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PlayStation Now: Everything you need to know

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PlayStation Now is yet another gaming subscription service, giving you access to over 800 tournaments. It's a cost effective option for those who don't want to spend money on plays independently. While you may not always be able to play the newest activities through a PS Now subscription, there are a ton of enormous options.

So what exactly is PlayStation Now and why should you think about buying a subscription? In this article, we'll go over everything you need to know about PS Now to make an educated decision. Already reassured? Pick up a subscription placard by clicking below.

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What is PlayStation Now?

PlayStation Now is a subscription-based service that allows you to play hundreds of PS4, PS3, and PS2 activities on challenge. You can think of it like Netflix, but for PlayStation sports instead of movies and Tv shows.

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There are currently over 800 activities to choose from. This huge library of recreations is modernized every month so that you always have brand-new plays to check out. And even though sports are constantly being added and removed, a lot of the games stick around for a while, giving you plenty of time to play through them.

You can play the games accessible through PS Now on your PS4/ PS4 pro, your PS5, or even your PC. PS Now is also the only( official) behavior to play PlayStation exclusive plays on your PC or your laptop. Granted, they are streamed from the mas instead of invested immediately on your device.

How does it run?

ps5 ps now

Once you've bought a PS Now subscription or started your 7 daytime free experiment, you can start choosing recreations to download or stream. Over 300 activities are available to download to your console and other activities are only able to be streamed. No interest whether you stream or download a game, your PS Now subscription includes access to full games and full access to all available online multiplayer modes, if video games has them.

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If you purchase a PS Now subscription directly through your PlayStation account, you should be ready to start choosing sports to play immediately. If you purchased a due placard from Target, Walmart, Amazon, or any other store, you need to enter your voucher code in your PlayStation account to activate your subscription.

And if you want to play on your PC, all you need to do is download the PlayStation Now app. After you download the PC app and sign in to your PlayStation account, you're good to start streaming plays. If you start playing a game on your PC and later want to switch to your console, you can do that with no chink in your progress. Merely save your game on your PC and load it up on your console.

If you're going to be streaming activities on your console or on your PC, it's recommended that you have an active broadband contact of at least 5mbps or higher. Of direction, the faster your tie the better your results will be.

How much does PlayStation Now expense?

You can purchase a PS Now subscription three different ways. First, you can pay $9.99 every month on a rolling subscription. Second, you can pay $24.99 every three months( or about $8.33 per month ). Or third, you can pay $59.99 for an annual programme, averaging out to about$ 5 per month.

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Out of all of these payment alternatives, the annual design is objectively very good. If you're not sure, there's a 7 period free inquiry that allows you to try out the full busines. Then, if you like what you construe, ameliorating to an annual subscription propose will provide the best value. You can purchase that at the link below.

Get PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now games

ps now home page

Credit: Sarah Chaney/ Android Authority

The PS Now tournament collecting varies every month. A spate of plays seem to stick around for the long haul, while other games are only available to play for a limited time. If a game is only available for a certain time window, you'll ever know exactly what date it'll be removed from the service.

Most plays will have ongoing access, which doesn't mean that they'll always be available to play, but that they aren't leaving anytime soon.

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A few of the best names available on PS Now right now include Horizon Zero Dawn, Doom, The Last of Us, Uncharted 3, and Bloodborne. There are currently, of course, tons of other huge claims to choose from. If you don't see anything you like, check out the full list of recreations you can play with a PS Now subscription.

Here are a few of the latest additions to the PS Now library of tournaments:

Call of Duty Black Ops III( accessible until April 29, 2021) Detroit: Become Human( ongoing access) Darksiders Genesis( ongoing access) WWE 2K Battlegrounds( available until August 2, 2021) The Crew 2( accessible until May 6, 2021) Frostpunk( ongoing access) Surviving Spoils( ongoing access) Little Ordeals( ongoing access)

Is PlayStation Now worth noting?

PlayStation Now accommodates a great deal of competitions for the low-grade fee they accuse. And again, you'll get the best value by buying an annual subscription.

If you're new to gaming, this service is most certainly worth it. There are over 800 competitions to choose from, including tons of PS classics. If you've just purchased a new PS5 after bouncing a few cases generations, it's a great space to catch up.

Even if you have been playing PS activities for the past 10 times, you'll still get a lot out of this assistance. You can check out smaller recreations you might have never purchased and tried otherwise.

And if you have a gaming PC, it precisely adds to the value you get out of the due busines. Being able to switch back and forth between your PC and your console is great. Some daytimes you want to game at your PC and some eras you precisely want to lounge on your couch and play on your console. It's great that you have that flexible to switch platforms so easily.

