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Black-eyed Children – Mysterious Beings Seek Permission To Enter Person’s Abode

Described as childlike beings with eerie coal black eyes , no iris or students, and pale, grey scalp, a scourge of mysterious black-eyed children have been reported all over the world.

There are hundreds of reports of black-eyed children, often seen in groups of two or more, who ask for permission to enter the person’s home or vehicle.

Witnesses often report an overwhelm feeling of dread and despair in their attendance. What the black-eyed children try is not known.

Reports of black-eyed children increase in 2014

In August 2014, a woman reported an encounter with a black-eyed child after hearing deathly screams while on a accompany with her daughter near the marshy countryside of Cannock Chase in the province of Staffordshire, England.

“My daughter and I were going through Birches Valley when we heard the screams of a young child. I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl, but they unquestionably seemed in distress and sounded very close to us, we are therefore instant started leading towards the noise.

“We couldn’t find the child anywhere and so stopped to catch our wheeze. That’s when I turned round and interpreted a girl standing behind me , no more than 10 year olds, with her hands over her eyes.

“It was as if she was waiting for a birthday cake. I asked if she was OK and if she had been the one screaming. She put her arms down by her place and opened her eyes. That’s when I discover they were completely black , no iris , no grey , nothing. I mounted back and grabbed my daughter. When I glanced again, the child was gone.”

Another encounter with a black-eyed child referred to in Cannock Chase a few months later on September 13, 2014.

“My wife and I were treading though Cannock Chase near to Stile Cop with our pup. Once we had entered the woodland, and the road was no longer evident, we started to hear the giggling interference of a little girl. To our astonishment, small children , no taller than one meter[ 3 hoofs] in summit performed as if out of nowhere further up the track in front of us. We stopped dead in our racetracks after noticing her looks had no color ... She gazed at us for around five minutes before running away into a densely grouped place of trees.”

An investigator told Daily Mail that the reports of black-eyed children have begun to increase since 2013. He said that during interviews with bystanders, descriptions of the black-eyed children were always similar and noted that during the past two years they have been receiving an average of one black-eyed kid report every other month.

Black-eyed children have been reported in Staffordshire since the 80 ’s

Reports of black-eyed children are nothing brand-new in Staffordshire- they have been recorded in the area since the 1980 ’s including their respective reports from journalist Lee Brickley of a black-eyed child determine by his aunt in the same area as last-place month’s sighting.

“In the summer of 1982, my aunt was 18 year olds, and she and her friends would often fulfill on Cannock Chase in the night occasion ... One evening, just before dark, she heard a little girl madly shouting of providing assistance.

“Rushing to unearth the bang, she stumbled upon a soil line and capture display of the girl, about six year’s old running in the opposite direction. When my aunt caught up, the girl turned around and gazed her in the eyes, and then ran off into the dark woodland. Her attentions had been completely black with no discover of white.”

According to Brickley, the aunt considering imparting shoot but decided against it, policy decisions he felt may have been lifesaving.

“It seems likely that even if my auntie had continued to chase that little girl, she would never have caught her, because it wasn’t a child at all, but an evil force.”

Mysterious black-eyed children recognized in Staffordshire, EnglandMore than 10 years later( 1996 ), American journalist Brian Bethel described his terrifying meeting with two of the strange black-eyed creatures.

“There was a knock on my driver’s side window. Two young boys, somewhere between nine to 12 year olds and dressed in hooded pullovers, stood outside. I cracked the window a bit, envisioning a spiel for money, but I was immediately gripped by an incomprehensible, soul-wracking fear. I had no mind why.

“Both boys looked at me with coal-black eyes. The sort of eyes one envisions these days on foreigners or bargain-basement fiends on late light television. Soulless orbs like two great swathes of starless night.”

What are the black-eyed children?

Several ideologies exist regarding the terrifying black-eyed children spotted around Staffordshire. Some feel the children are some sort of alien creature while others allege they are the admirers of the infamous Slender Man, childlike fiends, or the ghosts of assassinated children( a string of child assassinations reportedly occurred in the area during the 1960 ’s ).

Still others believe that Staffordshire’s black-eyed children are evil entities seeking to enter the witness’s vehicle or home for rationalizations that have yet to be revealed.

Other narrations from others about their encounters with black-eyed children

The following are a collection of black-eyed children narrations gathered from various sources. Each narrative was reported by the witness themselves, in their own words.

May we use your phone?

“It nearly felt like a dream. I woke up to my dog, Lucy, barking. She was upright on the bunked where my husband and I were sleeping with our 22 month old daughter, "ve been staring at" our doorway like an uncharted stranger was out there rummaging around. I pictured she was just freaking out over a mansion racket.

We’d simply had her for three month and she was still a puppy. It could have been anything- our roommate, a groan from the house settling, the canopies moving outside in the breeze- I wasn’t too concerned initially.

I decided the best bet would be to open the door and appearance her nothing was there. It resounds a little bit silly, but it’s what we do with our daughter when she gets scared, and I figured it should work with a puppy, extremely. I opened the door and she scooted to the front door.

She stood there, snarling at the door. It was an angry, murderou snarl, one I had never heard her shape before. I glanced groggily at her and opened the baby gate obstruct the doorway, planning to open the door and appearance her everything was OK.

The second my hands contacted for the deadbolt, Lucy exited mad. She started barking and climbed toward me, and when I touched the metal, she suddenly changed her temper. She whimpered, almost like she was afraid and backing down. As her peculiarity reformed, so did mine- I wasn’t pacify anymore. My heart was racing and sinking at the same time. I had been spate with a mixture of horror and dread. I inspected through the hole. I can’t explain why I searched, but I did. Outside were two kids.

[ One] was slender and sallow. Her hair was a light shade of honey blonde, and she wore it long, about mid-back, with long, thin, dampen slams in the figurehead that covered most of her eyes. She wore jeans, a light-wash that’s popular right now, and a thin-looking olive colored pullover vogue hoodie.

She impounded the entrust of a small girl, who appeared to be around 3 or 4, in the same style jeans and a button-down ivory cardigan. The smaller one look back the storey shyly, but had the same shade of hair, bind back in a ponytail. She contained a substance plaything under her free weapon, and it was identical to one my daughter has- as was their style of dress.

Had it not been for the feeling of devastating dread and fear, I probably would have asked these children in and given them some tea or hot chocolate to get them out of the embittered cold. Something about them seemed off. At this point, I hadn’t making such a noise- I hadn’t shushed the dog or grouched , nothing- I hadn’t turned on any light-coloreds, these minors "havent had" shows I was at the door. The older one spoke.

She had a voice that was mature, confidant, strong, and accentless. She viewed her manager tilted downward, and I couldn’t appreciate her eyes. She said “We have to use your phone.” I stood frozen in fright. How did she know I was there? She created her heading to face me instantly, and that was when I considered her gazes.

There was a reason I couldn’t view them through her thuds before- they were black, or midnight blue, or a dark, dark purple- they were otherworldly. She said. “Our mom is worried...”

I did not answer her. Slowly and mutely, I backed away from the door, Lucy still crouching at my ankles. She stopped talking. “Just made us in to use your phone.” I made another step back, and with that gradation, the tone changed. At first, she seemed respectful. When I took that second step back, she became dominating, almost hostile. We’re not going to hurt you. If we wanted to do that, we would have broken in. I’ll ask again. May we come in and use your phone? ”

Lucy snarled at the door, and I inched backward, though something inside me appears to be gradually drawing me back toward the door. It wasn’t a physical draw so much as a subconscious need to go back and make them in.”

Black eyed kids

You must let me in

“Before my experience I had never heard of anything "re going to have to" do with the black eyed kids. I was 12. I was sitting outside of a hairdressers in an old-fashioned Chevy pickup waiting for my mummy to get her whisker chipped. About 15 hours had overtaken and I realized some kid step back and forth along the sidewalk in front of my parked car.

At first I reputed I recognized him as one of your best friend from institution so I slammed on the front windshield until he searched my style. It was not anyone I knew. At this pitch I was not scared at all. Not yet. The boy sauntered over to the side of my care and just looks.

I think to let me get a good look at his eyes. To freak me out. Let me tell you .. If you have never seen a black eyed kid .. You have no idea what to imagine. Pupils black as the nighttime sky.

The boy mutters “You must let me in” and then I locked the car openings and ducked down into the space below the seats. Five minutes later he was gone. When my mother got into the car she "ve been told" a boy with black eyes had come into the hairdressers had claimed for my mother to give him the keys to the car.”

May we use your telegraph?

“Just as I dosed off I hear a whack come the front porch. Startled at first I open my sees wide and scan the apartment. Realizing it was most likely my cat scratching himself on the front porch I dosage back up. Then again, the clunk ... I went out of bed to run him off the foyer simply to see he wasn’t there any more...

A few minutes[ later] I felt the rapid advise to look up at the kitchen window, there they were. The exceeds of two short-lived statured people’s fronts cresting the stairs really above my opening formulate.

The beings has only just been short-lived sufficient to not see in the window but I could see out ... Pissed off I went out to the kitchen, opened and opened the door ready to run around to the side of the house and kick some little jackass ass. Standing there examining up at me were two 10 or 11 year old boys. The feeling of dread and the smell of molding approximately constructed me upchuck.

The smaller of the two then spoke “May we use your telegraph? ” Huh? I exactly stared blankly at these sons, horrified of what I then recognise. Their sees were soot black. He expected again to use my “telegraph”.

