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Lucid says its first electric car drove 445 miles from Los Angeles to San Francisco without charging, easily besting Tesla’s range

Lucid Air Lucid Air.

In a range assessment with Motortrend, the Lucid Air drove 445 miles on a charge with energy to spare. Tesla has led the range game for years with the Model S, which has an EPA range of 405 miles. Coherent claims its $169,000 Air Dream can advance up to 517 miles on a full battery. See more narrations on Insider's business sheet.

Electric-vehicle startup Lucid Motors is on the cusp of delivering its first vehicle: the Air sedan. But it was better faces the daunting task of persuading buyers to go with an untested upstart over a confirm EV maker like its biggest contender, Tesla.

There's one key border that Lucid may have over Elon Musk: wander. Lucid proved that the Air passes Tesla's best automobiles a run for their fund and then some during a recent wander in the car with Motor Trend.

Lucid claims the limited-run Air Dream Edition, its first vehicle, can pass up to 517 miles on a full artillery, over 100 miles more than the Tesla Model S, which has dominated the wander game for years.

Motor Trend drove an Air 445 miles from Los Angeles to the Bay Area on a single blame and memo 30 miles of straddle remained, a achievement that would otherwise have been inconceivable precisely a few years ago.( Tesla crossed the 400 -mile-range threshold just last year ). The outlet made the journey with Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson, whose identical vehicle testified 72 miles of accusation left, lending up to a total range of 517 miles.

Read more: Rivian rival Lucid's CEO says he retarded his $77,000 EV by almost one year because he can't gamble on quality control:' We have one shot at this '

Range is a top consideration for EV buyers who want to comfortably take long jaunts even as charging infrastructure in the US lags. That Lucid can raise a vehicle with a assortment so far ahead of the event( albeit at a high price) bodes well for the future development in the murderer and increasingly bundled EV space.

Motor Trend and Rawlinson originated the tour in a duo of Dream Edition Range representations, which Lucid announced on Wednesday would be an available balance in addition to Dream Edition Performance representations. The Performance version promises 1,111 horsepower and a 2.5 -second 0-60-mph epoch, while the Range variant is more geared toward squeezing out mileage. It still claims a bonkers 933 horsepower.

Both vehicles start at $169,000, but Lucid has more inexpensive autoes in the pipeline. Lucid delayed the Air's launch from the springtime and plans to start shipping Airs by late 2021.

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NY Gov. Kathy Hochul adds 12,000 more COVID-19 deaths after Cuomo accused of nursing home cover-up

kathy hochul Lieutenant Governor of New York Kathy Hochul speaks at a ribbon cutting service in the Bronx borough of New York, Tuesday, May 4, 2021.

Just two days into her disposal, NY Gov. Kathy Hochul liberated new COVID-1 9 extinction multitudes. Hochul informed the state's tally by adding 12,000 more extinctions than were previously reported. "Transparency is likely to be the hallmark of my administration, " Hochul said on MSNBC. See more narratives on Insider's business sheet.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul recognise an additional 12,000 COVID-1 9 deaths in New York State that her precede, Andrew Cuomo, should not, the Associated Press reported.

The new governor indicated by the new tally will increase transparency after former minister Andrew Cuomo was accused of covering up COVID-1 9 deaths in state nursing homes during the beginning of the pandemic.

Beyond the sexual harassment accusations that preceded Cuomo's abdication, the nursing home death count became one of various scandals that plagued his third term.

"We're now liberating more data than had been released before publicly, so people know the nursing home extinctions and research hospitals deaths are consistent with what's being displayed by the CDC, " Hochul said Wednesday on MSNBC.

"There's a lot of things that weren't happening and I'm going to make them happen, " she continued. "Transparency is likely to be the trademark of my administration."

Before her bombshell 165 -page report that discovered Cuomo sexually hassled 11 gals, New York Attorney General Letitia James accused the former superintendent of undercounting nursing home deaths by as much as 50%.

Cuomo's top aide at the time, Melissa DeRosa, told lawmakers in a leaked request that the administration was sitting on the nursing home-related death tally as a preemptive step against a capacity federal investigation exhorted by former President Donald Trump.

A March 25, 2020 director order by Cuomo mandated that nursing home patients who were hospitalized with the COVID-1 9 is advisable to accomplished back to nursing homes, as long as the providers could take adequate care of them.

The Cuomo administration contended they were simply following CDC guidance.