Where is it available?

At this time, PlayStation Now occur within 19 countries. Now is the full list of supported countries and regions 😛 TAGEND

Austria Belgium Canada Denmark Finland France Germany Ireland Italy

Japan Luxembourg Norway Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland The Netherlands UK USA

How are the mobile app facets?

There is no portable app right now that is dedicated exclusively to PS Now. In the official PlayStation app, you can click on a tie-up that will make you to the PS Now sheet. There, you can browse through tournaments currently available with a due.

We did notice one strange foible. Even with your PS Now subscription activated and recognized in the app, they will come up as full expenditure when searching for games. When searching for a game in the PS Store on a PS5 console, it will roster whether that tournament is present in a PS Now or PS Plus subscription.

It's a shame that the mobile app does not show you which plays are included with your due once you've paid off it. Hopefully Sony builds in these improvements in the near future.

Download it here

PlayStation now alternatives

While there are no alternatives that will allow you to play PlayStation exclusive games, there are similar video game streaming services out there.

EA Play

ea play

Credit: Electronic Artworks

EA Play is a great streaming service if you enjoy EA activities. You can compensate $4.99 per month or go for the much cheaper option of $29.99 per year. Subscribing to EA Play will give you exclusive both the challenges and reinforces, allow you to play certain new releases for up to 10 hours before they launch, and more.

Some of very good activities included with EA Play for PlayStation consoles include Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, NFS Heat, FIFA 20, Apex Tale, Unravel Two, and more. If you discover a specific game you really want to play through EA Play, it may be worth it to get the service. But compared to PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass, you won't have access to that countless sports. It's also worth mentioning that EA Play is included as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Ubisoft Plus

ubisoft plus

Credit: Ubisoft

Ubisoft Plus is only available for PC gamers. For $14.99 a few months, you accessed through over 100 activities from Ubisoft. This long list of tournaments will exclusively proliferate as new games come out. New recreations are added to the service on their liberate dates so you can play them as quickly as possible.

Some of very good tournaments accessible right now with a Ubisoft Plus subscription include Immortals Fenyx Rising, Assassin's Creed Valhalla( and other Assassin's Creed activities ), and Far Cry New Dawn. The assistance also includes most older entitlements from Ubisoft's more popular franchises.

Xbox Game Pass

xbox game pass

Credit: Microsoft

Out of all the alternatives listed here, Xbox Game Pass has the most to offer. With Xbox Game Pass, you have access to tons of old Xbox classics mixed in with new activities. As soon as you activate your Xbox Game Pass due, you can play all of the new first-party deeds that opening on the console. Clearly this busines doesn't work on PlayStation, but it's a good enough option for those considering a second console or for those working willing to fully switch over to the Xbox camp.

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A few of very good sports accessible through Xbox Game Pass include Dead Cells, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and Gears 5. Standard Game Pass for has two contrives, one for PC and one for console, both costing precisely $9.99 per month.

Or, you could go for the Ultimate version, which includes the ability to play games on your Xbox console, PC, or Android portable machine. Springing for the Ultimate version goes you tons of other benefits very, like exclusive dismiss, free in-game content, EA Play( console only) and the beta cloud gaming assistance.

Other FAQs

Q: Can I represent PS Now games on variou maneuvers? A: Yes, when you sign into PS Now on a brand-new machine- either a new console or a new PC - you can access any recreation in PS Now and your saved recreation progress, if you've already started playing a game somewhere else.

Q: Will I still pay accolades from PS Now tournaments? A: Yep! You will still deserve mementoes the same way you would if you bought the game.

Q: Does PS Now include PS Plus? A: No. PS Now and PS Plus are two different dues. PS Now is a streaming service for video games. PlayStation Plus gives people free tournaments every month, exclusive perks and discounts, access to online multiplayer for all plays you own, and more.

Q: If I nullify my subscription, can I keep playing the games I already started? A: No. When your subscription ends, your access to any competitions you previously downloaded or streamed demises. The activities may still show up in your library and you keep the mementoes you gave. But unfortunately you can't play any PS Now games unless you reincarnated your subscription or buy the game.

Q: Do sports leave PS Now? A: Yes, the games currently in PS Now will likely not ever be there. Some of the smallest designations may stick around for a while, but it's never such guarantees. Only like Netflix, PS Now will consistently freshen material so that its users can experience fresh games.