There wasn’t a racket to listen to no crickets chirping , no pups barking , no gondolas driving by. Nothing. I tried to play it cool and overlook the fact that he didn’t say telephone, or telephone, or cadre, anything that would have made any sense of the situation and calmly replied “I don’t have busines at my house sorry.” The express on their faces turned to rage as I finished my sentence.”

Sources: Huffington Post, Reddit, Wikipedia, Mirror UK, Buzzfeed, Daily Star

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Haiti faces uncertain future as mourning first lady returns

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- Haiti’s political future on Sunday germinated murkier after the surprise return of first lady Martine Moise, who was liberated from a hospital in Miami where she was treated for hurts following an attack in which the president was assassinated.

Martine Moise did not make any public explanations after she descended a private plane wearing a black dress, a black bulletproof vest, a pitch-black face mask and her fucking arm in a pitch-black strap as she mourned for President Jovenel Moise, who was killed July 7 at their private home.

Some experts -- like numerous in this country of more than 11 million people -- were surprised at how quickly she reappeared in Haiti and asked whether she plans to become involved in the country’s politics.

“The fact that she returned could suggest she intends to play some character, ” said Laurent Dubois, a Haiti expert and Duke University professor. “She may intervene in one way or another.”

Martine Moise arrived only hours after a foremost group of international statesmen issued a statement that appeared to shun interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph, the man currently running the country with the backing of police and the military.

Joseph’s name was never mentioned in the statement made by the Core Group, consisting of representatives of ambassadors from Germany, Brazil, Canada, Spain, the U.S ., France, the European Union and representatives from the United Nations and the Organization of American States.

The group called for the creation of “a consensual and inclusive government, ” adding, “To this end, it strongly fees the designated Prime Minister Ariel Henry to continue the mission entrusted to him to model such a government.”

Henry was designated prime minister a date before Jovenel Moise was killed. He did not respond to requests for comment.

The U.N ., OAS and U.S. State Department did not offer further explanation when contacted.

Given the current state of Haitian politics, Dubois said he speculates the newcomer of Martine Moise could have an impact.

“She’s apparently in a position to play a role ... made how wide open things are, ” he said, said the Core Group’s statement is striking because it constitutes no reference to Joseph. “One has to wonder whether the developments in the investigation is nothing to do with this. They’re all these puzzle slice that are just converting minute to minute. Right now it seems very hard to figure out how to keep these together.”

Authorities in Haiti and Colombia say at least 18 accuseds immediately linked to the killing got arrested, the majority of them onetime Colombian soldiers. At least three believes were killed and police say they are looking for innumerable others. Colombian officials have said that the majority of onetime soldiers were deluded and did not know of the assassination plot.

Police in Haiti on Sunday recognized another accused in the case: Pierre Joseph Ashkard. Online records present he is a Canadian-based businessman who runs a medical business in Texas with Christian Emmanuel Sanon, a Haitian specialist and clergyman whom local authorities recently arrested and consider a key suspect.

A day after the killing, U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price had said Joseph was the incumbent in its own position and was serving as acting prime minister before the murder: “We continue to work with Claude Joseph as such, ” he said.

On July 11, a delegation of representatives from various U.S. agencies traveled to Haiti to review critical infrastructure, talk with Haitian National Police and meet with Joseph, Henry and Haitian Senate President Joseph Lambert in a joint meeting.

The deepening political ferment has induced dozens of Haitians to visit the U.S. delegation in Port-au-Prince in recent epoches to seek a visa or political asylum.

“We can’t stay anymore in the country, ” said Jim Kenneth, a 19 -year-old who would like to study medicine in the U.S. “We feel very insecure.”

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Everything You Need to Know About Black Widow

Black Widow is finally, actually now. For some of us regardless. The movie is secreting next week on Disney+ with Premier Access, but for those in countries like India, will have to wait until it comes into the normal Disney+ roster. Scarlett Johansson's firstly standalone Marvel movie is also the first instalment in Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- roughly two years on from Spider-Man: Far From Home. In a Marvel first, the MCU's new epoch began in fact on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar, with Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany in WandaVision, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and the ongoing Tom Hiddleston-led Loki. But unlike its three predecessors, Black Widow is not set after Avengers: Endgame. That's virtually impossible, caused Johansson met the eventual relinquish in that mega multi-billion-dollar-grossing chapter.

Instead, the newest Marvel period is set in the immediate consequence of Captain America: Civil War. With the Avengers all but disbanded and on their own, Natasha Romanoff( Johansson) is on the run, having resisted the Sokovia Accords along with Captain America and the rest. Leaving her borrowed different countries of USA, Natasha learns herself operating between a series of safe houses in Europe, where she's confronted with the dark past she left behind. Yes, Black Widow is to be able to explanation what happened in Budapest, pay for a stray statement made by Natasha in 2012' s The Avengers. Black Widow will too take us to Norway, Morocco, and the UK.

Marvel's Phase Four -- Everything We Know

“When we firstly started talking about orientations, we all agreed that we had to find out what happened in Budapest, ” Johansson said in educated statement. “I think Natasha is haunted. She has this huge sense of catastrophe. There's unfinished business and a sense of guilt that follows her around, and everything there is roots from what happened in Budapest. The movie is not about what happened in Budapest, but it helps us understand the heaviness that Natasha walks around with and what her responsibility is. It gave us a great jumping-off point for a great deal that goes on in the film.”

For Johansson, Black Widow is likely to be her eighth ascribed MCU appearance, following 2010' s Iron Man 2, 2012' s The Avengers, 2014' s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, 2015' s Avengers: Age of Ultron, 2016' s Captain America: Civil War, 2018' s Avengers: Infinity War, and 2019' s Avengers: Endgame. And it might just be her last-place extremely, uttered Black Widow will hand the baton to her sister-figure Yelena Belova, played by Florence Pugh. With Black Widow, Johansson -- interposed as a hyper-sexualised version of her Marvel Comics character in Iron Man 2 -- is getting the layered send-off that she deserves. Officially announced just two years ago, it's been in the making long than that.

From Black Widow to Haseen Dillruba, What to Watch This July

“I know a lot about this courage, because she's in me. But I haven't really had the opportunity to access all the parts of her, ” Johansson supplemented. “Having played this person for a decade, I wanted to make sure that it would feel artistically and creatively honoring for me as well as the followers. [...][ Black Widow lead] Cate[ Shortland] adorations the idea of going inside this character. I've been able to make a lot of findings about her -- to find different persuasiveness and different shortcomings. It's been moderately therapeutic. I can't imagine that many actors have the opportunity to do that with a attribute they've represented for 10 years.”

With a global liberation around the corner, here's everything you need to know about Black Widow.

black widow florence pugh black widow

Florence Pugh in Black WidowPhoto Credit: Kevin Baker/ Marvel Studios

Black Widow release date

Johansson's solo Marvel movie is out Wednesday, July 7 in Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, South Korea, Sweden, and the UK.

It will open Thursday, July 8 in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Saudia Arabia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and UAE.

Black Widow will release Friday, July 9 on Disney+ with Premier Access in most Disney + groceries. Premier Access for Black Widow will cost $30 or equivalent, in addition to providing your monthly Disney+ subscription fee.

On the same day, July 9, it will be available in cinemas in Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, and USA. India was supposed to be a part of the rollout as well, but that's not happening as cinemas are closed national due to COVID-1 9.

Loki, Collar Bomb, and More on Disney+ Hotstar in July 2021

Black Widow is expected October 8 on Disney+ Hotstar, but that could change if and where reference is exhausts in Indian cinemas. When it does exhaust, it will be available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada.

The Marvel movie was supposed to primarily secrete last May -- April in India, in fact -- but it was pushed indefinitely after the world went into lockdown last-place March. It was then moved to November 2020 shortly after, but then propagandized to May 2021 in September.

Finally, this March, Marvel delayed its next movie a couple of months more to its current July 9 release date.

Black Widow cast

Naturally, Johansson is in the lead for the movie mentioned after her person. Ever Anderson toy a young Natasha. Of getting to explore new avenues with Black Widow, Johansson said: “When you investigate Natasha in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she's often these sorts of impenetrable force. She's reckless and out of control but still has this amazing intellect. What are her mysteries? Her vulnerabilities? I am provoked to share her insecurity and her strong. She is in a male nature, and she projects a certain way of being in that world. What we wanted to do is find out who is the real Black Widow.”

Johansson is joined by the aforementioned Pugh( Lady Macbeth, Little Women) as the deuteragonist who will take up the Black Widow mantle move forward in the MCU. Violet McGraw toy a young Yelena. Pugh said of her character: “Yelena is hurt and complicated and plays out. One of the coolest things about frisking Yelena is just how complex and break-dance she is for someone who is so sure of what she does. She knows exactly how to function in the areas in which she's been drilled, but she has no clue how to live as a human being. She's a destructive artillery but also a little of a kid. That's been one of the most wonderful excellences about her.”

black widow rachel weisz black widow

Rachel Weisz in Black WidowPhoto Credit: Jay Maidment/ Marvel Studios

They are joined by Rachel Weisz( The Favourite) playing Natasha and Yelena's mother-figure, Melina Vostokoff, who's been through the Red Room's Widow programme four times. Having returned from her investigate work in the US, she's now one of Red Room's lead scientists. Weisz said: “She was recruited when she was very young. She became a Russian spy and was seeded with Alexei and two very young children in America pretending to be a suburban family with a lily-white picket fence. I ponder Melina was a lot happier in those years. I think her heart really hardened after that. She became maybe a little bitter.”

