‘DoorDash man strikes again’: DoorDash scam sparks debate in viral TikTok

A door dash bag (L) and food (R).

A viral TikTok announced this month activated debate about the impact of refund defrauds on DoorDash, an on-demand delivery platform for nutrient and groceries.

The TikTok announced by consumer @hawkofhell, which has over 387,000 scenes, pictures a fast-food meal from …

Jason Y. Lee, Jubilee Media founder, got billions of views

Jason Y Lee

We’re sitting down with leaders on the business side of the inventor economy to get their advice for designers looking to develop their careers.

This week, the Daily Dot spoke with Jason Y. Lee, the Founder and CEO of Jubilee

False claims Trump will charge $4.99 per week for Truth Social fly around the internet

Money spelling 'TRUMP.'

Twitter useds have been spreading the claim that Truth Social, former President Donald Trump’s yet-to-be-launched social media programme, intends to charge users $4.99 per week. But the charge isn’t actually true.

Truth Social received regenerated attending the coming week after …

‘This is a safety issue’: TikToker films her flight full of Brazilian butt lift patients, sparking debate


A now-viral TikTok from last week images an airplane full of patients who recently received Brazilian buttock face-lifts( BBLs ).

The video, announced by Andrea Gallegos (@ wildcard3 13 ), presents her sitting next to a woman who is facing …

‘People just don’t understand our job’: UPS driver shows just how many boxes he has to deliver during his morning shift in viral TikTok

A full delivery truck (L), a delivery person (C), and an empty delivery truck (R).

A UPS driver shut down commentators who question why UPS drivers stimulate so much money with a viral TikTok registering just how many chests he delivers.

Aiden (@ aiden_m3 65) is a UPS driver and TikTok content creator with 3.2 …