Pfizer’s Unconscionable Crimes, Past and Present

In a November 9, 2021, interrogation with Atlantic Council CEO Frederick Kempe, 1 Pfizer chairman and CEO Albert Bourla claimed “a small part of professionals” intentionally circulate “misinformation … so that they will mislead those that have concerns.”2

Such medical professionals, Bourla said, are not just bad beings, “they’re crooks, because they have literally expenditure millions of lives.” Bourla is one to talk, being the CEO of a company the reputation of which is synonymous with corporate crime.

Bourla’s notes were obliged on the same day Pfizer and its partner BioNTech asked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to broaden its authorization for booster shot to everyone over the age of 18.3

Pot Calling the Kettle Black

I guess we can’t be too surprised, though, as the primary justification policy parties like Bourla have is to blame the opposition for their own misdeeds. He even claims the company is being targeted by “dark constitutions, ” meaning organizations that aren’t transparent about their funding.

This is precisely what the Center for Countering Digital Hate( CCDH) is, the fabrications4 of which are being used to prop up the official narrative that those who present evidence establish the COVID shots are dangerous are domestic terrorists5 out to worsen the pandemic death toll.

No one knows who monies this group, but it has plenty of connections to war hawks and Great Reset promoters — including the Atlantic Council, to which Bourla is determining these statements.

By way of its board members, the CCDH can be linked to the Trilateral Commission, the Atlantic Council, the European Council of Foreign Relations, Save the Children Fund( funded under the Gates Foundation and business partners of Gates’ GAVI Vaccine Alliance ), the British Parliament, CIA and Event 201,6, 7 Microsoft, 8 and the Center for American Progress9( other organizations shall be financed by night money1 0 ).

And Bourla wants us to believe Pfizer is under attack from dark coin radicals? Again, the playbook of these wolves includes the dictum to always denounced the other side for what they themselves are guilty of.

More on the Atlantic Council

In August 2018, Facebook claimed an “influence campaign” by Russian “bad actors” had been carried out on its platform leading up to the 2018 midterm polls. However, it turned out these pages weren’t identified by Facebook. They came primarily from the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab.

In her clause, “Hysteria Over Newly Revealed Facebook’ Influence Campaign’ Doesn’t Fit the Fact, ”1 1 investigative reporter Whitney Webb took a deep-dive into this inane propaganda effort, pointing out that 😛 TAGEND

“ … despite the lawmakers’ claims, Facebook has established no links to the Russian government or even Russian nationals.

The only’ evidence’ to back up the claim of Russian-involvement is that one of the sheets marked’ had an IRA[ Internet Research Agency, a Russian’ troll farm’ identified in a Mueller-probe indictment] accounting as one of its admins for’ exclusively seven minutes’ and’ one of the IRA reports we incapacitated in 2017 shared a Facebook Event hosted by’ one of the pages.

Beyond the fact that accusations of Russian involvement are highly politicized given the lack of current sign, there is hardly any indication that this’ affect campaign’ was even influential at all.

Indeed, the majority of members of the’ bad actor’ pages and histories had hardly any admirers, with most of them having no partisans. For speciman, only four of the 32 total social-media sheets and histories had more than 10 adherents, with all other pages — i.e ., the remaining 28 — having between 10 and zero, distributed according to Facebook’s statements.

All of the Instagram accountings distinguished had zero followers and, among those seven chronicles, just one of them had made a single upright on the stage. By Facebook’s own admission, only four of the sheets mentioned were even remotely significant in terms of partisans and thus’ influence.’”

Why do I mention this? Because this is the same tactic used to frame a small number of individuals with limited social media reach as domestic terrorists, simply for sharing counter-narratives about the COVID pandemic.

False Allegations Used to Quench Freedom of Speech

According to the CCDH, 12 a dozen people, including me, were responsible for 65% of all anti-vaccine content on social media and should therefore be banned from all platforms. Most social media fellowships have all along been complied, deplatforming most of us. This despite a public denouncement of the CCDH’s accusations by Monika Bickert, vice president of Facebook content policy, who used to say that: 13

“ … these 12 beings have the responsibility of about just 0.05% of all viewpoints of vaccine-related content on Facebook. This includes all vaccine-related berths they’ve shared, whether true-life or fraudulent, as well as URLs associated with these people.

The report1 4 upon which the faulty narration is located analyzed only a restrict regulate of 483 bits of the information contained over six weeks from simply 30 groups, some of which are as tiny as 2,500 users.

They are in no way representative of the hundreds of millions of berths that people have shared about COVID-1 9 inoculations in the past months on Facebook.

