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How To Do Damage Control When You Fight In Front of Your Kids

"Yesterday my husband and I had an argument at dinner time in front of the kids. My four year age-old daughter wailed at us to' Be placid! ’ ... My two year aged had a tough time going to bed, which is odd for him. Could that have had to do with mommy and daddy indicating? ”


honour of Valentines Day next week, our next three posts are about the intersection between being a parent and being a couple -- solely, how to

work through conflicts when you're in front of your children.

Conflict is part of every human relationship. If we live with children, those conflicts will sometimes come up in front of the adolescents. Which parent some

important questions.

Do it hurt your child to see you and your spouse oppose?

In the past, most experts reassured mothers that there’s no injure in children assuring them fight, as long as the children too realise the mothers even off subsequentlies.

However, the further development of neurological investigate challenge this view. Not amazingly, it turns out that when children hear angry cry, their

stress hormones shoot up. In fact, even a sleeping infant registers loud, annoyed expressions and events a rush of stress substances that takes some time

to diminish.

So the research confirms what any child can tell you, which is that it’s frightening when adults yell at each other. After all, parents are the child’s

beginning of security. When parents seem out of control, the world becomes a scary place.

This stress response can fix children agitated long afterward, including making it difficult for kids to fall asleep, because the stress hormones can stay

in the child’s body for hours. Since teenagers can’t turn to the arguing adults for convenience, they stuff their horror, and it sounds out in feeling, provocation

or misbehavior.

Maybe worst of all, when adults yell at each other, it presents children the meaning that when humans have squabbles, bawling is the “grown up” way

to handle them.

So is it ever good for parents to dissent in front of adolescents?

Yes! It's terrific for children to see adults disagree with each other respectfully, and ask for what they need without concluding the other person wrong.

In other texts, children is conducive to understanding healthy objections. Even when tempers get a little hot, if you can resolve things rapidly and your

children told you repair and reconnect, you're sit the resilience of relationships.

So by all means, go ahead and work through little differences that come up with your partner in front of your boys. But remember that as soon as your dissension

shatters into contempt or yelling, you're way out of the healthful zone. It's a great idea to have a discussion about this in advance, and agree

that whenever either of you starts to get triggered during a discussion, you'll put off the fight until you're behind closed doors. Choose a system message

or term that signals "Got it; I love you but this is getting too hot to handle with the boys now; Let's discuss this later."

In those cases, be sure to summon up your sense of humor as soon as things start to get heated, and close the "public" phase of your discussion with a

grip, so their own children can loosen, knowing that no matter how difficult the discussion, the adults are still committed to working things out positively.

What if you’ve pushed with your collaborator in front of your child

...and you wouldn't accurately call the things you said respectful?

Don’t panic. The determining factor for the child comes from repeated experiences.

Try this experiment:

For the next few days, consider your interactions with your partner through your child's eyes.

Does the tint remain respectful even when you disagree?

Do utters stay at a soothe degree?

Do you both find a way to express your craves and needs without "attacking" each other?

Is the feeling in your home generally one of affection and reinforcement?

Does your child consider daily ample evidence of emotional generosity on both sides?

Do you make a point of "making up" in front of your child?

Are there at least five positive interactions for every negative interaction?

Research shows that these practices are good for your relationship. And they simulate healthy relationship and gap for your child to see and learn


Are you thinking that your fighting could use a tune-up to shift into a healthier state? What a excellent Valentines Day present to your spouse! Don't miss

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Work — why we do what we do!

Work -- why we do which is something we do!

I recently saw this beautiful scene on a TV line( TVF Pitchers) which travels something like this

The BF and GF are going through mutual breakup as the GF got a job overseas and they don’t believe that long distance will work for them. The BF is a startup founder. The background is playing out in a super market

GF: - It’s so weird, why are you asking me to go take this responsibility. If you were a genuine BF you would have asked me to stay back

BF: - No you should go because work is important. After we die, all that remains is our work.

GF: - That is BS, I only wield because I have to and because I can make money and deplete it.

BF: - No, that is not why "were working". Look at this target, this supermarket is essentially a museum of human history of undertaking. Look at this water bottle, it made 1000 s of beings running over 100 or so times to come up with the concept of a plastic water bottle( Goes on to explain, what all innovations had to happen in order for a plastic water bottle to exist ).

And scene goes on.....

This beautifully crafted background bided with me. That is the real value of our effort. Unfortunately for a good deal of us we define occupation as means of making money or a course of defining our ego worth, the effects of what we do seldom does has spoken about. My vantage point is mostly beings in technology as that is who I interact with on a regular basis and sometimes it is hard for most of us to understand if what we do is having a real meaningful impact.

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For the longest time, I have been a technology enthusiast, which is why I came in to engineering. Computer science and Math were my first loves at school, so engineering seemed like an self-evident preference but to be honest there have terms during this journey where I have wondered about the effects of my work. I wondered several times during my vocation if I should cease and become a non-profit volunteer but then my adoration for the sciences deterred me going.

