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Milenković Tottenham bound? Spurs set to beat out West Ham for Serbian’s signature

Tottenham look set to be called up to receive their reward, after the club’s ticket in the Nikola Milenkovic sweepstakes was plucked from the hat.

Tottenham are in talks to sign Nikola Milenkovic after his proposed move to West Ham broke down.

-- Sky Sports News (@ SkySportsNews) August 13, 2021

According to SkySports, Spurs are close to continuing their summer recruitment projects, amid contends they have steamed ahead of West Ham in the scoot for the Serbian international’s signature after his asset has risen far during his time in Florence with Serie A organization Fiorentina.

Spurs has so far been acquired advance in replacing long-time key central defensive pairing Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld, with Nuno Espirito Santo and new Director of Football Fabio Paratici having concluded a lot for another Serie A standout in Atalanta Bergamo’s Cristian Romero.

The north London outfit has regularly been linked with interest in acquiring another center-back, despite the transaction for Romero, which named them back a cool PS47 million.

Tottenham still in negotiation for Cristian Romero but no agreement more on EUR5 5m reward- he’s the priority. 100%. [?][?] #THFC

Plan B: open talks to sign 3 different advocates with same extent. Tomiyasu[ EUR1 8m ], Milenkovic[ EUR1 5m] and Zouma[ EUR2 5m ].

Caleta-Car, NOT even an option.

-- Fabrizio Romano (@ FabrizioRomano) July 26, 2021

Transfer guru Fabrizio Romano mentioned Tottenham’s interest in Milenkovic as early as July 26 th, among other mooted targets, including Chelsea’s Kurt Zouma. But with a deal with West Ham having broken down in the eleventh hour just as they seemed destined to conclude discussions, any quick-witted negotiations and subsequent swoop that can be hashed out by Paratici would present a second strong signing on his early CV with Spurs.

Heavy interest in Milenkovic is hardly a outrage, either, with the Belgrade-native and commodity of FK Partizan’s vaunted boy set-up coming to life in Serie A since his arrival in the home of the Rennaisance back in 2017. Milenkovic since went on to become 127 -appearances for La Viola across four successful seasons, tallying 11 -goals along the way, while his actions at club grade netted him a debut for his national unit that has been crafted into 28 -caps for Serbia to date.

Should Tottenham get their man, their extent at center-back could open up the possibility of a ordinary Espirito Santo back-three deployment.

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Haiti faces uncertain future as mourning first lady returns

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- Haiti’s political future on Sunday germinated murkier after the surprise return of first lady Martine Moise, who was liberated from a hospital in Miami where she was treated for hurts following an attack in which the president was assassinated.

Martine Moise did not make any public explanations after she descended a private plane wearing a black dress, a black bulletproof vest, a pitch-black face mask and her fucking arm in a pitch-black strap as she mourned for President Jovenel Moise, who was killed July 7 at their private home.

Some experts -- like numerous in this country of more than 11 million people -- were surprised at how quickly she reappeared in Haiti and asked whether she plans to become involved in the country’s politics.

“The fact that she returned could suggest she intends to play some character, ” said Laurent Dubois, a Haiti expert and Duke University professor. “She may intervene in one way or another.”

Martine Moise arrived only hours after a foremost group of international statesmen issued a statement that appeared to shun interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph, the man currently running the country with the backing of police and the military.

Joseph’s name was never mentioned in the statement made by the Core Group, consisting of representatives of ambassadors from Germany, Brazil, Canada, Spain, the U.S ., France, the European Union and representatives from the United Nations and the Organization of American States.

The group called for the creation of “a consensual and inclusive government, ” adding, “To this end, it strongly fees the designated Prime Minister Ariel Henry to continue the mission entrusted to him to model such a government.”

Henry was designated prime minister a date before Jovenel Moise was killed. He did not respond to requests for comment.

The U.N ., OAS and U.S. State Department did not offer further explanation when contacted.

Given the current state of Haitian politics, Dubois said he speculates the newcomer of Martine Moise could have an impact.

“She’s apparently in a position to play a role ... made how wide open things are, ” he said, said the Core Group’s statement is striking because it constitutes no reference to Joseph. “One has to wonder whether the developments in the investigation is nothing to do with this. They’re all these puzzle slice that are just converting minute to minute. Right now it seems very hard to figure out how to keep these together.”

Authorities in Haiti and Colombia say at least 18 accuseds immediately linked to the killing got arrested, the majority of them onetime Colombian soldiers. At least three believes were killed and police say they are looking for innumerable others. Colombian officials have said that the majority of onetime soldiers were deluded and did not know of the assassination plot.

Police in Haiti on Sunday recognized another accused in the case: Pierre Joseph Ashkard. Online records present he is a Canadian-based businessman who runs a medical business in Texas with Christian Emmanuel Sanon, a Haitian specialist and clergyman whom local authorities recently arrested and consider a key suspect.

A day after the killing, U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price had said Joseph was the incumbent in its own position and was serving as acting prime minister before the murder: “We continue to work with Claude Joseph as such, ” he said.

On July 11, a delegation of representatives from various U.S. agencies traveled to Haiti to review critical infrastructure, talk with Haitian National Police and meet with Joseph, Henry and Haitian Senate President Joseph Lambert in a joint meeting.

The deepening political ferment has induced dozens of Haitians to visit the U.S. delegation in Port-au-Prince in recent epoches to seek a visa or political asylum.

