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Raccoons in the attic, are my PCOs handling this properly?

About a month ago, I started examining pest noises in my ceiling. They resonated like rodents, but too big to be rats, and I believed raccoons. Sure enough, after a couple of weeks, I started discovering raccoon vocalization.

Our landlord called a PCO who showed up three weeks ago. I was working from dwelling, so I couldn't genuinely talk to him, and my housemate treated it. PCO refused to entertain the idea of raccoons, set some rat traps( bc "were having" rats too ), and left. He came back a week later to check the traps, and involved he check the crawlspace above the ceiling very. He popped his head in for about two minutes, envisioned some displaced insulation, and insisted once again it was rats bc he "couldn't smell the urine".

At that site I came doubt, bc why should we wait for the house to smell like animal piss before we got something? There is a nest of babe raccoons growing on the other side of my bedroom wall, I have been hearing their vocalizations evolve for a while now, and I told him as much. He continued to ignore me until one of my housemates went into the crawlspace and got the critter on video( which is dangerous in my view, we should not have to do this in order to get the problem answered ).

He sent over some other guy who works for him. That guy rectified a live net next to the door to the crawlspace, then blocked off the vent-holes on the ceiling they only squandering to get in and out. I'm usurping the idea is to trap the mother and get the children out some other way, but neither one of these guys is communicating very well. I am concerned that momma raccoon knows damn well what a live capture is, and this isn't going to work. If that happens, at a certain degree they'll all starve to death over my bedroom and rotting up there.

I really like this sub, I prowl a lot bc I was just about to do university room pest assure material. I was hoping some of you can tell me whether these action plans is standard and these are just otherwise competent dudes who time discount females. You would not believe how often work proletarians feed me bullshit or flat-out ignore me, and it gets really exhausting to track down second and third and fifth sentiments. This is affecting my sleep and my wfh task, I really don't want to live under a heap of the deaths raccoons. 🙁

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