Phones, Social Media, and Being Present With Your Kids


Do you struggle to set good constants for social media? In this week’s podcast episode, Jesse and I undertake issues and questions from a listener about how we prepare borders for our telephones( cartel me, we’re a work in progress when it comes to this, as you’ll catch out in the chapter !)

We talk about different strategies we’ve implemented, why I take one day off from posting on social media each week, how Jesse had Kathrynne set up accountability for him, what I learned from my time-tracking experiment, misstep we’ve clear, and how we’re wanting to model setting an example for our kids.

We too chat about what it’s like to have a teen driver, how we’re seeking to expose Baby D to Spanish in our residence( and different aids we’re using for that ), and how early morning ice skating seminars for Kaitlynn has been make this certain differences for Jesse.

In This Episode:

[ 00:33] We’re having a conversation about telephones, social media, and being present with our kids.

[ 03:12] Not simply do we have a brand-new driver, she’s likewise taking the kids to and from school!

[ 05:58] I am learning Spanish because Baby D’s family speaks Spanish and Duo Lingo is saving my life.

[ 10:42] Ice skating has been saving Jesse’s life because it’s helping him get up earlier.

[ 13:49] Hear the listener’s question that caused this episode.

[ 17:35] Why I take time away from my phone.

[ 20:30] Creating your own borderlines is also modeling behavior for your kids.

[ 22:28] You can create parental sovereignties on your own telephone to stay accountable.

[ 24:26] Plus, you don’t have to do this perfectly. Give yourself grace.

[ 25:40] Tracking your time is an amazing way to see what you do with your day.

[ 28:28] Learn my big takeaways from moving my time.

[ 31:08] Batching has been a lifesaver.

Attach and Riches:

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