“We can’t stay anymore in the country, ” said Jim Kenneth, a 19 -year-old who would like to study medicine in the U.S. “We feel very insecure.”

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After making all-time Euros history vs Spain, Chelsea’s Jorginho aiming to join Ronaldo in exclusive club

A European Championships to remember for Italy star Jorginho could terminate in the midfielder affiliating a select group of actors in an altogether exclusive organization this weekend.

Spain downed

Jorginho and co. were back in action on Tuesday.

Italy, after expel Belgium in the quarter-finals, were tasked with getting the better of a resurgent Spain side in the first of two Euro 2020 semi-final fixtures.

And, when all was said and done, down La Roja is precisely what the Azzurri managed.

After Federico Chiesa’s superb opener was cancelled out by Juventus teammate Alvaro Morata, the Wembley showdown was eventually forced to a penalty shootout.

Morata quickly led from hero to zero, reading his spot-kick saved by Gianluigi Donnarumma, leaving the aforementioned Jorginho with the chance to book the Italians’ spot in the tournament’s finale.

And the Azzurri’s midfield metronome subsequently did so in style, drawing implement of his logo stutter skill before calmly picking out the bottom corner of Unai Simon’s net 😛 TAGEND

As calm a penalty as you’ll ever realize- Jorginho reels it home to place Italy into the final of #RTEsoccer #ITAESP #EURO202 pic.twitter.com/ dkKqSZ0Gtf

-- RTE Soccer (@ RTEsoccer) July 6, 2021

Blues virtuoso shining

Whilst it was Jorginho’s ice-cool spot-kick which went on to grab the headlines in the matchup’s aftermath, it was in fact his work off the ball over the course of the 120 times in London which considered the Chelsea star etch his word into the history books of the European Championships.

As revealed following the full-time whistle on Tuesday, Jorginho racked up no fewer than eight interceptions versus Spain, a new tournament record 😛 TAGEND

Last night, Jorginho built eight interceptions against Spain in their #EURO2020 semi-final victory.

[?] A brand-new record in European Championship autobiography. pic.twitter.com/ LlS3tzHSNJ

-- Sporting Index (@ sportingindex) July 7, 2021

And, as have outlined, if the former Napoli man manages to guide his country beyond England in three days’ time, he will too participate an exclusive team, peculiarity precisely nine players.

As per UEFA’s official website, to date, the only actors to have featured for the earning line-up in the finals of both the European Cup/ Champions League and European Championships in the same summer are 😛 TAGEND

Luis Suarez( Inter Milano& Spain ), Hans van Breukelen, Ronald Koeman, Berry van Aerle and Gerald Vanenburg( PSV Eindhoven& Netherlands ), Fernando Torres and Juan Mata( Chelsea& Spain) and Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe( Real Madrid& Portugal ).

On the flip-side, if England get the better of Italy on Sunday, any of Mason Mount, Ben Chilwell or Reece James could join this list.

( Emerson didn’t take to the pitch for Chelsea in May’s Champions League final ).

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I was struck by the Pixel camera curse

A photo as seen on the Pixel 3.

I loved my Pixel camera -- until it croaked berserk on me at the most inopportune time.

I was struck by the Pixel camera swear, like so many others who've shared their tales of sorrow on message cards and within app examines. We all bought Pixels because of the hyped camera tech, and then detested Google because of its camera neglects -- and the tech giant's reluctance to publicly admit to a widespread issue.

The curse unfolds like this: Your camera designs punishment a few moments, but the next time you try to take a picture, the camera app crashes. You try again and get a pop-up that says "Something got it wrong/ Close and "re opening the" Camera app and try again." Except closing and opening the app doesn't do anything. Neither does oblige discontinuing. Neither does restarting your telephone. Neither does mill resetting your phone. You can sometimes get the front camera to work to take a selfie, but the error message heckles you on screen as you click your sad face.( You can see me pout in the area of my phone below; it was the last selfie I made on my Pixel .) Some intrepid tinkerers have taped a magnet next to the rear camera, which seems to fix the issue sometimes, but they then have to live with an ugly magnet taped to the back of their telephone. Not ideal.

The "Something went wrong" error message taunts me whenever I try to use the camera app on my Pixel 2.

The "Something went wrong" fault message taunts me whenever I try to use the camera app on my Pixel 2.

Credit: Brittany Levine Beckman/ mashable

This camera curse has afflicted Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL, Pixel 4, and Pixel 4a owners, according to online commentaries. Initial reports of camera slams appear to have surfaced in 2019 and the complaints continue to this day, with disappointed customers taking to the camera app's recollect section to duct. The latest worried purchaser announced a one-star review on June 23: "I can't use my buttock facing camera. Please fix !! My phone is 6 months old-fashioned and I'm certainly feeling annoyed with my hand-picked because a big reason I got my Google pixel 4a was for the camera." The camera app for the machine that's been acclaimed as one of the very best camera phones of the year currently has 3 idols out of 5.

Whether the problem is due to a application or equipment problem -- or a application problem that effected a equipment issue by overheating the phone like some armchair professionals thoughts -- has been debated online since beings started carping about the curse. Google claims there are no known app or operating system software issues cause Pixel cameras to go on the fritz. Instead, Google tells Mashable the problem could be due to wear and tear or quits over era.

But that reasoning isn't up to snuff for customers, some of whom had their cameras disintegrate as soon as a month after they bought a Pixel. For others like me, the malediction condescends upon you after one or two years.( And my phone doesn't have a blemish on it .)