Q: Does PS Now include full sports? A: Yep! All of the games that you can play through PS Now are full versions.

Q: Can I play online multiplayer recreations with PS Now? A: If the PS Now activity you're playing includes online multiplayer modes, you can access the mode just like you would if you bought video games. PS Plus are not required for PS Now's online multiplayer games.

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7 Best Gaming Advertising Campaigns of All Time

The popularity of gaming- and with it the importance of gaming advertising campaigns- is soaring.

As a result of the world pandemic, an increase of beings are turning to the question of virtual natures for presentation, education and simple escapism. With popularity surging, gaming advertising and gaming flaunt advertise will frisk an even bigger role in get the right message in front of the right people- at hurry and scale.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best gaming advertising campaigns, what makes them stand out, and what we can learn from them. Plus, what the future of gaming props and why clevernes, scalability, controller and quickened will be key.

It will include 😛 TAGEND

The current state of gaming advertising in 2021

“Sega does what Nintendon’t” Double Life Life is Short Play More “It’s a very, very mad world.” Believe Kevin Butler “To Michael”

Stepping into the future of gaming publicizing Essential strategy: creation automation for gaming

The current state of gaming advertising in 2021

Before 2020, the gaming industry was already seeing, on average, a 9% year on time raise. COVID-1 9 accelerated this expansion. So much so that the industry’s revenue is expected to grow by a third before 2023 and will be worth in excess of $200 billion.

From blockbuster ads and$ million integrated campaigns through to in-game advertising and gaming flaunt push, gaming marketing is big business. For every power-up and boss combat win there’s a slew of game overs that leave the audience reaching for the reset button.

Gamers are everywhere- even if they don’t realise it. Forget the days of gaming being the sole region of beings hiding away in a dark office for dates furiously trying to level-up on World of Warcraft. Gaming is now part of the mainstream thanks to mobile tech and the esteem of competitions like Animal Crossing, Wordscapes and FarmVille.

Gamers are an committed, diverse and germinating public. But what’s the best way to reach them through marketing? Let’s look through the stand-out gaming campaigns ever caused and what we can learn from them.

Here’s our take on the best gaming advertising campaigns of all time 😛 TAGEND 1. “Sega does what Nintendon’t”

Gaming’s first large-hearted acceleration into favourite, mainstream culture happened in the late' 80 s and early' 90 s. It was defined by the rivalry by the two titans of the industry; Sega and Nintendo. The original NES- complete with everyone’s favourite Italian plumber, Super Mario- mopped the flooring, in terms of marketings, with Sega’s Master System.

Sega knew they needed a person to compete with Mario and they knew they had to push boundaries. Enter Sonic the Hedgehog.

The whirling, climbing, ranging, off-color blur and the 16 -bit graphics of Sega’s Mega Drive( Genesis in the US) left the 8-bit NES and Mario for dust, leading to Sega’s classic boundary: “Sega does what Nintendon’t” and an ad campaign with cameos from culture icons like Michael Jackson and Joe Montana.

2. Double Life

While the early' 90 s were dominated by the battle between Sega and Nintendo, the middle of the activities of the decade determined a brand-new actor enter the situation, one that they are able to revolutionise the industry.

Sony were best known for their Walkmens and camcorders. They weren’t even considered competitors to the dominance of Sega and Nintendo. But the Playstation modified everything. And its open came with one of the best ads ever developed- Double Life.

Even now the line: “I have required armies...and subdued worlds” still sends shivers down the backbone of seasoned gamers. When it comes to building anticipation, crafting a diverse legend and encapsulating a moment in time so perfectly, very few ads do it better.

3. Life is Short Play More

Despite the N64 from Nintendo, it was Sony who would dominate the latter part of the decade, cementing their status as the market leader in 2000 with the launch of the PS2.

It would take fund, invention and a time of change for anyone to compete with them. It was Microsoft that had all of these. Not simply did the Xbox arrive with Halo and the Masterchief, it came ended with spat( there’s no such thing as bad publicity remember ?).

The ad, Life is Short Play More evidences a newborn being born, flying through the breath, rapidly aging before crashing into a mausoleum. It was one of the earliest iterations of a viral video. Before it was exhausted, it was shared internally at Microsoft via email. The file size having to be less than 2mb for it to send!

The email was shared over a million times- small numbers by today’s representations but vast at the time. This reply caused the team behind it to throw it on Tv. The ad immediately lured a host of complaints and was subsequently boycotted- cementing its bequest and infamy.

4. “It’s a particularly, very mad world.”

