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Harry Kane to ‘insist’ on joining Jack Grealish at Man City in ‘crunch’ Spurs meeting

The latest update adjacent the future of Tottenham striker Harry Kane is set to prove an altogether concerning one for the club’s supporters.

Etihad links

The subject of Kane’s future has of course taken centre stage in the English media to this point in the summer.

This comes with Tottenham’s talisman, who turned 28 just days ago, having come to the conclusion that the time has come to depart North London, in search of major silverware.

#THFC are now starting enquiries about permutation centre-forwards, in the first indication that the team are willing to consider the feelings of their 27 -year-old talisman.

-- Sky Sports News (@ SkySportsNews) May 17, 2021

A whole host of golf-clubs, in turn, were inevitably tip-off to launch offensives for the English international in the weeks following his announcement.

For some time now, though, it has clearly understood that, if Kane does indeed manage to secure a Spurs exit ahead of next season, it will be for one club and one club exclusively- Manchester City.

The Premier League supporters are understood to be extremely keen on the hitman’s signature, following the departure of long-time first-choice striker Sergio Aguero.

In fact, just last month, text was forthcoming that City had investigated a big-money bid for Kane rejected by Daniel Levy and co.

Manchester City made an official proposal to Tottenham for Harry Kane. PS100M guaranteed+ availability to include musicians in the deal. #THFC have NO intention to accept. Harry wants to go, but Levy will try to keep him.

Harry now focused on the Euros, then it’ll be decided.

-- Fabrizio Romano (@ FabrizioRomano) June 21, 2021

Grealish link-up incoming?

On Saturday, though, a fresh update on the situation has been forthcoming. And, as outlined above, it is no doubt set to send shockwaves through the Spurs fanbase.

As per the reliable Mike McGrath of The Telegraph, Kane has planned' crunch talks’ with members of the board at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for next week.

And, during these discussions, the Englishman intends to' insist’ that his wish to link up with competitors Man City be granted.

This comes with the Citizens apparently on the verge of closing a cope for Aston Villa talisman Jack Grealish, after tabling a mammoth present usefulnes around PS100 million.

Kane will insist on joining Grealish in Man City move with crunch talks at Spurs next week- @mcgrathmike and @JPercyTelegraph have all the latest https :// t.co/ 0o4FevPtbC

-- Telegraph Football (@ TeleFootball) July 31, 2021

Atalanta boss Gasperini speaks out over future of Tottenham target RomeroTottenham transfer news:' Agreement in principle’ for Tomiyasu, Spurs' not happy’ with Romero situation& Celtic eye keeper

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The remaining transfers Man United should complete following Jadon Sancho arrival in order to challenge for Premier League

Sancho arrives

Manchester United have had a superb start to the 2021 time transfer window.

The Euros may not be over more, but United have already stuck a major big-money administer. The Red Devils would corroborate earlier this week that they have agreed a deal in principle with Bundesliga outfit Borussia Dortmund for Jadon Sancho.


We have agreed a deal in principle for the transfer of Jadon Sancho to United! [?][?] #MUFC

-- Manchester United (@ ManUtd) July 1, 2021

The transfer will reportedly set United back PS7 3m, stimulating Sancho the club’s third-most expensive player ever, behind Paul Pogba and Harry Maguire.

Sancho has of course been lighting up the German top-flight since he differed Manchester City in 2017, having composed 50 goals and stipulated 64 assists in 137 jaunts for BVB.

What provinces should Man United target?

Sancho’s arrival recognizes a great bit of business for United, and a big blow to the rest of the Premier League, as the winger will most certainly strengthen Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side next season.

But, whilst Sancho is, of course, a major reinforcement, it is still clear that the Red Devils further improve several other areas of their squad.

In this article, 101 takes a look at the remaining positions in which United should target reinforcements the summer months, in order to truly challenge the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool for the Premier League title in 2021/22.

