Stanley Cup Playoffs: 2021 Series Prices and Opening Round Forecast

You would virtually have to compliment NHL headquarters on a racket well-done this spring.


We’re here, after all , not mourning a cancelled season, and the 2021 Stanley Cup playoffs are underway. Unlike what this blogger and others had horror, the NHL did not attempt to use the late spring and/ or time to “catch up” to its originally planned tally of happenings in 2020 and 2021, aka an 80 -game marathon at warp-speed that laid trash to what little offseason time NHL players have. 50 sports feels about right. It’s reminiscent of the antique National Hockey League calendar, and COVID-1 9 hasn’t stopped devotees from beginning to trickle back into ice hockey venues in the USA.

But to say there are ” setbacks” at the tag end of the 2021 NHL campaign would have a Last Action Hero vibe. The league’s failure to fend off COVID-1 9 eruptions at North Division societies in pandemic-plagued Canada has given rise to a number of problems and issues, starting with the sad serials taking place between Vancouver and Calgary as we speak.

Adhering to a “make up” schedule of previously deferred plays that extends into the Stanley Cup playoff docket, the Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks- long-gone removed from the Stanley Cup playoff race- will assemble for 3 disgraceful, meaningless faceoffs( including an absurd redeye flight for the Canucks to play a back-to-back closer in Calgary) which end on May 19 th, once every other schism has begun play in the opening playoff round.

The NHL has every reason to cancel the pointless “series,” premising COVID-1 9 refuge was genuinely the top priority. It’s trite to say ” coin” is the top priority, since the Vancouver vs Calgary sports will generate a fraction of the interest drawn by the 2021 Stanley Cup tournament. The organizations will hopefully give the games like preseason cinema conferences , nothing more, and one sorrows the partisan devotees who’ll subject themselves to watching the outcomes live in lieu of following the playoffs.

Also, thanks to the unprecedented ” astounding” of faceoffs in the opening round, the ice hockey blog has to combine 2 separate categories of blog uprights( you bass-tads !) and include a prediction on Game 1 between the Washington Capitals and Boston Bruins, since the puck is dropping so quickly after press-time that tournament stranges are all anyone would care about now. Then we can bear down on the task of handicapping” wildernes 7s”- 7 upcoming 7-game streaks with times,” serials prices” on teams to advance and recommended bets.

One luminous spot is that we don’t need to point home-ice advantage into the playoffs so much better this season, unless teams A) been shown to be 15 other versions of the Minnesota Wild and turn the consolation and tighten COVID-1 9 restrictions of home into a real weapon, or B) travelling poorly and fold on the road. Restricted populaces aren’t thunderous enough to disrupt oppose blue-line announces, breach dominate, or puck push, and the only ear-piercing roar when Tom Wilson reclines into a body-check will be from a drunkard chap who’s happy to have gotten 1 of 6 curtailed luxury-box tickets and an open forbid. Mints of NHL teams fared well at home this season, but their visiting contenders were taking notes on how to prepare for a 1-shot-only business errand in a pandemic. Players are going to buckle-up and fly straight for all upcoming NHL away-trips…with exception of the stupid journey the Flames and Canucks are on. The situation leaves adventurers free to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of each side regardless of playoff seed, miles traveled, or voodoo-hex fanfare.

Unless they play in the NHL West Division, of course, in which a “wildly” talented quartet of semifinal grains are pushing each other’s Stanley Cup futures odds longer, and in which sneaks the Wild, who’ve been losing at home as often as I berth short-lived openings on WagerBop.

Scroll down for NHL series prices and predictions for the 2021 partition semifinals, or find our update on Capitals-Bruins Game 1 betting odds immediately below.

Competition 1 Odds and Prediction: Washington Capitals vs Boston Bruins

It’s no surprise that the Washington Capitals knew any other excellent regular season. Washington has finished 1st or 2nd in the population division since the 2013 -1 4 expedition, and has developed a stable of superstars to complement Red Machine sniper Alex Ovechkin. Blue-liner John Carlson is 5th in scoring among NHL defensemen, and the Capital are as strong up the middle-of-the-road as any guild in the tournament with Nicklas Backstrom, Yevgeni Kuznetsov, Lars Eller, and Nic Dowd manning the center position. So why have the Boston Bruins been favored to win a disagreement semifinal sequence against the Caps?

2019′ s run to the Stanley Cup Finals has operators optimistic about the Spoke , not to mention Brad Marchand’s 69 places in 53 recreations, but don’t overlook Boston’s 4-2 record vs Washington in plays decided in regulation time.

To say ” the playoffs convert everything” is cliche. But the Capitals are the strongest of plus-odds squads in the opening playoff round, and a very solid pick at (+ 125) or (+ 0.5) for Game 1 at Capital One Arena.

Stanley Cup Playoffs 2021: Division Semifinal Series Price Odds and Predictions

NHL East Division Semifinals: Pittsburgh Penguins( -1 56) vs New York Islanders (+ 128)

Games Scheduled: May 16 through May 28( if necessary)

Sid” the Kid” Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins made a real run at a President’s Cup in outpouring 2021, but the team’s regular-season momentum has failed to move NHL handicappers, with the Pens incite Stanley Cup odds of merely 13 -to-1, or $13 for every$ 1 wagered.

That doesn’t vary the fact that the Penguins have seemed a little better than the Islanders have over the past about two months. New York started the season contending for an East Division title but fell flat on the two attacks late in the season, composing 4+ points just twice in a 16 -game span and falling down the ledger.

