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SWOT Analysis of Apple Inc. for 2021

From its modest start in the childhood home of Steve Jobs in 1976, Apple is now one of the most profitable corporations in the world. It was the first company to have a market cap of over$ 2 trillion, and has mold countries around the world. Identifiable by modern, sleek makes with instinctive user interface, Apple has become extraordinarily favourite around the world.

In this article, we dissect the Strengths, Weaknesses within the Apple Corporation, as well as the Opportunities and Menace that continue to present themselves.


1. Apple is one of the most unmistakable firebrands in the world. Its symbol name is so tightly entwine into the design language of its products that you are able to identify an Apple product through its design DNA. This identification includes appreciates of cutting-edge technology, character, indulgence, and sturdiness. The firm has managed to turn its electronic makes into way the declarations and a represent of success. Apple’s brand has become one of the strongest worldwide.

Apple’s brand valuation is pegged at $263.4 billion.( Brand Finance)

2. Apple has expanded its portfolio into services, as well as hardware and software. Apple's services and non-hardware revenue now accounts for two-thirds of Apple’s revenue, successfully diversifying its portfolio. This is essential to mitigate risks that generally present themselves to hardware creators, like many of its contestants. This diversification have put forward itself in Apple vying in industries such as Music Streaming, Video Streaming, Software sales, and autonomous vehicles.

On New Year’s Day alone, purchasers invested $540 million on digital goods and services in the Apple app store.( Brand Finance)

3. Apple has one of the strongest financial positions. With one of the highest gross boundaries in the industry, Apple’s ability to generate cash is exemplary. This situates Apple in a position to focus on the future, to be bold with its brand image and its industrial design, and to properly invest in innovative developments in the various industries in which it is a stakeholder. Furthermore, this strong financial position offers risk mitigation during times of economic uncertainty.

Apple is the first company to reach a market capitalization of$ 2 trillion.( Brand Finance)

4. Apple's retail footprint diversifies across the globe and is synonymous with high-pitched street retail. A strong brick-and-motor presence in some of the world's most iconic real estate has reinforced Apple’s brand image as cutting edge and on-trend. These retail outlets are placed in high-value, high-pitched hoof commerce ranges, and subscribe to a defined stylistic of clean, slick shop gaps served by professional, young, and hip sales faculty becomes the retail ordeal an lure on its own. This supermarket ordeal grants consumers to idolize the Apple ecosystem, reinforcing its premium price point.

Apple operates over 500 retail store in 25 neighborhoods.( MacRumors.com, LLC)

5. Apple supporters are extremely loyal. Apple enjoys some of the highest retention charges within the consumer technology industry. Its consumer knowledge fosters patriotism, with Apple products wielding seamlessly across machines. Although the company’s produces are priced at a premium, an Apple iPhone owner will more than likely have their other technological manoeuvres under the same brand in order for them to work in the same "ecosystem."

Apple contributes the consumer technology space, with a customer satisfaction frequency of 82 %.( The Motley Fool)

6. Due to the luxury nature of Apple's makes, it enjoys a high gross margin. With the inclusion of high-end materials and close-fisted supply chain policies, Apple has found a style to develop a market for its concoctions where it experiences some of higher boundaries. Although the company enjoys about a 20% the shares, it has about 40% of the market’s revenues. Apple will need to ensure that it reinforces the consumer belief that Apple products are worth the investment in order for it to retain this position.

Apple's gross boundary is 38%( Statista ).

7. Apple makings five of the world’s top ten selling handsets. The iPhone redefined what a cell phone was when it was introduced, creating a fan base that is unwavering. Apple has managed to diversify its produces enough to capture different levels of the market, with its flagship representations often becoming the most expensive mainstream designs available. To capture shoppers who cannot afford those manoeuvres or want a lower-end device, it has less expensive simulates accessible so these shoppers can still be part of the Apple ecosystem.

Apple deemed five of the top ten smudges in smartphone marketings.( HT Digital Streams Limited)


1. Apple has slowed down its innovation in the last few years. Although Apple has become synonymous with cutting-edge technology, predicting electronic products that feature the latest and greatest that the market has to offer, in reality, this has been less and less so over the years. Innovations have presented themselves mainly in the camera capabilities of smartphones and information materials that the products are made out of. However, truly innovative aspects have been less and less rife in make releases.