Alexei Shostakov -- giving full play to David Harbour( Stranger Things) -- is the Red Guardian, the Red Room's answer to Captain America whose years of espionage are behind him and is currently serving a sentence in a repurposed gulag prison. Harbour said: “He grew up in the Soviet Union and was chosen for a program similar to the Americans' Captain America. The difficulty was that he did not become as notorious as Captain America, and it's the great tragedy of "peoples lives". He is really very unappreciated.”

“In the beginning[ on Black Widow ], for Alexei, everyone is sort of a thinking of him, ” Harbour added. “That's the narcissist's MO -- he is not interested in anyone else. He's interested in how he's reflected in their attentions.' So, am I cool? Am I strong? Do you like me? I "ve known you" do.'”

In Black Widow, Natasha has a bone to pick with Red Room's leader General Dreykov, toy now by Ray Winstone( The Departed ). Naturally, as the Avenger closes in on him, he calls in all the forces at his dumping. Winstone said: “Dreykov is a guy who came from old Russia. I think he was a man who started off with great intentions, but like most people who are put into that kind of situation, the gluttony and the influence take over.”

Dreykov's arsenal is led by Taskmaster, the surmount assassin whose actor is being obstructed mystery. All Shortland would say about Taskmaster is that he has a connection with Natasha's past: “In some paths, the Taskmaster is the living embodiment of Natasha's backstory.”

And oh, Taskmaster can replica his opponents' every move. Black Widow manager farmer Brad Winderbaum said: “He has this ability called photographic reflexes -- so if he fights you once he knows how to mimic your form. Natasha's pranks might work in their first altercation, but by round two and three he knows everything, and she has to come up with something else.”

Taskmaster will be aided by 22 Widows for whom the Black Widow crew picked actresses, stuntwomen, dancers and martial arts practitioners from different parts of the world. Black Widow stunt coordinator Rob Inch said: “We were looking for parties with all types of martial arts, Wushu-based talents, judo and kickboxing. We compiled sure they all had a signature in their own push skills.”

Natasha will be helped by Mason -- played by O-T Fagbenle( The Handmaid's Tale) -- a former soldier turned international smuggler who's rescued from a Cambodian confinement and hence owes Natasha one.

William Hurt will return from Civil War as US Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross who's trying to get Natasha arrested for violating Sokovia Accords.

Robert Downey Jr . has a cameo appearing as Tony Stark/ Iron Man, as does Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

black widow director black widow

Johansson, Shortland, Pugh and Harbour filming on Black WidowPhoto Credit: Jay Maidment/ Marvel Studios

Black Widow chairman, scribe, producers

The aforementioned Cate Shortland became the superintendent on Black Widow after Johansson personally contacted out to her. She said: “I think what's exciting about the cinema is we're playing with the audience's promises. We're exploring parts of Natasha that the audience are exactly no intuition about. We explore her family, adoration and indignation, and you get to see all these facets of her we have never seen before.”

“I worked with a Russian historian in London to build a history of where she would've been born, what her baby would've been like, why her baby would've given her up and what her childhood would've been like before she went into the Red Room, ” Shortland lent. “Then we had to create a whole narrative that fit within the narrative of our film -- how she would've been trained to be an American girl, to speak English and understand popular culture. I always try to build attributes from their skeleton to create real people. Even though this is about a superhero, I went through the same process. Black Widow is a femme fatale, but what is she underneath that? ”

Shortland is working off a screenplay from columnist Eric Pearson( Thor: Ragnarok ), who said: “I think she's the one Avenger who's shared the least about herself ever since we assembled her. She's not who she says she is in Iron Man 2. She chooses to withhold her past and who she is personally from the public and the other attributes. In Black Widow, we get to rip open her past and picture what contributed significantly to her hesitation to open up.”

WandaVision inventor Jac Schaeffer and Ned Benson( The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them) contributed to the story. Schaeffer said: “There's a burden to deliver on this woman that we know, enjoy and hero-worship in so many roads. There is such a rich tapestry to draw from and then we expand upon all of it.”

Marvel Studios president and Marvel's honcho creative officer Kevin Feige is the sole producer on Black Widow. Louis D'Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Brad Winderbaum, Nigel Gostelow, and Johansson performed as director makes. Brian Chapek and Mitch Bell are co-producers.

Gabriel Beristain( Agent Carter) dished as the cinematographer. Leigh Folsom Boyd( Spider-Man: Far From Home) and Matthew Schmidt( Avengers: Endgame) are the editors. Charles Wood( Endgame) is the production designer. Jany Temime( Skyfall) is the costume designer ). Geoffrey Baumann( Black Panther) sufficed as visual upshots overseer Geoffrey Baumann. Black Widow's background rating was composed by Lorne Balfe( Mission: Absurd- Fallout ).

Temime is behind the Black Widow's new lily-white clothing: “For the first time, we have a white costume for Black Widow. Scarlett has an incredible white suit because she has to fight in Siberia. I look back armed organizations designed for the blizzard, and I belief,' Why not ?' I added black accessories to keep it tough. It wields brilliantly. It's just gorgeous.”

Balfe turned to Natasha's Russian springs for his music: “I wanted to introduce the soundtrack of her narration. I listened to a lot of Russian ethnic music -- it's a very particular sound. This music is the ghost of the past that is always with her. The instrumental DNA includes balalaikas, duduks, dombras and hurdy-gurdies.” Balfe's score also nods back to Alan Silvestri's Black Widow theme in Avengers movies: “It's always a exhilaration to touch what's a holy grail of topics -- it's subtle, but it's a good Easter egg.”

Black Widow trailer

The brand-new Marvel movie has get through a two-part marketing campaign due to COVID-1 9 -- one before the pandemic collision, and one after it locked its new July secrete date.

The first Black Widow teaser trailer was released in December 2019, handing us a peep at the white attire and her pseudo-family. It was too released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada.

Then came a special look in January 2020 with our first suitable look at Taskmaster, followed by a 30 -second spot at Super Bowl in February 2020.

There was a supposedly “final” Black Widow trailer in early March, just before the world went into full chaos mode. After almost a year-long silence, the Disney marketing machine revved up with a new trailer this April( below ).

Since then, we had a rolling stream of excerpts, TV blots, featurettes, and special examinations: “You Got A Plan? ”, “Playmaker”, “Let's Go”, “Ready Set Action”, “In Pursuit”, “Got This”, “Dad Jokes”, “Spy”, “Control”, “A Spy on the Inside”, “Fight”, “Chance”, and “Launch”.

Black Widow synopsis

In Marvel Studios' action-packed agent thriller Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow tackles the darker parts of her ledger when a hazardous conspiracy with ties to her past originates. Pursued by a troop that will stop at nothing to accompany her down, Natasha must deal with her biography as a sleuth and the broken liaisons left in her wake long before she became an Avenger.

Black Widow revaluation

Early revaluations for Black Widow have been largely positive. On refreshes aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the new Marvel movie stands at 85 percent “fresh” off 146 recalls, with an average rating of seven out of 10. And on fellow evaluates aggregator Metacritic, Black Widow has a 70 “generally favourable” score based on 33 reviews.

Black Widow 2

While Marvel Studios has yet to officially say anything on this matter, a sequel to Black Widow is possible but it won't involve Johansson, naturally. It will most likely have Pugh in the lead, what with the Black Widow baton guiding to her reputation in this film.

Before a possible Black Widow 2 though, Pugh will reprise her character in Hawkeye, out late 2021 on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar.

If it let this happen, don't expect Black Widow 2 for a while. The MCU's big screen future is completely parcelled at the moment. Three more films are due in 2021 alone, with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings on September 3, Oscar-winner Chloe Zhao's Eternals in late October in India and November 5 abroad, and Spider-Man: No Way Home on December 17.

Then in 2022, we have Benedict Cumberbatch-led Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on March 25, Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Guardians of the Galaxy in Thor: Love and Thunder on May 6, Ryan Coogler's Black Panther: Wakanda Forever on July 8, and Brie Larson-led The Marvels on November 11.

Paul Rudd-led Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is slated for February 2023, with James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 due in May 2023. Films based on Fantastic Four with Spider-Man director Jon Watts, Blade with Mahershala Ali, Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3, and Captain America 4 with Anthony Mackie are also in the works.

Black Widow advertisement

Here's the official poster for Black Widow from Disney and Marvel Studios 😛 TAGEND

black widow poster black widow poster

The official Black Widow posterPhoto Credit: Disney/ Marvel Studios

Is Mi 11 X the best phone under Rs. 35,000? We discussed this on Orbital, the Contraption 360 podcast. Later( starting at 23:50 ), we jump over to the Marvel series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Orbital is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music and wherever you get your podcasts.< iframe loading= "lazy" let= "encrypted-media" allowtransparency= "true" frameborder= "0" height= "2 32 " src= "https :// open.spotify.com/ embed-podcast/ incident/ 65 ezUj7bOIri 9ZczlfPGjX" thicknes= "1 00% " >

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Black TikTok creators are ‘striking’ to protest uncredited viral dance trends

Black TikTok designers are "striking" in an effort to gain recognition for choreographing dance trends that have been co-opted by white designers, furthering the debate over culture grant online.