All of this fundamentally modified for me where reference is propelled Xemelgo as it forced me to go back to the elements and think through all of it. If I was going to give up a flourishing career and give up the solaces of it to take on something risky then I better understand why doing it was important. I have spent day mulling over this issue for the past 3 years and every deliver time I gain a deeper understanding of it, which is why that incident in the TV succession reverberated with me so much. So if you are like me and if you are wondering why we do, which is something we do, then this blog is for you. Now is why I picture why we do, what we do


Being a technologist, I think this is the biggest thing that everything of us technologists have to offer. Technology can level the playing field for everyone in a lot of different ways. Think of all the great content that we are getting to watch on Youtube, Netflix and Amazon, this would not have been possible if not for technology. Prior to this, the ability to create content was only limited to production studios and beings with deep pockets. If you were a builder with a great idea but no coin and relationships, chances for you to make it were very slim. The newer content scaffolds have changed all of that and the world is better for that. We are now able to hear a lot more express across different spectrums.

Let’s take a better lesson, the story of Square is a interesting one, if not for Square tons of neighbourhood artisans had no means to accept a credit card payment and were left at the kindnes of money that parties were willing to carry. Square changed the game for all of them, permitting anyone to bill a credit card payment for their crafts.

Back in India, I recollect my dad was so excited the first time he was able to book his LPG cylinder or learn ticket online, as eventually he did not have to run behind middle-of-the-road somebodies trying to make money of out of the simple necessaries of life.

I can go on and on, but you get the gist and in order to make all of this possible there have had to be tons of inventions in Internet technology, Fibre optics, cabling engineering, Mobile phone technology, Software/ Computing equipment, Lighting, Camera, LED sensors etc.

At Xemelgo, this is what drives me on a daily basis, the ability to bring the latest technologies to everyone on the factory floor. For the last couple of decades, the manufacturing sector has been ignored by high tech. At Xemelgo we want to change that and enable producers here in the US as well as everywhere else in the world to have access to the latest and greatest engineerings in an easy to use manner.

Putting our enunciates forward

I have written about this before, but all of our individual spokespeople counting in all aspects of life.

Going back to that plastic bottle, some person might have said adding a curvature to the bottle will help people in holding that bottle better. That person is not here anymore but his design stays on. I ever look at all the dolls and equipment that I have for my teenagers and marvel at the people who worked on it to make it so useful as well as safe for children. Their work cures me employ my teenagers as well as be rest assured that they are safe.

I was reading Melinda Gates book- Moment of Liftand she talked about some progress in birth prevention technology. That is a great example of representation. Some innovators decided to tackle the problem of women’s reproductive health and invested in inventing mixtures for that. Women the world over have been able to take charge of their lives as a result of that.

As a woman in tech and as a startup founder, I have recognise in that my own small practice I am leveling the playing field by putting my enunciate forward.

Internal Growth

Every time I run into an issue at work, I ever try to look at it as an orbit that I am not well versed to handle instead of thinking of it as a obstruction to my professional raise. When I am going through it, it is definitely stressful but once I am out of it, I feel like I have grown in a certain aspect of life and that is enabling me to be a better person. If we can reframe stressful events as instances to self be borne in mind our shortcomings then they can become a vehicle for extraordinary internal growth.

Work as a word of expression

I ever attributed task as a word of phrase exclusively to creators, I reputed the rest of us actually cannot do that in our everyday places. I speak somewhere though that being an entrepreneur is all about expres your fresh, true-life self because at the end of the day that is all your differentiator is. I thinks this holds true for all of us entrepreneur or not.

Parents will understand why I say this, each of one of our boys comes with their own unique expression but some where along the line, we lose it and just try to fit in with the rest. I have tried gradually to practice bringing my whole genuine self to work more and more. My role as a mommy, my Indian upbringing, my foresees on being etc. and I have found that each of one these things have helped us build a better rapport with our purchasers, spouses as well as build a better product which my crew can stand proudly behind and say no one else can construct this because this is the whole sum of who each of us is on the team. The concoction is a result of our hard work, our sweat, our discussions and our own peculiarities for example: - obsessing about a button placement: - ).

Work as a sort of offering

This is something I have now been started reading about. In the Hindu scripture Bhagvad Gita, there is a line

“karmanye vadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachana”

which essentially translates to do you work with dedication and do not worry about ensues. Doing your work as a word of render is considered to be a way of ultimate liberation.

It genuinely does not matter what you do, you can be a Janitor, a Doctor, an Artist or a Technologist, all the matters is, are you doing your work with complete connection and making it YOUR ALL.

When you are running a startup, there is a lot of pressure/ responsibility -- towards your crew, towards your customers and finally towards your investors who have all situated their faith in you. It is easy for that to bog someone down but instead if I have chosen to look at my job as a offering towards them. I am taking their trust in me and doing my complete best to respond back to them. This in turn generates a very beautiful relationship for everyone partake in.

To conclude

As you step out of your house today or go to work tomorrow I challenge each one of you to observe the gift left behind by millions others before us in all of the things around us. Legacy is not formed by really the large-hearted abilities but by the small things each one of us put in everyday at home, at work as well as our communities. So let’s all give our work with respect, let’s not clean it apart as something we just have to do for the sake of it, for that is a great dis-service to the rest of humankind. What we do today will be hopefully benefit generations to come.

Some more thoughts

In this blog I are mainly talked about handiwork from my point of view but in general this applies to everything that each one of us, the effort that a mother does at home to create a encouraging environment for their children is probably as or even more important as that is the work of creating the next generation of people who will make decisions that decide the future of the planet.

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