Apple expends only 2.2% of its auctions revenue on invention, where its adversaries are spending up to 10% of their auctions receipts on innovation.( Dow Jones& Company, Inc .)

2. Apple continues to sell its makes at a premium price. Although innovation is not a big feature in technology liberations, Apple continues to market its produces at a price point above its competitors, even if its competitors’ machines are technologically superior to Apple's products. Although in the short term this strategy can relent greater returns, in the long run, Apple will find it hard to retain its hard-won consumers.

Apple’s flagship iPhone cost 56% more in 2019 than it done so in 2016.( Insider Inc .)

3. Apple relies on a high-end market. Considering the premium price tag on most Apple products, with very little market segment diversification, Apple relies heavily on the upper discontinue of the market. Its own position comes with great expectations from consumers. The grocery needs to feel that it is consistently receiving the very best commodities for its hard-earned cash.

The average consumer spending in the Apple app store is $138 per year.( What's Next Media and Analytics)

4. Apple has been accused of unfair business practices. A question with ensuring that you incessantly develop quality products with cutting-edge technology is that your concoctions end up lasting a long time. This is fantastic for the consumer, but not as good for sales volumes, as ideally, you’d like your customers to be replacing their devices regularly from your storages. Through updates that Apple sporadically performs, it intentionally slowed down machines "thats been" over a certain age and lessened the device's battery life, making an upgrade seem useful. This encouraged consumers to unnecessarily ameliorate their inventions, had contributed to higher sales volumes.

Apple agreed to pay a $500 million fine for deliberately lessening the performance of handsets to encourage consumers to upgrade to newer simulations.( Reuters)

5. Accusations of patent infraction continue to damage the reputation of Apple. Apple has had a number of patent lawsuits levelled against it since 2015. Patent protection in the digital world is exceptionally important, as it inspires companies to innovate to ensure that the gains from their invention are secured. Apple was found infringing these rights by exerting patented engineering are part and parcel of many business without the companies’ commercial rights being upheld.

Apple was ordered to pay $ 308.5 million for a patent infringement prosecution.( Entrepreneur Media, Inc .)

6. Apple has knowledge a drop in auctions in China, one of its core markets. Economic slowdown, fiscal aid, and concerns of job security have decreased shoppers' spending on high-end electronic concoctions, such as those offered by Apple. The company’s lower-cost SE line facilitated pick up sales somewhat. However, sales volume remains low and may be mentioned of future demand.

Apple knowledge a 60% drop in year-on-year auctions in China in 2020.( CNBC)


1. Apple can develop products be participating in more cost-effective business. Now in its second generation, Apple’s SE range of iPhones has proven to be a resilient phone during an economic downturn. This text has offered a break from a decrease in spending on high-end consumer goods. While the SE line is thriving, Apple still derives most of its hardware revenue from high-end products. There is an opportunity to further developing its cost-effective products.

Offering cheaper handsets presents Apple a $133 billion opportunity.( Forbes)

2. Green technology is proving to be more viable and more marketable. An eco-imperative is becoming more of a driving force within most companies' runnings. Nonetheless, Apple has been slow to the starting block in rolling out eco-friendly initiatives in its processes. The information that the company exercises, as well as the manufacturing process, are yet to change to be more environmentally responsible.

74% of Apple’s carbon emissions are a result of manufacturing 19% of Apple’s makes.( Compare and Recycle)

3. Further inroads into the wearable tech opening offer opportunities. Apple has a small offering of customer engineering in its favourite Apple watch and its Apple Airpods. However, buyer engineering is set to have a big increase in the near future. Technology such as Artificial Reality( AR) and Virtual Reality( VR) is being woven into products that Apple’s challengers are rapidly developing. There is a great opportunity for Apple to start to develop its technology in the wearable space.

Wearable auctions grew by 28.4%.( ZDnet)

4. Self-driving vehicles are a logical move for Apple's market direction. Considering the large existing buyer base, Apple's access to market data, and its financial position in consumer interests electronics marketplace, the company is exceptionally well-positioned to become a market leader in autonomous vehicles. It is currently trying strategic partners to join in order to develop autonomous motor vehicles and formally enter the automotive and mobility manufacture. While innovation in its current technological lineup is limited, invention in the seat of mobility has great potential.