Hospital capacity was a primary concern at the time, but the prescribe left nursing home staff in a bind, particularly with the potential for the recently hospitalized occupants to spread the virus if they were still within the window of contagiousness.

Cuomo accused Trump, Fox News and the New York Post of plotting against him by rolling with the story.

Questions remain over whether Hochul will fuel Howard Zucker, the country state commissioner, who was implicated in the attorney general report on nursing homes.

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Kier returns to profit after two-year turnaround

Kier is back in the black after announcing years of ponderous losses.

Latest causes for its first year to June 30 2021 establish a pre-tax profit of PS5. 6m comparison with a PS225. 3m loss last day as turnover dipped to PS3, 329 m from PS3, 476 m.

Chief manager Andrew Davies is now looking to build on the turnaround with a PS7. 7bn degree journal and a focus on the firm's core industries following a recent successful PS241m capital grow and the PS110m sales of Kier Living.

Davies has set medium term targets of go turnover up to PS4bn-PS 4.5 bn producing an adjusted profit margin of PS3. 5 %.

Restructuring costs during the year were PS31. 6m including PS13. 6m through further downsizing of the Regional Southern Build business.

Davies said:" The Group delivered a strong operational accomplishment and materially improved arises in FY21. We have completed the tactical wars start out in 2019 to simplify and center the Group, improve currency generation and strengthen our balance sheet.

" The successful capital grow, the recent sale of Kier Living, and the propagation of the Group's RCF facility supplies Kier with the financial and functional flexible to continue to pursue its strategic objectives within its chosen marketplaces and will allow it to further enhance and capitalise on its position as a tactical collaborator to its customers.

" Current trading is in line with our apprehensions, and despite inflationary pressures and the impact of increased national insurance contributions, our outlook for the current year remains unchanged.

" We are now be concentrated on delivering our medium term value creation plan by leveraging our alluring marketplace situations, delivering our high-quality order book and fostering our long-term customer relationships and sector expertise ."

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Galliford Try returns to profit with margin at 2%

Galliford Try has returned to profit and rehabilitated stockholder bonus after two years in the red.

The firm this morning said it was on track to meet its financial targets of 3% boundary across the building and infrastructure separations with operating cash at PS160m.

Over the year revenue advantaged up 3% to PS1. 12 bn, making a pre-tax profit of PS11. 4m, compared with a reported pre-exceptional loss of PS6 0m in 2020.

Building made profit of PS16m( 2020: pre-exceptional loss of PS5 2m ), representing a boundary of 2 %, while Infrastructure made advantage of PS6m( 2020: pre-exceptional loss of PS1. 8m ), at a 1.8% margin.

This took the compounded group operating margin to 2 %.

Bill Hocking, chief executive, said:" We handled with challenging circumstances and continue to successfully manage the current market conditions.

" Our commitment to robust risk management, careful contract pick and operational excellence underpins our rendition and prospects."

He added that Galliford Try now had a strong order book and balance sheet putting it on track to deliver growth in the years ahead.

The group started the new financial year with 90% of projected receipt secured for the 2022 financial year.

At June 2021 year-end Galliford's seek diary was up to PS3. 3bn( 2020: PS3. 2bn) of which 91% came from the public and modulated sectors and 9% is in the private sector( 2020: 81% and 19% respectively ).

Average month-end cash in the year was PS164m.

During the year Building and Infrastructure ensure contracts and structures worth over PS641m and PS590m respectively.

Key work triumphs

- the PS400m NEPO Civil Works framework ;P TAGEND

- Scottish Water's PS350m SR21 Non-Infrastructure framework ;P TAGEND

- Scottish Water's PS350m Delivery Vehicle 2 programme; and

- Leicestershire County Council's PS48m Grantham Southern Relief Road.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to support 45W charging

The Galaxy S2 0 Ultra propelled last year came with 45 W cabled accusing, but Samsung downgraded the blame fast to 25 W with the S21 Ultra this year. However, the latest rumor claims that the Korean conglomerate will switch to previous speeds with the S22 Ultra next year.

Word comes from reliable tipster Ice universe, who indicated by the Galaxy S22 Ultra is 100% confirmed to aspect 45 W( 10 V/ 4.5 A) accusing.

While the source didn't reveal if the S22 Ultra will come wrap with a 45 W adapter, hazards are you'll have to shell out extra money to get those rushes. It's likewise uncertain if other models...

