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Burnley 0-1 Arsenal: Defensive commitment and a moment of real quality

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I said in yesterday's blog I wasn't sure that Mikel Arteta would go for it the route he did in terms of team selection, selecting Thomas Partey to secure the midfield with Emile Smith Rowe, Martin Odegaard, Nicolas Pepe, Bukayo Saka and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, but he did, and fair play. I don't think it quite laboured the method "weve had" liked, but it was a lovely prove of intent.

There were minutes where it could have sounded, more on that anon, but this was a win built on a savory Odegaard goal, and big defensive commitment. The stand-out musicians were at the back, and when you go to Burnley that's pretty much what is necessary. You know that they are going to get bullets in to their large-scale lumpy strikers with their large-scale lumpy pates, and if you don't deal with that, you're going to be in trouble.

Yesterday, we dealt with that is a good one. In total, the Arsenal back four made a total of 25 permissions as the projectile came into the box from all tilts, and when it wasn't cleared, Aaron Ramsdale absolutely dominated his area and made some excellent takes to alleviate the pressure. His willingness to come and catch rather than punch, was a key part to yesterday's clean expanse, and with two clean-living expanses in his first two Premier League expressions he's had a good start to his Arsenal career.

Ahead of him I was really impressed with Gabriel whose physical vicinity was vital against the big-hearted lumpy chaps, and new boy Takehiro Tomiyasu was impressive in his defensive wield, acquiring 100% of his aerial clashes. Perhaps he wasn't quite as tidy on the ball as you might like, but as I said, in a game like this your defensive commitment can't misstep for a second and he was well and truly up for the fight. Considering this fixture is probably the most physical you'll encounter, he didn't look like a worker who had just arrived to English football.

Even Ben White, "whos had" some difficult minutes, earned more aerial duels than the much more impressive Gabriel, so he has some ascribe for that. Where he fell down was on the ball, and given that the concerns about him were about his competitiveness against this kind of opposition, it might go down as really an off day in that regard. We know his concentration is in his his distribution, that was not evident yesterday and it virtually cost us, but he represented his part in that back four from a defensive perspective.

The back oversteps which left Ramsdale short was the self-evident blooper, thankfully VAR came to the rescue after Anthony Taylor first payed the penalty, because the keeper saved our bacon by getting a touch on the ball. It was accurately the kind of moment you need to avoid in a game like this, and it was careless, even if he did recommend a very dry pitching played a part. A carry-on for the onetime Brighton man to go away and study to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Further forward, it exactly didn't really click in the final third. It wasn't that we didn't have opportunities, and I ponder our absence of bite in this area was more down to not learning the right final pass, poverty-stricken decision making, and poverty-stricken hanging on a technical level. There were minutes where we dallied that last pass and it was under-hit. We can talk about a baked degree or long grass, but it was still something we should have done better.

Smith Rowe had a chance to cap off an excellent move but shot tamely at the defender, he also fired wide when set up by Pepe, and there were two opportunities I can cancel where a regular first touch from Saka would have seen him with close range shooting chances with only the custodian to beat. He searched off the pace a bit yesterday, perhaps a Euros hangover, or perhaps he simply needs that moment to spark his season into life-time( a North London derby goal, perhaps ?!).

To be fair, it was his driving run which appreciated him cynically chopped down by Ashley Westwood, and Odegaard penalized that fouled to the fullest extent with the free kick that fly over the wall and into the back of the net. I was a little surprised not to see Pepe over it, as he has some previous from that interval, but one of the things we've talked about is the Norwegian pas us more end product, and it was good to see him get off the mark for the new season. More to come, hopefully.

The closing stagecoaches were a bit sweaty, as you would expect with a 1-0 lead away from home against a squad which is going to aim their large-scale lumpy chunks at their big lumpy strikers, but there was nothing clear cut for Burnley and that's pleasing. I think we should have valued more based on some of the moves/ undermines "weve had" that broken down, but a win's a make at Turf Moor, and I think if you'd offered parties a 1-0 ahead, they'd have made your hand off.

Afterwards, Mikel Arteta was pleased with how his squad attacked 😛 TAGEND

I think the back four in general was really solid. We didn't concede much, even though they framed us under pressure. I thought they were really good. The commitment and the sentiment that they pictured throughout the game to find a way to triumph was the most pleasing thing for me, after the game.

I think if you'd said beforehand that we'd earn, finish video games with all six summer signals on the tar, and with a midfield duo of Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Albert Sambi Lokonga, beings would have been pleased and perhaps a little bit surprised. It's also worth mentioning that we finished without either Thomas Partey or Kieran Tierney( ache ), two players who would be considered fundamental to our chances of taking all three points.

Like last week, it wasn't perfect, but too like last week there were green shoots, things that add some help. The manager's team selection was great to see, especially as he has often been so cautious in the past, and the pre-game belief that Arsenal were going to go and get bullied by Burnley didn't materialise at all during those 90 hours. They researched us, sure as shooting, but we had the answers, and that was pleasing. I even watched Match of the Day last darknes!

So, two triumphs a sequence, six points, two clean sheets, and we now have a midweek League Cup fixture to contend with before next Sunday's North London derby. Considering where we were a few abruptly weeks ago, it feels better, so digits traversed we can continue to build some momentum.

Right, let's left open there for now. Have a good Sunday, back tomorrow with more on the blog and a brand new Arsecast Extra.

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Milenković Tottenham bound? Spurs set to beat out West Ham for Serbian’s signature

Tottenham look set to be called up to receive their reward, after the club’s ticket in the Nikola Milenkovic sweepstakes was plucked from the hat.

Tottenham are in talks to sign Nikola Milenkovic after his proposed move to West Ham broke down.

-- Sky Sports News (@ SkySportsNews) August 13, 2021

According to SkySports, Spurs are close to continuing their summer recruitment projects, amid contends they have steamed ahead of West Ham in the scoot for the Serbian international’s signature after his asset has risen far during his time in Florence with Serie A organization Fiorentina.

Spurs has so far been acquired advance in replacing long-time key central defensive pairing Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld, with Nuno Espirito Santo and new Director of Football Fabio Paratici having concluded a lot for another Serie A standout in Atalanta Bergamo’s Cristian Romero.

The north London outfit has regularly been linked with interest in acquiring another center-back, despite the transaction for Romero, which named them back a cool PS47 million.