Megan Thee Stallion released her brand-new song "Thot Shit" last week, a raunchy, abrasive response to the conservative moral panic invoked by last summer's banger "W.A.P." The song has all the trappings of a viral dance soundtrack, from the intoxicating defeat to Megan's brazen celebration of her own virility.

One clip of the song on TikTok has been used in 137,600 videos as of Wednesday. Another account has been used in 30,500. Despite the song's justifiable success -- it has nearly 13 million streams on Spotify -- no specific dance direction for the song has taken off on TikTok because most Black dancers are refraining from announcing their choreography.

TikTok's dance trends primarily rely on Black designers. Most viral dances is to hymns by Black masters, choreographed by Black makes, with moves attracted from dance styles that started in Black communities. Despite choreographing elaborate -- but readily mimicked -- dances, few Black authors receive the same recognition and monetization that the white authors who imitate them do.

Jazmine Moore, a 20 -year-old TikTokker, told Mashable that the reluctance to provide free choreography is nothing new, but that the secrete of "Thot Shit" was a chance to take a united stand against uncredited dances.

"Creators who aren't Black will water it down to do the bare minimum of the dance and pretension it as their own."

"We observed over the years on TikTok that most dances on the app are originated by Black pioneers. And designers who aren't Black will water it down to do the bare minimum of the dance and declare it as their own, " Moore said via Instagram DM. "So when this song sounded up everyone knew that someone was going to make a dance to it. But Black authors collectively agreed not to make one."


TikTok's grey girlfriend dancing is unadulterated elation

And it has worked. Without unified choreography driving the trend, the videos that appear under the "Thot Shit" announce are stormy. TikTok and Twitter consumers was indicated that in the absence of set choreography, the dance videos that non-Black inventors are affixing are uninspired at best. Moore said the lack of trending dances to "Thot Shit" showed that Black pioneers "are the backbone of this app."

Tweet may have been deleted

"For all my melanated brothers and sisters of the African diaspora, we are on strike, " TikTok creator Capkenknuckles said in a video about the lack of dances under the seem. "We're not making a dance for 'Thot Shit.' Sorry. We're just gonna caused them save flailing."

The "strike" against free choreography roots from years of predominantly grey founders advantaging off Black creators' skills and labor.

Jalaiah Harmon, a then-1 4-year-old student, mistakenly initiated one of 2020's most lasting dances when she affixed a video of herself dancing to K Camp's "Lottery." Her dance, known as "Renegade" because of the song's hook, proceeded uncredited until aNew York Times profile revealed that she was the dance's original inventor. When the dance gained esteem, other non-Black founders gained panoramas, admirers, and firebrand sponsorships by play-act Harmon's choreography. The shortage of approval for Harmon's skill and free labor inspired a platform-wide push on TikTok to credit the original choreographer when affixing dance videos.

While the practice of including dance credit in captions is on the increase, white developers continue to benefit from dances by Black choreographers. An incident of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, which boasted TikTok star Addison Rae Easterling make eight viral dances, was widely criticized for not crediting Black developers who choreographed nearly every dance in the segment.

TikTok and Twitter consumers also point out here that that Easterling was given an opportunity that few Black builders were opened. Easterling didn't dance with the same precision and passion that the original choreographers did, and the attention she received for doing less was salt in the wound.

Tweet may have been deleted

An edit of Easterling dancing to Cardi B's "Up, " juxtaposed with the original video by author Mya Johnson, ran on TikTok and Twitter, furthering the dialogue over who "owns" an internet veer.

Johnson, who said she didn't condemned Easterling, told PopSugar that she was stimulated her dance did it on national TV, but that she wished she was the one to perform it.

"My mom always "ve been told", 'When it's my period, it's my period, " Johnson said. "I felt like that should've been my era and Chris's time, because we created the dance."

Many of the dance videos employing "Thot Shit" that were choreographed by grey founders have been criticized by other TikTok users as having low-pitched intensity and involving negligible effort. One video by a white creator lip syncing to the song received over 640,000 likes, but she turned off remarks when people began said her dancing was lacking.

In another deviation trending among chiefly grey makes, TikTok users will lip sync the first few texts of the song, and then turn around and wave their appendages when Megan raps about twerking. Black founders mocked those videos by poorly imitating the moves or posting their own "choreography" of them halfheartedly swaying to the song.

Black creators are parodying the low-effort dances that white creators came up with.

Black inventors are parodying the low-effort dances that white-hot pioneers came up with.

Credit: Tiktok/ itskeonluv2 9

Black creators are parodying the low-effort dances that white creators came up with.

Black architects are parodying the low-effort dances that grey developers was put forward by.

Credit: tiktok/ theericklouis

A few inventors deplored that the most widely used dance to "Thot Shit, " in which TikTok users walk away from the camera waving their appendages when Megan raps, "Hands on my knees, shaking ass on my thot shit, " blatantly disregards the song's poetics.

"I don't want to hear another fucking lily-white dame ever say that TikTok dances and TikTok directions aren't only stolen from Black maidens, " creator xosugarbunny, who is white, said in an exasperated video. "Because a Black woman has yet to give a dance to this song...Megan says 'Hands on my knees. Shaking my ass. On my thot shit.' And the grey women..."

"The instructions are right there."

She then turned around and imitated other grey builders gesticulating their weapons to the song, captioning the video, "You could not have possibly get still further in the opposite direction."

"The teachings are right there, " xosugarbunny said.

Moore shares that sentimentality.

"The fact she's devote y'all instructions in the carols reaches no sense, " Moore captioned a video affixed this week.

In the TikTok, she illustrates putting her entrusts on her knees and twerking rather than waving her limbs. Her mentions from other Black TikTok users joked that she was giving away their mysteries, or that even this was too complicated for non-Black pioneers to think of doing themselves.

"We contribute to the app so much that now beings are slowly realizing that not every popular creator is creating these things, " Moore continued in a DM. "It truly does show that even when Meghan was giving instructions, they really didn't know what to do without our help."

Moore was amused that the dances by white creators didn't follow the

Moore was amused that the dances by lily-white architects didn't follow the "instructions in the song."

Recognition: Tiktok/ jazmine moore

Moore was amused that the dances by white creators didn't follow the

Moore was amused that the dances by lily-white builders didn't follow the "instructions in the song."

Ascribe: tiktok/ jazmine moore

A few Black pioneers are still dancing to the song, despite commentary from their fellow dancers. Lifestyle YouTuber and TikTok creator Skai Beauty announced her dance chore to "Thot Shit, " choreographed by herself and fellow TikTok architect sir.rez.

One comment, guided at Charli D'Amelio, told the TikTok star to "keep swiping." Another noted, "Y'all better get the credit for this dance cause the YTs[ an acronym for white-hot] on this app will take it and gargle the seasoning off and act like it's giving." One TikTok user praised them for an excellent performance, but reasserted, "WE WERE NOT SUPPOSE TO MAKE DANCES TO THIS SOUND."

Though the reception to Skai Beauty's dance was overwhelmingly positive, numerous commenters fussed that the choreography "il be going" uncredited. Within a date of post, Twitter consumers find videos from white makes exerting her programme without including a dance credit.

Tweet may have been deleted

The observable shortfall of dynamic choreography to "Thot Shit, " a song made to go viral on TikTok, has glowed a light on the impact Black authors have on the platform's culture. This strike against creating a trendy dance to the song is not in protest of white inventors dancing at all, but of white people continuing to profit off of Black labor.

TikTok has a history of discriminating against people of color on the pulpit, peculiarly Black inventors. In 2019, Black pioneers alleged that TikTok was actively suppressing their content by designing an algorithm that worked against them. Two months after Mashable reported on the creator-led campaign cry for better visibility on the For You Page, TikTok admitted that its moderators were trained to suppress content by useds distinguished "vulnerable to cyberbullying, " including incapacitated, overweight, and faggot founders.

During the height of Black Lives Matter asserts last year, it performed TikTok was blocking hashtags related to George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. The firm defended for the "technical glitch, " and promised to better support the Black community on the app. Roughly a year later, NBC reported that little had changed. Black creators' content was still appearing below that of white pioneers, and some alleged that their videos were inexplicably removed. Black builders too complain that videos they've made addressing racism have been signalled as hate addres.

Moore made it clear that most Black developers participating in the dance strike aren't opposed to white pioneers dancing only, but that the community wants to be recognized and realized for pack TikTok's culture. Blatant racism is still rampant online, especially on TikTok, and the same content that's ridiculed by non-Black useds often grow into big trends when white developers imitate it. The app should be fun, Moore said, as long as inventors are "giving approval when it's due"

"People still need to acknowledge Black architects and not neglect us in any society that we partake in, " Moore said. "To not belittle us or demonize our material for their recreation. We have each other in the long ruin and will succeed collectively as a family."

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Black-owned banks are booming, and they’re pouring money back into their communities

An calculated $150 million in equity capital has been invested in Black-owned banks since George Floyd was murdered last year, according to the National Bankers Association, a swap group that represents 24 of the country's minority-owned financial institutions.

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36 Funding Resources for Black-Owned Businesses

Welcome to Breaking the Blueprint -- a new blog streaks that dives into the unique business challenges and opportunities of Black business owners and inventors. Learn how they’ve grown or scaled their businesses, explored managerial projects within their companies, or made slope hubbubs, and how their fibs can stimulate and inform your own success.