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One in 9 nursing home residents are being diagnosed with schizophrenia so understaffed facilities can better handle patients

Residents talk with a caregiver in the dining room at Emerald Court in Anaheim, CA on Monday, March 8, 2021. Residents start fucking talking to a caregiver in the breakfast nook at Emerald Court in Anaheim, CA on Monday, March 8, 2021.

One in nine nursing home inhabitants across the country have received a schizophrenia diagnosis. At least 21% of residents are on antipsychotic treats, The New York Times reported. The Times found that the diagnosis is given so residents can get those drugs to help facilities to be dealt with. See more storeys on Insider's business sheet.

At least 21% of rest home occupants across the country have been prescribed antipsychotic treats, with one in nine citizens being diagnosed with schizophrenia, The New York Times reported.

Many of the diagnoses appear to be efforts to give inhabitants sedative drugs such as Haldol, so understaffed equipment can better handle them, even when there is no evidence a patient has schizophrenia, the Times analysis knew.

The diagnosis is given to treat citizens for evidences like restlessness and agitation.

Since 2012, there's been a 70% rise in the number of nursing home citizens being diagnosed with the agitation.

In the US, schizophrenia is prevalent in 0. 25% and 0.64% of the population.

The disorder, which presents psychotic indications such as hallucinations, delusions, and concluded condition, is usually diagnosed when someone is in their late teenages to early thirties, according to the National Institute of Mental Health .

"People don't time wake up with schizophrenia when they are elderly, " Dr. Michael Wasserman, a geriatrician and onetime nursing home executive who has become a critic of the industry told the Times. "It's used to skirt the rules."

The Medicare website, which tracks the use of antipsychotic remedies in nursing homes, found that about 15% of tenants are on these drugs, but the Times analysis found that those statistics don't account for tenants with a schizophrenia diagnosis. That necessitates the true number of people on antipsychotic treats is much higher.

Facilities do not have to report citizens employing antipsychotic treats to the government if those residents are being given the drug to treat schizophrenia, the Times reported.

A May report from the Department of Health and Human Assistance Inspector General pointed out that about a third of nursing home residents who got a schizophrenia diagnosis in 2018 had no Medicare record of being treated for it.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services did not respond to Insider's is asking for statement at the time of publication but spokesman Catherine Howden told the Times the agency was "concerned about this practice as a action to bypas the protections these regulations afford."

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Shepherd counts cost of construction exit six years on

The family-owned Shepherd Group is still counting the cost of legacy construction arm pleasures six years old after selling the construction business to Wates.

According to recent reports for the Shepherd Group, which are currently being principally envelops the activities of the Portakabin business, obligations on previously accomplished projects by Shepherd Construction are still cost the group dearly.

This rump of the group recorded a PS31m loss last year relating to the completion of a retail and suburban complex in Colindale, North London and significant additional provisions in relation to claims on accomplished contracts where there remains uncertainty about the outcome.

The firm said it had been notified of some latent defect affirms, including substantial pretensions on issues related to pieces developing on historic structure motif publications, particularly in relation to cladding design and other fore safety issues.

Shepherd Construction pre-tax losses

2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015* -PS3 1.3 m -PS21.4m -PS1 3.8 m -PS31.7m -PS9. 7m -PS60.6m* Shepherd Construction sold on 30 September 2015 to Wates. Liability retained by group

The company no longer trades structure contracts and the accounts were not prepared on an ongoing concern basis.

Overall the group recorded a PS49m profit, up from PS45m on receipt somewhat ahead at PS348m.

During the year the modular and portable build appendage increased profit by 27% to PS81m.

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Renowned Fashion Photographer Hiro Passes Away At 90

Renowned Japanese American photographer Yasuhiro Wakabayashi, professionally known as Hiro, has passed away at the age of 90. He was best known for his successful editorial and commercial pattern photography job as well as his unique style that has been imitated by many.

The New York Times reports that Hiro died on Sunday, August 15, at his country home in Erwinna, Pennsylvania. The mythical mode photographer's death was confirmed to the Times by his son, Gregory Wakabayashi, and to Women's Wear Daily( WWD) by Peita Carnevale, individual producers of his New York City studio for more than 25 years.

The cause of Hiro's deliver has not been disclosed.

