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PODCAST: What Is the U.S. Military Teaching about Marriage?

Mark Gungor claimed responsibility for the# 1 matrimony teacher in the U.S. armed, and I think it's important to know what he is teaching.

As many of you know, last week an audio recording was published on The Wartburg Watch between clergyman, comedian, and union educator Mark Gungor, and a young lady from his parish whose sexual abuse allegation he mishandled about five years ago.

Lexi( the young woman) considered me call Mark out on Twitter in early April for his demeanor online, and for the first time since her assault felt emboldened to talk about it. She phoned him the next day and recorded those discussions, and it has now been published.

I wrote on Monday about that gossip; I'm a big part of it because Mark keeps trying to steer the conversation towards how much he's being persecuted by my followers.

In today's podcast, rather than talk about that audio, what we wanted to do was to look at what Mark actually educates at his matrimony withdraws. His" Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage" and" A Tale of Two Mentalities" are large-hearted parts of the Strong Bonds weekends in the military, and we thought it was worth asking if THIS is what the military believes is good for their troops to hear.

After this, I would like to let go of this and move on. However, established how influential Mark Gungor is in a very vulnerable group( armed unions have a 70% divorce pace, apparently ), it's worth asking this question. And I hope military chaplains may listen.

So listen in!

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Main Segment: Is it healthful to draw gender as transactional and the sexes as polar opposites?

Mark's messages is likely to be whittled down to two main things 😛 TAGEND

Men primarily miss copulation. That's why they deal with women-to get sexuality. Gals, on the other hand, crave linkage. For men to get what they want, they need to be nice to the girl. For women to get what they want, they need to give him sex. Worker and women have different brains. Men's brains are boxes. They're compartmentalized. And the most difficult chest is the "nothing box." Women "ve been thinking about" all we got.

We analyzed two of his videos for this 😛 TAGEND

The Sex/ Love component of A Tale of Two Psyches The Difference Between Men's Brains and Women's Brains

As you listen to the excerpts in the podcast, listen to how he depicts women-to the articulates that he does. Listen to how he refers to women. And listen to how he makes the relationship between the sexes-that dames are exclusively good for sex, and men wouldn't have anything to do with us if it weren't for sex.

Is" The Nothing Box" a Thing?

Connor says the nothing box is actually a "privilege" casket. As Rebecca said," It's easy to think about nothing if you don't feel like you have to remember everything ."

The reason women's brains have so much in them at all epoches is a function of mental laden. When boys carry less mental loading for their own families, they have a nothing box. When boys become more involved with the babies and the family, or when they have very stressful work, they're less likely to have nothing to think about. Thinking about nothing is a luxury.

The question, then, is this: Even if it's true that most men have a nothing box, that does not mean that this is a good thing or that we should be teaching people how to deal with it.

What if it's a thinking of an unhealthy dynamic in the wedlock?

I'd place people to my line on Mental Load now .

How does the military hire Mark?

On Facebook, a woman did some digging about the military contracts.

Many were apportioned with no competitive bidding-they just hired Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage.

Mark Gungor Military Marriage

She further writes 😛 TAGEND

And we have a trail of contracts apportioned to Gungor for his speaking services and/ or published literature to be accessible through the US Army, Navy, and Coast Guard. He has benefited well from his firebrand of ...' laughter '. No wonder he feels potent- he has been corroborated by the world's biggest government.

Not to drive a wooden stake into a human, but as you can see here, the contracts was granted to' strengthen' the modern date fighter action- with the goals and targets of stabilizing affinities, as described in the sole-source solicitation for services. In other utterances, Gungor had a direct' sound' into the US DOD for buying his material- "they dont have" competitive attempt participated and his cloth was unvetted for proficiency/ rigor/ conduct/ validity. His ongoing award of fund from US taxpayers was unchallenged.

Contract Description:

" The Army Chief of Chaplains is the proponent for the Army's Strong Bonds Program. It is a preventative skills based relationship structure program, led by Army Chaplains designed to assist commandants in building, strengthening, saving and regenerating Army Families. Specialized training for single Soldiers and cells being deployed or redeployed is also being undertaken by Unit Ministry Teams( UMTs ). The curriculum identified below is the only authorized fabric to be utilized by UMTs when conducting Strong Bonds contests. Modules from the primary approved course i.e. Laugh Your Way to a Better

Marriage combined with PREP, PICKS, LINKS and Family Wellness will be used. Interested beings may identify their interest and capability to respond to the requirement or submit proposals.

This notice of intent is not a request for competitive proposals. However, all proposals received under two( 2) calendar eras after year of booklet of this synopsis will be considered by the Government. A resolve including the government not to compete this proposed contract base upon responses to this notice is solely within the discretion of the Government. Information received will normally be considered solely for the purpose of determining whether to conduct a competitive procurement. Requests can be emailed to David.Brown. 14 @ang. af.mil.