Recommended Bet: Pittsburgh Penguins( 3 cell wager)

NHL Central Division Semifinals: Carolina Hurricanes( -2 45) vs Nashville Predators (+ 200)

Games Scheduled: May 17 through May 29( if necessary)

The Nashville Predators had to stave-off a late fee from the Dallas Stars to reach the Central Division semifinals, and responded by playing their best hockey in late April and May. Nashville acquired 7 of its last 10 activities, overcame Dallas 1-0 in a crucial OT battle, and beat Carolina in 2 straight gathers at Bridgestone Arena. Bookmakers are convinced that the season-capping series outcome is a mirage, though, with only a handful of Nashville playmakers to challenge Carolina netminder Alex Nedeljvkovic.

Recommended Bet: None

NHL Central Division Semifinals: Tampa Bay Lightning( -1 46) vs Florida Panthers (+ 120)

Games Scheduled: May 16 through May 28( if necessary)

The oppose Stanley Cup champions’ attract wager action to repeat in 2021 has cooled to 7-to-1 as the Lightning’s dominant early-season form faded in spring. Nonetheless, is of the view that the Tampa Bay Lightning lost their final 3 recreations by blow-out scores, it’s likely that Tampa Bay has simply been biding its day prior to the playoffs. Brayden Point leads the Lightning with 48 tops in 56 recreations, but previous Tampa Bay scoring commander Nikita Kucherov is expected to return from trauma to bolster the Bolts in the playoffs. On the other side, few NHL teams finished the 2020 -2 1 season nearly as sizzling-hot as the Florida Panthers, who won their final half-dozen recreations of information campaigns. Florida forward Aleksander Barkov is 9th in the NHL with 26 goals.

Recommended Bet: Florida Panthers( 1 group gamble)

NHL North Division Semifinals: Toronto Maple Leafs( -2 90) vs Montreal Canadiens (+ 245)

Games Scheduled: May 20 through May 31( if necessary)

Toronto is still garnering an idealistic Stanley Cup futures course despite no Canadian NHL team having won the hardware in practically 30 years. Goaltender Jack Campbell has arrived as a brick-wall starter late in the season, threatening to displace long-time Toronto mainstay Frederik Andersen. Austin Matthews, the NHL’s goal-scoring governor, has lapped the rest of the Maple Leaf roster in production. Montreal winger Tyler Toffoli has scored 28 points on the season, and the Canadiens abode a propagandize from the Calgary Flames in a race for the final North Division playoff seed. However, bookmakers are not imparting the Habs much of a shot at 2.5 -to-1.

Recommended Bet: Montreal Canadiens( 1 legion gamble)

NHL North Division Semifinals: Edmonton Oilers( -1 84) vs Winnipeg Aircraft (+ 150)

Games Scheduled: May 19 through May 30( if there is a need)

Edmonton hotshots Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl finished 1-2 in the National Hockey League with 104 and 83 times respectively, restoring the memory of Wayne Gretzky and Jari Kurri’s glory years in Alberta’s capital. Exclusively 2 other Edmonton Oiler forwards composed double-digit aims in 56 recreations, developing a matter of the club’s depth and helping to cast Winnipeg as a 1.5 -to-1 underdog.

The Winnipeg Jets won only 2 of their final 10 plays of the season and have lost to the Oilers 5 times in a row.

Recommended Bet: Edmonton Oilers( 2 part gambling)

NHL West Division Semifinals: Vegas Golden Knights( -2 30) vs Minnesota Wild (+ 182)

Games Scheduled: May 16 through May 28( if there is a need)

Behind the idealistic peculiars on Vegas to win a title is a prevailing notion that if a starting VGK netminder goes down, the backup goalie could stand tall against any opposing fraternity in a playoff determining. Unlike many of the NHL’s” old-time lion” and” young lion” goaltending duos, the 36 -year-old Fleury still represents to the highest ceiling, capable of great performances in the vein of Grant Fuhr or Dominik Hasek.

While Lehner isn’t the type of goalie who could shut-out Team Canada at the crest of its dominances, he is fundamentally sound and cool under pressure, and supplies a handy option for DeBoer in the Stanley Cup tournament. Whoever is in goal for Las Vegas will have their work cut-out in the divide semifinals, as the Kirill Kaprizov ROTY show is coming to town. The Russian sniper has advanced in the NHL ranks a little faster than Red Machine teammate Nikita Gusev.

Minnesota’s superb form on home ice alone spawns the Wild a no-brainer pick in the West Division series.

Recommended Bet: Minnesota Wild( 1 unit bet)

NHL West Division Semifinals: Colorado Avalanche( -3 80) vs St. Louis Blues (+ 290)

Games Scheduled: May 17 through May 29( if necessary)

The stands took 56 plays to shake out, but Colorado’s 5-1 succes over the L.A. Sovereigns on Thursday evening eventually shut the transaction. The top seed goes to the Colorado Avalanche, already installed as strong favorites to flog the St. Louis Blues at 1-to-4 series-price odds. The Vegas Golden Knights were beaten-out for 1st lieu by the Avalanche, but Sin City has a way of not making things personally. Colorado forward Mikko Rantonen is as dynamic a skater as the NHL has to offer, a 6′ 4 ” sniper with the ability to pass tape-to-tape and obligate satanic defensive participates. 3 threads full of Avs have announced double-digit purposes in’ 20 -2 1, a tremendous feat in a shortened hockey season. But we’ve seen high-powered fraternities fall flat in the NHL playoffs over and over again , particularly in 2019 when the Tampa Bay Lightning were embroiled by Columbus in the opening Stanley Cup round. Head coach Craig Berube’s Blues were crowned advocates later in the same postseason.

Recommended Bet: St. Louis Blues( 1 force wager)

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