The remaining transfers Man United should complete following Jadon Sancho arrival in order to challenge for Premier League

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND- APRIL 18: Mason Greenwood of Manchester United celebrates after scoring his team’s second point during the course of its Premier League parallel between Manchester United and Burnley at Old Trafford on April 18, 2021 in Manchester, England. Sporting stadiums around the UK remain under strict regulations due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing constitutions proscribe devotees inside venues arising in recreations being played behind closed- door.( Photo by Gareth Copley/ Getty Images)

Do Man United need a striker?

Throughout much of the 2020/21 campaign, a bag could certainly have been formed that Man United needed some fresh legs at centre-forward.

Anthony Martial, before the gash which regulated him out of the campaign’s final weeks and Euro 2020, was again proving that he is not cut out to be the primary no. 9 at a top, top club.

So, upon the summer window opening, the Man United loyal were no doubt hoping to see a significant amount of money spent on improving their side’s options at centre-forward.

However, developments in the situation at Old Trafford has all along been converted, with the additive of a striker no longer a priority for United.

The first thing to have changed comes in the form of the late season chassis of Edinson Cavani. The Uruguayan fought for fitness in the first six months of 2020/21. However, the 34 would begin to find both organize and fitness as the campaign wore on, and finished the period looking back to his dazzling best.

Cavani then agreed to stay on at United for the forthcoming campaign. And though the veteran, who is now in the twilight years of his profession, cannot play every single game next season, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has another promising spectacular option to call upon next season.

That boy is Mason Greenwood, who, like Cavani, had a superb end to the season just gone. Greenwood, due to United’s lack of quality on the right, was often forced to play out wide over the last two campaigns.

However, with Sancho now on the club’s books, Greenwood can finally be used as a centre-forward on a more frequent basis, provisioning an excellent back-up option to Cavani, and all but ruling out United’s need for a brand-new striker this summer.

Will the Manchester powerhouse need to invest up top next year when Cavani leaves? Probably. But for now, it is not a priority area.

Midfield a concern for United

One area which Manchester United should move to strengthen this summer, nonetheless, is defensive midfield.

It has been clear for a while now that the Reds require reinforcements in the middle of the park.

Nemanja Matic is some way past his best, leaving United without a better quality defensive midfielder.

This has led Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to start both Scott McTominay and Fred in a midfield pivot.

The remaining transfers Man United should complete following Jadon Sancho arrival in order to challenge for Premier League

Manchester United’s Brazilian midfielder Fred gesticulates during the English FA Cup quarter-final football match between Leicester City and Manchester United at King Power Stadium in Leicester, central England on March 21, 2021( Photo by OLI SCARFF/ POOL/ AFP via Getty Images)

However, such systems establishes a number of questions, forcing Paul Pogba to be played out of position

Even more concerning, though, is the fact that, even when Fred and McTominay start together, United’s midfield still often examines shaky.

As a cause, a young , no. 6-style musician is advisable to brought in this summer , is not simply to help the Red Devils’ apology, but also to allow Solskjaer to field both Pogba and Bruno Fernandes in the same midfield three.

One player that is able to fit this character and has previously been named by 101 as a participate United should target is Borussia Monchengladbach’s Denis Zakaria.

Yves Bissouma, currently of Brighton, would also likely crowd this role well at Old Trafford.

Lindelof replacement needed

The next prestige in which Man United further strengthening following Sancho’s indicating should come as a pretty obvious one to those who are regular onlookers of the Premier League giants.

Outside of Harry Maguire, United’s centre-back options are severely lacking.

Victor Lindelof is Maguire’s current collaborator, but it is pretty obvious that the Swede should not be a regular starter in a unit that just wanted to win the Premier League.

Eric Bailly is also an option, but his shocking gash record signifies the Ivorian never genuinely earns a consistent flowed of playing time to build form and fitness.

So, it is pretty apparent that Man United should be signing a centre-back this summer.

One option to have been heavily linked with the Reds of late is Real Madrid and France star, Raphael Varane.

Varane would bring a prosperity of knowledge and quality to Solskjaer’s backline, and, along with Sancho and a brand-new no. 6, would determine United in self-possession of one of the best starting elevens in the Premier League next season.