The 108 th Wing necessitates the following information 😛 TAGEND

LI 001, Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage DVD Set with Mark Gungor DVD Set shall include the following DVDs: 1. The Tale of Two Abilities( seminar 1- 73 min, period 2- 55 min2. The# 1 Key to Incredible Sex( session 1- 39 min, conference 2- 35 min) 3. How to Stay Married and Not Kill Anyone( 35 min) 4. FAQs with Mark( 60 min) Total running time= 6~ hrs, LI 002, Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage Book ISBN-1 3: 14165360 51 ISBN-1 0: 14165360 51, LI 003, Sex, Dating, Relating DVD Teen Edition By: Mark Gungor Four DVDs, approx. 4.5 hours totalThe DVD defined Sex, Dating and Relating contains four discs.DISC 1: Mark excuses the basic differences in how men and women are wired and how improve understanding of and work with those differences.DISC 2: Mark excuses the keys to dating smart and what to avoid during the process of dating in order to be allowed to to steer clear of trouble.DISC 3: Contains information on sex from person abstinence loudspeaker Pam Stenzel teaching youth about the consequences of sex outside of marriage as well as Mark explaining more of the emotional bang it can have on beings. He likewise addresses the issue of pornography use and masturbation.DISC 4: Q& A time with Mark where he asks some of the commonly asked questions regarding sex and dating in his straight-forward manner.

Contracting Office Address: 108 th Wing, 3369 Wonnacott Avenue, Room 10, Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ 08641 -5 406 Point of Contact( s ): David A. Brown

I'm in Canada , not in the U.S ., and I have no U.S. military contacts. But since most of my audience is American, I thought you may be interested in what your government is obtaining for their soldiers to learn.

And then...I come feeling.

I recorded part of this podcast on the weekend, right after I examine the audio, and learned that Shaunti Feldhahn, Kevin Leman, and Emerson Eggerichs were all talking with Mark about how to handle me, and were considering writing a joint statement. I was really emotional. I debated not including it in the podcast, but here's the thing. I'm often told how I "should" respond to all of this when authors call me out. How I should drop it, or else go to them personally, or" don't give my pearls before swine ." And I understand all that, and I try to do that.

But I don't think you all understand the feelings fee of what it's like behind the scenes. I'm still person or persons. And I've become so disillusioned with evangelicalism at large this year. These are my people-the missionary life. And when we conduct high quality research that shows that maids are being hurt, what's the response? To affect me, to draw themselves as the main victims, and to ignore the women and pairs who are hurting. I'm just really sad.

My birthday was this week, and I approximate I are of the view that for my birthday, I are permitted to just say what I was really remembering. I'll frame the cover-up back on and be better again soon. But sometimes it's a lot, and I wanted to let you know that.

The Great Sex Rescue Changing those discussions about fornication& union in the evangelical faith.

What if you're NOT the problem with your gender being?

What if the things that you've been taught have messed things up--and what if there's a way to flee these meanings?

Welcome to the Great Sex Rescue.

Order Now !

Things Mentioned in This Podcast:

Support us on Patreon ! For as little as$ 5 or$ 8 a month you can help pay Joanna so that she can get our investigate published in peer reviewed magazines, and you can help us break in to brand-new social media channels!( This blog and podcast are already fully funded; the money doesn't go to me but to the project ). The Great Sex Rescue, our brand-new notebook that has upset everyone The audio between Mark and Lexi.You are also welcome to read a transcript of the audio by Shannon Ashley, or a transcript with abuse tricks analysis by Sarah McDugal. The Facebook video of denomination that Lexi shared that was highly problematic My article about the audio, and how I felt The video we analyzed: The Sex/ Love component of A Tale of Two Intelligencesand The Difference Between Men's Brains and Women's Brains.In this time Mark Gungor likewise refers to women as "chicks."( in various regions of the 10 time brand and then again subsequentlies ).( This time was actually sent to me two years ago, before I even really looked into him, because someone was concerned about the injuriou behavior he referred to women ). Our feeling proletariat/ mental onu lines Our series on emotional health and maturity The podcast where we looked at the problems with Shaunti Feldhahn's research that Emerson Eggerichs used to claim that humankinds need respect while women need love. The survey question where Shaunti Feldhahn claimed that 82% of boys feel little clevernes or little responsibility to stop in a makeout place

Mark Gungor Military Teaching on Marriage

Do you think the "nothing box" is about mental quantity? What do "youre thinking about" announcing maids " chicks "? Are gender stereotypes helpful? Let's talk in the comments!

Sheila Wray Gregoire

Sheila Wray Gregoire

Founder of To Love, Honor and Vacuum

Sheila has been married to Keith for 28 times, and merrily married for 25!( It made a while to adjust ). She’s also an award-winning author of 8 books, including The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, and a sought-after speaker. With her whimsical , no-nonsense approach, Sheila is heartfelt about deepening the evangelical communication about gender and wedlock to line up with empire principles. ENTJ, straight 8


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