Those lucky to have encountered the curse less than a year into owning a Pixel have been well taken care of. The Pixel's one-year warranty implies those favored customers just ship their hexed telephones back to Google and get a free( most probably refurbished) permutation. But if you're outside the warranty window, you're out of luck in the free department. You can get a transgress Pixel restored by a Google partner. I was given a $ 120 approximate for a specify, which is twice as much as the phone is worth if I tried to sell it on eBay. A Google customer service rep too recommended I could trade in my phone to buy a new one, but the trade-in would get me at most $ 21. Google says anyone experiencing this issue should contact customer support for help, but in my own experience, you won't get far if you're attempting a comped substitution out of warranty.

The estimate I received when I attempted to trade-in my Pixel 2 on Google's website.

The appraisal I received when I attempted to trade-in my Pixel 2 on Google's website.

Recognition: Screenshot: Google

The camera on my Pixel 2, which I raved about taking exceptional photos of the Northern Lights in 2019, stopped labor while I was flooding the reveal of BMW's new electric SUV recently. Although I first bought my Pixel in 2017, Google has sent me two replacements over the years after bricking occurrences. The first time my Pixel bricked was right before I got to get a flight in 2018; I lost all be made available to my boarding pass information. The second was a year later in 2019 when I was on vacation in Hawaii( no photos of turtles and sandy seas for me during that journey ). The Pixel has cruelly hammered the striking timing of its torture. When my camera stopped working in early June, I'd had the phone for almost two years.

Mashable Image

Sadath Ahmed, an designer in Dubai, was struck by the curse seven months after his warranty on his Pixel 2 XL objective. He bought the new phone in 2019 and one and a half years last-minute, when he was trying to take a picture of the sundown, the camera app disintegrated. He excuses in a Reddit DM that he got the same black screen I knowledge after the first clang. He tried the magnet hacker, but after a few days the joke lost its occult. Any photos "hes taking" were blurry until the camera just stopped working once again. He used his camera-less phone for four months and then bought a applied Pixel 2 for $50 as a temporary stopgap. He's eyeing an iPhone for his next purchase, but for now, the used phone goes him through the day.

"I think they should first acknowledge that there is a widespread concern and help customers get the camera tied, " says Ahmed about what he considers an appropriate response from Google.

Muhammad Irtaza, an engineering student in Pakistan and another cursed Pixel owner, agrees.

"Google fails to acknowledge this issue which is, in simple terms, feeble for a company as big as this."

"There are dozens of articles and posts on Reddit, the Google support site, and countless other meetings, more Google fails to acknowledge this issue which is, in simple terms, feeble for a company as big as this, " Irtaza writes in a Reddit message.

The camera hurtled on his used Pixel 3 five several months after he bought it, while he was snapping a pic of an indoor flora. He too tried the magnet maneuver, but its enchantment previous merely a few seconds before the camera hurtled again. He says the camera problems evaporated after he updated to the latest Android 12 Beta . He reverted back to Android 11, Google's current mobile operating system, a few weeks later and the camera was still functioning properly.

"But it shapes the phone overheat like crazy. I can't leave the camera on for more than five minutes, " he computes. So he bought a brand-new Pixel 4XL, which he says has been "phenomenal."

"This has somewhat restored my religion in the Pixel line, but I cannot and will not recommend the Pixel to any of my friends and family since I've read about the Pixel 4 battery publications as well. I don't have those problems, thankfully, but I believe it's merely a matter of blessing, " he adds.


Google Pixel 6 seep exposes revolutionary redesign

I used to tell everyone who complained about their iPhone to get a Pixel. I trumpeted the Pixel line to one of my oldest friends who got a Pixel a few years ago. While she hasn't experienced the camera issue, she has had other headaches, like screen glitches. Yet she still protrude with Google, moving on to the Pixel 4a and now the Pixel 5, mainly because of the camera's acuity( and all the pre-installed G Suite apps .)

Before the camera crash, my phone's battery life was shrinking. I'd have to charge it every five hours or so, which wasn't a huge deal because of fast charging and being fasten at home not far from an outlet during the pandemic. To be fair, a totter artillery seems to be par for the course after owning any phone for one or two years. I trenched my iPhone 6S and bought the Pixel 2 because the iPhone's battery life was ludicrous two years in, and this was before Apple set a temporary $29 fee for battery permutations on the 6S( it now costs $49 ).

After a few daylights of steaming over my cursed Pixel camera, I was tempted by Apple's sorcery and bought a colors red iPhone 12 mini .

It makes exquisite photos.

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China strains as popln ages, birth rate falls