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What investors can learn from Bill Gates’ climate warning

What investors can learn from Bill Gates' climate warning

The Microsoft founder’s new journal further strengthens our sentence about investing in the vigor modulation, according to Schroders

When one of the world's wealthiest characters writes a bible on avoiding atmosphere calamity - and shows deepens we all need to attain to our lifestyles - it is easy to be cynical.

But the high-profile intervention of Microsoft founder Bill Gates in the climate change debate should be welcomed. This is not just a highly intelligent wealth creator, but is someone who, arguably, has unique access to information and insight. Furthermore, his Gates Foundation has achieved affecting ensues in addressing world health and education issues. He clearly has an appetite for solving the apparently unsolvable.

His book How to Avoid a Climate Change Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need should be a must-read, particularly for those investing in the great force transition.

He captures the challenge of the century: how do we stop computing of 51 billion tones of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere each year. This needs to be done as fast as possible to avoid climate disaster and in an financial and balanced way.

As a money administrator who lives and breathes current trends, the solutions identified by Gates affirm the decisions being made by me and my squad - the technologies we are backing and the innovations we are distinguishing.

Gates sets out the need to quickly reduce our trust on fossil fuels over the next 30 times to get to net zero. Net zero does not certainly mean that we will not be using fossil fuels anymore. In power generation and in floor transportation, that is a strong possibility, but in other areas, such as steel and plaster manufacturing, or fertilisers or even lightweight plastics, we will likely still be using some fossil fuels. Carbon, nonetheless, will need to be captured rather than released into the atmosphere.

The first part of the book stipulates some simple meanings that cannot ignore the fact 😛 TAGEND

'We need to do this now; it is not optional. We need to invest duration and money right now to avoid a climate disaster that will have a much bigger economic and social impact than all previous post-war recessionary ages put together. We have reached a position where we need to get carbon emissions to zero( or close to it) by 2050. Slow progress still leads to catastrophe. For illustration, a 50 per cent reduction in emissions from here would still lead to rising temperatures. Our current reliance on fossil fuel impels the starting point of this structural shifting very hard. Not simply do we use fossil fuels in almost everything we do, from driving your gondola to touching your teeth, they are also excessively cheap. Unless we commit to investing in zero carbon solutions, thereby reducing their costs, progress will be slow.'

The next one of the purposes of the book is a little more optimistic 😛 TAGEND

'There are lots of potential solutions that we can apply in combination that would tackle carbon emissions across exertion networks, transportation, agriculture and manufacturing. Authorities have become much more aligned in the last few years. The 2015 Paris Agreement was a big step forward. However, from here individual authorities need to set policy that animates be invested in the privilege areas in order to drive down expenditures. Clear government policy reduces the health risks for investors in key technologies and underpins speculation raise. A fortune of information and communication technologies are already cost effective for both the investor making a suitable return on their speculation, and for consumer interests, in terms of being able to pay for the end product. A positive repetition is created: the cost profile of these significance orders only gets better as the end market size increases. Government policy can accelerate this trend. Carbon taxes will need to be applied in a considered manner across developed marketplaces versus emerging markets. They must be applied at industry level to encourage investment in clean domains, but likewise to consumers in order to encourage swapping and drive demand.'

The world-wide intensity plan, when you mix electricity, transportation and heating/ cool, is effectively responsible for half of the 51 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. This change in the intensity organisation to a more sustainable system is what people now can be attributed to as the "energy transition".

As investors in this trend, we are responsible for investing our clients' money responsibly in the companies directly involved in the structural transformation of the world vigor arrangement over the next 30 years.