Tottenham still in negotiation for Cristian Romero but no agreement more on EUR5 5m reward- he’s the priority. 100%. [?][?] #THFC

Plan B: open talks to sign 3 different advocates with same extent. Tomiyasu[ EUR1 8m ], Milenkovic[ EUR1 5m] and Zouma[ EUR2 5m ].

Caleta-Car, NOT even an option.

-- Fabrizio Romano (@ FabrizioRomano) July 26, 2021

Transfer guru Fabrizio Romano mentioned Tottenham’s interest in Milenkovic as early as July 26 th, among other mooted targets, including Chelsea’s Kurt Zouma. But with a deal with West Ham having broken down in the eleventh hour just as they seemed destined to conclude discussions, any quick-witted negotiations and subsequent swoop that can be hashed out by Paratici would present a second strong signing on his early CV with Spurs.

Heavy interest in Milenkovic is hardly a outrage, either, with the Belgrade-native and commodity of FK Partizan’s vaunted boy set-up coming to life in Serie A since his arrival in the home of the Rennaisance back in 2017. Milenkovic since went on to become 127 -appearances for La Viola across four successful seasons, tallying 11 -goals along the way, while his actions at club grade netted him a debut for his national unit that has been crafted into 28 -caps for Serbia to date.

Should Tottenham get their man, their extent at center-back could open up the possibility of a ordinary Espirito Santo back-three deployment.

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Try This Effective Prospecting Voicemail Script [Tips Included]

First-time sales outreach response is sinking. Harmonizing to Jill Konrath, 97% of all business calls now go to voicemail.

Download Now: 16 Sales Voicemail Script Templates

It's never been more important for salespeople to be good at leaving voicemails. Not only that, but voicemail can -- and should -- provide an assessment, instructed, and enhanced. First, let's review general voicemail etiquette.

1. Keep your salutation up-to-date.

Before we tackle appropriate voicemail etiquette for outbound letters, let’s firstly discuss suitable decorum for setting up your own voicemail system. As a professional, make sure you are regularly updating your voicemail reacting with information most relevant to those calling you.

For example, if you are planning to go on vacation for two weeks, make sure you update your voicemail responding stating how long you’ll be out of the role when you’ll be back -- and who can be contacted in your absence.

2. Let callers know when they can anticipate a response.

While you’re updating your voicemail greeting, make sure you give callers know when they can expect to receive a call back from you or from someone else from your firm. Most professionals opt for a 24 -hour callback window. Clearly state this in your voicemail reacting to set beliefs with your callers.

Now, let’s discuss voicemail etiquette for outbound messages.

3. Share your name and corporation relationship.

If you are calling an individual you haven’t spoken with before, are clearly your specify and company affiliation. Sharing a brief introduction plies some helpful situation for the individual you’re calling.

4. State the intention of your message.

Get to why you’re calling. Did you have a question you couldn’t find the answer to online? Are you asking about future business? Are you weighing your options about a acquire between a few cases different companies? State it clearly so the beneficiary of the see knows how to proceed.

5. Include your contact information at the beginning and end of the theme.

While it is a best tradition to cease your word with your contact information, that is only valuable when the recipient listens to your content until the end. By stating your call and telephone number earlier in the content and recurring it at the end, you’ll be able to pass your report along to those who may not first hear the meaning in its entirety.

6. Be concise.

If you can, try to keep your message 20 to 30 seconds long -- max. This is the sweet spot for sharing just enough information without going overboard, potentially get cut off by the recipient’s voice mailbox system, or having the listener hang up early because your message was simply too long. Speak clearly, scaped rambling, and get straight to the point.

7. Share your availability.

Similar to sharing your 24 -hour response time on your own voicemail message, give contacts know if there’s a good time to reach you when soliciting they call you back.

For example, when leaving a voicemail you were able to say, "You can give me a call back at XYZ-1 234. I am often available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm. I look forward to hearing from you." This makes your contact know exactly when they can reach you to continue the conversation.

Through personal experience and research, I’ve been able to identify the most effective voicemail script -- along with the keys to implementing it -- so "youre leaving" voicemails that generate an incredible response every time.

Protect your dialogue from becoming wooden with repeat. Instead, use bullet points to stay on track while keeping your colour and bringing casual.

The key to making a bullet-pointed write work is to practice. You can't read it line-for-line, so it's important to be addressed the quirks before you residence your call.

Here are my effective voicemail script missiles 😛 TAGEND

Your figure

Reason for calling

Benefit of calling you back

Your contact information

Promise of a follow-up email

To see these write missiles in action, I've delineated a situation below 😛 TAGEND

"Hello, Amy. This is Don with Purveyor Plus.

I'm calling because you downloaded our navigate to building successful vacation commerce expeditions, and I have a case study you might find valuable. It's all about how Company B elevated festivity email open paces by 25% and ascertained a 10% increase in revenue using Marketers Plus.

If you'd like to learn more, my count is 123 -4 56 -7 890. I'll likewise follow up with an email containing the case study. I look forward to hearing what you think. Have a great day."

This voicemail is simple, parcelled with quality, and simple. It also mounts the style for what doing business with you is like. But transmission is everything. So, take a look at these gratuities for implementing your voicemail write like a pro.

How to Leave a Voicemail: 6 Tips for Business 1. Practice.

If you want to improve your voicemail performance, get deliberate in your tradition. This implies creating a highly organized rehearse routine that offers bountiful opportunity for repetition and immediate feedback.

This marketings voicemail rehearse consists of three periods: before, during, and after.

Before you dial: Before you make any announces, start with setting a destination for your voicemails that day. Will you be working on your flavor? Your passion? The section of the letter? Whatever it is, decide how to accomplish that goal by developing specific, technique-oriented contrives.

While leaving the message: During voicemails, focus on execution in the moment. This process, called metacognition, enables you to mentally see your own process from the outside. Develop this skill and you will be able to react to changing conditions speedily, in addition to improving your voicemail talents.

After you hang up: After each voicemail, evaluate your recital. Most voicemail systems offer the option of listening to the voicemail you only left. Listen to the recording -- it is not lie. The preserve gives you the most specific feedback for betterment. Doing this as much as possible will improve your voicemail achievement more than anything.