Yue Yan is glad to have two daughters but insures why, even with the rule Communist Party urging them to have more children, fewer Chinese brides give birth at all. Yue, 35, depletes daytimes be looking out for her 2-year-old and evenings facilitating her 10 -year-old with homework. Yue quit a diner job well done that, so their own families lives on her husband's salary, which numerous can't afford to do. "If a young marry is busy working and their parents can't help take care of the children, they will not want adolescents, " Yue said. "The pressure is just so heavy." The ruling party is naturalness official limits on the number of children each marry can have, hoping to counter the rapid aging of Chinese civilization. But the number of deliveries is falling. Couples are put over by penalties, interruptions to employment and the need to look after elderly parents. On Monday, the finding party announced it would easy birth rules to let all marries have three children instead of two. But its track record proposes settle conversions on their own do little to change long-term veers. Conventions in force since 1980 that restriction most duets to one birth were changed in 2015 to allow two. After a brief uptick the next year, however, the figure who had even one child descended, while the share of the population over age 65 is rising. China's population of 1.4 billion once was expected to peak last-minute the current decade and start to decline. Census data exhausted May 11 suggest that is happening faster than forecast, adding to pressure to prepare for slower financial proliferation and do more to help the elderly. The rise in average age could stop official intentions to turn China into a technology leader and prosperous consumer-driven economy. "The aging of the Chinese population changes faster than we expected, " said Yi Fuxian, a elderly scientist in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. "This will result in a drop in the fiscal growth rate, " Yi said. The 12 million births reported last year were down nearly one-fifth from 2019. About 40% were second children, down from 50% in 2017, according to Ning Jizhe, a statistics official who announced the above figures on May 11. The share of working-age parties under 60 in China's population of 1.4 billion came to 63.3% last year from 70.1% a decade earlier, distributed according to census data. The group aged 65 and older produce to 13.5% from 8.9%. China and other Asian economies such as Thailand face the challenge of whether they can grow rich before they grow old. Chinese both researchers and the labor ministry say the share of working-age people might fall to half the population by 2050. That increases the "dependency ratio, " or number of retirees who are dependent upon each work to generate income for pension funds and pay taxes for health and other public services. A growing number of retirees, even with children, lives alone because lads and daughters have left home for design. In Dingxing County, southwest of Beijing, Kang Yuxia provides a free vegetarian lunch every day to more than 50 people. Most are empty nesters over 60 whose children left their region of drab, low-rise builds surrounded by farmland to work in the Chinese capital 100 kilometers( 60 miles) apart. "The lads and daughters of the elderly have to find work elsewhere, " said Kang. "They look for the friendlines from a bowl of rice. They also want to feel cared for." Kang's canteen, the Harmonious and Happy Home, is one of more than 80 operates as a benevolence for older people who live alone. "What I'm pas them is what I will need in thirty years, " she said. The government is debating whether to keep more people in the labour force by grow the official retirement age of 60 for men, 55 for white-collar female workers and 50 for blue-collar female workers. Ruling party governors converging Monday agreed to raise the retirement age, the official Xinhua News Agency reported, without leaving details. The deepen is politically fraught. Female professionals welcome a chance to stay in satisfying jobs, but others whose people are worn out from decades of manual labor resent being required to work longer. The fertility rate, or the average number of deliveries per father, stood at 1.3 in 2020, well below the 2.1 that would maintain the size of the population. A population decline might ease strivings on reserves, but "this is not sustainable, " said Song Jian, a professor at the Center for Population and Development at Renmin University in Beijing. China needs to "boost the willingness to have children, " Song said. "We need to constitute people feel that having children or assembling a family is attractive." Couples who want children face daunting challenges. Accommodations are small and often associate myself with parents. Childcare is expensive and maternity leave short. A solicitor in Beijing who would give only his surname, Zhang, "says hes" and his wife plan to have only one child due to the cost of education and the need to look after their elderly mothers. "The government should alleviate additional burdens on young parents' shoulders, " Zhang said. "If the young couple must look after the sons and the elderly , nobody can handle it." Still, Yue says having children is worthwhile. "Yes, sometimes I am tired, " she said, "but I is of the opinion more happiness."

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No Wagering in Sam Houston Futurity After Drug Tests

Sam Houston Race Park, in the midst of a Quarter Horse meet, indicated by the $ 731,650 Sam Houston Futurity May 28 would be run for purse money merely after six pre-race positive evaluation upshots for either clenbuterol and/ or albuterol.

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Twin brothers die together after 24th birthday

Gregory Raymond Raphael remembers the working day clearly. April 23, 1997. The give, doctors said, had been successful and his wife Soja was fine. Heart beating with pleasure, "hes having" scurried to the hospital. The children, twins, searched exactly alike. The young parents listed them Joefred Varghese Gregory and Ralfred George Gregory. Having lived "peoples lives" where they did almost everything together -- both chose computer engineering, both had jobs in Hyderabad -- they caught the deadly fever the same day, on April 24. Last-place week, after struggling with Covid, they died together, hours after one another.Raphael said he almost well known if his sons had to make it, they would come home together. Or they wouldn’t. “Whatever happened to one, it happened to the other, ” he said. “That’s how it was since birth certificates. I had told my partner after we got news that Jeofred had died that Ralfred won’t return home alone either. They died on May 13 and May 14, hours apart.” 8272871 8He said, “The twins had a lot of plans for us. They wanted to give us a high quality of life. As schoolteachers we have fought much to bring up the children well and they wanted to give us back, everything from fund to happy. Before they died, they were planning to leave for Korea and then perhaps Germany for occupation. I don’t know why god penalise us like this.” The Raphaels have a third son, the eldest one, Nelfred.Residents of Meerut’s Cantonment area, their own families initially treated the brothers at home, recollecting the delirium would abate. But it didn’t. “We obtained an oximeter. When their oxygen degree dropped to 90, doctors admonished us to make them to hospital. We declared them to a private one on May 1, ” Gregory said. Their firstly report had confirmed the young men were Covid-positive. But after a few cases daylights, their second RT-PCR test report came negative.“Doctors were planning to move them from the Covid ward to the normal ICU. However, I sought the hospital to monitor their health for two more dates in the Covid ward. Then, unexpectedly, on the evening of May 13, my spouse got the call. Our world crashed.”Ralfred had offset his last-place phone call to his mother. “He spoke from research hospitals bunked, ” said Gregory, his voice shaking. “He told his mother that he was recovering and enquired about Joefred’s health. By then Joefred had died. So we made up a tale. We told him we had to shift him to a hospital in Delhi. But Ralfred knew instinctively. He told his mother,' You are lying’.”