When it comes to starting a business, fastening asset is often one of the greatest challenges for Black inventors. Less access to banking in Black societiesand a record of discriminatory lending traditions have fixed it harder for Black benefactors to secure credits or financial assistance.

And formerly your business is open, unexpected accidents like a pandemic can wreak havoc on even "the worlds largest" fixed business’ bottom line. While numerous jobs contended in 2020 due to the impact of COVID-1 9, Black jobs were hit even harder.

According to a Stanford reporton the impact of COVID-1 9 on small business owners, between February and April 2020 there was a 41% drop in the operation of Black-owned occupations. The fallout from the pandemic left countless ventures urgently trying funding to stay open.

Learn More About HubSpot's Community to Amplify Black Professionals

The need for sustainable funding resources is an urgent need to support the future of Black business. In recent years, a number of nonprofits, private equity firms, and grant platforms have developed with the sole focus of supporting Black jobs.

This guide compiles the top resources to fund your business with curricula for lends, concessions, and private equity conglomerates known to support Black-owned business. Whether you’re looking to scale up or get started, there’s a resource for you.

While this list has been gathered with the intention of helping Black business owners, many of the financial programs are also open to non-black people of color, and those with other marginalized names, such as ex-servicemen, girls, and the LGBTQ+ and incapacitated communities.

In addition to this list, the HubSpot YouTube team caused the video below sketching helpful approaches Black business owners can implement to secure business funding.

Funding Assets for Black-Owned Organization Loans Accion International

Accion International is a global , non-profit micro-lender that provisions financing to disadvantaged populations. They connect low-income entrepreneurs, financiers of complexion, and women to economical fund, educational reserves, coaching, and business networks.

Accompany Capital

Accompany provisions economical asset, fiscal education, and training for immigrant and refugee inventors in New York City.

Community Development Financial Institutions Fund

This fund is part of the U.S. Treasury Department. CDFIs are financial institutions such as banks, credit union, lend funds, microloan funds, or risk capital providers.

These organizations accommodate residents and firms lends funded by the U.S. Treasury Department to create economic opportunities in low-income parishes. Head hereto find a local CDFI in your neighborhood that can provide business assistance.


DreamSpring is a nonprofit function inventors in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas. They render access to credit, lends, and provide support to help you re-start and re-open your business.


EnrichHer is a fintech platform that offerings small business loans for women-owned enterprises. Their Accelerator+ Portfolio Match curriculum is open to members of Black-owned jobs across the United States.

Founders First Capital Partners

Founders First Capital Partners offers flexible revenue-based investments for service companies led by minorities, ex-servicemen, and women founders, with a focus on preserving business ownership. In addition to investments, they render business accelerator programs and a hear scaffold that can help business owners.

National Minority Supplier Development Council

National Minority Supplier Development Council is a corporate representative group with a mission to advance business opportunities for minority businesses. They furnish a Business Consortium Fund where eligible businesses can receive financing and advisory services.

Pursuit Lending

Pursuit Lending is a financial making acting business loans to New York, New New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. They have more than 15 lend planneds, including programs to help you start a business and develop working capital.

Runway Capital

This investment firm furnishes Black, Indigenous, and People of Color( BIPOC) entrepreneurs in the Bay Area, Northern California, and Massachusetts with early-stage funding and holistic business patronage. Their program includes"friends and family" wording money, weekly instructing, and be made available to a network of other entrepreneurs of color in their portfolio.

Small Business Administration( SBA )

The SBA is a U.S. government agency that provides support to small businesses and industrialists. Whether you’re looking for investment capitalor a loan, they can match you to the right programs and commodities to help your business.

If you’re looking for help keeping your business open in light of COVID-1 9, look into their Paycheck Protection Program. Their new guidanceaims to prioritize minority-owned transactions among other underserved communities.

Union Bank

Union Bank is committed to suffice underserved parishes with its Diversity Lending program. This program is designed to support minority, ladies, and veteran business owners with adaptable approval the guidance and access to capital.

Grants Business For All

Business For All is a grant program offered by Hello Alicein partnership with Verizon. This planned offers 18 total concedes comprising $285,000 to Business for All applicants. Thirteen of the 18 subsidies will go to transactions led by women, people of color, LGBTQ+ inventors, military-connected business owners, and inventors with disabilities.


This database presentations all the federal concession planneds from every eligible U.S. bureau. If you are looking for government gifts, this entrance are likely to be your guide.


iFundWomen is a crowd-funding platform for women-owned transactions. They offer an exclusive program for women of color, as well as access to grants, leader to crowdfunding, business coaching, and support.

Minority Business Blooming Agency( MBDA )

The MBDA is an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce that promotes the growth of minority-owned professions. They do not immediately disburse funds, however, MBDA Minority Business Centerscan connect you to the right resources for capital.

The National Association for the Self-Employed( NASE )

The NASE gives a Rise Concedes Program with micro-grants up to $ 4,000 to the organization’s representatives. This platform is not specific for Black business owners but may be ideal for small business owners looking for alternative funding.

Reclamation Ventures Fund

Reclamation Ventures renders affect subsidies to underestimated inventors guiding wellness business.

Shea Moisture Women of Color E-Lab

This e-learning platform for women of color financiers offers education, access to resources, and mentorship in response to the COVID-1 9 crisis. After program completion, members will have an opportunity to develop a pandemic business recovery plan and pitch for $100,000 in funding.

The Small Business Innovation Research( SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer( SBTT )

These concessions are powered by the Small Business Administration and store a diverse portfolio of startups and small businesses across engineering the regions and groceries to stimulate technological innovation, specifically in research and development. Entrepreneurs of complexion, women and people with physical disabilities are living below the United Nation and U.S. subjects are encouraged to apply.

The USDA Rural Business Development Grant Program

This grant program is for eligible small businesses operating in rural areas who seek to improve their community.

Equity Crowdfunding Kiva

This nonprofit online lending stage connecting industrialists to crowdsourced lending. Their unorthodox lending platform can be a fit for nontraditional borrowers.


StartEngine is an equity crowdfunding site that allows startups and investors to find their excellent fit. If you want to maintain control of your asset and your companionship this option might be for you. Equity crowdfunding allows your biggest devotees to become your backers.

Private Equity Firms Backstage Capital

Backstage Capital, led by Managing Partner and INBOUND speaker Arlan Hamilton, be invested in companies to be provided by underestimated benefactors, including women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ founders. They welcome jobs at any stage to apply and have invested in more than 150 companies.

Cleo Capital

Currently raising $20 million for its second fund, Cleo Capital is a sector-agnostic, early-stage fund endorse tomorrow’s best startups.

Collab Capital

Collab Capital is an investment fund supporting Black founders to build sustainable, innovation-centered businesses.


DivInc gives accelerator planneds with non-dilutive seed funds for characterized underrepresented founders.

FirstCheck Africa

This angel fund is on a mission to support women-owned businesses in African tech to promote equity and leader opportunities.

Harlem Capital Partners

This New York City-based risk capital firm is on a mission to change the face of entrepreneurship. Harlem Capital Spouse has determined a exalted objective to invest in over 1,000 diverse founders over the next 20 years. They places great importance on disruptive firms answering important problems.

Hello Alice Black-Owned Business Center

This online database compiles active fund opportunities and resources for Black businesses.

Humble Ventures

Humble Ventures is a private equity firm investing in diverse founders and organizations.

Hustle Fund

Hustle is a venture capital fund investing in early-stage startups operating in B2B, application, fintech, and digital health manufactures. Just getting started with your business? No problem, Hustle Fund invests in pre-seed and seed rounds. Their core mission is investing in “hilariously early start-ups.” Hustle founders are CEOs themselves so they know what it may be necessary to hustle.

Kapor Capital

Kapor Capital is an impact investment fund committed to investing in diverse financiers organizing large-scale social impact. They’re looking for diverse tech-driven fellowships focused on closing opportunity gaps.

New Media Ventures

New Media Ventures is a seed fund and national system of angel investors be concentrated on inventors and organizers striving innovative comings to progressive change.

Oakland Black Business Fund

This investment platform supplies concedes and investments to Black-owned industries in Oakland, CA with the goal of addressing gaps in access to capital and real estate properties. In addition, OBBF has a $10 M easing money to help Oakland enterprises are affected by COVID-1 9.

Other Actively Investing Fund

Provided by Backstage Capital, natural resources indices several active investing funds for underrepresented founders.

Reign Ventures

Reign is a Black woman-founded early-stage venture capital firm that focuses on Seed and Series A stage investment opportunities. They believe in investing in women and minority-owned businesses and have a commitment to build a portfolio with at least 50% women or minority founders.

As we uncover more resources for underrepresented founders we’ll continue modernizing this list.

black at inbound

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NAACP Image Awards 2021 – Complete Winners List!

NAACP Image Awards 2021 - Complete Winners List!

All of the winners from the 2021 NAACP Image Awards have been announced!

The final nighttime of the gifts testify, with multitude Anthony Anderson, aired on Saturday( March 27) on BET.

The annual welcoming ceremony, which is presented by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, is held to honor exemplary recitals in movie, television, music, and literature.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Beyonce was the big winner this year, winning four awardings in the music categories.

Eddie Murphy was honored on the final darknes with the Hall of Fame Award, while LeBron James received such Presidents Award.

