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Ramsey Clark, attorney general under Johnson, dies at 93

NEW YORK -- Ramsey Clark, the united states attorney general in the Johnson administration who became an outspoken organizer for unpopular causes and a stern critic of U.S. programme, just died. He was 93.

Clark, whose parent, Tom Clark, was attorney general and U.S. Supreme Court justice, died on Friday at his Manhattan home, a family member, Sharon Welch, announced to media shops including The New York Times and The Washington Post.

After serving in President Lyndon Johnson’s Cabinet in 1967 and ’6 8, Clark set up a private law practice in New York in which he advocated civil rights, campaigned racism and the death penalty, and represented shown foes of the United Government including former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic and Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman. He too defended onetime Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

New York civil rights attorney Ron Kuby, who worked with Clark on innumerable occurrences, called the death “very, really sad in a season of losses.”

“The progressive legal community has lost its elder director and leader, ” Kuby said. “Over many contemporaries, Ramsey Clark was a principled voice, conscience and a fighter for civil and human rights.”

In courtrooms around the country Clark protected antiwar organizers. In special courts of public opinion, he accused the United States with militarism and arrogance, starting with the Vietnam War and continuing with Grenada, Libya, Panama and the Gulf War.

When Clark called Iraq after Operation Desert Storm and returned to accuse the United Nation of war crimes, Newsweek dubbed him the Jane Fonda of the Gulf War.

Clark said he only craved the United States to live up to its principles. “If you don’t insist on your government obeying the existing legislation, then what right do you have to demand it of others? ” he said.

The lanky, soft-spoken Texan went to Washington in 1961 as a New Frontiersman in President John F. Kennedy’s Justice Department.

He was 39 when Johnson procreated him attorney general in 1967, the second largest youngest ever -- Robert Kennedy had been 36.

Supreme Court Justice Tom Clark, who had been Harry Truman’s attorney general before he attached the state supreme court in 1949, swore in his son as attorney general, then retired to avoid the look of conflict of interest.

Ramsey Clark said his is currently working on Justice reaped him into the civil rights revolution, which he called “the noblest quest of the American beings in our time.”

He too maintained opposition to the death penalty and wiretapping, represented the right of dissent and blamed FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover when no one else in authority would dare make him on.

But as Johnson’s attorney general, Clark had the job of prosecuting Dr. Benjamin Spock for advise Vietnam-era teenagers to defy the text of the proposed, its own position with which he sympathized.

“We won the case, that was the worst part, ” he said years later.

The Dallas-born Clark, who did a hitch in the Marine Corps in 1945 -4 6, moved his family to New York in 1970 and set up a pro bono-oriented tradition. He said then that he and his partners were limiting their annual personal incomes to $ 50,000, a flesh he did not always achieve.

“Money’s not an interest of mine, ” he said, but at the same time he was meeting steep medical greenbacks for his daughter, Ronda, who was born with severe disabilities. He and his wife, Georgia, who were married in 1949, likewise had a son, Thomas, a lawyer.

Clark made one shot at elective department, losing the 1976 Democratic Senate primary to Daniel P. Moynihan.

Clark’s client list included such armistice and disarmament organizers as the Harrisburg 7 and the Plowshares 8. Abroad, he represented dissenters in Iran, Chile, the Philippines and Taiwan, and skyjackers in the Soviet Union.

He was an advocate for Soviet and Syrian Jews, but scandalized countless Jews over other patrons. He represented a Nazi prison camp guard crusade expulsion, and the Palestine Liberation Organization in a suit over the slaying of a cruise ship passenger by hijackers.

There were usually two to three dozen active contingencies on Clark’s legal calendar, and about 100 more in the background. The death penalty subjects were a staple.

“We talk about civil liberties, ” he said. “We have the largest prison population per capita on Earth. The world’s greatest jailer is the freest country on Earth? ”

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How to Approach Divorce and Retirement and Protect Your Savings

We’ll start with the bad news: Divorce frequencies for people in their 50 s have redoubled since the 1990 s. And a recent study from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College found that divorce matches with the probability of fiscal jeopardy in retirement.

So you’re nearing retirement and you’re getting divorced and this divorce may wipe out your retirement savings? Wait, there’s good news: It doesn’t have to be that way. When you’re getting divorced, there are ways to protect your future.

Here’s what you need to know about divorce and retirement.