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After $12 Billion JPMorgan Bailout, CEO Jamie Dimon Doesn’t Want Biden ‘Throwing Money’

The billionaire director craves an itemized listing of what the government would do with his charge dollars.

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COVID 2.0: Large-scale vaccination, not shutdown

It has been eight months since she spent a few nightmarish eras in a hospital, but Purnasneha Sundaramahalingam, a 25 -yearold editor in Chennai, still cannot make three flights of stairs without feeling entirely exhausted. The exercising periods that hindered her going in the initial months of the lockdown are a no-go because she knows it will leave her tired for the rest of the day. Sundaramahalingam first be positive for Covid-1 9 in June 2020. Untitled Carousel 8172714 6“The four eras I spent in hospital, I could feel my centre pummel vigorously. My blood pressure was up and I was wheezing ... I would never care it upon anyone, ” she says. The evidences did not leave even after she was accomplished from the hospital. “It was very scary because I don’t have comorbidity problems, I’m somewhat healthful, ” says Sundaramahalingam, a survivor of long Covid, who had debilitating fatigue for months afterwards.Move to Gurgaon. Aman Saha( honour converted on request ), 40, lost her employment during peak lockdown when the HR head of the uniform export firm, where he was working, asked him to resign, citing the company’s mounting loss. When unlocking began and flights resumed, the first thing he did was vacate his rented housing in a classy civilization of the millennium development goals municipality and fly back to his hometown, Kolkata, where he has a house of his own. 8172673 8D uring the last six months, Saha has taken up a few consultancy assignings, even as he is frantically looking for a stable job. It seems like a return of that harrowing go from a year-ago for Sundaramahalingam and Saha, who are staring at India’s rising Covid crowds with anxiety. A time after India went into a national lockdown, dubbed one of the most restrictive in the world, the country is anxiously watching the rising curve of Covid multitudes, with new daily instances stroking the high-flowns seen in 2020. On Friday, India reported 62,336 new Covid-1 9 suits in the past 24 hours, the most prominent daily rise since October. Such a startling spate of Covid lawsuits has set off alarm bells in Delhi’s corridors of power. This time, the government could change the dose of involvements from draconian to mild. After all, another round of national lockdown will derail the fledgling economic recovery. The nomad labourers are back at work, factories are whirring and the accumulation of goods and services( GST) charge, an indicator of uptake, has been impressive in the last six months with the January figure, at Rs 1.2 lakh crore, rising to an all-time high. At the current stage, the central government does not appear to be in favour of aimles neighbourhood shutdowns or nighttime curfews even if they are regimes such as Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh have of late resorted to such speedy sets. The Centre’s blueprint, distributed according to police in the know, has five key components -- systematic testing, containment and surveillance, clinical maintenance, Covid-appropriate behaviour and, above all, a big vaccination drive to combat the virus, thereby bypassing a rigid criterion like lockdown. Elaborating on each of these components, NITI Aayog member and chairman of the government’s sanctioned group on Covid management, Dr Vinod K Paul, tells ET Magazine that the solution lies in delivering a combination of all these implements. “If all the available tools are used effectively, there should be very little need for more stringent measures such as a lockdown, ” he says, adding that the government is banking on a possible uptick in the supply of inoculations. “Once admiration is given, Sputnik V inoculation will be made in India, maybe by as numerous as five manufacturers. That is one clear reason for increased ply, ” says Paul. Currently, two vaccines, Serum Institute of India’s Covishield and Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin, are being administered million doses were administered domestically, with another 60 million get exported to 77 people. The government’s decision this week to allow people above the age of 45 years to get the jab was mostly driven by two factors. One, 88% of all Covid-related deaths in India were in the 45 years-plus category, and two, the government expects that more vaccine candidates will get approval soon in India. In addition to Russia’s Sputnik V, Bharat Biotech’s nasal vaccine and Cadila Zydus’ vaccine are at the threshold of getting approved. Clearly, in terms of Covid management, large-scale vaccination , not lockdown, seems to be the new mantra. “When dangers are unknown, it is better to overreact and impose a lockdown. 8172674 2 A year ago that was precisely done. Now we know much more about the pandemic, horror is less and management approaches are much more clearer, ” says Shailesh Pathak, chief executive officer of L& T Infrastructure Development Projects, adding that both the Indian economy and his companionship just goes to show huge resilience, as the bounce-back is much better than what most people have expected. Dr Jayaprakash Muliyil, chairman of the technical members of the advisory committee of the National Institute of Epidemiology, forethoughts against the reimposition of lockdowns as a means to curb the spread of the virus. 8172675 6 “I think wearing a mask is sufficient. Lockdowns make it convenient for officials to throw their value around. It’s a bad dres, it’s undemocratic and it’s not needed. There’s no reason anyone should go into lockdown.” Meanwhile, the Madhya Pradesh government has extended its Sunday lockdown to four more cities -- Betul, Chhindwara, Ratlam and Khargone -- taking the total metropolitans under lockdown in the regime to seven. Since early this month, Bhopal, Indore and Jabalpur have been under lockdown. “There seems to be a change in the behaviour of the virus -- those who are staying at home are getting more fouled, compared against earlier. The young are also getting polluted but certainly death is not as high it was earlier, ” says Dr Salil Bhargava, professor of respiratory drug at MGM Medical College, Indore, the first Covid hospital in Madhya Pradesh. But what is helpful this time around, he says, is that there is no shortage of healthcare staff. “The health care system is able to function without being over-burdened as many are inoculated and well-trained. Likewise, only those who really need it are being hospitalised.” Maharashtra CM has announced a light curfew from March 28. Last-place month, a lockdown was announced in Amravati and Achalpur. However, all such restrictive-yet-porous interventions can’t help much in control the dissemination of the virus. These sets be brought to an end obstructing give chains and stalling the regular flow of businesses. These will likewise form brand-new questions for enterprises that source raw material from various centers and have marketplaces across several states and metropolis. Cruel Goenka, chairman of RPG