Approach voicemails with a technical mentality, and tally each one. Create a tally membrane with a rating system that addresses the following points 😛 TAGEND

Would you save that voicemail?

Would you return that request?

Would you return that call right away?

Are you missing the basics( alternative telephone number, optimal ways to get in touch, a fallback person to call )?

Did you craft it or wing it?

Save the highest-rated voicemails. And be honest about which ones you would delete. Those are the ones that need your attention. Separate those elements that need help, and focus on one at a time until perfect voicemails become second nature.

Continue to measure voicemails as you compose your results. For example, RingDNA locates the best times to call are 6:45 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. The worst durations are Monday mornings from 6:00 a.m. to noon and Friday afternoons. Try different call times and see what works for you.

Remember, you need real-world situations to prepare for the sales game. Roleplay with colleagues and friends to get honest feedback on your voicemails.

2. Be presentable and straightforward.

As you practice and orchestrate your auctions voicemails, you’ll start to determine some best practises. Write these down, and use them as an outline for future labels. Here got a few of my best practices.

Leave your telephone number twice: This ensures understanding and aids the prospect write it down accurately. However, don’t repeat yourself -- say the same thing in a different way. For example: "Call me back at 8-7-7-9-7-7-8-0-8-0. Again, that is 8-7-7-9-77-80-80. "

Use the prospect’s call often: People given attention when their call is mentioned. After all, "theyve been" stated to pay attention to their name their entire animation. If you just wanted to get someone’s attention, use their name.

Include a credible lesson: Who are you cured? If you don’t speak with authority, borrow it.

Keep it to 17 seconds or less: Too many reps are the inside sales equivalent of chatty grandmas -- sloping mixtures, discussing pieces, and render appreciate propositions over a voicemail. Long voicemails are not going to get you responses. Quite the contrary. Voicemails should be 17 seconds or less. They should simply arouse a prospect’s interest. Save your real pitch for an actual sales call.

Ever provision context: Whether it's your last meeting or a recent ebook download, have a relevant reason for announcing in order to get the prospect's attention.

Offer clear value: State upfront how you can help the prospect. Are you saving them go or money, or helping them get promoted? Let them know the benefit.

Ask for what you want: Clearly state your purpose and the next steps. Whether it's a demo, an appointment, or the best contact to talk to, simply ask for it.

3. Research your potential.

The difference between a cold voicemail and a warm voicemail is research. Research starts a distinction compelling a prospect to return your call over the countless others in their voice mailbox.

Visit the prospect’s website and probe their solutions. Use implements and technology that accumulate more information about the prospect, such as their social profiles, their past know, their connects, and so on.

Find a piece of connective tissue, such as an alma mater, a favorite athletics unit, or a common domesticated( I’m a pup admirer, personally ). This opens the conversation and shows that you’ve done your research.

Your study should include finding other parties in the prospect’s organization. Selecting the right people, such as the prospect’s manager or department head, promotes the ability to build rapport and lends a matter of urgency when you mention them in the voicemail.

When you improved rapport, you’ve got more influence and you'll get more callbacks.

4. Be positive.

If you demand your promises to get back to you, you better sound exciting. If you have a monotone voice or sound generally unenthusiastic on a voicemail, you are almost certainly not going to get a response.

Remember, the idea is for potentials to want to talk to you. Your tone can obligate or interrupt the voicemail. So, retain, you’re not vexing them -- you’re enlightening them. If you have a purpose for calling, you’re never going to difficulty them.

A positive demeanour extend to your expression and how you’re speaking. At the same time, if the prospect can’t hear or was told you, all of your work is squandered. Follow the four Cs 😛 TAGEND

Be Clear: Drink water, clear your throat, invest in resources like a good headset and phone. Be as wary as possible about speaking clearly.

Be Concise: Keep it short and simple.

Use a good Cadence: Don’t be afraid of strategic interruptions, and vary the hurry of your transmission.

Be Compelling: Speak with approval.

Perhaps the biggest mistake in a sales voicemail is pitching too aggressively. If you sound like a smarmy used automobile salesclerk, your potentials are going to delete your voicemails faster than you can say "lowest price guaranteed! "

Avoid marketings speak and buzzwords. It’s okay if your prospect knows you're a sales rep. Qualified expectations don’t mind hearing from sales reps. They precisely want to speak to reps that are helpful, knowledgeable, and possess integrity.

Most importantly, have fun with it. If you don't enjoy leaving a voicemail, you might not be in the liberty job.

5. Provide value.

A good voicemail is even more about the future prospects than the salesperson. Especially when cold calling, you want to provide as much value as possible to incentivize your potential to return your call.

If you can, try to mention a tangible benefit the prospect can obtain by are concerned with you. Whether you immediately state understanding of a challenge they are facing( that you learned of during the research phase) or can share a brief statistic related to an area of interest for them.

This tells the prospect that they will benefit from calling you back and hearing what you have to say.

6. Leave a call-to-action.

After a prospect finishes listening to your email, they should be very clear on what the next step of the sales process is. Whether you discontinued the voicemail querying issues and questions they are motivated to answer, left your contact information instructing them to call you back, or told them to look out for a follow-up email, the letter recipient should know exactly what’s coming next, and how to behave accordingly if they are interested in the deal.

To keep the sale moving, be as specific as possible about next steps.

Voicemails can add value, whether or not a prospect calls you back right away. Even if a voicemail prompts an email response or call-back six months down the line, it's valuable. The better your voicemails, the most likely you'll get a response.

1. Concise and Focused

I touched on this earlier, but it's worth replicate. Keep your voicemails short and sweet. Very few -- if any -- of your prospects are interested in spending multiple times listening to you make small talk or rattle off your offering's features and benefits.

Make sure your speech is both air-tight and pithy. That doesn't mean you have to rush, but it does mean you have to know your point and get to it quickly.

2. Backed by Preparation

This point is more or less an extension of the top above. If you want to avoid reverberating touchy and long-winded, you need to know what you're going to say -- every good marketings voicemail is conducted with confidence and exhaustive goal. The key to delivering on both is having well-prepared, personalized voicemail messaging at your disposal.

3. Conversational

At its core, sales is a people-oriented practice -- so naturally, if you want to leave an effective sales voicemail, you need to sound like a person. If you announce too rigid or robotic, your meaning might come off as imposing or impersonal.

