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Yes, it’s true. I lost$ 2 Million. Thankfully, there are lessons in every failure on this expedition of entrepreneurship, and that is what this video is all about. We all learn more through our outages than our achievers, and it’s important to note that all the failures are necessary and helpful on the path to victory. As soon as you let go of the chagrin and guilt around neglecting, you are free to build whatever you want in this world.

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0:00 – Yes, I have omissions too.
1:35 – The narrative of how I lost$ 2 Million
3:30 – Don’t toy the “coulda woulda shoulda” game
6:19 – Entrepreneurship is a life sentence
8:30 – Focus on performing others
10:00 – The bigger you get, the bigger you will fail( and that’s good !)
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