Enterprises, was noted that during peak lockdown last year, he had to look into several areas where things could go wrong due to cascading effect. “There were many' what if’ questions that needed addressing. What if Covid regulations changed an entire production line? What if request fell by 25%? What if our SME suppliers couldn’t supply the raw material? What if position borders were closed for goods transport? What if accumulations has decreased by 50%? What if practicalities were starved of oil? The scenarios were incessant, ” he says. While there is near-unanimity that stringent measures would jeopardise the livelihood of millions of Indians, professionals and policymakers are also concerned about the galloping number of Covid actions. “The pace at which occurrences are increasing is what is really troubling and I would have been happier if numbers had abode at about 10,000 daily new cases in India, which is where we seemed to have been put at for a few weeks, ” says Gautam Menon, professor at Ashoka University’s department of physics and biology, who has been closely tracking Covid crowds. Added to this, he says, is the fact that the increase is no longer confined to one or two states. “That we are seeing a big jump in Covid occasions in states and municipals that have better surveillance on average even as states that neighbour them are not reporting considerable increase is worrying.” Dr K Srinath Reddy, chairperson, Public Health Foundation of India, ascribes this rise partly to the complacency that followed the continuous fall in the number of cases and demises during the last three months. “Public health prudences were being abandoned in areas of both personal attitude and administrative dominations. The virus ever spreads much more in areas with more economic growth, greater urbanisation and a good deal of mobility and travelling -- it has a great opportunity( to spread ), as we are seeing in Maharashtra.” Doctors from Mumbai, he says, are declared that the virus seems to be spreading faster but with less evidences. “This is not surprising because when the virus has infected a large number of people who are suggestible and the others are taking prudences or have been vaccinated, the virus adapts to spread faster but with less virulence, to sustain its genus without spending the emcee species, ” he says. 8172676 9Dr Muliyil of the National Institute of Epidemiology points out that essentially every country has been facing this kind of doubled or triple top. For a country of India’s size, the seroprevalence, according to examines done by the Indian Council of Medical Research( ICMR ), was not that high-pitched. “We expected seroprevalence in urban areas to be 60% and in rural areas to be 40%, which would leave us adequate immunity to prevent large-scale outbreaks. We never reached that.”Lockdown: A FLASHBACKWe decided we would not lay off beings or trim payments: Harsh Goenka, Chairman, RPG Enterprises, Age: 63 times l Location: Mumbai 8172814 7The pandemic descended all too sudden and no one was prepared for the immediate inferences. The lockdown which followed soon after brought everything to a standstill. We had to quickly reorient and concentrates on our priorities. The first and foremost priority was self-protection and the security of its those around us. After beings resolved down in the safety of their homes and reorganised their everyday decorations, we changed focus to business continuity. This was a critical step that would decide the fate of our businesses over the next year and more. The third and equally important step was about our responsibilities to civilization in general and to the communities we serve. This three-pronged response has been the key to our navigate the pandemic. We had decided that we would not lay off parties or chip stipends. On the contrary, we imparted increments in the early part of this year. There was mayhem in the job market with job losses and salary trimmeds -- and the media was full of tales of distress. We had lived through numerous dilemmas in the past and we trusted our tendencies that if our parties were comforted and reassuring, they would find a way through all this. For mental well-being, we started counselling sessions for our people, and for physical fitness we had our principal fitness officer provisioning online daily workouts and tips. Countless outreach programmes were started to engage with the families and these group discussions proved to be excellent emotional support to many.We realised early on that we had to variabilise our costs to the best extent. Task forces were put into action and we placed ourselves ambitious goal on expenditure. Some overheads, like travelling and consumables, went reduced automatically while some others which were non-essential were trimmed. We delayered the organisation, brought in better spans of button and improved overall economies. We went back to elementaries with zero base budgeting and strict monitoring. What we didn’t cut were wastes on invention, sell, R& D and hiring aptitude. Over the past few years, we had already invested in augmenting our digital capabilities across the spectrum of "the organizations activities" -- from digital labs to showcasing remote project progress to clients via tech tools, hot-desking in parts and mills and a slog from anywhere( WFA) plan. Despite the pandemic there has been no drop in productivity or production and it reposes my faith in parties. We announced India’s first permanent WFA policy, which will be effective even after the pandemic is withdraw. I am humbled to say that we bagged India’s most begrudged invention award, the ET Innovation Award for 2020, during this most difficult period which is a testimony to our reliance on innovation during these times.We categorized situations into pessimistic, reasonable and idealistic. Supply chain and logistics were the main obstacles which needed innovative solutions. Besides, there is indeed various the regions where things could go wrong due to the cascading effect. There were numerous “what if” questions that needed addressing. What if Covid controls affected an part production line? What if require decreased 25%? What if our SME suppliers couldn’t supply the raw material? What if state frontiers were closed for goods move? What if accumulations has decreased by 50%? What if practicalities were starved of ga? The situations were interminable. I would say my biggest learning from the pandemic has been how resilient the human spirit is and how at a time like this our social conscience comes to the fore and we are intending to see enormous relinquishes in order to alleviate the suffering of others.