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Step Into the Spotlight and Play for an Audience of Up to Thousands With Fuser’s New Live Diamond Stage

Fuser's biggest inform since launch simply drooped, and players can now step into the spotlight and remix moves live for potentially thousands on the brand-new Diamond Stage. The update makes a ton of changes to smooth out the social aspects of Fuser and make it more like a virtual music fair than ever before. Watch a immediate trailer for the free update below 😛 TAGEND

Appropriately designation the" Headliner Spotlight" inform, the central brand-new piece is the Diamond Stage. Players spend Diamond, which are earned in-game via assorted different ways, to buy into different timeslots on the live stage, which players can view both in-game( max of 250 sees) and via an always on Twitch stream which could potentially be airing to hundreds if not thousands of additional spectators. Primetime slots in high demand will cost more Diamond to buy into, and empty slits will gradually get cheaper to buy as the time approaches.

Additionally there will be a new Diamond Shop full of cosmetics for musicians to buy. This is intended to reduce the FOMO( dread of missing out) that was inherent with cosmetic payoffs for limited-time episodes. Now actors will make Diamonds via their placement in those events and use them to purchase whatever cosmetics they crave. It will also include a selection of music tracks outside of the premium music shop. These will focus largely on music made by Harmonix and their friends and families.

Harmonix prepares sure to note that Diamonds are only earnable in-game and cannot be bought with real world money. This ensures that the Diamond Stage is headlined by musicians who are playing the game actively to earn that money , not just people who can afford it by opening up their wallets.

While the Diamond Stage is the spotlight of this update, the Headliner Spotlight update too came with a ton of changes to its social boundary, including better discoverability for mixes and revamped DJ profiles to show the wreak that parties put in.

This new update comes just after a recent Fuser price drop to $39.99 for the cornerstone activity. Harmonix has also delineated an extensive roadmap of new music coming to the game this summer to give players even more options for huge mingles. Still on the fence? There's a free demo where you can try your hand at a few cases desegregates for yourself.

The Fuser Headliner Spotlight update is available now on all platforms.

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