You also don't want to confuse them with too much technological lingo and complex vocab. Keep things on the lighter surface and coming your voicemails conversationally.

4. Professional

Now, this might seem like I'm reneging on what I has been said, but you can easily reconcile this extent with the one above. While you should keep your tone conversational, you can't do carried away.

If you sound extremely relaxed or overly familiar, you're going to undermine both your and your company's credibility. People want to buy from an expert -- not person trying too hard to bang cool. So evaded coming off as too laid back and using too much slang, "um's, " and "yeah's."

5. Actionable

A compelling marketings voicemail won't be particularly effective if your promise "ve no idea" how they should respond. You can't precisely rattle off what they stand to gain from leveraging your product or service and then hang up. Always offer some next steps or insight on what they should expect next -- like another telephone calls or a follow-up email.

6. Results-Oriented

Like almost any other marketings communication, sales voicemails need to revolve around the concrete benefits your promise can expect to see if they leverage your solution -- not your product or service's suite of features.

Make sure your sales voicemails show the hard answers clients insure more than they relay how those results are achieved. Your top priority is grabbing your prospect's attention -- you can dig into the nitty-gritty aspects of a sale as your relationship progresses.

7. Proactive but Not Aggressive

A auctions voicemail is impossible to get still further if its content is too passive and your transmission is indecisive or mousy. Remember, people want to buy from someone who knows what they're do. If you give them too much of a "ball is in your tribunal; feel free to get back to me or don't" feeling, they'll have a hard time trusting your the skills and dedication.

That being said, you want to stop short of coming off as vigorous. Remember to keep your tone conversational, and try not to badger expectations with too many voicemails. There's a middle ground between being pushy and being a pushover -- "ve been trying to" strike that balance.

Prospecting Voicemail Mistakes 1. Winging It

Stuttering, rambling, or reproducing yourself all make for less-than-stellar sales voicemails that expectations will be less inclined to respond to. That's why you can't try to figure out what you want to say as you're leaving the message.

Avoid piecing your voicemail together on the fly -- as I mentioned earlier, a good one is backed by preparation. So prepare, prepare, and prepare some more.

2. Being Too Pushy

A solid sales voicemail can't be too intrusive or read like a schedule of expects. At no spot should you say something like, "You need to call me back, " or sound exasperated given the fact that they haven't gotten in touch with you.

Sound auctions efforts are consultative and customer-centric, and sales voicemails are no different. They should revolve around helping your prospect -- not forcing them along your pipeline.

3. Overly Technical

A auctions voicemail is no time to lock into the technical specs of your product or service. You can't take it as an opportunity to describe the nuances of how all of its features work -- ended with confusing, technical jargon and long-winded detail.

You exclusively have so much better time to make a meaningful intuition on your potential. Stick to talking about the tangible benefits you can offer, and keep your language straightforward and accessible.

4. Being All Over the Place

I've stressed it throughout such articles, and I'll stress it again -- your auctions voicemails have to be concise and airtight. That involves being locked in on exactly what you're trying to get across. You can't go off on a series of tangents that may or may not apply to your prospect's situation. Keep your messaging as focused as possible.

5. Not Finishing on an Open-Ended Note

A sales voicemail can't do too much for you if there's no apartment for any sort of progression. If you really grant an explanation of your offering's benefits without establishing what that potential should do or can expect next, you might close the door on a sale -- straight off the bat.

Voicemails can add value, whether or not a prospect calls you back right off. Even if a voicemail initiations an email response or call back six months down the line, it's valuable. The better your voicemails, the most likely you'll get a response.

Editor's note: This announce was originally published in 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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Black-eyed Children – Mysterious Beings Seek Permission To Enter Person’s Abode

Described as childlike beings with eerie coal black eyes , no iris or students, and pale, grey scalp, a scourge of mysterious black-eyed children have been reported all over the world.

There are hundreds of reports of black-eyed children, often seen in groups of two or more, who ask for permission to enter the person’s home or vehicle.

Witnesses often report an overwhelm feeling of dread and despair in their attendance. What the black-eyed children try is not known.

Reports of black-eyed children increase in 2014

In August 2014, a woman reported an encounter with a black-eyed child after hearing deathly screams while on a accompany with her daughter near the marshy countryside of Cannock Chase in the province of Staffordshire, England.

“My daughter and I were going through Birches Valley when we heard the screams of a young child. I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl, but they unquestionably seemed in distress and sounded very close to us, we are therefore instant started leading towards the noise.

“We couldn’t find the child anywhere and so stopped to catch our wheeze. That’s when I turned round and interpreted a girl standing behind me , no more than 10 year olds, with her hands over her eyes.

“It was as if she was waiting for a birthday cake. I asked if she was OK and if she had been the one screaming. She put her arms down by her place and opened her eyes. That’s when I discover they were completely black , no iris , no grey , nothing. I mounted back and grabbed my daughter. When I glanced again, the child was gone.”

Another encounter with a black-eyed child referred to in Cannock Chase a few months later on September 13, 2014.

“My wife and I were treading though Cannock Chase near to Stile Cop with our pup. Once we had entered the woodland, and the road was no longer evident, we started to hear the giggling interference of a little girl. To our astonishment, small children , no taller than one meter[ 3 hoofs] in summit performed as if out of nowhere further up the track in front of us. We stopped dead in our racetracks after noticing her looks had no color ... She gazed at us for around five minutes before running away into a densely grouped place of trees.”

An investigator told Daily Mail that the reports of black-eyed children have begun to increase since 2013. He said that during interviews with bystanders, descriptions of the black-eyed children were always similar and noted that during the past two years they have been receiving an average of one black-eyed kid report every other month.

Black-eyed children have been reported in Staffordshire since the 80 ’s

Reports of black-eyed children are nothing brand-new in Staffordshire- they have been recorded in the area since the 1980 ’s including their respective reports from journalist Lee Brickley of a black-eyed child determine by his aunt in the same area as last-place month’s sighting.

“In the summer of 1982, my aunt was 18 year olds, and she and her friends would often fulfill on Cannock Chase in the night occasion ... One evening, just before dark, she heard a little girl madly shouting of providing assistance.

