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Nick Wright Throws in the Towel, Won’t Challenge Phil Hellmuth to a Rematch

Two epoches following his High Stakes Duel III loss, Nick Wright has realise his decision on a possible rematch against Phil Hellmuth, of which there won't be one. The sports television personality instead will return to his prime gig as a co-host on FS1' s First Things First.

phil hellmuth nick wright

There won't be a Round 2 between Nick Wright and Phil Hellmuth.( Image: PokerGO)

Wednesday's $50,000 buy-in heads-up battle on the PokerGO app was more competitive than some apprehended. Wright, an amateur poker player, went toe-to-toe against a 15 -time WSOP bracelet winner and one of the game's all-time greats. He even viewed a lead for the better part of the first two hours. In the end, however, the bratty poker legend "ve been a little" too much for a recreational player.

Hellmuth moved to 7-0 on High Stakes Duel -- the first three wins against Antonio Esfandiari in 2020 and then three more versus Daniel Negreanu earlier this year. Per the rules of the support, the losing musician has 72 hours to request a rematch or to call it quits.

In his postgame interrogation, Wright told PokerGO's Jeff Platt that he wasn't sure if he'd come back for Round 2. If he were to decide to challenge the Poker Hall of Famer to another join, the sports talk substantiate emcee would be on the hook for computing another $100,000 to the prize pool, and then $ 200,000 for Round 3, if he were to lose in the first rematch.

Know when to hold' em, know when to fold' em

Prior to the first competition, Wright expressed confidence that he could pull the disturbed. He even told Hellmuth during the match that he felt he'd be a tougher opponent than Negreanu. But a few hours before the 72 -hour decision period feed out, he influenced he couldn't continue on High Stakes Duel III.

My announcement on if I’m re-challenging @phil_hellmuth for the 200 K Round 2 of #HighStakesDuel3 on @PokerGO pic.twitter.com/ tCPYmgkclo

-- gouge wright (@ getnickwright) July 31, 2021

" I definitely sounds like I truly blew it with some good play in the middle ," Wright said of his rendition against Hellmuth in a two-minute Twitter video." I don't know if it was fatigue or paucity of know or whatever. But I had a plan, I was executing it and I strayed from it ."

Moments later, the onetime boasts radio host divulged his decision." So, the issues to is, after losing that $50,000, am I going to wrangle up another $100,000 to face him again? And, regrettably, the answer to that question is no ."

Wright went on to thank the PokerGO community for admitting him to enter the poker macrocosm. He'll is available on a future Poker After Dark episode along with Hellmuth. That competition was filmed prior to High Stakes Duel III, but has already been to air on PokerGO.

Who's Hellmuth's next challenger?

With Wright out of the way, Hellmuth will likely get his wish, and that is to face a prominent poker pro instead of an amateur. Following Wednesday's Round 1 competitor, the former world endorse declared he'd prefer if his opposing waned a rematch as he feels he had been able to" lose some gift extents" if he were to lose to an amateur and stands only fund to gain.

So, that requests the question, who will he face next on High Stakes Duel IV? The provide answers to that question is very likely to be revealed in an upcoming No Gamble No Future podcast, which has been the standard procedure. The tush is open for as long as 30 daylights while a new musician is locked in.

Most anticipate the next challenger will be either Phil Ivey or Tom Dwan, both of whom have been waiting in the offstages to get a piece of Hellmuth. Dwan was originally bumped by PokerGO in favor of Negreanu and then a second time for Wright.

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High school athletes getting mixed messages on NIL, executive says

With college athletes now allowed to make money off their name, image and likeness ... could high school athletes soon follow suit?