Born in Shanghai in 1930 to Japanese mothers, Hiro relocated to the United State in 1954 at the age of 24. Two years later, he became an assistant to Richard Avedon, one of the leading American photographers of the mid-2 0th-century celebrated for his photographs and mode photographs with a distinct minimalist style.

Avedon speedily recognized Hiro's visual flairs, and Hiro left Avedon to become an independent photographer after a few years of assisting.

View this announce on Instagram

A post said that he shared The Richard Avedon Foundation (@ avedonfoundation )

" Hiro was Richard Avedon’s good friend and closest collaborator ," writes The Richard Avedon Foundation in a praise on Instagram." He begun work as an auxiliary at the Avedon studio in the mid-1 950 s. By 1957 he had asserted himself as an independent photographer. Hiro and Avedon would go on to share a studio for the better part of two decades ."

Hiro's unique photography mode featured unexpected combinations of light and dye as well as unique and surreal themes the hell is performed with technological precision through carefully restricting every aspect of his subjects, lighting, and technological sciences. He created iconic likeness that challenged boundaries -- such as Harry Winston's diamond necklace placed on a bovine hoof in 1963 -- and mercy the pages of publishings such as Harper's Bazaar, Rolling Stone, and Vogue.

Ruby is July's birthstone, and various rubies even out this Harry Winston necklace photographed by creator Hiro.

Hiro was working as a organization photographer for @harpersbazaarus in 1963 where reference is photographed this Ruby and diamond pendant from @vancleefarpels wrapped around a hoof. pic.twitter.com/ gYMoGavVKC

-- Getty (@ GettyMuseum) July 12, 2021

" To look at a photo by Hiro is to come face-to-face with a characterization rampant with uncommon lighting consequences, surprising directions, juxtaposing elements, and bold complexions ," writes London's Hamiltons, one of the world's longest-standing photography galleries.

" Where there is no single explanation ," Hiro told WWD in an interrogation considering what trace him to photography." No right or wrong. Exclusively shadows of explains ."

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A pole shared by Dazed Beauty (@ dazedbeauty )

Hiro was referred Photographer of The Year by the American Society of Magazine Photographers in 1969. In 1982, the magazine American Photographer focussed an issue to Hiro's work and queried," Is this somebody America’s greatest photographer ?"

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A upright shared by Hamiltons Gallery (@ hamiltonsgallery )

Hiro's work was been issued in three monographs and is held in collects of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, George Eastman House in New York, The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Musee Europeenne de la Photographie in Paris, the J. Paul Getty Museum in LA, the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, and the Kobe Fashion Museum in Japan.

Stunning, surreal personas shot by legendary Japanese American manner photographer Hiro, who passed out on Sunday. Born in Shanghai in 1930, the artist captivated an inventive perception of American animation. pic.twitter.com/ kZvSuL7zi 9

-- Japan Society (@ japansociety) August 19, 2021

" Hiro is no ordinary adult ," Avedon formerly wrote about his friend." He is one of the few masters in its own history of photography. He enables us to accompanying his fear, his isolation, his darkness, his stately light to film ."

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Free Garbatella: A photo tour through Rome’s revolutionary ‘garden city’ known for its street art

A mural is seen on a wall along a steep hilly road, with a baroque building in the background. A mural depicting the defiance of a Kurdish fighter against ISIS, with Garbatella perceptible in the background.

Located in the outskirts of Rome, Garbatella is known both for its progressive, century-old housing experiment and as one of the best neighbourhoods to see Rome's street prowes. Photographer Bruno Federico toured Garbatella to captivate its atmosphere of dissent and creativity. See more stories on Insider's business sheet.

Garbatella is a working class neighborhood in the outskirts of Rome. It's known for a century-old housing project that serves as a reminder of how good urban issues can make for happy city spaces. It's likewise dwelling to some of the most interesting street art in the Italian capital.

Built in 1920 to house craftsmen from nearby mills, Garbatella was itself a progressive intuition: A garden-city with public low-cost housing and space to tighten and commune with neighbors.

Today, Garbatella remains a wonderful example of the Barochetto Romano. While high-rise structures would become the dominant form of public housing in the later years of the mid-2 0th Century, Garbatella, with its winding streets and luxuriant quadrangles, is a place where greenery and urbanization coexist.

A gate leads to a green area surrounded by residential housing. Housing legions at Garbatella surround a central plot, which acts as a target for inhabitants to loiter and socialize.