“Rushing to unearth the bang, she stumbled upon a soil line and capture display of the girl, about six year’s old running in the opposite direction. When my aunt caught up, the girl turned around and gazed her in the eyes, and then ran off into the dark woodland. Her attentions had been completely black with no discover of white.”

According to Brickley, the aunt considering imparting shoot but decided against it, policy decisions he felt may have been lifesaving.

“It seems likely that even if my auntie had continued to chase that little girl, she would never have caught her, because it wasn’t a child at all, but an evil force.”

Mysterious black-eyed children recognized in Staffordshire, EnglandMore than 10 years later( 1996 ), American journalist Brian Bethel described his terrifying meeting with two of the strange black-eyed creatures.

“There was a knock on my driver’s side window. Two young boys, somewhere between nine to 12 year olds and dressed in hooded pullovers, stood outside. I cracked the window a bit, envisioning a spiel for money, but I was immediately gripped by an incomprehensible, soul-wracking fear. I had no mind why.

“Both boys looked at me with coal-black eyes. The sort of eyes one envisions these days on foreigners or bargain-basement fiends on late light television. Soulless orbs like two great swathes of starless night.”

What are the black-eyed children?

Several ideologies exist regarding the terrifying black-eyed children spotted around Staffordshire. Some feel the children are some sort of alien creature while others allege they are the admirers of the infamous Slender Man, childlike fiends, or the ghosts of assassinated children( a string of child assassinations reportedly occurred in the area during the 1960 ’s ).

Still others believe that Staffordshire’s black-eyed children are evil entities seeking to enter the witness’s vehicle or home for rationalizations that have yet to be revealed.

Other narrations from others about their encounters with black-eyed children

The following are a collection of black-eyed children narrations gathered from various sources. Each narrative was reported by the witness themselves, in their own words.

May we use your phone?

“It nearly felt like a dream. I woke up to my dog, Lucy, barking. She was upright on the bunked where my husband and I were sleeping with our 22 month old daughter, "ve been staring at" our doorway like an uncharted stranger was out there rummaging around. I pictured she was just freaking out over a mansion racket.

We’d simply had her for three month and she was still a puppy. It could have been anything- our roommate, a groan from the house settling, the canopies moving outside in the breeze- I wasn’t too concerned initially.

I decided the best bet would be to open the door and appearance her nothing was there. It resounds a little bit silly, but it’s what we do with our daughter when she gets scared, and I figured it should work with a puppy, extremely. I opened the door and she scooted to the front door.

She stood there, snarling at the door. It was an angry, murderou snarl, one I had never heard her shape before. I glanced groggily at her and opened the baby gate obstruct the doorway, planning to open the door and appearance her everything was OK.

The second my hands contacted for the deadbolt, Lucy exited mad. She started barking and climbed toward me, and when I touched the metal, she suddenly changed her temper. She whimpered, almost like she was afraid and backing down. As her peculiarity reformed, so did mine- I wasn’t pacify anymore. My heart was racing and sinking at the same time. I had been spate with a mixture of horror and dread. I inspected through the hole. I can’t explain why I searched, but I did. Outside were two kids.

[ One] was slender and sallow. Her hair was a light shade of honey blonde, and she wore it long, about mid-back, with long, thin, dampen slams in the figurehead that covered most of her eyes. She wore jeans, a light-wash that’s popular right now, and a thin-looking olive colored pullover vogue hoodie.

She impounded the entrust of a small girl, who appeared to be around 3 or 4, in the same style jeans and a button-down ivory cardigan. The smaller one look back the storey shyly, but had the same shade of hair, bind back in a ponytail. She contained a substance plaything under her free weapon, and it was identical to one my daughter has- as was their style of dress.

Had it not been for the feeling of devastating dread and fear, I probably would have asked these children in and given them some tea or hot chocolate to get them out of the embittered cold. Something about them seemed off. At this point, I hadn’t making such a noise- I hadn’t shushed the dog or grouched , nothing- I hadn’t turned on any light-coloreds, these minors "havent had" shows I was at the door. The older one spoke.

She had a voice that was mature, confidant, strong, and accentless. She viewed her manager tilted downward, and I couldn’t appreciate her eyes. She said “We have to use your phone.” I stood frozen in fright. How did she know I was there? She created her heading to face me instantly, and that was when I considered her gazes.

There was a reason I couldn’t view them through her thuds before- they were black, or midnight blue, or a dark, dark purple- they were otherworldly. She said. “Our mom is worried...”

I did not answer her. Slowly and mutely, I backed away from the door, Lucy still crouching at my ankles. She stopped talking. “Just made us in to use your phone.” I made another step back, and with that gradation, the tone changed. At first, she seemed respectful. When I took that second step back, she became dominating, almost hostile. We’re not going to hurt you. If we wanted to do that, we would have broken in. I’ll ask again. May we come in and use your phone? ”

Lucy snarled at the door, and I inched backward, though something inside me appears to be gradually drawing me back toward the door. It wasn’t a physical draw so much as a subconscious need to go back and make them in.”

Black eyed kids

You must let me in

“Before my experience I had never heard of anything "re going to have to" do with the black eyed kids. I was 12. I was sitting outside of a hairdressers in an old-fashioned Chevy pickup waiting for my mummy to get her whisker chipped. About 15 hours had overtaken and I realized some kid step back and forth along the sidewalk in front of my parked car.

At first I reputed I recognized him as one of your best friend from institution so I slammed on the front windshield until he searched my style. It was not anyone I knew. At this pitch I was not scared at all. Not yet. The boy sauntered over to the side of my care and just looks.

I think to let me get a good look at his eyes. To freak me out. Let me tell you .. If you have never seen a black eyed kid .. You have no idea what to imagine. Pupils black as the nighttime sky.

The boy mutters “You must let me in” and then I locked the car openings and ducked down into the space below the seats. Five minutes later he was gone. When my mother got into the car she "ve been told" a boy with black eyes had come into the hairdressers had claimed for my mother to give him the keys to the car.”

May we use your telegraph?

“Just as I dosed off I hear a whack come the front porch. Startled at first I open my sees wide and scan the apartment. Realizing it was most likely my cat scratching himself on the front porch I dosage back up. Then again, the clunk ... I went out of bed to run him off the foyer simply to see he wasn’t there any more...

A few minutes[ later] I felt the rapid advise to look up at the kitchen window, there they were. The exceeds of two short-lived statured people’s fronts cresting the stairs really above my opening formulate.

