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New OnePlus 8 Pro, OnePlus 8 update brings May’s security patch

Welcome to the OnePlus 8 streaks revise hub. Here you'll note the latest information on revises to the OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus 8. We'll detail the current software editions for each design and notify you if there's a new revise wheeling out. OnePlus often pushes out Oxygen OS modernizes to the OnePlus 8 Pro and 8 together, but availability may be affected by variant, carrier, and region.

Current stable version: Android 11 When will the OnePlus 8 streaks do Android 12? 2022( Estimated)

Latest OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus 8 revises

May 26, 2021: Oxygen OS 11. 0.6.6 is now rolled out to the OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus 8. The patch raises improvements to the 8 Pro's wireless blaming knowledge, a number of bug mends to both inventions, and the May 2021 Android security patch. Also included are repairs to Gallery, Phone, and Messages bugs.

See the full changelog below.


Improved the wireless charging stability and user experience( OP 8 Pro Only) Improved the smoothness while sliding on the home screen Make the screenshot capturing default from the accessibility menu Correct the low-pitched probability edition that the low artillery notification not working Updated Android security patch to 2021.05


Fixed the periodic concern that freshly captivated photos is still not saved as expected Fixed the abnormal UI display in Guest Mode


Fixed the periodic issue of opening up the contact poster outage Fix the issue that the calling page is not displayed during a summon


Fastened the periodic failure to edit a send


Improved network performance

As always, this update will be rolled out via OTA incrementally. Don't be too concerned if you haven't yet received it. To check if an update is available, leader to Settings> System> System updated information about your device.

Previous OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus 8 informs

April 22, 2021: The ninth Oxygen OS 11 beta erect rolled out to the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. Open Beta 9 included a tedious changelog that mainly touched on system improvements. It also produced the April 2021 Android security patch. Rally 29, 2021: Oxygen OS 11. 0.5.5 failed to bring any new pieces to the OnePlus 8 Pro or 8, but did iron out various organisation defects. The March 2021 Android security patch arrived in haul. March 22, 2019: OnePlus started disseminating the eighth Oxygen OS 11 open beta structure for the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. Alongside the March 2021 Android security patch, the beta inform likewise raised a number of determines for the system, camera, and other aspects of the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. February 27, 2021: OnePlus wheeled out the seventh Oxygen OS 11 open beta construct for the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. It supplemented the February security patch to the phones and fastened several plan concerns. February 3, 2021: The sixth Oxygen OS 11 open beta impart a tedious changelog, which included the Android Security Patch for January 2021, and a emcee of tweaks to Weather, Shelf, and Gaming Space apps. December 22, 2021: OnePlus propagandized out the fifth open beta inform, generating Rewind Recording for Game Space, selfie camera animation tweaks, and addressing a Bluetooth call bug. It too accompanied the December 2020 protection patch to the table. November 26, 2020: The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro received Oxygen OS 11. 0.2.2 in India, EU, and North America. It included a number of bug gives and optimizations but didn't add any brand-new peculiarities to the phones. It did call in the November 2020 Android security patch which previously rolled out with Oxygen OS open beta 4.

If you’ve spotted a OnePlus 8 Pro update or a OnePlus 8 update that we haven’t, tip us! Looking for another update? Be sure to visit our Android 11 update tracker.

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US Government Continues to Withhold Nearly $3 Million from WADA

By Jack McCormick on SwimSwam


After the United States Olympic& Paralympic Committee and U.S. Anti-Doping Agency( USADA) liberated a joint word calling for the restructuring of the World Anti-Doping Agency( WADA) last month, the two have continued to withhold practically$ 3 million in oweds owed to the WADA.

Earlier this week the US Office of National Drug Control Policy( US ONDCP) presented in front of Congress again on the matter, speaking ahead of WADA sessions that will take place later on this week. According to the U.S. authority, WADA will not receive their fee until the reforms they are asking for are seen.