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What moved me a good deal was the gratitude of my patients: Dr Bornali Datta, Director, respiratory medicine, Medanta Age: 48 liter Location: Delhi-NCR 8172816 8When the lockdown commenced in march, we doctors continued to go to the hospital every day but patients weren’t coming unless there was an emergency. I had never seen the hospital so deserted -- it was almost like a soul city. There was an overwhelming sense of awarenes about what turn things would make. Covid-1 9 cases started coming in around April and with actions tiding in May, five-six floorings of the hospital were dedicated to Covid. At that time , no one knew what to expect, what worked. There was zero proof for any medication. Remdesivir, developed for Ebola, began to be used for Covid. Then in mid-June, both my husband and I went Covid. Thankfully, my evidences were mild but after a few weeks, my husband, likewise a medical doctor, began developing more symptoms and had to be admitted. These eras I can confidently reassure my patients that they will get better because the vast majority do well but, back then, we didn’t know that. He got better after five days, but it was a harrowing experience. After I rejoined, it was the busiest time in my entire job. We were working seven days a week, our phones were on all the time. It was an extremely difficult time because the patient was alone and isolated, the family was stressed out. But all the doctors and nurses in my squad simply drove and made. I felt privileged to be able to give that service and be part of that frat. Now, after a slump of three months, occurrences are on the rise again. But now that we understand the virus better, our anxieties have reduced. Ultimately, we have to co-exist with the infection, with adequate medicines and vaccines.In the last one year, we all went through a lot of emotional turmoil. What moved me a good deal was the gratitude of cases, even after I had told them I was just doing my job. One special occurrence stands out: There was a young man who had got admitted with Covid just after cremating his father. You can imagine his psychological state. Fortunately, he recovered entirely. When he came for his final follow-up, he said he had been told doctors don’t like to touch patients. But the facts of the case that I had employed my hand on his shoulder saw him feel he could cope. It was such a little thing but it symbolized so much to him. It emphasised the core of what drug is about -- physicians taking care of patients.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As I reach home, my two-year-old coos out,' Amma ... Sanitiser: Dr Divya S Iyer, Kerala State Mission Director, MGNREGS Age: 36 l Location: Thiruvananthapuram 8172817 0I recollect writing an essay on “The Importance of Hand Washing”, paying an ode to the practice cautioned by the Hungarian physician Ignaz Semmelweis in the 19 th century. It was an essay-writing competition at the Christian Medical College, Vellore, where I was a medical student, channel back in 2004. There is no denying that I was over the moon when I became a prize-winner then. But 15 year later, to witness the results of arrange it into practice in public health, has been more than heartening; it catapults itself into being one of the most remarkable knowledge in my busines. When the Covid-1 9 pandemic was still in its nascent place, the district of Kerala sprang into action with a multipronged approach to draw rein the wolf, the most notable being the Break the Chain campaign that was set in motion much before the mandate on wearing disguises and social distancing came into being. As the State Mission Director of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme( MGNREGS ), I remember calling worksites, promoting suitable hand-washing procedures, and nudging the 20 lakh-strong workforce to be the messengers of hygiene in their home communities. That 90% of our recipients are women emphatically helped us in get families onboard to act as the fundamental unit of awareness start. I retain receiving phone calls from citizens in those early days of the pandemic, endeavouring advice on precautionary measures. I believe that it is this deepened government of health-seeking behaviour among our citizens that enabled the position of Kerala to withstand the upsurge of Covid-1 9 illness, owing to its massive NRI population and high-pitched population density, which make it a highly vulnerable state. Yet, it was interesting to note that mortality and morbidity due to other communicable diseases have significantly come down during the pandemic year -- the silver lining of which being the reinvention of self-hygiene for mankind. The periods I performed as the commanding officer for Covid procedures in the following areas evidenced my shielded proximity in containment zones interspersing with a sanitised proximity at home, which included my newborn, who was one-year-old then, and aged parents. The culminate of the year was a particularly challenging period when I tested Covid-positive, and was under quarantine with my lad who instantly adapted to the fact that his mother had to mask up and glove up in order to be allowed to breastfeed him. Even today, as I be getting back, my two-year-old fondly ogles out for me with interested eyes and coos out loud, “Amma ... sanitiser.” We have indeed successfully collected a generation that is more hygieneconscious than any of the previous generations, albeit with a ponderous rate to have paid for that.Writer is an IAS officer. Scenes are personal--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pandemic cured me trounce my horrors& work on my strongs: Nitasha Nayak, Teacher, Global Public School l Age: 43 l Location: Kochi 8172818520 20 was paradoxical in a manner that was -- we faced a global pandemic and a slump, but it was also the year that contributed some of us time to reboot and relive "peoples lives". When the lockdown began, it was hard to adjust to the extremely project of being cloistered in our residences even if they are the announcement was expected. With zero social interaction, I felt anxious and restless. To cut down on the feeling and wearines, we started binge-eating and binge-watching! By May last year, the dwelling breast was under control but there were misgivings and unpredictability considering creation. With Covid occurrences at its crest, the likelihood of schools opening in June was remote. Online teaching was a completely new zone for all of us. The question -- what if I am not capable of catering to the needs of my pupils -- ever levitated above me. I am certainly grateful to my institution for navigating me and the rest of my clan each step of the nature. Everything was meticulously planned by the core team and several online workshops were arranged for all the professors. To let go of the solaces of teaching in a classroom and tread on the online education scaffold was a battle that needed faith, resolution and perseverance.And thus began my new life-time in 2020! It took me sometime to strike a balance between finagling work at school and work at home. I can proudly say that the pandemic taught me to be more responsible and penalized. One of the most positive things was meeting our pupils. Their adored and gaiety were a real morale booster. It was amazing to see children accommodated so quickly to the online mode. From being their favourite in school , now our personas had changed to being a part of their family. Opening up of schools in June is uncertain but now I am confident of taking on whatever comes my highway, thanks to the nearly year-long training and experience. This pandemic helped me overcome my suspicions, stop aside my anxieties and work on my persuasiveness. It educated me to be grateful for all the little things in live, to have faith and worked very hard to than normal to achieve my goals.