The beings has only just been short-lived sufficient to not see in the window but I could see out ... Pissed off I went out to the kitchen, opened and opened the door ready to run around to the side of the house and kick some little jackass ass. Standing there examining up at me were two 10 or 11 year old boys. The feeling of dread and the smell of molding approximately constructed me upchuck.

The smaller of the two then spoke “May we use your telegraph? ” Huh? I exactly stared blankly at these sons, horrified of what I then recognise. Their sees were soot black. He expected again to use my “telegraph”.

There wasn’t a racket to listen to no crickets chirping , no pups barking , no gondolas driving by. Nothing. I tried to play it cool and overlook the fact that he didn’t say telephone, or telephone, or cadre, anything that would have made any sense of the situation and calmly replied “I don’t have busines at my house sorry.” The express on their faces turned to rage as I finished my sentence.”

Sources: Huffington Post, Reddit, Wikipedia, Mirror UK, Buzzfeed, Daily Star

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Football is coming home. Here’s how to watch England in Euro 2020 when you’re not.

Watch Euro 2020 from anywhere in the world.

TL ;D R: You can watch Euro 2020 from anywhere in the world with a VPN, and we've found the best lots to help you save on streaming.

We all know by now that it's coming home. It's self-evident. We've seen fairly from England to say without a dark of uncertainty that it is indeed coming home in 2021, so it's time to offset plans to watch all of the remaining games.

You don't need to worry if you're home for the rest of the tournament, but what if you're travelling during the final stages of Euro 2020? If you're out of the country, you might not be able to access the BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub. That's a reason to worry.

You could are dependent upon a dodgy creek that sheds even dodgier adverts your route, or you could bypass content regulations to watch the games on the BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub from abroad. To do this, all you need is a VPN. These assistances hide your real IP address and connect you to a server in the UK, wanting you can trick these streaming locates into thinking you are sat in the solace of your own home.

We've lined up a selection of the best VPNs for watching Euro 2020, with the very best distributes accessible right now 😛 TAGEND

Private Internet Access -- PS2. 19 per month for a two-year plan with 2 month free( 30 -day money-back guarantee)

Private Internet Access volunteers an absolutely big network of servers based all over the world, which is really useful for streaming.

Save 78% on Private Internet Access

Credit: PIA

Save 78% on Private Internet Access

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ExpressVPN -- PS4. 85 per month for a one-year plan with three months free( 30 -day money-back guarantee)

ExpressVPN is super fast and probably the very best at unblocking streaming areas. It's not the cheapest option, but that's the cost you pay for reliability.

Save 49% on ExpressVPN

Credit: ExpressVPN

Save 49% on ExpressVPN

Buying Alternative

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NordVPN -- PS3. 05 per month for a two-year plan( 30 -day money-back guarantee)

NordVPN is a strong option for opening streaming websites, but it glitters when it is necessary to security and privacy.

Save 69% on NordVPN

Credit: NordVPN

Save 69% on NordVPN

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CyberGhost VPN -- PS1. 75 per month for a one-year plan with three months free( 45 -day money-back guarantee)

CyberGhost VPN proposals decent speedings, a big structure of servers, and a slick boundary. Where's the catch. There isn't one. CyberGhost VPN doesn't really have weakness.

Save 82% on CyberGhost VPN

Credit: CyberGhost VPN

Save 82% on CyberGhost VPN

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PureVPN -- PS2. 55 per month for a two-year plan( 31 -day money-back guarantee)

PureVPN sometimes delivers sketchy tie quickens, but readers still get plenty of advanced pieces at a low price. Customer service is also great, which is useful for VPN newbies.

Save 73% on PureVPN

Credit: PureVPN

Save 73% on PureVPN

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Surfshark -- PS1. 76 per month for a two-year plan( 30 -day money-back guarantee)

Surfshark has already made a big impression with utterly loadings of affecting features and an unlimited number of connections with the same plan. This is really useful for large households with a lot of devices.

Save 81% on Surfshark

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Save 81% on Surfshark

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The best streaming websites for watching all your beloved evidences

The best VPN spates in July 2021

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Arsenal transfer news: Arsenal have Ben White back-up plan & Smith-Rowe bid

Arsenal move news

In this article, we’ll cover all of today’s Arsenal transfer news.

Ben White back-up plan

Arsenal are working to bring Ben White to the Emirates this summer having already had a bid rebuffed for the Brighton midfielder.

Now they have changed their proposal so that more money would be provided up front in the hope this seduces Brighton to change their minds.

Arsenal improve offer for Ben White as Chelsea register interest in England international. https :// t.co/ 1TeW7t6xJFhttps :// t.co/ iuaLoVvPbo pic.twitter.com/ 0KEiD14DIY

-- Duncan Castles (@ DuncanCastles) July 4, 2021

However, should they fail to bring in White, Edmond Tapsoba is seen as the back-up choice to White with the Burkina Faso international being a long-term target.

Bayer Leverkusen would nonetheless demand a sizeable cost who read the 22 -year-old as a long-term part of the club’s future.

#AFC Bayer Leverkusen turned down give for main target #Tapsoba two weeks ago. Arsenal are going for #Brighton CB Ben #White @tvdellosport

-- Gianluigi Longari (@ Glongari) July 4, 2021

Saliba buy option rubbished

William Saliba is set to leave the club for yet another loan away from the club.

Marseille are said to be the team vying heavily for his signature and the onetime Saint-Etienne youngster has already' picked’ them as his most favourable option.

William Saliba situation isn’t huge but everyone involved acquired he needs full season of regular& ideally Euro football. Not realistic at Arsenal but should be on loan( Marseille his select ). How it extends for 20 yo+ #AFC likely to dictate future @TheAthleticUK https :// t.co/ RemZlyyb5J

-- David Ornstein (@ David_Ornstein) July 3, 2021

However there were suggestions the French area had set a buyout clause for the player but football.london reporter Chris Wheatley has now rubbished these claims.

There is no obligation clause in William Saliba’s loan deal to Marseille. It’s a straight lend. #AFC

-- Chris Wheatley (@ ChrisWheatley_) July 4, 2021

Matteo Guendouzi’s parting words

Matteo Guendouzi could be with Saliba next season with the French midfielder set to sign for Marseille more on credit but with an obligation to buy in the deal.