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PNB expects reduction in NPAs in next 2 quarters

CH SS Mallikarjuna Rao, MD& CEO, PNB tells that slippage has been high-pitched due to Covid impact and high-pitched proforma NPA, however PNB expects better importance in terms of slippage in Q1 and Q2. The bank expects things to improve by June end. Edited excerpts: ET Now: Your gross cyberspace NPA that stands at about 14.1%, which is slightly lower than the pro forma gross net NPA of 14.71%. Although you have reported profits-- your overall stressed assets are one of the highest amongst the PSU banks. What had given rise to such high NPAs? CH SS Mallikarjuna Rao: See there are two things-- PNB has been bracing high-pitched gross NPA percentage for long time and there has been a considerable improvement in the last one year. Even though if you look at the remarkable level-- either at the gross NPA or the net NPA compared to March 20 -- and the March 21 anatomies remain disrupt, "its just" flat, there is no increase in the count. However, in terms of the percentage, increases are appearing because the credit growth has not been very high at the end of March 21. On the contrary corporate approval bible has reduce by almost minus 33%, so in percentage terms it will correlate. Coming to generic watching, comparison with countless public sector banks our egregious NPAs are high whereas net NPA is in a restraint outlook, even if they are currently, it is appearing at 5.7 exclusively because of the pro forma NPA. Due to COVID what happened was there was increase in the higher element of slippage but we are expecting the sales slippage to go down by way of recovery in the NPA cost and too controlling the slippage in the next 2 one-fourths that is quarter one and quarter two ---we expect better sentiment in terms of the slippage. So, one intellect is that gross NPA has been high-pitched in PNB for quite some time where we have been enduring to reduce that to a greater extent. Second is ---because of the pro forma NPAs, the slippage has been high-pitched. Third is because of the advances, raise is not being there in percentage terms, it is looking elevated because excellent figures remains the same in both gross NPA and net NPA comparison with last year.ET Now: The COVID second wave has been very severe --tell us a little bit about the impact on the accumulation efficiencies, on the various segments and if you were able to yield us a geographical state wise break up as well? COVID firstly wave's impact was nullified almost by way of various measures taken by the Government of India and RBI and as a result the economy started to coming back from October onwards. Once the COVID impact number two came, it has been more severe, in terms of impact on the lives, consequence on the people to get hospitalised sociologically. With respect to economy, it picked up pace October onwards but after second wave--impact on economy is more pronounced because the time available to their disposal for recuperating or coming back to normality was not there. The major affected areas are MSME because MSME are groups where they will not have very high cash surplus. Following the adjournment of the COVID-one, they were given disaster personal credit line by way of 20% up to 25 crore which was increased to 50 crore and later on-- in the month of August they were identified some accentuated areas. Now, those who are trying to come back to normality, if you look today, even though the slippage seems elevated across the banking industry in terms of retail and agriculture, I expect retail to settle down in the next 2 quarters that is by June and September whereas MSME stress will continue for some more term which need to be addressed more effectively.So, we expect that the things to improve and we come out of the COVID by June end and economy is looking that effectively during the current financial year along with improvement in the MSME segment.ET Now: What various kinds of rise or what kind of uptick do you expect in NPAs for next two fourths? I do not expect gross NPA or net NPA to increase in the next two fourths, on the contrary it will go down. For that two reasons- one is credit growth will be there, second is in real time outstanding reduction will do in gross NPA and net NPA effectively, we are very confident of concluding the percentages in the next 2 quarters.ET Now: How much do you expect to come via the