The biggest conversion from the original account determined last year and the one delivered to Congress this week is a softening of the United Regime' stance on achieving their requisitions. Initially, the United Country demanded to be a part of the 14 -member Executive Committee due to the fact they supply the most money to the WADA. Now, they're softening their stance, saying that they are seeking to open a dialogue that may potentially lead to the United State property a recognise on the committee.

In a reply to the ONDCP, WADA President Witold Banka of Poland said 😛 TAGEND

“WADA takes note that the ONDCP recognizes the hard work and considerable progress achieved by the Agency during the past year. I looked forward to receiving welcoming the Acting Director of the ONDCP, Regina LaBelle, to her first engagement of the Foundation Board last-minute this week. Indeed, I have personally invited Acting Director LaBelle to play a leading role in WADA’s development of a Code of Ethics and pattern of an independent Ethics Board. In addition, WADA continues to offer its support to the U.S. Government, the ONDCP and the United Mood Anti-Doping Agency in their efforts to strengthen the fight against doping in home countries. Currently, approximately 90% of American athletes do not compete under the terms of the World Anti-Doping Code, with the prime professional organizations and college boasts so far operating outside that protection.”

Shortly after WADA responded to the ONDCP, they made a big announcement regarding Canada. While the country generally pays the organization really under $1.5 million, they had announced that they would be contributing an additional $ 750,000 to the organization. This donation comes as WADA continues a campaign to raise additional funds for such investigations weapon of the organization.

This is the latest change in a long struggle between the United State government and WADA that elongates back to the Russian doping scandal two years ago while the United Nation presided over by former chairperson Donald Trump. Initially, the ONDCP said that they demanded a " discernible return on investment" which they craved in the form of clean sport and a utter in WADA's decision-making process .

According to the ONDCP in April, WADA is at a pivotal point where they must act on their outages, improving in four main areas . According to them, they( WADA) must improve athlete's spokesperson, independence, clarity, and accountability. They too announced out the WADA for it's decision-making process, stating that voting needed to be done publicly, with a disconnect between the legislative, judicial, and exec functions of the organization.

Read the full narration on SwimSwam: US Government Continues to Withhold Nearly$ 3 Million from WADA

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Walmart and Gap are teaming up on a new line of bedding, bath, and home décor

Walmart Gap Home brand Here's a smuggle crest of Gap Home's gives.

Walmart and Gap are teaming up for a brand-new path of dwelling all-importants: Gap Home. The line of around 400 components will be available alone on Walmart.com on June 24. "Our mission is to make a beautiful residence possible for everyone, " Walmart EVP Anthony Soohoo said. See more floors on Insider's business sheet.

Walmart and Gap are collaborating on a new product line of home indispensables.

Gap Home will roll out on Walmart.com on June 24, and will feature products arraying in cost from $15.88 to $64.98. Bedding, soap, and residence decor will all be featured in the line.

Home goods have moved increasingly to the forefront during the pandemic, with consumers staying indoors to work and entertain. Now, Walmart and Gap are teaming up to provide new presents in that cavity, for shoppers looking to touch up or overhaul their home's design.

"Obviously, during the course of its pandemic the residence is more important to our clients' lifetimes than it ever has been, " Anthony Soohoo, Walmart's executive vice president of the home category, told Insider in an interview

"Since our clients needed to invest more occasion at home, we interpreted a huge need for them to be able to get affordable wordings to decorate their seats, " he added.

Walmart and Gap began talking about a partnership at the end of 2020, Soohoo said. Around six months passed between the notes that the companies agreed to work together and the line's launch date. Soohoo said that the "lines blurred" between the collaborate Walmart and Gap squads, despite the lack of "in-person meetings" during the pandemic.

"I think that's unprecedented when you think about companies at our flake working with outside partnership on a line that is exclusive and multi-year, " he said.