Guendouzi closing in on a move to Marseille. Saliba could meet him, but good-for-nothing agreed yet.

Full story https :// t.co/ Hjsifhj1 3i

-- Charles Watts (@ charles_watts) July 3, 2021

Arsenal are expected to make around PS1 0 million for the musician and he has now spoke out about the' failure' Arsenal had last season in one of his final interrogations as an Arsenal player 😛 TAGEND

“To see that the organization failed to qualify for European competition for the first time in 25 years hurts deep. Arsenal must return to where it belongs. I don’t know the reasons for the disappointment because I wasn’t there last-place season.”

“But I’m concerned about the club’s situation because Arsenal deserve great things. I am a Gunner from the bottom of my heart and will remain so , no matter what.”

Arsenal transfer news: Arsenal have Ben White back-up plan, Saliba latest, Matteo Guendouzi speaks out, Smith-Rowe bid imminent

MOENCHENGLADBACH, GERMANY- DECEMBER 12: Matteo Guendouzi of Hertha BSC celebrates after tallying his team’s first goal during the Bundesliga match between Borussia Moenchengladbach and Hertha BSC at Borussia-Park on December 12, 2020 in Moenchengladbach, Germany. Sporting stadiums around Germany remain under strict controls due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing constitutions proscribe fans inside venues arising in sports being played behind closed doors.( Photo by Sascha Steinbach- Pool/ Getty Images)

Smith-Rowe attempt is planned for third time

Aston Villa have already had two orders rejected by Arsenal for Emile Smith-Rowe. The Gunners have categorically said that the participate is not for sale.

However, this is doing nothing to deter the Villans for coming back again with another offer.

A bid in the region of PS3 2.5 million is said to be lodged in the hope it can persuade Arsenal to part with him.

Villa see Smith-Rowe as possible replacement for Jack Grealish should he leave this summer but also would like him to play with the England international.

Arsenal have been said to be unwilling to accept an proposal 3 times Villa’s original bid.

Well look, every single player at a association like Arsenal has a figure where they’re sellable because more could be done elsewhere. But I was told by one beginning at Arsenal that triple the initial proposal would not be enough. Not sure if we’ll ever find out the answer to that.

-- James Benge (@ jamesbenge) June 28, 2021

Matteo Guendouzi speaks out over future/ Approves he is' concerned’ by ongoings at ArsenalDetails: Matteo Guendouzi to join Saliba at Marseille as Arsenal fans take aim at Arteta over cost impair

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‘In Mourinho’s backyard’ – Scintillating Luke Shaw takes the plaudits as England show up dismal Ukraine

England met short part of Ukraine to book a distinguish in the semi-finals of Euro 2020 this evening, with Luke Shaw having since confirmed the are speaking about social media.

Kane at the double

Gareth Southgate’s humen concluded the trip-up to the Stadio Olimpico a short time ago.

The Three Lions leader into proceedings brimming with confidence, on the back of a morale-boosting downing of old foes Germany in the Round-of-1 6.

In turn, they were viewed as widespread favourites to fasten a semi-final berth this evening, with Ukraine, despite their own spot in the Last-8, having not exactly lit up the international stage this summer.

Few, however, would likely have predicted just how comfortable a victory England would go on to secure.

After Harry Kane opened the game’s scoring inside five minutes, the floodgates opened in a major road upon the two nations’ reemergence for the 2nd-half.

Sterling >>>> Kane [?]

What a pellet! What a beginning for England!

Watch and listen to #UKRENG on the BBC https :// t.co/ SgXUFtqSx6 #Euro2020 #bbceuro2020 pic.twitter.com/ IFtfHIAFbw

-- Match of the Day (@ BBCMOTD) July 3, 2021

Harry Maguire was first up , nodding residence Luke Shaw’s pinpoint bringing to double the Three Lions’ advantage. The aforementioned Kane then positioned Southgate and co. out of sight with his 3rd in two competitions just minutes later 😛 TAGEND

Harry Kane is well and truly BACK!

Watch and listen to #UKRENG on the BBC https :// t.co/ SgXUFtqSx6 #Euro2020 #bbceuro2020 pic.twitter.com/ oDYZzsTKtg

-- Match of the Day (@ BBCMOTD) July 3, 2021

And there was even time for replace Jordan Henderson to get in on the act, taking advantage of some slack marker at the heart of Ukraine’s backline to head residence his first-ever international goal.

England, in turn, march on to a semi-final showdown with Denmark, with dreams of bringing an end to the nation’s 55 -year wait for silverware very much alive.

Super Shaw

On the back of the action coming to a close in Rome, meanwhile, it has all along been come as little surprise to see a entire legion of Three Lions hotshots singled out for praise.

The likes of goalscorers Kane and Maguire, Raheem Sterling, Declan Rice and more all glisten over the course of the 90 times this evening.

None, however, has been more widely showered in adulation than Luke Shaw.

The Manchester United left-back, fresh off the back of a wonderful campaign at fraternity statu, scarcely kept a foot wrong all night on Saturday, protecting stoutly, whilst a constant affecting outlet down the England left.

The latter culminated in Shaw bagging not one, but two penalty expedites, to bridge the gap on David Beckham in the nation’s history books 😛 TAGEND

Only David Beckham( 5) provides us with more facilitates for England at the European Championships than Luke Shaw( 3 ).

The Manchester United connection. pic.twitter.com/ QGhB3oIZVg

-- Squawka Football (@ Squawka) July 3, 2021

The Red Devils stopper shining at the Stadio Olimpico, the brand-new residence of none other than his biggest detractor- Jose Mourinho- was also picked up on by droves of England and United partisans alike.

Check out the best of the social media action below 😛 TAGEND

Luke Shaw masterclass in Jose Mourinho’s back yard...

-- Adam McKola (@ AdamMcKola) July 3, 2021

Luke shaw ... astounding achievement !!!!!

-- Micah Richards (@ MicahRichards) July 3, 2021

Luke Shaw turning into primary Maldini......

