Riverdale Season 6 Episode 5 Review: Chapter One Hundred: The Jughead Paradox

Riverdale has departed full meta.( And not in the Facebook way .)

The numerous lives of Archie Comics collided into an action-packed chapter on Riverdale Season 6 Episode 5. Cameos, Riverdale references, and milkshakes were just some of the discuss to end off “Rivervale’s” five-part happening series.

This chapter also differentiated an important milestone for the sequence by hitting its 100 th chapter. But did the landmark hour live up to the hype?

Classic Archie Comics - Tall - Riverdale Season 6 Episode 5

This 100 th chapter felt like a love letter to fans.

“Chapter One Hundred: The Jughead Paradox” was a treasure trove of callbacks and cameos. For any longstanding supporter of Riverdale, you could pinpoint the many references to past plots that will bring on all the nostalgia.

And if you’re an Archie Comics fan, we were finally considered to the ‘5 0’s aesthetic again. We hadn’t seen this set-up surprise since Riverdale Season 1 Episode 7; it was sorely missed and long overdue.

Riverdale acknowledged its craziness and dove in head-first to give us even more outlandish areas. And this time, Riverdale felt like it was in on the joke, playing off of all the shipping, the soap opera plots, and its darker crime noir style.

We are still will be possible to unpack the line, laugh, thinking, “Oh yeah, that did happen.”

Jughead Comics - Riverdale Season 6 Episode 5

The biggest overcome with a meta-inspired episode is the blankets involved. The storey should be easy to explain and have all the elements make sense to the viewer.

The more technical approaching was taken from The Twilight Zone, so there were a lot of similarity cosmo discussions going on.( Think the multiverses from DC and Marvel .)

Veronica: Alright, let’s do it. Let’s makeout and save the universe. One thing: can we make it during the wedding? I’m not really in the mood.Jughead: Yeah, I hear that. Same .[ Veronica drinks a glass] Veronica: Here’s to “Vughead” becoming canon.

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Riverdale did an alright errand of excusing the high-level issue that was going on, but the dialogue could’ve expended some creation where reference is got into the anomalies and how they could save Riverdale/ Rivervale. The many beds were disorient at times, and if I didn’t have an understanding of multiverses, I would’ve gone lost.

And the explanations for the bleeding curves and violating Riverdale from Rivervale didn’t help the confusion. A bit more finessing of the dialogue could’ve smoothened out these bumps.

Classic Outfits - Riverdale Season 6 Episode 5

Though, the visual notes were top-notch!

Whenever a target needed to be made about the time loop, a fun surprise or callback would show us that something bad was going on. They could be big scene-changers or subtle easter eggs to the past.

Jughead: Wedding? Who’s getting married? Cheryl: Awkward! Archie: Jug, Betty and I are getting married this weekend. You’re my best man.

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I adored cites because Riverdale said so much without breathing a word.

Some of very good callbacks included Jughead entering Rivervale High to relive Riverdale Season 1 Episode 1 in the hallways or whenever someone read from the comics to discuss a storyline from a past period. The gestures used to be so referential and aware of their own backstory.

Plus, the nods hit all the right funny and emotional indicates.( My heart hurt ensure Fred Andrews/ Luke Perry return as a flashback. He will always be missed .)

Comic Books - Riverdale Season 6 Episode 5

The cleverest nod was the return of the original Reggie( giving full play to Ross Butler ). That quirk was a chef’s kiss time and top comedy!

Both Reggies might’ve been different in certain areas, but they were the same in their hotheadedness and ego.

If exclusively they had talked things out, they would’ve saved themselves dying in a dual. Veronica fully wanted to be in a relationship with both of them; it could’ve worked out to their advantage, like choose what the fuck is required for their future.

At this extent, I side with Charles Melton as “Reggie Prime.” Ross’ version was only in a few chapters during Riverdale Season 1, so the winning explanation goes to the majority factor.

