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Renovating Your Home For the Holidays

Summertime signifies trips, laying out by the pool and gleaning with friends for a relaxing dinner under the stars. It likewise means we’re halfway through its first year and before you know it the holidays will be here! And as crazy as it chimes, time is the perfect time to start planning for your anniversary entertaining and refurbishing your residence. From start to finish the design process makes several months to complete,so now is the time to get started.

When we work with patrons on their dwelling restoration for the holidays, there are a few key areas we focus on. Update in your kitchen, powder shower, and vestibule make a huge difference in the overall feel of your home. Depending on its scope of application of your programme, we can get many home renovations for the holidays done in 6 to 12 months.

When thinking about home restorations for the holidays, here are the 8 areas to focus on.

The power room flaunts bold pattern wallcoverings and a beautiful royal blue boarder mirror.

Adding sconces is the perfect way to glam up any powder room. Photo by Jack Thompson.


The anniversaries bringing more family members or friends into your home than at any other time during the year. You miss your home to be inviting and stylish, ready to welcome in whoever stops by.


One simple practice to refresh your home is to update your pulverization bath accessories. Including a few fun powder bath details renders the cavity an wink decorative select me up. Pigeon and Poodle and Crate and Barrel are members of our favorite places to shop for tub accessories.

Updating the reflect is an easy way to instantaneously convert the seek of your gunpowder bath as well. Mirrors give the illusion of more room and add breadth. Indulge in an antique or high-end design mirror that's sure to impress your guests.


Even in smaller rooms like pulverization bathtubs, lighting can be used to make a design statement. Replacing adjourned igniting with flush attach pendants or sconces allows you to have more merriment with the room's designing. They specify a more natural light which imparts the cavity tendernes and immense energy.


Plumbing fixtures are an unexpected direction to incorporate your temperament into the design. For a modern change on the classic faucet, this ombre finish faucet from Kohler is gorgeous- and is a kind of our decorator faves! It's the perfect mix of heated and cool tints. Swap out the traditional chrome or smoothed stainless steel faucet for copper or golden faucet to add a cozy feel.

An entry way with custom roundalette and drapery

These gorgeous wraps support the excellent backdrop for your holiday gathering. Photo by Kerry Kirk.


New wallcoverings make a huge difference! We often create tradition works with our clients that you won't find anywhere else. Wallcoverings from marketers like Fromental and Phillip Jeffries come in bold patterns and luxe materials, like hand-woven silk. They're perfect for bringing glamour and comfort to any area. Maya Romanoff wallcoverings are a great way to add texture and visual campaign to the design.

If you're not ready to commit to using wallcoverings in a whole area, don't worry! You can use Tempaper temporary wallpaper to dress up your walls. This removable wallpaper gives you the ability to have a statement-making wallpaper without making a permanent commitment.

Formal Dining Room with Cantoni Trade chairs and Pierre Grey wallcoverings

These wallcoverings by Pierre Frey at our Heights Modern Project are some of the team's favorite finishes. Photo by Par Bengtsson.


We work with our trusted partner, El Dorado Woodworks, to design habit built-ins for our patrons. These built-in pieces afford added storage cavity and keep the room clean and the jumble out of sight.


Custom drapery never disillusions. In the same way paint can fully alter a office, changing your drapery has the same effect. Go for warmer, softer, more inviting dyes to change the humor of the gap. Rich fabrics like velvet or something with a sheen like satin room work in any chamber and with any form. We like Kravet and Crypton cloths because they're sumptuous, yet durable.

A modern dining room in tonal shades, Theodore Alexander chairs, and a Roy Lichtenstein

Updating your lighting is the perfect way to refresh your opening. Photo by Amy Bartlam.

3. Replace Light Fixtures with Modern, Statement Section

Oftentimes, light-colored fixtures are forgotten about formerly you select them. As you think about updating a office, you don't certainly think about glowing fixtures. You may think about converting the cabinet hardware, to choose their own new decorate colour, or reupholstering your furniture.

