people who have been at work all along are exhausted

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We’ve talked a good deal lately about how watchful numerous beings feel over returning to their parts later this year — and how much of that stems from a break in trust in the people and institutions that have shown they can’t be counted on to protect us.

But plenty of beings won’t be returning to their workplaces, because they’ve been there all along — essential workers, workers whose jobs can’t be done remotely, and many people whose boss accompanied them back earlier today even though they didn’t need to.

They’ve been cope is not merely with the risks of being on-site, but too with colleagues who refuse to wear cover-ups, members of the community who hurl tantrums( and worse) when asked to, and boss that don’t enforce safety measures. And some of them are frustrated when people who have been able to stay at home — and who could do that thanks to others who made on more of the risks so they didn’t have to — complaints about having to return, when they’re not hearing much about these experiences in that conversation.

Here’s what one person wrote to me 😛 TAGEND

” I have to say that some of the recently completed letters about parties reluctant to return to work despite being vaccinated, puts in positivity frequencies, and enhanced safety measures are really getting to me.

I know that each of us has known damage this past year. But can we please stop pretending that the damage of wreaking from dwelling and not wanting to go back is the same as the trauma of never being able to be home in the first place? It is defeating at best to hear from people who have been safe at home for an entire year talk about how apprehensive they are to go back and the level of unawareness in some of the responses is dumbfounding. These are people who have asked others to sacrifice their health and safety so that they could have access to food, healthcare, and essential services. And now that the tide is shifting and returning to the office is possible, the narrative is focused on them again.

Essential craftsmen have devoted the last year exposed to hate and feeling and the fear of dying. People not wanting to leave their home offices is not the same and the more that we suppose that it is, the more we reject the burden put upon those out and acting every single day.

There are no champions in this pandemic, but there are certainly those who have paid a bigger price. Please stop professing we are all in the same boat. Some beings never had a boat to brave the hurricane and are barely hanging on.”

So, people who have already been back at work for a while or never left, let’s talk about how you’re doing. What’s your workplace getting right and what’s it coming wrong? How is this moment in the pandemic — where there’s so much cause for hope, but too so much anxiety — playing out for you?

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