NCLT route? At this object of age, it is really very difficult for us to estimate for the entire year of recovery due to COVID. We would be having a correct estimate when we declare the results for June, however, to have an estimate up to June we have identified that recovery and upgradation should be at least 8,000 crore by June 2021. So, in the current quarter previously two months have passed, third month is running we have already went 3000 crore retrieval and reduction together that is another 4000 -5 000 crore, we are expecting during the current month where it will go up to 8000 crore. We will make overall time approximation after we declare the results of June because we have to look at NCLT disputes too and see how it is going to pan out post pandemic. Coming to couple of histories for especially DHFL account in the month of March, we have received money from Bhushan Power which was NCLT settled report, DHFL is the one where we are expecting improvement during the current quarter, but we will have to wait and determine because the case is in the NCLAT --where the results should process in the finance stages. Our proper estimate should be out where reference is declare the results of June.ET Now: What are you made of the kind of steps that have been taken by the Reserve Bank for MSME and what more do you think needs to be done? The current approaches declared by RBI are sufficient because RBI has been very sensitive in the last four and a half years particularly when the COVID onset has come in our country. So, they have come back with every plan declaration measures in such a way to maintain liquidity in its own position, require a easing to the banks in terms of provisioning, restructuring window and government also has supplemented by providing the emergency bank line. Now, the question is- from October onwards in the last year -we have seen good sum of line-up volume built up with MSMEs-- as a result we were expecting MSME stress "re coming out" but Covid second waving happened. Nonetheless, across the globe, currently COVID second curve nearly has receded particularly in the Europe and US located, where our exports are in various sectors, I am expecting that July onwards the lineup work once again will build up in terms of the MSME segment and the next in nine months will be proper growth. This is why RBI has though shortened the GDP estimates--they have articulated it at 9.5 percentage in this financial year, so MSMEs order book will be much better from July onwards. Already some of them are currently in better position but execution and the establishment of the operating round to get back the money is the one which takes time may be one month-one and a half month. ET Now: Reserve Bank has maintained a status quo on charges. What is your outlook on the measures that have been taken by the Reserve Bank and what is going to be impact on your fund work? We is not have any impact on treasury book because last year we have already made 4395 crore which was the highest in the history of PNB. Similarly, this year as well I am looking forward to the growth income from treasury could be there in the Q1 and Q2 that is H1 would be better and we will have to wait and see how H2 will be standing out because already the interest rates have bottomed out. In order to continue the sentiment because COVID impact is there --the RBI has not touched the repo proportions they have maintained in the last four policies, high extent of liquidity is available in the market. Nonetheless, we are not seeing high-pitched amount of require by way of brand-new projects coming in the speculation but we expect that the government’s programs affirmed through the budget in terms of investment in infrastructure, four segments and aviation segment will start knocking off from next one month or two months downwards thereby we accompany some credit swelling. Now, the other objective of the RBI is to control the inflation which they have kept at almost 5.1 bullet up to March 2022. RBI is also trying to protect the what you call yield in such a manner it will not go beyond the limit wherein probably the government will have an opportunity to borrow further in the market. So, considering these factors for some more time-- the interest rates will remain-- if at all there is any possibility of uphill based on the inflationary pressures in the days to come. There could be review in H2 of the current financial year.