The trailer for Gears of War on the Xbox was one of the very first ad campaigns to tap into the inherent power of human emotion. Set to Gary Jules’ cover of the Tears For Fears song Mad World from Donnie Darko, the trailer is a beautiful juxtaposition of melancholy and activity, brought to life by exalted igniting and jaw-dropping( at the time) graphics. It altered everything for video game trailers and advertising.

5. Believe

Sticking with Xbox, the ad campaign for Halo 3 in 2007 was a defining moment for gaming publicizing. Not merely did the ad feed the publicity machine already bustling around the release of the title, it built a whole world extending beyond the game.

The buzz it generated was so big that every media outlet wanted to cover it. As storytelling in an ad campaign starts, it’s one of the most significant specimen. The' shorts’ to accompany the official trailers were directed by Neill Blomkamp and were the first to outline the Halo universe in a live create .

They were followed up by the Believe campaign. This safarus had live action elderly' war’ ex-servicemen and a huge diorama depicting the final battle that strained over 1,200 paws. It placed a new benchmark for play advertising.

6. Kevin Butler

Instead of trying to compete with Microsoft’s big-hearted plan makes and lavish stimulates, Sony took a new tacking in 2009. Kevin Butler became the face of their( downright hilarious) It Does Everything campaign. It toiled a charm.

The ads were self-aware and self-deferential with big crossover plea. Not only were they well received by love, they succeeded in boosting Sony’s sales of their brand-new PS3 model. The safarus diversified even further when Kevin Butler appeared in person at E3, one of the world’s biggest gaming events.

7. “To Michael! ”

In 2011, Sony continued to push the boundaries with its Long Live Play campaign. The jewel in the crown was the character business that peculiarity live action different versions of iconic video game characters.

From Nathan Drake and Kratos through to the soldiers from Omaha Beach, together they promote a toast to Michael. And who is Micheal? The gamer who got them through their toughest goes. The ad operates so well because the hero isn’t the characters from video games, it’s the gamer and their story is the one that matters.

Stepping into the future of gaming publicizing

Fast forward to the end of 2020 and the future of gaming is laid bare in The Edge, one of Sony’s ads for the Play Had No Limits campaign launching the PS5. With themes of exploration, invention and( literally) stepping into the unknown, it decorates a glowing picture of the future of gaming- one born from productivity and connection.

And this is where the success of gaming push lies.

All of information campaigns featured above have creativity at heart. They propagandize borderlines. They do things differently. More- ultimately- they create a connection and derive an emotional response in the viewer.

This response is born out of storytelling. As we enter a new age of gaming, where it’s increasingly incorporated within our daylight to daylight live and more connected than ever before, the best expeditions will need to use AI and automation to unleash creativity- and to make sure they are seen on the right paths, at the right time, by the right people.

All-important approach: production automation for gaming

One of the biggest challenges in the gaming industry is cutting through the interference and hear anything. It’s a huge space( especially with the explosion of portable gaming) with intense competition.

Very few enterprises have the budgets of Sony and Microsoft so rushed and scalability are of the essence. And when they are combined with creativity and control, well, then the magic can really happen.

This is where a Creative Management Platform( CMP ) will enter into its own. Creative production can now be automated and scaled! Go from a single employer inventive to an part expedition across all formats and paths( including video and social) in minutes. Not exclusively is it a game-changer for ingenuity, it saves both season and money.

Ads can be optimised, adapted and experimented without the need for coding and the messaging is likely to be personalised, at scale, to your audience. This gives you the superpower and control to oust generic ads with user specific ads- whether that’s copy, likeness or video.

According to Evergage, 88% of purveyors say purchasers now expect an experience that’s personalised to them. When you have the right data you can pair it with the freedom innovative and put your personalised ads in front of the right gamers. Personalised ads for gaming have the potential to be both console and recreation specific. This means you can make one-to-one personalisation, at flake, a reality.


As we accompanied in the patterns above, it’s the ability to capture the hearts and thoughts of your viewers which offsets you stay in their memories. The more adapted your ads are to each viewer, the better chance you have of doing this and, ultimately converting them.

For advertising to be successful, it has to have creativity at its middle. That’s why abusing tech- and a mixture like a CMP- in the right way is essential. They can enhance the creative process while at the same time removing unnecessary distractions. And when you have full imaginative restraint over your gaming advertising, you can create brilliant expeditions that resonate with your public and deliver you results.

If you want to find out more about how a CMP like Bannerflow can help power your digital advertisements in 2020 and beyond, then get in touch for a demo and witness the future developed before your eyes.

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