‘Levelling up’ the UK is a golden opportunity for climate action – but the government is failing

'Levelling up' the UK is a golden opportunity for climate action - but the government is failing

Jacob Ainscough at Lancaster University quarrels the opportunity to link the net zero transition and the levelling up agenda are in danger of being expended

Economists no longer talk of decarbonisation as a cost; environment action is now widely …

On the wrong track: Without a new strategic approach could the UK rail network be heading for a ‘death spiral’?

On the wrong track: Without a new strategic approach could the UK rail network be heading for a 'death spiral'?

Rail gashes, project scale-backs, and civilize menu rises could sabotage the UK’s progress towards a green economy, activists have warned

Few industries have been more exposed to the impact of coronavirus than the rail sector, and as many other parts …

Growth expected in plant-based protein space despite Beyond Meat’s January blip

Growth expected in plant-based protein space despite Beyond Meat's January blip

Despite some share price wobbles, plenty of investors still regard alternative proteins as ‘the future of food’

Despite making deals with several high-profile labels like McDonalds and KFC, Beyond Meat, a company that produces plant-based meat, became “the worlds largest” …

14 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in the Workplace

Valentine’s Day is usually associated with chocolate and grows, but it’s likewise a great time to show appreciation in the workplace! Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate the strong( platonic) bonds between coworkers. Remember giving your schoolmates placards and those …

US and Canadian Netflix subscribers brace for unexpected price increases


Unexpected price increases aren’t fun.

What you need to know

Netflix has raised its prices on Friday for brand-new subscribers. Current customers will too be affected by the premium convert “in the coming weeks.” Plans are going up by$ 1 …

India poised to be key hub of the global creator economy, says Trell Co-founder at Creators Inc conference


When you are tuned in to the keynote address to the YourStory Creators Inc conference 2022, and the massive leaps being taken by the creator economy, you perhaps don’t expect a Shah Rukh Khan anecdote, especially one that is played …

CNN Slimes the NRA: They Only Support Gun Rights for White People

On Thursday’s CNN Tonight, legion Laura Coates went on an unhinged rant over the battle in Congress to renew the so-called “Violence Against Women Act”( VAWA ). Coates also lashed out at the National Rifle Association( NRA) for blocking the …

How to Save Money When Shopping for Home Appliances

Kitchen Stainless Steel Appliances

Experts explain the best coming to buying appliances for your residence, and how to make a smarter monetary speculation while you’re at it.

When buying major kitchen contraptions, the track many people take is pretty straightforward: wait for a sale …

What next for Romelu Lukaku? Four ways the Chelsea conflict could end

Romelu Lukaku nakeds Chelsea woes

Shock news emerged from Chelsea and Stamford Bridge to end a very mixed 2021 when Romelu Lukaku’s interrogation with Sky Italy was aired.

Champions League winners this year, the Blues are on a high trophy-wise, …

Antiquated UK rules are holding back community energy’s remarkable potential

Antiquated UK rules are holding back community energy's remarkable potential

Lib Dem spokesperson for climate change Wera Hobhouse sets out her expressed support for the cross-party Local Electricity Bill, which aims to empower community energy projects to sell instantly to local patrons

Transitioning to a sustainable world is urgent and …

Giving Tuesday – How to support cycling advocacy, charity, trail building & more!

Did you save some coin on your Black Friday/ Cyber Monday slews? How about legislating that $$ along to a non-profit working in the cycling manufacture? Here’s a list of organizations to get you started, and we always have shown …

Bridging remote digital divides on tribal lands with the American Indian Higher Education Consortium

Pandemic-related disruption was particularly acute in remote, underserved parishes. Along with collaborators like the American Indian Higher Education Consortium( AIHEC ), Cisco is helping harness the superpower of technology to drive more inclusivity and the possibilities for underserved people and …