‘People just don’t understand our job’: UPS driver shows just how many boxes he has to deliver during his morning shift in viral TikTok

A full delivery truck (L), a delivery person (C), and an empty delivery truck (R).

A UPS driver shut down commentators who question why UPS drivers stimulate so much money with a viral TikTok registering just how many chests he delivers.

Aiden (@ aiden_m3 65) is a UPS driver and TikTok content creator with 3.2 million partisans. He regularly announces videos of TikTok trends and his everyday life. His TikTok video demonstrating the number of packages he delivers in only one alter went viral, with 1.9 million views and 180,500 likes in two days.

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Text overlay on Aiden’s video reads, “Idk why they get paid so much. All they do is deliver packs. Can’t be that hard.”

Captioned “But I enjoy it, ” the 12 -second video presents his truck fully fitted with chests at the start of his shift at 8: 45 am and then totally empty by 2:45 pm.

According to Comparably, UPS driver payments array from $18,860 to $134,000 per year with a median income of $68,369. UPS drivers supposedly make an average of 120 gives per date, with gives doubling around Christmas period.

In a follow-up video, Aiden notes that is just the morning shift.

https :// www.tiktok.com /@ aiden_m3 65/ video/ 7042063249 8981471 19

“Those are just my gives. I still have 17 getaways I have to do, ” Aiden says.

Many of the 2,240 notes salute how hard UPS drivers employment and agree that they make their paycheck.

“You are busting your ass hustling to get that numerous delivered so fast !!, ” @kmccleish said.

“And you STILL not done. Didn’t even was an indication that you basically refill it in three hours picking up before you go back, ” @kevinford8 commented.

“People really don’t understand our job … it is very physical, ” @amandaleigh1993 wrote.

“Worked for UPS for a few years and it’s no joke, ” @stayforthenightifyoulike said.

The Daily Dot reached out to @ aiden_m3 65 and UPS for comment.

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