Six planned skyscrapers to change London city skyline

The City of London Corporation has unveiled a visualisation of how the Square Mile’s skyline will glance by the mid 2020 s should six strategy and consented towers be built.

It has also divulged it is in early-stage talks with developers for a further half a dozen assignments over 75 m tall, claiming it discloses post-pandemic long-term confidence in the City high-rise office.

The fresh epitomes captivate the major proliferations that the City Corporation’s Planning and Transportation Committee has resolved to grant planning for over the past 12 months.

These include: 50 Fenchurch Street, 55 Gracechurch Street, 60 Aldgate High Street, 70 Gracechurch Street, and 2-3 Finsbury Avenue.

The majority of the towering constructs fall within the’ City Cluster’ area, located in the eastern corner of the Square Mile, which is already home to some of the capital’s most iconic skyscrapers.

The City Cluster is set to grow to bridge the gap between the’ Walkie-Talkie’ and the main group of fortress, while initiating more animated ground floor spaces.

Square Mile fortress- present pipeline

Development Height( m) Status 22 Bishopsgate 294.94 Just ended

100 Bishopsgate 172.0m Just accomplished

150 Bishopsgate 135.0m Nearing completion

6-8 Bishopsgate 185.0m Under Construction

40 Leadenhall Street 170.0m Under Construction

1 Leadenhall Place 183.0m Under Construction

1 Undershaft 304.9m Consented

100 Leadenhall Street 263.0m Consented

50 Fenchurch Street 149.6m Resolved to Consent- still subject to S1 06 Approval

70 Gracechurch Street 154.8m Resolved to Consent- still subject to S1 06 Approval

55 Gracechurch Street 146.0m Resolved to Consent- still subject to S1 06 Approval

2-3 Finsbury Avenue 170.2m Resolved to Consent- still subject to S1 06 Approval

The Tulip 305.0m Currently subject of a Public Inquiry

Five other strategies

75 m-plus Early planning discussions

Changes will also include pedestrian priority areas, a push for off-site consolidation and the re-timing of consignment and bringings outside of peak hours.

Key development guidance included in the City Plan helps urban greening, new pedestrian directions through towering structures and the inclusion of resilient and changeable department floorspace.

Chair of the Planning and Transportation Committee at the City of London Corporation, Alastair Moss, said: “These brand-new CGI likeness clearly illustrate that the City office is here to stay, and the future of the Square Mile remains bright.

“The support shown from makes and investors who remain committed to providing world-leading office space in the City of London has been phenomenal.

” These makes have embraced tendencies- such as flexible workspace, world-class additives to the public realm and including an display of wellness rules such as greening- to ensure office buildings in the City remain fit for the future.

“We have every confidence in a thriving and sustainable Square Mile, and these brand-new likeness apply a view into the next chapter of the City of London.”

The City of London Corporation’s planning team continues to work closely with developers who are refining planneds, which is now being at a pre-application stage.

There are currently six further pre-applications of over 75 m in summit being discussed.

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