The world-wide automotive and mobility market was estimated at $ 10 billion.( CNBC)

5. There is the opportunity for diversification into other technology and on-line service. Apple's core markets of high-end portable handsets, wearables, tablets, laptops, desktop computer, and accompanied supplementaries give the company an opportunity to further develop its technological furnishes. Where other business give a full range of electronic options, such as Samsung’s consumer electronic collection and Amazon's online products, the opportunity for growth for Apple is considerable.

Revenue from Apple's works "ve brought" $ 15.7 billion.( Soko Media Limited)

6. With further research and innovation in its existing marketplaces, Apple can once again be an innovation leader. While Apple is still synonymous with cutting-edge technology, its deployment of inventive engineering shall cease to be a differentiating policy. Its differentiation policy has thus far focused on the size of its inventions, esthetics and camera capabilities. Research and growing had contributed to inventive technology in the consumer tech environment still give a good opportunity to win over more customers.

Apple claimed 2,761 patents during 2020, the eighth-most patents for a company in the United Mood.( Statista)


1. The consumer engineering manufacture is one of the most competitive manufactures. The industry is characterized by innovation and technological development, and can somewhat be driven by the major market participants, such as Apple. But disruption is widespread. Apple has to ensure that it operates at the most efficient positions and delivers innovative produces of a certain quality frequently, with zero defects.

Apple maintains 20.8% of the global smartphone sell.( Statista)

2. Labor overheads have a big impact on Apple's earnings. Considering Apple’s quest to deliver high-end products at a proportion that offers its shareholders the greatest value, it requires its input costs to be as low as is practicable and its processes to operate at incredible levels of efficiency. For this reason, its manufacturing process are outsourced to regions of the world with cheaper labor. Any wavering in the costs of labor, whether driven by exchange rates or human rights lobbying for example, will negatively affect the company's profitability.

The starting wage for a factory worker in a bush that starts iPhones is $3.15 per hour.( Dotdash Publishing)

3. Any supply chain scandalizes negatively affect Apple's concert. Considering the levels of economies required to develop consumer electronics, any offends that present themselves in the afford order of these lines will impact transmissions of the product and, eventually, the bottom line. The security of the supply of a manufacturing input is exceptionally important in the manufacturing process for consumer electronics are responsible for ensuring that expensive and impractical unforeseen halts have a limited occasion of occurring.

Apple histories for only 1% of smartphone shipments.( Reuters)

4. As a multinational corporation, a craft conflict poses a significant risk to Apple's operations and marketplaces. With Apple producing its products in Asia and its largest sell being in North America, any commerce crusade between these two regions would have a large impact on Apple. Such a market war would affect both the demand side and supply place of Apple’s functional model, constituting a significant risk.

The Chinese Market, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, realise up 15% of Apple's receipt.( Forbes)

5. With Apple's international functional quality, tariff formations and compliance have proven to be a significant risk. Having sizable procedures in most regions around the world, Apple needs to ensure that it stops tighten button on its charge liabilities, ensuring that its tax position is optimized for each region in which it operates. Any default or levy incident will not only lead to a costly exercise to fix, but injures the stature of the company in the region where the accident occurred.

Apple succeeded in overturning a $16.86 billion dispute in Ireland.( The Guardian News& Media Limited)

6. The frequency of change of technology will continue to offer significant hazard to a company that relies so heavily on used turnover. Alter in manufacturing engineering, supply bonds, market technology, and buyer vogues constitute a significant risk to all players in the consumer technology industry. Disruption happens without notice and rapidly, with enough impact to completely change the status quo in an manufacture. For these considerations alone, Apple needs to ensure that its invention and research template the development of the sector.

51% of the world’s person is online.( Axios Media)

With the rate of change of technology, as well as the marketplace becoming an increasingly fickle and cut-throat environment, Apple needs to continue to evolve to remain relevant. With its world-wide defined by changes in savor and wordings, its leadership position will help it dictate where the world goes with its engineering consumption.

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