However, one of my favorite ways to update any space is with testimony lighting. In my morning room, for example, I change out my chandelier seasonally. Replacing lighting fixtures is a simple and easy way to completely transform your home.

Here are some spaces where lighting is to be able to kept up to date 😛 TAGEND

Sconces in the powder shower Sitting range fixtures- The lighting should create conversation and say zones for guests. Your dining room chandelier- Christopher Boots was a very good brand- so chic! Kitchen pendants and sconces Guest bedroom lighting- Lighting that's more natural to the body promotes wellness and healthier sleep patterns.

Hanging blue chandelier and a painting of a woman

A new piece of art is sure to precipitate a conference or two during the holidays. Photo by Kerry Kirk.

4. Invest in a New Art Piece

It's no secret the LUDC team desires artistry. Our founder and CEO, Laura and her husband celebrate each anniversary with a new draw, frequently one that they select together while on their anniversary getaway. Like an anniversary or birthday, the holidays are a special time of year. If you've been meaning to add to your accumulation, why not commemorate the season with a brand-new piece of art. It's a phenomenal discussion starter and never exits out of style!

5. Consider the Comfort of Your Guests

A lot of people have family and friends staying at their residence for the holidays. As you think about home renovations for the holidays, think about soft goods. Make their stay as cozy and luxurious as possible. Select bed linens they can sink into at the end of the day. Layer a beautiful duvet with a cozy jettison and some plush pillows. Stock the lavatory with some luxurious amenities and fresh blooms to perform them feel at home.


With the arrival of the holidays, having fairly sitting is indispensable! You'll have more parties in your infinite and it's important to accommodate them accordingly. Accent chairs are a functional and beautiful behavior to freshen you home's interior for the holidays. They aren't a drastic asset, but they make a spectacular change in the design and never go out of style.

Gold and glass dome pendants from Hudson Valley Lighting hang elegantly over the kitchen island.

Re-staining your cabinetry and upgrading your devices is a great way to add a little something to your kitchen for the holidays. Photo by Jack Thompson.

6. Install New Kitchen Cabinetry and Redesign the Butler's Pantry

One of the most valuable home renovation programmes you can do is upgrade the kitchen. These restorations provide a great return on your investment and can change the mind of even the most stubborn customers. As busy as the holidays are though, you may not want to take on a full kitchen remodel and that's okay! Upgrading simple things like the cabinets, illuminates, fixtures, and backsplash make a huge impact and instant refresh the space.

Cobalt blue bar cart with vintage spirits and barware - Laura U Interior Design

A perfectly stocked forbid is a must for the festivity season! Photo by Julie Soefer.


The butler's pantry is a small space, but you're going to use it a lot during the holidays. It's the excellent recognise for your caterer to prep meat for your festivity party and for your guests to mix up their favorite cocktails. You want to make sure it's a functional and beautiful space.

A gallery wall of black and white photos, artwork in a Houston home

Bold, stunning and glamorous, this black and white entry obliges fairly the statement! Photo by Kerry Kirk.

7. Welcome Guests to a Stunning Foyer

Your foyer welcomes clients into your dwelling and regulates the style for the rest of the design. It shall be established some visual interest, as well as a functional space for patrons to drop off big knacks when they enter. I affection including a console table under a beautiful mirror or piece of art in the foyer.

Stairwell | Design by Laura U Interior Design

Show your stairs some enjoy by adding a runner, it's the functional piece you didn't know you needed. Photo by Michael Hunter.

8. Add a Stair Runner

If you don't have one already, position a stair runner. These are especially supportive if you'll have lots of kiddos or domesticateds in your residence for the holidays. Stair athletes attenuate thunderou footsteps and mitigate tumbles. They're a functional piece you can use to completely update the looking of your staircase.

Home Renovation for the Vacation

Boldly thoughtful and luxuriously congenial interior infinites take time to design. By starting on your dwelling restoration assignments now, we'll have time to get your home ready for the holidays! Contact us today so we can get started renovating your residence for the holidays.

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