He said Gap Home boasts a "neutral" and "inclusive" style, and focuses on sustainability by peculiarity organic cotton and recycled materials.

"Our mission is to make a beautiful dwelling possible for everyone. In my memory, it delivers across style in terms of offering timeless signature vogues in a modern path, " Soohoo said.

Gap Home will continue to introduce seasonal and special accumulations throughout 2021.

"Walmart is a global leader in the home space with lengthy digital reach and distribution, and this partnership enables Gap to introduce a brand-new list in a smart, scalable way, " Gap President and CEO Mark Breitbard said in a statement sent to Insider.

Soohoo told Insider that he believes that Walmart's pervasive vicinity and Gap's "timeless style" lend a lot of "mainstream appeal" for the new line.

"I couldn't be more excited to become part of this where we're genuinely putting together two of the world's most iconic firebrands and we're going to make it come alive as part of the partnership, " he said. "We're going to be able to deliver genuinely signature wordings in a brand-new produce category for the first time."

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Lil Wayne, Birdman and Roddy Ricch team up for ‘Stunnaman’ single

Lil Wayne Roddy Ricch Birdman

Birdman has shared a new collaboration with Lil Wayne and Roddy Ricch, ‘Stunnaman’.

READ MORE: Roddy Ricch – ‘Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial’ review: Atlanta rapper exists in his own lane

After a longstanding beef – including 2016 footage of Weezy leading the crowd in shouting “fuck the Birdman”, and later “fuck Cash Money”, while on stage in Phoenix – Lil Wayne and Birdman called a truce onstage at Lil Weezyana Fest in 2018. The following year, they recorded together for a joint single, ‘Ride Dat’, with Juvenile.

“i peep game from the greatest to ever do this shit,” Ricch tweeted yesterday (May 22) in reference to the collaboration. See the tweet and video below.

i peep game from the greatest to ever do this shit 🐐🔒 pic.twitter.com/2ZoFVhyNXo

— Roddy Ricch (@RoddyRicch) May 22, 2021


Earlier this month (May 14), Weezy released an all-star single with Nicky Minaj and Drake, ‘Seeing Green’.

The track arrived as Minaj’s 2009 mixtape ‘Beam Me Up Scotty’ was placed on streaming services for the first time. Alongside that mixtape’s original tracks, several new tracks have been added – including her collaboration with Drake and Lil Wayne.

Another new song, ‘Fractions,’ also appears on the mixtape, as does her remix of Skillibeng’s ‘Crocodile Teeth.’

During an Instagram Live session before the mixtape was released, Minaj also revealed that a new album is “coming soon.” It would be her first album for four years, her last being 2018’s ‘Queen‘.

The rap star has collaborated on several tracks since her last album, including ones with Tekashi 6ix9ine on the chart-topping ‘Trollz‘, and with Mike Will Made It and YoungBoy NBA for the song ‘What That Speed Bout!?’

The post Lil Wayne, Birdman and Roddy Ricch team up for ‘Stunnaman’ single appeared first on NME.

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Watergate Prosecutor Explains What Could ‘Totally Wipe Out’ Trump

Watergate Prosecutor Explains What Could 'Totally Wipe Out' TrumpPA Images

A former Watergate investigator has explained how The Trump Organization could be' totally wiped out' in the coming months.

Former US president Donald Trump is the subject of several litigations in the wake of his time in the White House, with allegations of fraud, misuse of funds and spurring the Capitol rampages in January. During his call, he emerged on the other side of two impeachment trials.

However, in addition to losing his bid for re-election, Trump's notoriety is often negative, with everlasting mock online and feral responses from his MAGA adherents. His worsened public image could lead to his downfall.

Watch on YouTube

The suits, which CD Projekt promised earlier this year to “vigorously” defend itself against, were filed on behalf of groups of investors who said the game’s reception, and precede drop in CDP stock price, induced them to lose money. The law has appointed a induce plaintiff, who will be speaking for all four.