Hard Truth: You’re Going to Have to Share Your Savings

Retirement savings are typically part of what’s known as your equitable delivery calculation.

Translation: Unless your retirement funds weren’t accumulated during your wedlock, an ex-spouse will have the rights to them, says Dmitriy Shakhnevich, a New York-based attorney. “This is because, in theory, the idea is that if parties are married then the growth of resources by one party becomes marital owned, the same way a car or a house would.”

So when you get divorced, don’t be surprised if your ex is entitled to half of your 401( k)( considered to be joint property) that was accumulated during your wedlock -- even though they are he or she didn’t work at all. The big exclusion is if you had a prenuptial agreement that discussed this.

Those are the rules -- but there are ways to establish divorce and retirement coexist harmoniously.

Don’t Use Your Retirement Funds to Pay for Your Divorce

Often, divorcing marries draw fund out of retirement accounts because they simply don’t have other accessible liquid funds to handle the substantial expenses of a divorce -- or because one or both parties become very litigious, says Dori Goikhman, an attorney-mediator and founder of Off the Record Mediation Work based in Silicon Valley.

“If a divorcing pair drags coin out of retirement plans improperly, they may be hit with tax sanctions, and may also be liable for income tax which would otherwise be shelved, ” Goikhman said. “They may also lose the potential for tax-free/ deferred raise, depending on the type of the plan.”

If the couple attempts to split their pension plan assets without a suitable divorce decree and court order, they may also end up subject to disadvantages. Basically, divide of retirement plans is complicated and should be handled by an experienced professional to avoid substantial fines.

Pro Tip

Getting divorced? It doesn’t have to cost a fate. Here’s how to keep the price tag down.


If you’re preparing for a divorce and making contributions to a pension account, you need to file as soon as possible, because any post-filing contributions made to the account are not divisible with your soon-to-be former spouse, says Rajeh Saadeh, a high ventures divorce and family attorney in New York and New Jersey.

In other terms, formerly you’ve filed, any coin you add to that retirement account is 100 percent yours. So preserve lending!

Continue to Save

Many people who are going through marital questions incline not to continue saving for retirement strategically, as they know these savings would be fractioned in the divorce regardles, Saadeh says.

More solely, in a divorce, retirement resources accumulated during the marriage are subdivided no matter whose name is on the retirement accounts.

Participate into a Qualified Domestic Relations Order

Retirement savings are usually in the form of tax-deferred accountings such as 401( k) s and IRAs. These details can be split between a pair, but you are able only split the portion that was lent during the marriage, aka the marital portion.

But it’s incredibly difficult to determine what the marital segment is when both the marriage and non-marital fractions have been growing in value. So don’t just split your pension plan 50/50, says Russell Knight, a divorce lawyer based in Chicago.

“The only way to truly determine the amount is to enter into a Qualified Domestic Relations Order( QDRO ), ” Knight said. “A QDRO will empower the retirement plan manager to use actuarial software to determine the marital portion to the penny on the appointment of the divorce.”

Then, the manager will create a second retirement plan for the divorced marriage, and give their portion to the new plan.

This is What Happens Without a QDRO

To split the pension or 401( k) in a divorce without taxation ramifications, the marriages need to get a QDRO. This allows the account to pay out the money to the other spouse without levy issues.

If this is not correctly completed and admitted before the divorce is final, then the money moves with a levy cause, says Beth Logan, author of “Divorce and Taxes after Tax Reform.”

“Let’s say Drew, age 46, has to pay Chris $ 150,000 from Drew’s 401( k ), ” Logan said of different situations without a QDRO in place. Now, Drew has to pay federal taxes, a federal imposition retribution of 10 percent for withdrawing the funds before turning 59 1/2, and perhaps nation charge. “That can easily be 30 percent or $45,000, ” she said.

Where will Depict get $45,000? Probably by drain the retirement, which will provoke more taxes.

A good taxation professional should look at the expected after-tax value of the retirement fund and separate the savings so the couple wages the least taxes now and in the future. This may result in one marriage coming all the Roth income while the other gets the 401( k ), for example. Or it may result in one spouse getting the entire retirement while the other gets the cash the couple compiled- which may appear dishonest, but in the end will result in more coin for each.

“It is important to know the timeline to retirement and other hopes along the way, ” Logan said.


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Attempt to Limit the Length of Your Divorce

Arguing over assets may end up costing more than the assets themselves, said Adam Citron, business partners at Davidoff Hutcher& Citron LLP in New York.