A cut-out of Don Quixote appears next to a quote The melodics to a song by Italian singer-songwriter Francesco Guccini: "Day and nighttime we'll spew hour soul on the face of the injustice/ We are the "Greats of La Mancha" Sancho Panza and Don Quixote! "

A man at a water fountain at the base of a long outdoor staircase The steps and public water fountains are among the best known features of the neighborhood.

The neighborhood is rich in social and culture the projects and its walls and building facades tell a story of disobedience and the battle for a better future. Walking through Garbatella, you'll see art that takes on the extinction of the environmental issues, racism and the criminalization of the migration, the dystopic representation of the town, and the cause of Free Palestine.

A common place along one street is Mrs Gisella, who at 81 likes to stay at her openings to react neighbors and people-watch. She says that Garbatella it is a quiet and pleasant locate to live.

A woman is seen at her window alongside a street. Mrs Gisella, 81, watches passerby from her space.

X The enter of one of the social housing projects.

Murals along a roadside. Murals in support of Palestinians.

Murals likewise celebrate the neighborhood's past, like the lady "Garbatella" who is thought to have given the neightborhood its specify, and the Roman singer, Alvaro Amici, who grew up in Garbatella.

One mural pays tribute to Enrico Mancini, an Italian anti-fascist adherent who was captured and tortured by the Nazis. He was among the 335 civilians and political prisoners killed by Nazis in Rome on March 24, 1944, at the Fosse Ardeatine massacre in Rome.

A mural of a woman holding a shawl covers the side of a building. A mural of Garbatella, a madam who, some say, yielded her identified to the neighborhood.

A mural of a man singing passionately into a microphone by the side of the road. A mural outlines the Roman singer, Alvaro Amici, who grew up in Garbatella.

Apartment buildings are seen, partially covered in shadow. A opinion inside Garbatella.

The Case Rosse Social Center is a local rail and cafe, but it's also much more than that. The group offers free years to migrants, organizes culture and social acts, and leads a meat bank.

A woman is seen holding a crate of goods while others sit at tables or wait in line. The cooperative Case Rosse, in the middle of the neighborhood, organizes social, political and cultural rights happenings and acts in solidarity with the migrants. In the photo they are distributing food to beings in need

A man's face is painted onto the facade of a building. A mural celebrates the anti-Fascist partisan, Enrico Mancini.

A huge mural shows a storm-rocked sailing ship under attack by pirates. A gigantic mural from the Italian craftsman Blue establishes a storm-rocked sailing ship under strike by plagiarists.

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Google infringed on five patents, a judge says, marking a legal win for Sonos

Google Home on a table next to a Google phone Products like Google Home and Pixel smartphones could be banned from import if the preliminary decision is upheld.

Google conflicted on five patents owned by Sonos, according to a preliminary decision by a trade evaluate. Sonos firstly litigated the Big Tech giant in January 2020. If the finding is upheld, some of Google's concoctions could be banned from import. See more stories on Insider's business page.

Sonos tallied a prevail in a patent battle with Google on Friday, when a US trade judge said that Google conflicted on five of Sonos' patents.

The preliminary decision from gues Charles Bullock of the US International Trade Commission could distribute a significant blow to Google. Some of its commodities , like its Pixel smartphones and Nest talkers, could be banned from import.

Sonos first sued Google in California federal field and with the commission in January 2020. The audio manufacturer suggested that Google conflicted on its patents related to home speaker technology.

In addition to seeking fiscal injuries in federal tribunal, Sonos asked the commission, which is tasked with investigating unfair trade rehearses that evil US businesses, to ban imports of Google concoctions that are made in China.

Google not only repudiated the claims - the tech monster also lodged a countersuit, arguing that Sonos was actually infringing on Google's patents. In September last year, Sonos filed another lawsuit against Google, adding five more patents to the list of alleged infringements.

The patent dispute between Sonos and Google is uncovering at a time when Big Tech business are under increased inquiry by lawmakers for anti-competitive behavior.

"This decision re-affirms the forte and scope of our portfolio, marking a promising milestone in our long-term pursuit to defend our innovation against embezzlement by Big Tech monopolies, " Eddie Lazarus, Sonos' main law detective, said in a statement.

The case isn't over hitherto. The trade commission will be examining Judge Bullock's decision for a final decree, which is scheduled to take place on December 13.

"We disagree with this preliminary rule and are expected to continue to do our action in the upcoming review process, " Jose Castaneda, a Google spokesperson, said in a statement.

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