Cyberpunk 2077 developer/ publisher CD Projekt faced substantial appraisal at open due to how buggy, unstable and poorly-performing the game was on PS4 and Xbox One. It got far worse, Sony decided to remove it from auction on the PlayStation Store, and it remains unavailable to this day.

This hasn’t stopped Cyberpunk 2077 from selling over 13 million legions at opening, though CD Projet did incur some damages because of indemnities and returns.

The developer continues to secreted spots on all platforms, and is hopeful it’s getting closer to seeing it return to the PlayStation Store.

The post Cyberpunk 2077 class action suits consolidated by the court performed first on VG2 47.

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The Colonial Pipeline cyberattack is prompting fuel outages throughout the southeastern US

Colonial Pipeline Trucks line up at a Colonial Pipeline facility.

Close to 15% of service station in North Carolina are out of fuel, oil analyst Patrick De Haan said. Countles service station across the southeast are also out of gas. The shortages are a result of a cyberattack on a pipeline that carries 45% of the East Coast's gasoline. See more stories on Insider's business sheet.

The Colonial Pipeline cyberattack is inducing gasoline outages throughout the southeastern US and justification gasoline premiums to rise.

On Friday, the ransomware radical, DarkSide, demanded coin in exchange for releasing the pipeline it had compromised.

The pipeline is one of the largest in the country and fees from Texas to New York, transporting about 45% of the East Coast's ga, the operator said.

While operation resumed manually on segments of the pipeline on Monday, the company said it expects to restart most of the operations by the end of the coming week, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said

The attack has led to famines across several positions. In North Carolina, some service station are fitted with patrons trying to stock up on gas, while others have already perfectly run out, WJZY reported.

Tom Kloza, an adviser with Standard& Poor's Oil Price Information Service, told the Los Angeles Times that some gas stations are selling "three or four times as much gasoline that they naturally sell in a rendered day because people do panic."

Prices have been on the rise in North Carolina and across national borders in South Carolina, in some cases surging past$ 3 a gallon, WCNC reported.

AAA reported that national gas expenditures make an average of $2.98 on Tuesday, the highest standards in practically six years old.

WCNC also reported that the gas deficit is forcing airlines like American Airline to add stops to two long-haul flights that have stops in Charlotte. A flight routed from Charlotte to Honolulu( HNL) will change aircraft in Dallas Fort Worth to conserve gasoline and the other that moves from Charlotte to London will add a stop in Boston to add fuel.

North Carolina said a state of emergency as a result of the dearth on Monday, WLOS reported.

Georgia and Virginia have also testified a emergency situations, CNN reported.

Patrick De Haan, an oil reporter at Gas Buddy, reported that virtually 50% of the gas stations in Atlanta were out of gas by Tuesday night.

De Haan also reported that by Tuesday night, 9.4% of service station in Georgia, 7.5% of stations in South Carolina, and 14.7% in North Carolina were out of fuel.

More than 3% of Florida's gas stations and 9.6% of Virginia's gas stations are also out of gas.

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Former Liberty president Jerry Falwell unexpectedly showed up to a student event and invited them to a graduation party at his home

Jerry Falwell Jr liberty university Jerry Falwell Jr ., chairperson of Liberty University, awaits the newcomer of U.S. President Donald Trump to sign an executive say connecting "free speech" efforts at public universities to federal grants in the East Room at the White House in Washington, U.S ., March 21, 2019.

Liberty University entered a dispute against former President Jerry Falwell Jr. week ago. On Thursday, he evidenced up at a student contest and calls upon them to a graduation party at his home. Liberty has boycotted all staff from communicating with Falwell. See more stories on Insider's business page.

Former Liberty president Jerry Falwell Jr. indicated up at a student occasion uninvited and announced a graduation gathering at his house, a few weeks after colleges and universities indicted him, Politico reported.