“Many times, defendants will ultimately withdraw its troops from and deplete savings and specifically, retirement savings, in order to continue to fund the case and pay the attorneys’ costs, ” he said.

It’s important to keep your seeings on the big picture, and estimate decisions from a business perspective, rather than an emotional one.

Danielle Braff is a contributor to The Penny Hoarder.

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Dear Penny: I Think My Wife Is a Predatory Lender

Dear Penny,

My wife lent money to a friend. I presumed we would accept the loss if it weren’t refunded, but my partner had other ideas. It turns out that the friend's small business is collateral, with the stipulation that the borrower could become an employee if the business were taken.

The borrower has shaped payments, but not always on schedule, and apparently the entire extent is now due immediately.

My wife is preparing to claim the business, which she guesses she can run better than her friend does. Improbably, she doesn't think this will harm their friendship.

Apparently, my wife was once litigated by her loving mother. She said they remained close throughout, and it was a good learning process. She showed me photos of herself and her mother together, both dressed businesslike, from the day she faced her in field. I’d like to ask my wife's mothers about this, although I’d preferably not mention how it came up.

Back to the current situation: Is a court likely to enforce this? Might my partner be penalized for crafting what could be construed as predatory terms?

The contract appears to be notarized, and I wonder whether the notary considered this. I cannot give precise details of the contract, as I am not likely to have it in front of me while alone.


Dear M .,

I don’t care how beautifully your wife administered it when she was litigated by her own mother. I most mistrust her friend will react to being indicted by freely posing for a courtroom selfie. I can’t imagine what their working relationship would look like after that.

Let’s put aside the legality of this agreement for a second here. Your partner crafted an arrangement that you believe is predatory to take advantage of her friend. Regardless of whether it’s law, you don’t think it’s right. You have an obligation to speak up here.

I expected Justin Meyer, an Orlando-based attorney who practices business constitution whether the credit you describe could be construed as predatory, bearing in mind that we don’t know what state you’re in. Here’s what he had to say 😛 TAGEND

“I would worry about what the interest rate is, ” Meyer said. “Without knowing more about the situation, I can’t say if it is predatory or not. It is also important to note that each state defines greedy lending differently. Nonetheless, most moods panorama greedy lending as a consumer issue , not a business issue and if this can be saw a business loan, then there are generally fewer protections.”

According to Meyer, if your bride met the lend knowing her friend couldn’t afford to refund it, who is able to illegal, depending on the state and what the lend utilized for. But it is legal to use a business itself as collateral, even though it’s more common to use business assets, like real estate properties or armory. Located on the limited information you present, Meyer thinks this does sound like an enforceable agreement.

But the notary had no role in seeing sure this was a fair or enforceable contract. “The notary is not responsible for the text of the document, exclusively for ensuring that the people are who they say they are, ” Meyer said.

So where does this leave you? It doesn’t sound like you know all the terms of the agreement. So I’d indicate you and your bride sit down with an lawyer to review exactly what’s in that contract. That’s assuming, of course, that your partner is willing. She’s been less than upfront with you, so this isn’t a given.

It’s striking all the things you haven’t talked about. You knew your wife was lending fund, but you premised the two of you would eat the loss if necessary. Meanwhile, your bride was planning to take over her friend’s business. It sounds like it was only after you learned of her proposal that she mentioned that her mom formerly sued her. That seems like a moderately significant happen -- one that you would have mentioned to your spouse.

I don’t know of a elegant route you can ask your mother-in-law about the time she indicted her daughter, but I’m curious what you’re hoping to find out here. It sounds like you have a nagging suspicion that your partner isn’t trustworthy. Are you hoping your inlaws’ explanation will squelch that surmise?

Past lawsuit aside, if you believe this loan was greedy, "youre supposed to" establish that case to your wife. Just because something is legal, that doesn’t make it right. Ask your spouse about her planneds. Is it to get refunded? Is it to become a business owner? Whatever the goal, can she achieve it without suing her friend and taken away from her business?

You may not win this one. But given attention if your partner doesn’t want to discuss details. Sometimes the more we mask, the more we discover. If your spouse doesn’t want you to know the terms of this contract, your bigger question is all the other things you don’t know about your wife.

Robin Hartill is a guaranteed financial planner and a elderly scribe at The Penny Hoarder. Send your tricky coin questions to AskPenny @thepennyhoarder. com.

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