A Growing Fear - Riverdale Season 6 Episode 5

The contradiction rebut was an interesting direction to restrain Rivervale into Riverdale and answer a long-burning question about the serial. For speciman, since Jughead has been narrating the succession, were these occurrences basically chapters in his book?

Having the paradox clarify that he is the writer and the narrator glistens a new light on everything that happened before.

These are just tales that Jughead is creating to push the patch further. He is chronicling the events to come because he wrote them himself.

It’s a deft twisting on what we would’ve expected. It exclusively use because of Rivervale, but it’s written answers nonetheless.

Ethel Muggs Returns - Riverdale Season 6 Episode 5

And the same starts for the anomalies that reformed up the universes. Like the multiverses, the smaller gaps had the biggest impacts on how things were run.

I liked the ancestry into chaos as more anomalies popped up.

Jughead: Ben? You’re Ben Button? Ben: Of track, I am. Who else would I be? Jughead: Ben, you died! You jump-start out of a space when you sacrificed yourself to the Gargoyle King.Ben: No, you’re thinking of that dude from Stonewall Prep.Jughead: Mr. Chipping, yeah. No , no! You did it first.Ben: Maybe you fantasized it?

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Through all the chaos, all the brand-new changes added to the feeling of not knowing what was going on. However, this approach helped in a good way. The tint demanded us not to know what we believed.

Things like Jason Blossom being alive and dead formed us question the true reality in Rivervale. And as more absurdities happened, it developed the threat level of needing to solve the problem. It felt like a serious threat that wasn’t completely clear.

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Dilton Doily and Archie were both unexpected and made a lot of sense as the prime villains.

We didn’t know much about Dilton during his time on Riverdale; he always dallied a minor background character before he died. But, this academic Dilton in Rivervale seemed more lowered to do whatever it took to get what he missed. He missed that investigate discovery bad!

How did he not realize a “collapsing universe” would lead to his death?

If the philosophy proved right, he was gonna die. No one would ever learn about his breakthrough in the first place. His evil plan had a lot of flaws.

Dilton Doiley Returns - Riverdale Season 6 Episode 5

In Archie’s instance, let’s call this the return of “Reckless Archie.”

Don’t are wrong, I understand and empathize with him for hoping the extinction philosophy would be right.

Though, killing people to silence them wasn’t the answer, extremely since he proved that anyone he killed would return from the dead anyway.

Archie: I’m not a scoundrel, Jug. No one abides dead now. Cheryl and Ronnie will be back. All the people we’ve lost. Everyone comes back to life in this universe.Jughead: Everyone comes back. Is this about your father? Archie: Don’t you get onto? He’s coming home. He has to. He would never miss my wedding, extremely not to Betty. He adoration Betty.

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I was scandalized when he killed the Jughead clone and Cheryl. However, that feeling went away fast formerly it became clear everyone would resurrect again. We only learned deep down inside of him that Archie has the ability to kill people.

Also, that he’s cleverer than he tells on. He deduced everything about the paradoxes and how to work them to his advantage without anyone’s help. We might be sleeping on Archie; his bad decisions have clouded our judgments.

A Growing Fear - Riverdale Season 6 Episode 5

Last Thoughts From Sweetwater River 😛 TAGEND

I didn’t like the first four Rivervale chapters’ retconning being a dream. It seemed clumsy, like the writers wanted to wash away the floor to start fresh.

If Rivervale Jughead is the writer creating the fib, why would he have Riverdale Jughead lose his hearing in the explosion? It felt brutal to do that to yourself, even a parallel macrocosm explanation of you.

Ben Button must have mystical capabilities at this detail. He always seems to know something we don’t.

Jason Blossom ultimately spoke!

Jason Blossom Returns - Riverdale Season 6 Episode 5

Now, over to you, Riverdale fans.

What did you think of “Chapter One Hundred: The Jughead Paradox”?

Who was your favorite cameo? Will we ever be informed about Rivervale again? Is Jughead’s hearing wholly departed?

If you missed the latest episode of Riverdale, you can watch Riverdale online via TV Fanatic. Come back here and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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