"I only want to invite all the elderlies to my raise on May 8. We're going to have the real Liberty graduation, " Falwell told the students, standing on a small stage erected outside an off-campus student house, distributed according to a video reviewed by POLITICO. "If you're not a senior but you date one, you can come, too."

Two weeks ago, Liberty University registered a lawsuit in Virginia state court against Falwell alleging he misappropriation university resources and tried to conceal a relationship involving a onetime reserve boy. The University likewise censored all staff from communicating with Falwell.

The university said in the lawsuit that Falwell's years-long effort to conceal his "illicit conduct" hurt the university's reputation and breached the school code of conduct.

Politico reported that Falwell and his wife Becki showed up to a Thursday school event where around 200 students were collected unannounced and uninvited.

A student who was there told Politico that Falwell's daughter, "whos also" a student at the university, told Falwell "Please don't come."

The Falwells have been engrossed in spat including reports that he and Becki had a multi-year affair with a reserve son.

"We'd love to have you out there. Becki says there's no way we can plan it that fast, but we can and we will, " Falwell said. He likewise urged students to share party information on social media, Politico reported.

In August 2020, Giancarlo Granda told Reuters that he had a multi-year sexual relationship with Falwell and his wife Becki. Granada said he encountered the couple in Miami in 2012.

Falwell said it was only his wife who participated in the affair.

In August 2020, Falwell posted a picture of himself with his throbs unzipped, nursing an alcoholic beverage in his hand, and with his arm around the status of women at a yacht party. The photo outraged the US evangelical Christian community.

The photo too infringed Liberty's code of conduct. The university strictly compels students to dress "modestly" and also forbids students from imbibing.

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Henry Ford II’s Personal Custom Capri Hits the Auction Block

Good news! We’ve determined your next auto. But before we tell you what it is, allow us to paint a picture of the conundrum that led to this Capri's customized creation.

Imagine you’re Henry Ford II, one of the stronger automotive administrations in the world. You’re pushing 65 and you’ve time married a gal nearly a quarter century your junior. You know, the one "youre calling" " Giggles"( or at least did until she held you switch to Kate ); the one you shot around Detroit while your wife Christina was jet-setting around the globe; the one who most decidedly wasn’t your partner when you two were attracted over in a Ford Granada for DWI in California in ’7 5.( When the Detroit Free Press asked you for an explanation of that little happen, you said one of your most famous quips: “Never complain, never explain.”)

Well , now you're going to England. So, what are you going to drive?

The self-evident pick would be to ship over a Mustang. After all, it’s 1981, and your company has ditched the loser Mustang II for the Fox-body Mustang. But the last time you carried cars to Europe( a sail of Lincoln Continental Mark IVs ), Volvo rent them off to create the horrid 262 C. Besides, it’s the morning of the ’8 0s, and Euro is cool.

No, what you need is a car that tells the locals that you’re still swinging in your 60 s: a Ford Capri. Although it was first introduced in 1969 as Europe’s answer to the Mustang, the Capri is still a sizzling razz in the United Kingdom--it even has a starring role in the hit-hip cop show, The Professionals. Too, the Capri is a known quantity, since your company sold it in the United Government as a Mercury( though this is the brand-new third-gen model, which never did make it to the U.S .).

No everyday Capri for you, though. After all, you’re" The Deuce"( or" Two Two", as Kate likes to call you ). Your Capri has the new 160 -hp fuel-injected 2.8 -liter V-6, the closest one can get to a V-8 in the arrive of bad weather and miserable food. It was hand-picked off the assembly line in Cologne, Germany, where it received extra quality checks and a few extra hairs for its two-tone paint job. It was delivered to the U.K ., then personally driven by Ford of Europe’s public relations chief to Ford’s Special Vehicle Engineering( SVE) squad at the Dunton Technical Centre in Essex.