Further, there is no explanation for how “the organizations activities” behind the report related the content they describe as’ anti-vax’ or how they chose the 30 radicals they included in their analysis. There is no justification for their argue that their data constitute a’ representative sample’ of the content shared across our apps.”

Datum Warfare

Getting back to the Atlantic Council, Webb noted that: 15

“Facebook officially partnered with the Atlantic Council this past May in order to tackle so-called’ bullshit news, ’ adding that the hawkish think-tank would serve as its’ hearts and ears’ in identifying alleged foreign-influence operations …

The Atlantic Council itself is led by a mix of retired military officers, onetime legislators, and Western business upper-class. And the think-tank’s fiscal patronizes include top U.S. justification contractors; enterprises aligned with Washington and the Pentagon; the United Arab Emirates; major transnational firms; and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization( NATO ).

One can think of several reasons why such a group would be interested in fomenting anti-Russian hysteria … The Atlantic Council’s conflicts of interest are certainly worth having in mind … ”

The same must be said about the CCDH, and Pfizer extremely. Both are glaringly biased and in no position to judge what is misinformation and what isn’t. But then, this is war, after all. We’re in an datum battle, and the word “misinformation” is thrown in lieu of grenades. Discernment and some basic wise is required to avoid becoming a victim.

Fact checking companies are another weapon designed and deployed to control the narrative. They exist as gatekeepers to move books and spectators to the official narrative and away from anything that might raise inconvenient questions. The largest and most influential fact checker is NewsGuard, which entrusts out “trustworthiness” ratings to websites.

NewsGuard cofounder Louis Crovitz is a member of the Council on Foreign ties-in — another Great Reset follower — and primary consultants include Tom Ridge, former secretary of Homeland Security, and Ret. Gen. Michael Hayden, a onetime superintendent of both the CIA and NSA. 16

Knowing that, it obligates it easier to understand how everyday people who share information that shifts from government officials narrative is gonna be labeled and treated as a national security threat.

The COVID pandemic is a militarized busines. We’re at war, and the designated enemy( looking at it from the side that started this war without telling anyone) are the citizens “of the worlds” who want to hold on to their freedom and human rights.

Pfizer Has a Long History of Criminal Behavior

Pfizer is on the other side — the side that is seeking to install an unelected technocratic government based on the idea that we need a world-wide biosecurity, biosurveillance apparatus or we’ll all die.

This is not a new point for them. During the American Civil War, which began in 1862, the need for massive amounts of painkillers and antiseptics allowed Pfizer to flourish and expand during wartime. 17 Today, the manufactured “need” for COVID-1 9 vaccine is allowing Pfizer to make out like a gunman yet again, and as I’ve already stated, we are again at war, albeit an undeclared one.

To achieve that, Pfizer is willing to “blackmail” countries into accepting its COVID shot calls, as reviewed in the Gravitas report above — expressions that make sure Pfizer always comes out on top.

A key period is no liability, which is understandable considering the amount of damage Pfizer’s COVID jab is causing. Pfizer travelled so far as to bully commonwealths into putting up sovereign resources like military bases as collateral to pay for any vaccine injury suits that might result from their COVID jab.

While that might not be illegal, it’s unethical, and so is researching on beings without . Everyone who gets these emergency use authorized injections are part of that research, while simultaneously being prevented from seeing anything but propaganda.

Without truthful and translucent disclosure of both dangers and benefits, there is no informed consent. Pfizer is even experimenting on children and pregnant women without informed consent, two categories that historically have been off-limits for medicine experimentation.

Whistleblower Claims Data Were Falsified

According to a whistleblower who worked on Pfizer’s Phase 3 COVID thrusting experiment in the autumn of 2020, data were falsified and patients were unblinded. Follow-up on reported side effects likewise lagged behind. 18 This isn’t the first time such unsavory have been levied against Pfizer.

In 2014, Pfizer was ordered to pay $ 75 million to settle bills relating to its illicit testing of a new expansive spectrum antibiotic on critically ill Nigerian children. As reported by the Independent1 9 at the time, Pfizer sent a squad of physicians into Nigeria in the midst of a meningitis epidemic.

For two weeks, the team set up right next to a medical station run by Doctors Without Borders and began exempting the experimental stimulant, Trovan. Of the 200 children picked, half got the experimental dope and the other half the already licensed antibiotic Rocephin.

Eleven of the children treated by the Pfizer team died, and many others suffered side effects such as brain damage and organ default. Pfizer rejected wrongdoing. Harmonizing to the company, merely five of the children contributed Trovan died, compared against six who received Rocephin, so their medicine was not to blame.

The problem was they never told the mothers that “their childrens” were being given an experimental drug, let alone ask them if they required “their childrens” to participate in the trial.

