Return of the Turn Ep. 11 – Start the new off right with Marcus Caston at the mother of mogul mountains: Marry Jane

All large-scale dawgs must roam on to new sand. And for Marcus Caston, the all mighty mogul capitol of Marry Jane, in Winter Park, Colorado was a natural next stop. The master of the turn certainly had his work cut out for him when it came to domesticate oh so many lumps, but luckily he seems to live for it. But only to spice things up, he announced in some local back up. Colorado ripper and good friend Chris Tatsuno, aka Tats, hop-skip into the line up and together the two payed a beautiful exercise in how to destroy bumps in style with a fresh duet of shades on and an ear to ear smile. The two also received some words of ability from Winter Park residence grown ripper and Canadian National Mogul Team coach Freddy Mooney, as well U.S. Freestyle Mogul veteran and WP regional Julie Ray. You’d be a fool not to call this an absolute dream team.

With the brand-new time knocking off, give this be a guide for betterment as we all strive to get better on the sticks. As Marcus points out,” When you’re skiing powder and groomers all the time, you forget how to ski! So it’s a good remember to come into the bumps and give yourself a good evaluation “. Words of knowledge is ensuring. You don’t get to ski as good as these four do without putting in the time. So the next time that groomer snaps into a trail of daunting mounds, humps, and stumps, don’t rind out. Get those knees in the game and interpret what you’re made of. Hopefully a few solid assignments in proficiency and good spirit can be found here.

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Classic wording!” Return of the Turn ,” Ep. 4 makes straight skis, hot doggin’ back to life

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