Once there, the SVE team fitted the car with a C-3 automatic gearbox.( The automated was a dealer option, but the changeover was normally carried out by a third-party company called Somar Transtec .) The vehicle received new custom-designed leather sets and entrance cards, and the driver’s seat was enlarged to accommodate ... gosh, how is impossible to employed this without abusive you, Mr. Ford ... your large-hearted ministerial status. The gondola was then sent to Turville Grange, the Ford family estate in Buckinghamshire.

But you are a man of ever-changing savor, your Deuceness, and a few months after your retirement in December 1982, you sold the car to Ron Mellor, Ford’s head of development. The car changed mitts a few hours, and of the 68,958 miles on its odometer, supposedly merely 6,800 have been added over the past 28 years.

Now your Capri 2.8 Injection has been rebuilt and is for sale in an online auction hosted by Car& Classic. The auction house expects it to sell for between PS25, 000 and PS35, 000 -- that’s about $35,000 to $50,000 in U.S. greenbacks. A fleck pricey for a Capri with an automatic drive( which, you’ll recall, is a detriment now but a scarcity in the UK ), but is it crazy money for a real-live piece of Ford family history? And besides, if you’re going to get plucked over while driving booze with your mistress, then it's better to be recognise in this than a Granada.

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TED launches TED Audio Collective for podcasts

On February 22, 2021, TED launches the TED Audio Collective to house its growing collection of podcasts.

While broadly known for its global conferences and signature TED Talk videos, TED is also one of the top podcast publishers in the world. TED podcasts are downloaded 1.65 million times per day in virtually every country on earth. Our shows have been consistently ranked by Apple Podcasts as “most downloaded” of the year, and TED Talks Daily was the second most popular show globally on Spotify in 2020. Now the TED Audio Collective expands upon that foundation, creating a home for shows co-developed by TED and our speakers as well as shows developed and produced independently by inspiring thinkers and creators.

The podcasts in the TED Audio Collective are for listeners curious about everything from philosophy and psychology to science, technology, business and unexpected pathways in between — all curated through TED’s lens of “ideas worth spreading.” Here’s a sneak peek of exciting new content to expect over the coming months.

New in the TED Audio Collective:

Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter

Dr. Jen Gunter is on a mission to make us experts on the way our bodies work. Body Stuff is an original show developed by TED that aims to demystify the systems of the body while debunking medical myths along the way. Did you know that you don’t actually need eight glasses of water a day? That you can’t “boost” your immune system?

With humor and wit, Dr. Jen Gunter, a celebrated OB/GYN, pain medicine physician and TED speaker, aims to share accurate, evidence-based medical information in a fun and accessible way.

(Season 1 launches May 2021)

Lost Birds with Mona Chalabi

From COVID to electoral politics, people are turning to data to make sense of the world as never before. But how well do we understand what those numbers actually mean? Interpreting data has never been more timely or relevant to fight misinformation and understand the world around us.

In this original, sound-rich series, data scientist Mona Chalabi will take listeners on an inquiry into the central question: How can we use data to make sense of our lived experiences, and what are the limits of that data? Along the way, she will tackle urgent, random and sometimes deeply personal questions: How does Google calculate walking speeds? What happens when cities get louder? When will my heartache end?

(Season 1 launches June 2021)

Conversations with People Who Hate Me 

TED alum Dylan Marron is joining the TED Audio Collective to continue exploring what happens when online feuders step out from behind the keyboard and get to know the human on the other side of the screen.

In an internet era characterized by comment section wars, devastating clapbacks and anonymous vitriol, Dylan Marron connects people who have clashed online — from old friends to complete strangers — to explore why we believe what we believe, how we relate to each other on the internet and just what a phone call can accomplish. Don’t be fooled by the title! It’s actually a loving show that fosters unlikely connections in an age of increasing digital isolation. 