Congrats to all the champions!

Click inside to see all the winners...

2021 NAACP Image Awards Winners 😛 TAGEND

Entertainer of the Year D-Nice- WINNER Regina King Trevor Noah Tyler Perry Viola Davis

Social Justice Impact April Ryan Debbie Allen Lebron James Stacey Abrams- WINNER Tamika Mallory

Outstanding Comedy Series #blackAF( Netflix) Black-ish( ABC) grown-ish( Freeform) Insecure( HBO)- WINNER The Last O.G.( TBS)

Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series Anthony Anderson- Black-ish( ABC)- WINNER Cedric The Entertainer- The Neighborhood( CBS) Don Cheadle- Black Monday( Showtime) Idris Elba- In the Long Run( Starz) Tracy Morgan- The Last-place O.G.( TBS)

Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series Issa Rae- Insecure( HBO)- WINNER Folake Olowofoyeku- Bob Stomach Abishola( CBS) Regina Hall- Black Monday( Showtime) Tracee Ellis Ross- Black-ish( ABC) Yara Shahidi- Grown-ish( Freeform)

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series Andre Braugher- Brooklyn Nine-Nine( NBC) Deon Cole- Black-ish( ABC)- WINNER Jay Ellis- Insecure( HBO) Kenan Thompson- Saturday Night Live( NBC) Laurence Fishburne- Black-ish( ABC)

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series Jenifer Lewis- Black-ish( ABC) Marsai Martin- Black-ish( ABC)- WINNER Natasha Rothwell- Insecure( HBO) Tichina Arnold- The Neighborhood( CBS) Yvonne Orji- Insecure( HBO)

Outstanding Drama Series All Rise( CBS) Bridgerton( Netflix) Lovecraft Country( HBO) Power Book II: Ghost( Starz)- WINNER This Is Us( NBC)

Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series Jonathan Majors- Lovecraft Country( HBO) Keith David- Greenleaf( OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network) Nicco Annan- P-Valley( Starz) Rege-Jean Sheet- Bridgerton( Netflix)- WINNER Sterling K. Brown- This Is Us( NBC)

Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series Angela Bassett- 9-1-1( FOX) Brandee Evans- P-Valley( Starz) Jurnee Smollett- Lovecraft Country( HBO) Simone Missick- All Rise( CBS) Viola Davis- How To Get Away With Murder( ABC)- WINNER

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series Clifford “Method Man” Smith- Power Book II: Ghost( Starz)- WINNER Delroy Lindo- The Good Fight( CBS All Access) J. Alphonse Nicholson- P-Valley( Starz) Jeffrey Wright- Westworld( HBO) Michael Kenneth Williams- Lovecraft Country( HBO)

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series Adjoa Andoh- Bridgerton( Netflix) Aunjanue Ellis- Lovecraft Country( HBO) Lynn Whitfield- Greenleaf( OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network) Mary J. Blige- Power Book II: Ghost( Starz)- WINNER Susan Kelechi Watson- This Is Us( NBC)

Outstanding Television Movie, Limited-Series or Dramatic Special Hamilton( Disney +) Little Fires Everywhere( Hulu) Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker( Netflix)- WINNER Sylvie’s Love( Amazon Studios) The Clark Sisters: First Dame of Gospel( Lifetime)

Outstanding Actor in a Television Movie, Limited-Series or Dramatic Special Blair Underwood- Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker( Netflix)- WINNER Chris Rock- Fargo( FX) Daveed Diggs- Hamilton( Disney +) Leslie Odom, Jr.- Hamilton( Disney +) Nnamdi Asomugha- Sylvie’s Love( Amazon Studios)

Outstanding Actress in a Television Movie, Limited-Series or Dramatic Special Aunjanue Ellis- The Clark Sisters: First Noblewoman of Gospel( Lifetime) Kerry Washington- Little Fires Everywhere( Hulu) Michaela Coel- I May Destroy You( HBO) Octavia Spencer- Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker( Netflix)- WINNER Tessa Thompson- Sylvie’s Love( Amazon Studios)

Outstanding News/ Information( Series or Special) AM Joy: Remembering John Lewis Special( MSNBC) Desus& Mero: The Obama Interview( Showtime) The Color of Covid( CNN) The New York Times Presents" The Killing of Breonna Taylor"( FX)- WINNER The Reidout( NBC)

Outstanding Talk Series Red Table Talk( Facebook Watch)- WINNER Tamron Hall( Syndicated) The Daily Show with Trevor Noah( Comedy Central) The Oprah Conversation( Apple TV +) The Shop: Uninterrupted( HBO)

Outstanding Reality Program, Reality Competition or Game show( Series) Celebrity Family Feud( ABC)- WINNER Iyanla: Fix My Life( OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network) Shark Tank( ABC) United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell( CNN) Voices of Fire( Netflix)

Outstanding Variety Show( Series or Special) 8:46( Netflix) Pitch-black Is King( Disney +) The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion( HBO Max) VERZUZ( APPLE TV)- WINNER Yvonne Orji: Momma I Made It!( HBO)

Outstanding Children’s Program Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Spokesperson( Netflix) Craig of the Creek( Cartoon Network) Family Reunion( Netflix)- WINNER Raven's Home( Disney Channel) We Are the Dream: The Minors of the Oakland MLK Oratorical( HBO)

Outstanding Performance by a Youth( Series, Special, Television Movie or Limited-Series) Alex R. Hibbert- The Chi( Showtime) Lexi Underwood- Little Fires Everywhere( Hulu) Lyrical Ross- This Is Us( NBC) Marsai Martin- Black-ish( ABC)- WINNER Miles Brown- Black-ish( ABC)

Outstanding Host in a Talk or News/ Information( Series or Special)- Individual or Ensemble Don Lemon- CNN Tonight with Don Lemon( CNN) Jada Pinkett Smith- Red Table Talk( Facebook Watch) Joy Reid- The Reidout( NBC) LeBron James- The Shop: Uninterrupted( HBO) Trevor Noah- The Daily Show with Trevor Noah( Comedy Central)- WINNER

Outstanding Host in a Reality/ Reality Competition, Game show or Variety( Series or Special)- Individual or Ensemble Alfonso Ribeiro- America's Funniest Home Videos( ABC) Iyanla Vanzant- Iyanla: Fix My Life( OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network) Steve Harvey- Celebrity Family Feud( ABC)- WINNER W. Kamau Bell- United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell( CNN) RuPaul- RuPaul’s Drag Race( VH1)

Outstanding Guest Performance- Comedy or Drama Series Chris Rock- Saturday Night Live( NBC) Courtney B. Vance- Lovecraft Country( HBO) Dave Chappelle- Saturday Night Live( NBC) Issa Rae- Saturday Night Live( NBC) Loretta Devine- P-Valley( Starz)- WINNER

Outstanding Animated Series Big Mouth( Netflix) Central Park( Apple TV +) Doc McStuffins( Disney Junior)- WINNER She-Ra and the Lady of Power( Netflix) Star Trek: Lower Decks( CBS All Access)

Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance( Television) Aisha Tyler- Archer( FX) Courtney B. Vance- Hollywood's Architect: The Paul R. Williams Story( PBS) Dawnn Lewis- Star Trek: Lower Floors( CBS All Access) Deon Cole- Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts( Netflix) Laya DeLeon Hayes- Doc McStuffins( Disney Junior)- WINNER

Outstanding Short Form Series- Comedy or Drama #FreeRayshawn( Quibi)- WINNER CripTales( BBC America) Lazor Wulf( Adult Swim) Mapleworth Murders( Quibi) Sincerely, Camille( OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network)

Outstanding Performance in a Short-lived Pattern Streaks Giancarlo Esposito- The Broken and the Bad( AMC.com) J.B. Smoove- Mapleworth Murders( Quibi) Jasmine Cephas Jones- #FreeRayshawn( Quibi) Laurence Fishburne- #FreeRayshawn( Quibi)- WINNER Stephan James- #FreeRayshawn( Quibi)

Outstanding Short Form Series- Reality/ Nonfiction American Masters- Unladylike2 020( PBS) Benedict Men( Quibi) Between The Scenes- The Daily Show( Comedy Central)- WINNER In The Making( PBS) Inspire Change Series( NFL Network)

Outstanding Breakthrough Creative( Television) Katori Hall- P-Valley( Starz) Keith Knight- Woke( Hulu) Ramy Youssef- Ramy( Hulu) Raynelle Swilling- Cherish the Day( OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network)- WINNER Teri Schaffer- Cherish the Day( OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network)

Outstanding New Artist Chika- High Rises( Warner Records) Doja Cat- Say So( RCA Records/ Kemosabe)- WINNER D Smoke- Black Practice( WoodWorks Records/ EMPIRE) Giveon- When It's All Said And Done( Epic Records) Skip Marley- Higher Place( Island Records/ Tuff Gong Records)

Outstanding Male Artist Big Sean- Detroit 2( Def Jam Recordings/ G.O.O.D Music) Black Thought- Streams of Thought, Vol. 3: Cane& Able( Republic Records) Charlie Wilson- All of My Love( P Music Group/ BMG) Drake- Laugh Now, Cry Later( Republic Records)- WINNER John Legend- Bigger Love( Columbia Records)