-- Simon Stone (@ sistoney6 7) July 3, 2021

Luke Shaw arrange on a masterclass in Jose’s new municipal. pic.twitter.com/ jFGJTggGwE

-- Roberto Mancini hypeman Ryan Conway (@ RJConway9 2) July 3, 2021

Luke Shaw at Euro 2020. pic.twitter.com/ p00Jt9ux82

-- ESPN UK (@ ESPNUK) July 3, 2021

Luke Shaw’s formation. Incredible. Game-changer from left-back.

-- Premier League Panel (@ PremLeaguePanel) July 3, 2021

Luke Shaw more assists in 3m 51 s vs Ukraine than Zinedine Zidane did in 14 appearances at the Euros

-- Duncan Alexander (@ oilysailor) July 3, 2021

Luke Shaw clearly heard that Jose Mourinho arrived in Rome yesterday

What a rendition pic.twitter.com/ tvOsflG0N 2

-- ESPN UK (@ ESPNUK) July 3, 2021

Luke Shaw’s activity by amounts vs. Ukraine 😛 TAGEND

100% long pass accuracy 100% tackles earned 81% pass accuracy 3 attempted traverses 3 successful crossings 3 probabilities procreated 2 big chances generated 2 assists

Light work. pic.twitter.com/ yB7Nq9cnGN

-- Statman Dave (@ StatmanDave) July 3, 2021

Luke Shaw really followed Jose Mourinho to Rome, discontinued 2 help with a massive operation on his doorstep and left.

-- ManUnitedMedia (@ ManUnitedMedia) July 3, 2021

Danish delight in Baku as Denmark advance with win over Czech RepublicWhy Cristiano Ronaldo, despite Patrik Schick’s strike vs Denmark, is still on route for the Euro 2020 Golden Boot

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The G.O.A.T. Prevails: Phil Ivey Sweeps Patrik Antonius in WPT Heads-Up Finale

Phil Ivey evidenced once again why he's considered arguably the best poker player of all-time in the $25,000 buy-in WPT Heads-Up Poker Championship. The Poker Hall of Famer reached Tuesday's final round, and swiftly dumped Patrik Antonius in three straight matches.

phil ivey patrik antonius

Phil Ivey offset immediate piece of Patrik Antonius.( Image: YouTube)

In doing so, Ivey claims the tournament championship along with the $400,000 first place prize. Antonius, a onetime Full Tilt Poker pro much like Ivey, received $200,000 for second place out of 32.

The final round was quicker than expected. In the climax, the format differed a bit from the first four rounds, in which the equals were determined by a best-of-three format. The first actor to prevail three pairs( best-of-five) would take home the title.

Both participates faced stiff race along the way to reach the finals. Antonius overcame Doug Polk and Sam Greenwood, while Ivey bested four straight skilled professionals -- Manig Loeser, Anthony Zinno, Stephen Chidwick, and Christopher Kruk.

The World Poker Tour couldn't have scripted a much better finals dream matchup. Ivey and Antonius, two of the most popular players of all-time, have an thorough record against one another, playing countless hours together in high bets currency competitions back in the Full Tilt Poker eras and on televised poker evidences such as Poker After Dark and High Stake Poker. Tuesday's accord won't be the last time they'll face off, but it was quite entertaining.

The Dominant Phil Ivey

If you were hoping for a tedious, back and forth battle between two poker beings, all you got was a battle between two poker monstrous. The lengthy responsibility, on the other hand , not so much. Ivey uttered immediate act of his final heads-up opponent in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Tuesday.

The tournament took place on the Poker King app, a poker start-up promoted by Ivey, Tom Dwan, and other high-profile pros. Although they dallied from a tablet, both actors were set across from each other at a beachside resort.

In the first recreation, Antonius pranced out to an early extend, but the chippings were flying around the virtual find, both playing too aggressive. Ivey would soon take over the induce before going it all-in pre-flop with pocket 9' s against -A8. The timber rolled out 7-Q-5-7-4, giving the 10 -time WSOP bracelet winner a 1-0 lead.

In the second game, the coincide lasted about a half hour before Antonius decided to take a stand with K-7 on a board of 4-Q-8-3-9. With 45,200 chips left with, about half of Ivey's stack, he decided to give an all-in bluff a shot. The only problem was his opponent viewed pocket jacks and didn't even see folding.

On to game three they travelled with Antonius in anguish procedure needing to win three straight. Less than 10 hours into the game, Ivey flopped the stone-cold nutter butters with 3-4( 2-6-5) and was up against -A6. The turn was atrocious to Antonius( A ), giving up top two-pair. When the board paired a 2 on the river and previously 61,000 in the utensil, Ivey jammed for 65,000 and his adversary are not able to get away with it.

That left Antonius down to crumbs. He'd bounce back a bit and get the game back to a 4-1 inadequacy, but that was short lived. Ivey got the rest of his stack with top duet against centre duet instants last-minute. In doing so, he wrapped up yet another poker title, lending $400,000 to his already affecting poker tournament resume( over $31 million in monies ). He's the G.O.A.T. for a reason.

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Africa: UN Calls for Better Remittance Services At Lower Cost

[ VOA] The United Society is insisting reforms that make it easier for migrants to send coin back to their home countries, as it says its annual International Day of Family Remittance.

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Joel Embiid Has His Eyes on a Different Prize

Getty Images/ AP Images/ Ringer sketch

Nikola Jokic took home MVP, but the Sixers center is angling for a bigger piece of hardware this postseason. More recitals like his one against the Hawks in Game 2 time might get him there.

There’s an easy tale to tell here: “On the same day Nikola Jokic was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player, Joel Embiid went out intent on showing why he should’ve finished at the top of the ballot.” Doc Rivers, always a friend to the working press, even led ahead and teed it up.

After Game 2 against Atlanta on Tuesday, the 76 ers instruct cancelled what it was like to be a member of the 1994 -9 5 Spurs, to watch David Robinson accept that season’s MVP trophy before the start of the Western Conference finals against the Rockets ... and then watch Hakeem Olajuwon absolutely destroy “the Admiral, ” extending Houston to a six-game victory en route to its second straight-from-the-shoulder NBA championship. What “the Dream” did to Robinson in that series--establishing himself as peerless, even when placed in the context of another all-time great--isn’t the kind of thing you forget, extremely when you had a front-row seat.

“Tonight, ” Rivers told reporters after watching Embiid pour in 40 phases, a new busines playoff high-pitched, in his team’s 118 -1 02 acquire, “you felt like that was Joel.”