(New episodes launching Fall 2021)

Design Matters 

The iconic Design Matters with Debbie Millman pulls back the curtain on how incredibly creative people design the arc of their lives. It’s the world’s first podcast about design — an inquiry into the broader world of creative culture through wide-ranging conversations with designers, writers, artists, curators, musicians and other luminaries of contemporary thought. Design Matters joined the TED Audio Collective in October 2020 and is produced independently, with TED amplifying the podcast to its global audience. 

(New episodes every Monday. Watch out for upcoming conversations with Adam Grant, Jacqueline Woodson, Nick Cave and many more.)

Plus, new episodes from:


Hosted by Manoush Zomorodi, ZigZag is a business show about being human. Manoush takes listeners on a journey to discover new ways we can align our business ambitions with systemic change that’s good for our fellow human beings and the world. In March 2021, Manoush will release season six: “The Zig Zag Project.” Over six weeks, she’ll lead a boot camp for listeners who want to make big changes in their work life by finding ways to align their personal values with their professional ambitions.

(Season 6 launches March 2021)

TED Business 

Columbia Business School professor Modupe Akinola hosts TED Business, a show that explores the most powerful and surprising ideas that illuminate the business world. After hearing a TED Talk, listeners get a mini-lesson from Modupe on how to apply the ideas from the talk to their own lives. Because whatever your business conundrum — how to land that new promotion, set smarter goals, undo injustice at work or unlock the next big thing — there’s a TED Talk for that.

(New episodes every Monday)

WorkLife with Adam Grant 

WorkLife with Adam Grant is back with its fourth season! Organizational psychologist Adam Grant takes listeners inside the minds of some of the world’s most unusual professionals to explore the science of making work not suck. Season four kicks off with a bonus episode where JJ Abrams interviews Adam Grant about his new book, Think Again. 

Taken for Granted: TED is also launching a companion series inspired by Adam’s popular long-form interviews with luminaries like Esther Perel. Starting with Brené Brown, Malcolm Gladwell, Jane Goodall and Glennon Doyle, he’ll sit down with his favorite thinkers about the opinions and assumptions we should all be revisiting. 

(Season 4 launches March 2021, and Taken for Granted launches February 2021)

The TED Interview 

In The TED Interview, Head of TED Chris Anderson speaks with some of the world’s most interesting people to dig into the most provocative and powerful ideas of our time. From Bill Gates to Monica Lewinsky, Chris follows his curiosity across myriad topics and disciplines, diving deep with the most compelling thinkers from the TED stage and beyond. Entering the sixth season of the show this year, Chris investigates “The Case for Optimism” and why there’s still reason for tremendous hope in these trying times.

(Season 6 launches April 2021, featuring interviews with climate activist Xiye Bastida, inventor of CRISPR Jennifer Doudna and many more.)

TED Radio Hour

In each episode of TED Radio Hour, host Manoush Zomorodi explores a big idea through a series of TED Talks and original interviews, inspiring us to learn more about the world, our communities and, most importantly, ourselves. TED Radio Hour is a co-production of NPR and TED.

(New episodes every Friday. Watch out for an exciting episode in March called “Through The Looking Glass” about the tools that scientists, physicians and artists use to extend our perception of what we can see and our boundaries of consciousness — featuring TED speakers Emily Levesque, Ariel Waldman, Rick Doblin and more.)

Our Partners: TED Partnerships, working in collaboration with the TED team and podcast hosts, strives to tell partner stories in the form of authentic, story-driven content developed in real-time and aligned with the editorial process — finding and exploring brilliant ideas from all over the world. Past and current partners are wide-ranging and diverse, including Accenture, Bonobos, Unilever, Hilton, JP Morgan Chase & Co, Lexus, Marriott Hotels, Morgan Stanley, Warby Parker, Verizon, Women Will, a Grow with Google program and more. Learn more here

Other podcasts in the TED Audio Collective: Far Flung with Saleem Reshamwala, Sincerely, X, Checking In with Susan David, TED Talks Daily, TED Health, How to Be a Better Human, TEDx SHORTS, TED en Español and TED in Chinese.

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