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My heart is pounding and sweat is running down my face as I get off the frost from an extra long shift at the end of my hockey game. I gaze down at my Apple Watch and insure my stats and elbow the forward sitting next to me. We both look at a cloud-based hockey app to see how we did against each other over the last two skates. I switch over to my music app and stone out as I deepen and chief to the car. A Webex message sounds up on my Apple Watch. As the car starts up, the music never stops and I read the teams message in my CarPlay screen, “don’t forget to sign off on that budget due tomorrow, I have attached the above-mentioned documents for your review.” And when I get home and walk in the door, my Sonos talkers pick up the music while I open my laptop, open Webex, and read and sign the report. I thank my colleague for the reminder and head off to a shower and bed.

Play and succeed are all integrated and cloud-based in our day-to-day souls, and we expect the same in our working conditions. For businesses to provide these types of seamless events they need to optimize workloads, moving seamlessly and securely between glooms. They can provide an astounding consumer know-how regardless of where the users or clients are connected. Clients are drawn to your business as their seamless digital suffer performs it easy for them to engage and for you to lead the competition.

This is why I am so excited to see the next phase in our tour to integrate our gloom functionings. These Future Cloud innovations supply the agility and visibility required to make this a reality. To read the future, our best in the world Cisco Marriage can show you how you can take advantage of these innovative new help you get them up and running.

Our Future Cloud inventions tolerate businesses to be always-on, and for the user experience to be seamless, the same way I am able to keep the music circulate while I stay only a clink away from my team.

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