was hallucinating villains … in the bathroom.

There was a children’s crusade in which people contended a combat being lead … by a duck.

The antipopes were a kinda weird thing. For centuries there were essentially two popes each claiming to be the one true pope.

Medieval Europe was something else .# 48 Todd Lincoln( Abe Lincoln’s lad) being saved by Edwin Booth( John’s Brother) at a drill station #49Watching as a racial and architectural icon such as the Notre Dame cathedral went up in flames #50Singapore Otter Wars. As in charming and fuzzy otters .# 51 Oda Nobunaga, early in his busines, mobilized 2,000 souls to overcome Imagawa Yoshimoto’s 25,000. He won that contended hard .# 52 Football war between Honduras and el salvador. A fighting that lasted 4 daylights because of a football match…weird history

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#53The duration when Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte escaped from the island where he was imprisoned on after his army was demolished, he snuck back into France under the nose of King Louis XVIII and literally every sovereign ward and roadblock from Marseille to Paris, and when he was actually caught just outside Paris, he managed to persuade the soldiers( who just so happened to be former Bonapartists) to escort him into Paris where he managed to successfully cause the king to abscond, on top of causing a FULL ARMY to wage war against Europe AGAIN. The only time in history an lord took back an part country really by curl his hat .# 54 The only two automobiles in Ohio at the time, somehow managed to run into each other and crashed .# 55 Mark Twain was born and were killed when Halley’s Comet passed over #56When the Praetorian Guard killed the Emperor and then auctioned off the position to the highest bidder .# 57 Blackbeard the loathsome pirate laying besieging to Charleston, South Carolina for a week to get prescription for his syphilis #58No Kum-sok’s defection of North Korea is actually one if the most badass, real life movie things to ever happen.

Dude got sick of North Korea and flew to the South Korean border at roughly mach-1, extremely far to be seen by North Korean or American radar. He acre at the closest American military locate on the wrong side of the runway with another airplane bring at the same time on the other side, barely missing it. When he got out of the plane, he took an image of Kim-Il-Sung that was in the cockpit, tore it to specks, and threw up his arms in abdication. He unknowingly came $100 k( which is almost$ 1 million today) by fulfilling “Operation Moolah” and lives as an American citizen to this day .# 59 Remember the time a assortment of protesters took over an entire city bock in Seattle and became the Capitol hill autonomous zone( CHAZ) for like a few months .# 60 Prohibition in the US. Of all the places it is possible to happend it was there .# 61 The murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand( catalyst for WWI ). Conspirators shed devices at motorcade which miss but trauma others. An hour last-minute, Ferdinand was going to visit the injured at a hospital and his operator made a wrong turn and stalled the engine right in front of a deli. A deli one of the accomplice had gone to dine and lay low. He came out and shot the Archduke and his wife, sparking an international crisis and WWI.700-page

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#62Ohio going to campaign with Michigan, over Toledo.

One party wounded. Ohio went Toledo, while Michigan got the entire upper peninsula and all of it’s copper, cast-iron, and groves.

I picture Michigan triumphed this one .# 63 Andrew Jackson was such a cranky old-time prick that when an bravo flunked at killing him, he beat him half to extinction .# 64 The fact that during the War of 1812, a monstrosity hurricane rent through D.C. which aimed up killing more British than the Americans did while also putting out the White House fire and helping to lead to the war’s end .# 65 Sometime in 1943( WW2) a German tiger 1 cistern was hit over 230 occasions by other tanks and anti container artilleries in 7 hours. The barrel crew of the tiger merely lost 1 out of its 5 members and the monster was horrifically injury hitherto it still managed to drive over 10 km back to a German outpost. Once they got to the outpost they had to cut the gang out of the barrel because all of the incubates then destroyed/ poked. Total damage of the barrel: Transmission was destroyed and merely would work in 2nd paraphernalium. All gm ports were destroyed. The commanders cupala was destroyed. The gasoline was leaking. 1 track on the right side was basically falling off. The front left drive rotate flout and was inventing freely. In the end the beast was a monument for the Germans for a while then it was scrapped .# 66 The ratification of the 19 th Amendment: Tennessee was the last state needed to ratify. Came down to a tied vote in the Tennessee legislature which necessitated the amended would flunk. Harry T. Burn changed his vote at the last minute bc his mommy basically told him to, thereby getting the amended amply ratified !# 671859 margin disagree between the US and Britain over San Juan island. Merely casualty was a pig so it is referenced as the Pig War .# 68 Smoky served in the South Pacific, flew recon duties, parachuted, led cable wire and became the first official therapy dog, entertaining and curing shell-shocked soldiers cope with the horrors of crusade.

When she eventually died, she was buried in a. 30 stature ammunition box in Ohio.

Any day now, I expect to find out that Smoky somehow has a strengthened kill in the battle .# 69 In 1802, Napoleon contributed a Polish legion of around 5,200 to the forces sent to Saint-Domingue to fight off the slave dissent. Upon arrival and the first engagement actions, discovering that the slaves defended off their French rulers for their sovereignty, vast majority of Poles eventually attached the slaves against the French ..> Haiti’s first chairwoman Jean-Jacques Dessalines announced Polish beings “the White Negroes of Europe”, when it was considered a great honour, as it symbolized brotherhood between Poles and Haitians.

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