Outstanding Female Artist Beyonce- Black Parade( Columbia Record/ Parkwood)- WINNER H.E.R.- I Can't Breathe( RCA Records/ MBK Entertainment) Jazmine Sullivan- Lost One( RCA Records) Ledisi- Anything For You( Listen Back Entertainment/ BMG) Alicia Keys- Alicia( RCA Records)

Outstanding Music Video/ Visual Album I Can't Breathe- H.E.R.( RCA Records/ MBK Entertainment) Anything For You- Ledisi( Listen Back Entertainment/ BMG) Black is King- Beyonce'( Columbia Record/ Parkwood) Brown Skin Girl- Beyonce' stunt WizKid, SAINt JHN, Blu Ivy Carter( Columbia Record/ Parkwood)- WINNER Do It- Chloe x Halle( Columbia Record/ Parkwood)

Outstanding Album Alicia- Alicia Keys( RCA Records) b7- Brandy( Brand Nu/ eOne) Bigger Love- John Legend( Columbia Records) Chilombo- Jhene Aiko( Def Jam Recordings)- WINNER The Wild Card- LEDISI( Listen Back Entertainment/ BMG)

Outstanding Soundtrack/ Compilation Album Ma Rainey's Black Bottom( Music from the Netflix Film)- Branford Marsalis( Milan) Insecure: Music from the HBO Original Series- Various Masters( Atlantic Records) Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey- Numerous Craftsmen( Atlantic Records) Soul Original Motion Picture Soundtrack- Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Jon Batiste and Tom MacDougall( Walt Disney Records)- WINNER The First Dame of Gospel: The Clark Sisters Biopic Soundtrack- Donald Lawrence( Releve Entertainment)

Outstanding Gospel/ Christian Album Chosen Vessel- Marvin Sapp( RCA Inspiration) Gospel According to PJ- PJ Morton( Morton Inspiration/ Tyscot Records) I Am- Koryn Hawthorne( RCA Inspiration) Kierra- Kierra Sheard( Karew/ RCA Inspiration) The Return- The Clark Sisters( Karew/ Motown)- WINNER

Outstanding Gospel/ Christian Song All in His Plan- PJ Morton( Morton Inspiration/ Tyscot Records) Never Lost- CeCe Winans( Pure Springs Gospel) Something Has To Break- Kierra Sheard feat. Tasha Cobbs-Leonard( Karew/ RCA Inspiration) Strong God- Kirk Franklin( Fo Yo Soul/ RCA Records) Touch from You- Tamela Mann( TillyMann Inc .)- WINNER

Outstanding Jazz Album- Instrumental Be Water- Christian Beaches( Mack Avenue Music Group) Music From and Inspired By Soul- Jon Batiste( Walt Disney Records)- WINNER Omega- Immanuel Wilkins( Blue Note Records) Reciprocity- George Burton( Inner Circle Music) The Iconoclast- Barry Stephenson( Independent)

Outstanding Jazz Album- Vocal Donny Duke and Wonder- Nathan Mitchell( ENM Music Group) Holy Room- Live at Alte Oper- Somi( Salon Africana)- WINNER Pulling Off The Covers- Mike Phillips( Sono Recording Group) Stronger- Jeff Bradshaw( Bone Deep Enterprises) The Eddy( From The Netflix Original Series)- The Eddy( Arista Records)

Outstanding Soul/ R& B Song I Can't Breathe- H.E.R.( RCA Records/ MBK Entertainment) Anything For You- LEDISI( Listen Back Entertainment/ BMG) B.S. undertaking. H.E.R- Jhene Aiko( Def Jam Recordings) Black Parade- Beyonce'( Columbia Record/ Parkwood) Do It- Chloe x Halle( Columbia Record/ Parkwood)- WINNER

Outstanding Hip Hop/ Rap Song Deep Reverence accomplishment. Nipsey Hussle- Big Sean( Brand Nu/ eOne) Savage Remix- Megan Thee Stallion feat. Beyonce( 300 Entertainment/ 1501 Certified Ent. LLC)- WINNER Cool Off- Missy Elliott( Atlantic Records) Laugh Now, Cry Later- Drake( Republic Records) Life Is Good- Future& Drake( Epic Records)

Outstanding Duo, Group or Collaboration( Traditional) Alicia Keys feat. Jill Scott- Jill Scott( RCA Records) Chloe x Halle- Wonder What She Reckons Of Me( Columbia Record/ Parkwood)- WINNER Jimmy Jam& Terry Lewis feat. Babyface- He Don't Know Nothin' Bout It( BMG) Kem undertaking. Toni Braxton- Live Out Your Love( Motown Records) Ledisi and PJ Morton- Anything For You( Listen Back Entertainment/ BMG)

Outstanding Duo, Group or Collaboration( Contemporary) Alicia Keys feat. Khalid- So Done( RCA Records) Big Sean accomplishment. Nipsey Hussle- Deep Reverence( Def Jam Recordings/ G.O.O.D Music) Chloe x Halle- Do It( Columbia Record/ Parkwood) Jhene Aiko accomplishment. H.E.R.- B.S.( Def Jam Recordings) Megan Thee Stallion feat. Beyonce- Savage Remix( 300 Entertainment/ 1501 Certified Ent. LLC)- WINNER

Outstanding International Song Blessed- Buju Banton( Roc Nation Records) Lockdown- Original Koffee( Promise Land Recordings)- WINNER Pressure( Remix)- Original Koffee feat. Buju Banton( Promise Land Recordings) Tanana- Davido feat. Tiwa Savage( RCA Records/ Sony Music U.K ./ Davido Worldwide Entertainment) Temptation- Tiwa Savage( Motown Records)

Outstanding Producer of the Time Donald Lawrence Hit-Boy- WINNER Jathan Wilson Sean Keys TM88

Outstanding Motion Picture Bad Boys For Life( Columbia Pictures/ Sony Pictures Entertainment)- WINNER Da 5 Bloods( Netflix) Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey( Netflix) Ma Rainey's Black Bottom( Netflix) One Night In Miami ...( Amazon Studios)

Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture Anthony Mackie- The Banker( Apple) Chadwick Boseman- Ma Rainey's Black Bottom( Netflix)- WINNER Delroy Lindo- Da 5 Bloods( Netflix) Forest Whitaker- Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey( Netflix) Will Smith- Bad Boys For Life( Columbia Pictures/ Sony Pictures Entertainment)

Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture Issa Rae- The Photograph( Universal Pictures) Janelle Monae- Antebellum( Lionsgate) Madalen Mills- Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey( Netflix) Tracee Ellis Ross- The High Note( Focus Features) Viola Davis- Ma Rainey's Black Bottom( Netflix)- WINNER

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture Aldis Hodge- One Night In Miami ...( Amazon Studios) Chadwick Boseman- Da 5 Bloods( Netflix)- WINNER Clarke Peters- Da 5 Bloods( Netflix) Colman Domingo- Ma Rainey's Black Bottom( Netflix) Glynn Turman- Ma Rainey's Black Bottom( Netflix)

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture Anika Noni Rose- Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey( Netflix) Gabourey Sidibe- Antebellum( Lionsgate) Nia Long- The Banker( Apple) Phylicia Rashad- Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey( Netflix)- WINNER Taylour Paige- Ma Rainey's Black Bottom( Netflix)

Outstanding Independent Motion Picture Emperor( Universal Home Video) Farewell Amor( IFC Films) Miss Juneteenth( Vertical Entertainment) The 24 th( Vertical Entertainment) The Banker( Apple)- WINNER

Outstanding International Motion Picture Ainu Mosir( ARRAY) His House( Netflix) Night of the Kings( Neon)- WINNER The Last Tree( ArtMattan Make) The Life Ahead( La vita davanti a se)( Netflix)

Outstanding Breakthrough Performance in a Motion Picture Dayo Okeniyi- Emperor( Universal Home Video) Dominique Fishback- Project Power( Netflix) Jahi Di’Allo Winston- Charm City Kings( HBO Max) Jahzir Bruno- The Witches( Warner Bros. Pictures) Madalen Mills- Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey( Netflix)- WINNER

Outstanding Ensemble Cast in a Motion Picture Da 5 Bloods( Netflix) Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey( Netflix) Ma Rainey's Black Bottom( Netflix)- WINNER Soul( Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures) The Banker( Apple)

Outstanding Animated Motion Picture Onward( Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures) Over the Moon( Netflix) Scoob!( Warner Bros. Pictures) Soul( Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)- WINNER Trolls World Tour( Universal Pictures)

Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance- Motion Picture Ahmir-Khalib Thompson aka Questlove- Soul( Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures) Angela Bassett- Soul( Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures) Chris Rock- The Witches( Warner Bros. Pictures) Jamie Foxx- Soul( Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)- WINNER Phylicia Rashad- Soul( Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

Outstanding Short Form.( Live Action) Baldwin Beauty( Powderkeg Media) Black Boy Joy( Film Independent Project Involve)- WINNER Gets Good Light Home Mr.& Mrs. Ellis( AMB Yield)

Outstanding Short Form( Animated) Canvas( Netflix)- WINNER Cops and Robbers( Netflix) Loop( Pixar Animation Studios) The Power of Hope( The Power Of Hope) Windup( Unity Technologies)

Outstanding Breakthrough Creative( Motion Picture) Loira Limbal- Through the Night( Third Shift Media, Inc .) Melissa Haizlip- Mr. Soul!( Shoes In The Bed Yield) Nadia Hallgren- Becoming( A Higher Ground Yield and Big Mouth Creation Film for Netflix)- WINNER Radha Blank- The Forty-Year-Old Version( Netflix) Remi Weekes- His House( Netflix)