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Chip giants are making more money than ever as the semiconductor shortage rages on

The world's 10 biggest chipping manufacturing companionships considered their receipts tide to a record high in the first three months of 2021, according to TrendForce.

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Sanjiv Bhasin’s 3 fav PSU stocks

PFC, GAIL and NBCC are three PSU broths that Sanjiv Bhasin, Director, IIFL Certificate, is recommending. Edited excerpts from his interview with ET Now: Do you expect Nifty to punch a new high-priced now? The markets are forward looking. The corporate solutions have been a standout. We are just missing the timbers for the trees. Corporate India’s resilience and recital is excellent. So I will go by the numbers, that is what the market respects. And lo and behold! I told you by the end of May we may be staring at a brand-new high-flown which was apparently very-very impossible. What takes my breather away is the five-year underperformance of midcaps now turning into outperformance. Midcap index is at an all-time high and it is telling me that retail money is here and that is what is going to drive the markets.To cut a long story short, Nifty's next move of 200-300 items may be a bit of to and fro because of global cues. In the broader market, metals are poised to do much better. I think that is going to be the standout for 2021. What are the specifies you like in the PSU pack? A bunch of them have already run up. The report contains 3 furnishes which I speculate can still do excellent. The first broth is PFC. It is the biggest power lender, along with REC. PFC has a bonu harvest of 7 %. Power uptake is at an all-time high-pitched and you had the best of weather. In the next the three months, the heat wave will increase and so will AC consumption. So I conceive capability lenders are at their best. Margins are high and the cost of money is low. Recovery is very fast. PFC gazes poised for at least Rs 135 -1 40 to me. It is also a dividend yield and I think it is going to perform very well. The other furnish would be undoubtedly GAIL. It will be the biggest gainer of gas pricing and volume swelling, which has been remarkable. GAIL was in hiatus at Rs 85 -8 8 with a 7.5% dividend produce. I recall GAIL is headed to Rs 200. My third picking would be NBCC, which has been a big underperformer. At Rs 48 it has the potential to redouble given that real estate and construction activities are going to be at their best in the next 6-9 months. The firm has a huge amount of guild inflows. So these three PSUs look very good to me.What are your top selects in the midcap gap that investors can consider for the medium term as well as long term? Godrej Consumer has just roped in the best hand from Hindustan Lever Ltd( HUL ). Their margins on sanitizers and their other emergence parameters in Indonesia are showing high-pitched double-digit raise. It has been a relative underperformer but is headed to 3 people. I am looking at a target of Rs 1,100. Godrej Properties is going to be a standout comedy. They have raised fund at 6% which otherwise they are able to never do. They likewise did a very big QIP at Rs 1,415. They are going to be the largest executors. They have a management pedigree. This capital is headed towards Rs 2,250 in the next 1 year. One broth which has gone through all the problems is Zee but it is looking excellent now. The administration was always shrouded by one-off activities of the promoter. Look at the new deal. MGM is being acquired for $9.5 billion by Amazon. Zee has the most crucial free canals on the movie side. Their digital flow and new propels are extremely well received. Zee is the cheapest media inventory globally, so I am looking at a target of Rs 275. Again going down the ladder, DCB Bank and RBL are going to be outstanding gamblings.

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Date Set for Phil Hellmuth vs. Daniel Negreanu Round 3 on ‘High Stakes Duel’

Daniel Negreanu will have an opportunity to get all of his fund back, and then some, from Phil Hellmuth come June 23 at the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas. Of trend, he could end up losing another $200,000, together with his pride.

negreanu vs hellmuth poker

Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu will square off again in about a month.( Image: High Stakes Duel)

In Round 1, back in March, Hellmuth won the $ 100,00 duel thanks to a wild comeback. He trailed at one point by more than 19 -1 in microchips, but prevailed a series of double-ups en route to his fourth consecutive win on the demo, which breaths on the PokerGO app. The first three pairs, in 2020, were against Antonio Esfandiari, who waited years to beat the 15 -time WSOP bracelet winner in a heads-up match, but failed miserably in doing so.

Hellmuth offset it five for five last month when he beat Negreanu for the second largest consecutive age. This time around, he didn't have to pull off a marvelous resurgence. Instead, he saved it close throughout most of the match before pulling out in the end. He employed a well-timed bluff with 10 -high( missed flush extort) on the river to make himself in a position to earn the $200,000 prize.

Raising the bets

In Round 3, the loot will double to $400,000. Negreanu, because he lost the previous accord, is required to contribute the full $200,000 to double that container. Not only will the stakes increase financially in Round 3, but respect might also be on the line.

Per the High Stakes Duel rules, the winning player after three coincides has the option to call it retires and cash out. Hellmuth, if he prevails, could end the parallel and leave Negreanu, and his narcissism, hanging. He took his fund and ran away after three straight victories against Esfandiari last year, and is very likely to do the same again.

Negreanu has been highly critical of Hellmuth's heads-up game for quite some time -- long before the match began. He's gone so far as to say the Hellmuth's heads-up skills are lacking, extremely compared to the younger pros of today. But if he loses three straight equals to Hellmuth, where it was cashes out, he was able to never get to live that down from the poker community.

If Negreanu prevails, nonetheless, Hellmuth will then have an option to force a rematch, and the ventures would parent to $800,000 in Round 4.

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