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Genesis praised for saving Tiger Woods, Burger King redesign beats McDonald’s in poll: Wednesday Wake-Up Call

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Woods’ car triumphs kudo

As news of Tiger Woods’ horrific car crash in California stunned the world countries on Tuesday, his battered vehicle became an unexpected supporter. Woods was driving the Genesis GV8 0 crossover, a brand-new midsize simulation that arrived at peddlers in December, as a courtesy vehicle after serving as host for the Genesis Invitational golf tournament last week.

As Automotive News reporter Laurence Iliff reports, "law enforcement officials said the crash integrity of the vehicle -- and Woods' use of a seat belt -- may have saved his life.” As likeness and videos of the damaged GV8 0 dominated social media, Sheriff's Deputy Carlos Gonzalez, the first officer on the scene of the crash, called the overall integrity of the GV80 "a marvel of modern automobiles” and said he’d seen same accidents over many years where the vehicles and passengers had not fared so well.

Woods’ Twitter account posted an accounting of his injuries late last nighttime, including "open fractures altering the tibia and fibula bones" in his lower right leg and traumata to his foot and ankle. But the golfer was “awake and responsive” after surgery.

BK redesign thumps McDonald’s in canvas

Rivals Burger King and McDonald’s have both launched carton redesigns in the past few weeks. And while both have won industry praise, an early investigation of consumers reveals that Burger King’s new look has the edge.

According to an Ad Age-Harris Poll survey deported this month, 54% of respondents suggest that they elevated Burger King’s parcel, while 46% chose McDonald’s. Meanwhile 56% said Burger King’s new look, from Jones Knowles Ritchie, established the food sound more appetizing, while 44% picked McDonald’s, created by Pearlfisher, as having the more appetizing design.

But as Jessica Wohl writes, the good news for both orders is that the renovations show signs of potentially helping sales: More than 40% of those who like the new looks brought forward by Burger King or McDonald’s say they are more likely to patronize the chains.

Facebook backs down in Australia

Facebook backed down from its bulletin blackout in Australia yesterday after the Australian authority agreed to amend legislation forcing it and Google to pay local publishers for content. As reported by Bloomberg News via Ad Age, the Australian government said here today would take into account commercial distributes Facebook and Google reach with information corporations before deciding whether they are subject to the law, and would also give them one month’s notice.

But although the immediate Australian face-off looks to be over for now, the issue isn’t going away any time soon; publishers are lobbying in the EU to obligate Facebook and Google pay for content while in the U.K ., the Evening Standard reportsthat Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden will meet with Facebook’s ministerials this week to discuss the issue.

Staples prepares for back-to-office

It may seem hard to imagine after a year of WFH, but the coronavirus inoculations roll out, people may be returning to departments across America some date. And Staples is getting ready. Daniel Reilly, Staples VP of symbol and make administration, assembles Adrianne Pasquarelli on the latest edition of Ad Age’s Marketer’s Brief podcast to discuss how the retailer is preparing, and how it’s going to compete with direct-to-consumer labels that have forged brand-new links with customers in the pandemic. Listen here.

Just briefly

Somewhere over the Rainbrow: Pinterest chief marketing officer Andrea Mallard assembles Ad Age’s Garett Sloane in today’s live episode of Remotely to discuss some sizzling 2021 trends including the makeup craze “rainbrows, ” the stomach for “getaway cars, ” and the latest foodie obsession, “epic charcuterie.” Listen here at 1PM EST.

Final countdown: Tuesday, March 2 is the final deadline to enter the 2021 Ad Age -AList and Creativity Awards. The gifts celebrate the most attained enterprises, standout make and forward-thinking supervisors and knacks in service industries. Details here.

Fearless Ray: A brand-new commercial from State Street Global Advisors and McCann New York--the team behind the award-winning "Fearless Girl" statue--is now turning to another "fearless" icon, boxing protagonist Sugar Ray Leonard. The recognise celebrates the resilience of mid-sized business in the pandemic through the allegory of Leonard in the ring. It's narrated by the real-life Leonard, who was recreated as his younger self expend CGI and a lookalike performer. See it over at Creativity .

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