Outstanding Documentary( Film) All In: The Fight For Democracy( Amazon Studios) Coded Bias( 7th Empire Media) John Lewis: Good Trouble( Magnolia Pictures/ Participant)- WINNER Mr. Soul!( Shoes in the Bed Production) On the Record( HBO Max)

Outstanding Documentary( Television) And She Could Be Next( PBS) Black Love( OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network) Enslaved: The Lost History of the Transatlantic Slave Trade( EPIX) The Last Dance( ESPN/ Netflix)- WINNER Unsung( TV One)

Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series Issa Rae- Insecure-" Lowkey Feelin' Myself"( HBO) Lee Eisenberg, Kumail Nanjiani, Emily V. Gordon- Little America-" The Rock"( Apple TV +) Michaela Coel- I May Destroy You-" Ego Death"( HBO)- WINNER Mindy Kaling, Lang Fisher- Never Have I Ever "Pilot"( Netflix) Rajiv Joseph- Little America-" The Manager"( Apple TV +)

Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series Attica Locke- Little Fires Everywhere-" The Spider Web"( Hulu)- WINNER Erika L. Johnson, Mark Richard- The Good Lord Bird-" A Wicked Plot"( Showtime) Jessica Lamour- Little Voice-" Love Hurts"( Apple TV +) Katori Hall- P-Valley- "Perpetratin'"( Starz) Tanya Barfield- Mrs. America- "Shirley"( FX)

Outstanding Writing in a Television Movie or Special Diallo Riddle, Bashir Salahuddin, D. Rodney Carter, Emily Goldwyn, Rob Haze, Zuri Salahuddin, Bennett Webber, Evan Williams, Will Miles- Sherman's Showcase Black History Month Spectacular( IFC) Eugene Ashe- Sylvie's Love( Amazon Studios) Geri Cole- The Power of We: A Sesame Street Special( HBO Max)- WINNER Lin-Manuel Miranda- Hamilton( Disney +) Sylvia L. Jones, Camille Tucker- The Clark Sisters: First Maiden of Gospel( Lifetime)

Outstanding Writing in a Motion Picture David E. Talbert- Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey( Netflix) Kemp Powers- One Night in Miami ...( Amazon Studios) Lee Isaac Chung- Minari( A24) Pete Docter, Kemp Powers, Mike Jones- Soul( Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures) Radha Blank- The Forty-Year-Old Version( Netflix)- WINNER

Outstanding Writing in a Documentary( Television or Motion Picture) Mary Mazzio- A Most Beautiful Thing( Peacock) Melissa Haizlip- Mr. Soul!( Maysles Documentary Center)- WINNER Nile Cone- The Beat Don't Stop( TV One) Imperial Kennedy Rodgers- Hollywood's Architect: The Paul R. Williams Story( PBS) Yoruba Richen, Elia Gasull Balada, Valerie Thomas- The Sit-In: Harry Belafonte Hosts the Tonight Show( Peacock)

Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series Anya Adams- Black-ish-" Hair Day"( ABC)- WINNER Aurora Guerrero- Little America-" The Jaguar"( Apple TV +) Eric Dean Seaton- Black-ish-" Our Wedding Dre"( ABC) Kabir Akhtar- Never Have I Ever- "... started a nuclear war"( Netflix) Sam Miller, Michaela Coel- I May Destroy You-" Ego Death"( HBO)

Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series Cheryl Dunye- Lovecraft Country-" Strange Case"( HBO) Hanelle Culpepper- Star Trek: Picard- "Remembrance"( CBS All Access)- WINNER Misha Green- Lovecraft Country- "Jig-a-Bobo"( HBO) Nzingha Stewart- Little Fires Everywhere-" The Uncanny"( Hulu) Steve McQueen- Small Axe- "Mangrove"( Amazon Studios)

Outstanding Directing in a Television Movie or Special Beyonce Knowles Carter, Emmanuel Adeji, Blitz Bazawule, Kwasi Fordjour- Black Is King( Disney +) Christine Swanson- The Clark Sisters: First Female of Gospel( Lifetime) Chuck Vinson, Alan Muraoka- The Power of We: A Sesame Street Special( HBO Max) Eugene Ashe- Sylvie’s Love( Amazon Studios)- WINNER Kamilah Forbes- Between The World And Me( HBO)

Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture David E. Talbert- Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey( Netflix) George C. Wolfe- Ma Rainey's Black Bottom( Netflix) Gina Prince-Bythewood- The Old Guard( Netflix)- WINNER Radha Blank- The Forty-Year-Old Version( Netflix) Regina King- One Night in Miami ...( Amazon Studios)

Outstanding Directing in a Documentary( Television or Motion Picture) Keith McQuirter- By Whatever Means Necessary: The Times of Godfather of Harlem( EPIX)- WINNER Muta'Ali- Yusuf Hawkins: Storm Over Brooklyn( HBO) Sam Pollard, Maro Chermayeff- Atlanta's Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children( Ep. 1& 2)( HBO) Simcha Jacobovici- Enslaved: The Lost History of the Transatlantic Slave Trade( EPIX) Yoruba Richen- The Sit-In: Harry Belafonte Hosts the Tonight Show( Peacock)

Outstanding Literary Work- Fiction Black Bottom Saints- Alice Randall( HarperCollins Publishers) Lakewood- Megan Giddings( HarperCollins Publishers) Riot Baby- Tochi Onyebuchi( TorDotCom Publishing, imprint of Tom Doherty Associates) The Awkward Black Man- Walter Mosley( Grove Atlantic)- WINNER The Vanishing Half- Brit Bennett( Riverhead Books)

Outstanding Literary Work- Nonfiction A Black Women’s History of the United Regime- Daina Berry( Beacon Press) A Promised Land- Barack Obama( Crown)- WINNER Driving While Black- Gretchen Sorin( W. W. Norton& Company) Long Time Coming: Reckoning with Race in America- Michael Eric Dyson( St. Martin's Press) We're Better Than This- Elijah Cummings( HarperCollins Publishers)

Outstanding Literary Work- Debut Author A Knock at Midnight- Brittany Barnett( Penguin Random House) Greyboy: Finding Blackness in a White World- Cole Brown( Skyhorse) Lakewood- Megan Giddings( HarperCollins Publishers) The Compton Cowboys- Walter Thompson-Hernandez( HarperCollins Publishers) We're Better Than This- Elijah Cummings( HarperCollins Publishers)- WINNER

Outstanding Literary Work- Biography/ Autobiography A Most Beautiful Thing: The True Story of America's First All-Black High School Rowing Team- Arshay Cooper( Macmillan) A Promised land- Barack Obama( Crown) Olympic Pride, American Prejudice- Deborah Draper( Simon& Schuster) The Dead Are Arising- Les Payne, Tamara Payne( W. W. Norton& Company)- WINNER Willie: The Game-Changing Story of the NHL's First Black Player- Willie O'Ree( Penguin Canada)

Outstanding Literary Work- Instructional Do Right by Me: Learning to Raise Black Children in White Space- Valerie Harrison( Temple University Press) Living Lively- Haile Thomas( HarperCollins Publishers) The Black Foster Youth Handbook- Angela Quijada-Banks( Soulful Liberation) The Woman God Created You to Be: Finding Success Through Faith-Spiritually, Personally, and Professionally- Kimberla Lawson Roby( Lenox Press) Vegetable Kingdom- Bryant Terry( Penguin Random House)- WINNER

Outstanding Literary Work- Poetry Homie- Danez Smith( Graywolf Press) Kontemporary Amerikan Poetry- John Murillo( Four Way Books) Seeing the Body- Rachel Eliza Griffiths( W. W. Norton& Company) The Age of Phillis- Honoree Jeffers( Wesleyan University Press)- WINNER Un-American- Hafizah Geter( Wesleyan University Press)

Outstanding Literary Work- Children I Promise- LeBron James, Nina Mata( HarperCollins) Just Like a Mama- Alice Faye Duncan, Charnelle Pinkney Barlow( Simon& Schuster) Kamala Harris: Rooted in Justice- Nikki Grimes, Laura Freeman( Simon& Schuster) She Was the First !: The Trailblazing Life of Shirley Chisholm- Katheryn Russell-Brown, Eric Velasquez( Lee& Low Books- WINNER The Secret Garden of George Washington Carver- Gene Barretta, Frank Morrison( HarperCollins)

Outstanding Literary Work- Youth/ Teens Before the Ever After- Jacqueline Woodson( Penguin Random House)- WINNER Black Brother, Black Brother- Jewell Parker Rhodes( Hachette Book Group) Dear Justyce- Nic Stone( Crown Books for Young Book) Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Beginning- Jason Reynolds( Hachette Book Group) This is Your Time- Ruby Aqueduct( Delacorte Books for Young Book)

Hall of Fame Award Eddie Murphy

Chairman's Award Rev. D. James Lawson

Presidents Award LeBron James

Activist of the Time Reverend Dr. Wendell Anthony

Youth Activist of the Year Madison Potts

Springarn Medal Misty Copeland

Founder's Award Toni Vaz

Sports Award I Stephen Curry

Sports Award II WNBA Player's Association( Nneka Ogqumike accepting on behalf of WNBAPA)

Key of Life Award Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett

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