The book genuinely italicizes some of messages that we have been transmitting to patients. Here are six members of the most important 😛 TAGEND

This structural switch in the vigour plan is a multi-decade investment phase: it is not cyclical, it is structural. This investment phase have just started and needs to accelerate from current positions to get anywhere close to cyberspace zero by 2050. The quantity of investment - estimated to be close to $100 tr between 2020 and 2050 - is significant, both in terms of relative to previous intensity asset hertzs and relative to other industries. Governmental policies is becoming ever more supportive and they will play a key role in incentivising investment, dis-incentivising areas of high emissions and driving down expenses in key emerging technologies. Penalty within the energy transition value chain are already at a level in key engineerings where they emulate front on with fossil fuel alternatives. These payments will keep falling on a relative basis. Consumers at both the business and suburban tier are increasingly shifting towards these end products, whether it is Microsoft only sourcing electricity from renewables or shoppers buying electric cars. This veer will simply accelerate over the next few years.

Long before he turned his attention to climate change and wrote this work, Gates had already articulated what can help in solving the apparently unsolvable. And it has resonance for investors.

In 1996, he wrote: "We ever overestimate the modify that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the modify that will occur in the next 10. Don't let yourself be lulled into inaction."

Schroders is a partner of the Net Zero Festival. Read more Sustainability penetrations from Schroders now.AdvertisementAdvertisement

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Sanjiv Bhasin’s 3 fav PSU stocks

PFC, GAIL and NBCC are three PSU broths that Sanjiv Bhasin, Director, IIFL Certificate, is recommending. Edited excerpts from his interview with ET Now: Do you expect Nifty to punch a new high-priced now? The markets are forward looking. The corporate solutions have been a standout. We are just missing the timbers for the trees. Corporate India’s resilience and recital is excellent. So I will go by the numbers, that is what the market respects. And lo and behold! I told you by the end of May we may be staring at a brand-new high-flown which was apparently very-very impossible. What takes my breather away is the five-year underperformance of midcaps now turning into outperformance. Midcap index is at an all-time high and it is telling me that retail money is here and that is what is going to drive the markets.To cut a long story short, Nifty's next move of 200-300 items may be a bit of to and fro because of global cues. In the broader market, metals are poised to do much better. I think that is going to be the standout for 2021. What are the specifies you like in the PSU pack? A bunch of them have already run up. The report contains 3 furnishes which I speculate can still do excellent. The first broth is PFC. It is the biggest power lender, along with REC. PFC has a bonu harvest of 7 %. Power uptake is at an all-time high-pitched and you had the best of weather. In the next the three months, the heat wave will increase and so will AC consumption. So I conceive capability lenders are at their best. Margins are high and the cost of money is low. Recovery is very fast. PFC gazes poised for at least Rs 135 -1 40 to me. It is also a dividend yield and I think it is going to perform very well. The other furnish would be undoubtedly GAIL. It will be the biggest gainer of gas pricing and volume swelling, which has been remarkable. GAIL was in hiatus at Rs 85 -8 8 with a 7.5% dividend produce. I recall GAIL is headed to Rs 200. My third picking would be NBCC, which has been a big underperformer. At Rs 48 it has the potential to redouble given that real estate and construction activities are going to be at their best in the next 6-9 months. The firm has a huge amount of guild inflows. So these three PSUs look very good to me.What are your top selects in the midcap gap that investors can consider for the medium term as well as long term? Godrej Consumer has just roped in the best hand from Hindustan Lever Ltd( HUL ). Their margins on sanitizers and their other emergence parameters in Indonesia are showing high-pitched double-digit raise. It has been a relative underperformer but is headed to 3 people. I am looking at a target of Rs 1,100. Godrej Properties is going to be a standout comedy. They have raised fund at 6% which otherwise they are able to never do. They likewise did a very big QIP at Rs 1,415. They are going to be the largest executors. They have a management pedigree. This capital is headed towards Rs 2,250 in the next 1 year. One broth which has gone through all the problems is Zee but it is looking excellent now. The administration was always shrouded by one-off activities of the promoter. Look at the new deal. MGM is being acquired for $9.5 billion by Amazon. Zee has the most crucial free canals on the movie side. Their digital flow and new propels are extremely well received. Zee is the cheapest media inventory globally, so I am looking at a target of Rs 275. Again going down the ladder, DCB Bank and RBL are going to be outstanding gamblings.

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