In his 2010 newspaper, “Tough on Crime? Pfizer and the CIHR, ” Robert G. Evans, Ph.D ., Emeritus Professor at Vancouver School of Economics, described Pfizer as “a’ habitual delinquent, ’ persistently been carried out in illegal and distorted sell rehearsals, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results.”

What’s more, while Pfizer created a permission note from a Nigerian ethics committee, the word turned out to have been backdated. The ethics committee itself wasn’t set up until a year after the test had already taken place.

State Department cables too revealed Pfizer hired spies with a plan to frame a Nigerian attorney general and get him to sag the parents’ lawsuit. 20 Pfizer even tried to avoid responsibility by falsely accusing Doctors Without Borders of dispensing the experimental narcotic. 21

An’ Habitual Offender’

In his 2010 paper, 22 “Tough on Crime? Pfizer and the CIHR, ” Robert G. Evans, Ph.D ., Emeritus Professor at Vancouver School of Economics, described Pfizer as “a’ habitual crook, ’ persistently been carried out in illegal and corrupt commerce traditions, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results.”

Pfizer has been indicted in numerou venues over unethical drug testing, illegal marketing rehearses, 23 bribery in numerou countries, 24 environmental abuses — including illegal dumping of PCBs and other toxic waste2 5 — labor and worker safety breaches and more. 26,27, 28 It’s too been criticized for price gouging that warns the living conditions of patients with chronic diseases such as epilepsy. 29

Between 2002 and 2010 alone, Pfizer and the relevant subsidiary were penalized$ 3 billion in criminal convictions, civil penalties and jury allotments. This included $2.3 billion for the illegal marketing of the arthritis medicine, Bextra, imposed in 2009.30, 31 It was the largest health care fraud settlement in American history.

According to the Global Justice report, “The Horrible History of Big Pharma: Why We Can’t Leave Pharmaceutical Corporations in the Driving Seat of the COVID-1 9 Response: ”3 2

“A whistleblower claimed that marketings organization were incentivized to sell Bextra to doctors for conditions for which the dope wasn’t approved and at dosages up to eight eras those recommended.’ At Pfizer I was expected to increase profits at all costs, even when sales wanted endangering beings. I couldn’t do that, ’ he stated.”

In 2011, Pfizer agreed to pay another $14.5 million to settle federal bills of illegal marketing, 33 and in 2014 they settled federal indictments relating to improper marketing of the kidney implant dose Rapamune to the tune of $ 35 million. 34

None of those legal actions prevented future bad behaviour. To Pfizer, compensating penalizes to broom illegalities under the rug has become part of the cost of doing business, and they can afford it. While the punishments may sound amazing, they’re tiny when compared to the company’s profits.

Pfizer was among the top 30 most profitable business in the world in 2020, with benefits reaching $16 billion, and its COVID jab alone is predicted to make-up $13 billion in 2021.35

As noted by the law firm Matthews and Associate, “the history of Pfizer is rampant with so much subterfuge and under-the-table dealing that the company will need all the help it can get to promote confidence in its hastily made COVID vaccine.”3 6 The key strategy to boost confidence, unfortunately, is censorship.

What’ New Way of Life’ Is Pfizer Promising?

The fastest room to get back to ordinary, Bourla claims in his Atlantic Council interview, is for everyone to get inoculated. Considering how little things have changed despite big vaccination frequencies, it seems clear the globalists in charge of The Great Reset — and Pfizer is part of that parcel — has no plans of countenancing anything go back to ordinary. It won’t matter how many comply, or how many times we comply

Australia is perhaps the clearest portrait of what the whole world will face. Even though a majority are “vaccinated, ” their frees have not been returned, and now they have to submit to boosters or lose what semblance of freedom the initial round of shots throw them. The Australian government is confiscating and blocking people’s bank accounts, keeping unemployment benefits and more — all in the name of “public health.”

Bourla even indicates that there is no going back to the age-old ordinary where reference is commonwealths, “The only thing that stands between the brand-new way of life and the current way of life is … hesitancy to vaccinations.”

New way of life. What does this “new way of life” look like? It looks like Australia. It looks like Israel. It looks like Lithuania, 37 where your “right” to frequent eateries, accumulations, shopping center, beauty salons, libraries, banks, policy agencies and universities, and your “right” to inpatient medical care and travel, all depend on your willingness to participate in a medical venture that can kill or disable you.

The “new way of life” Bourla is talking about involves repeatedly dallying lethal Russian Roulette really to “earn” the right to be part of society. No expressed appreciation for. Bourla can retain his “new way of life.”


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