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Flipkart restructured biz model to exercise control over inventory, retail prices, alleges CAIT

Traders' body Confederation of All India Traders( CAIT) on Thursday urged the government to investigate the "blatant" breach of FDI and taxation rules by ecommerce major Flipkart, alleging that the Walmart-owned firm had "creatively" restructured its business pose to exercise control over stock-take and retail prices.

Flipkart was flouting FDI policy "by creatively structuring its marketplace business model and creating a facade in order to exercise control over inventory and retail prices, a practice expressly prohibited by the FDI Policy on ecommerce", CAIT said in a letter to Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal.

This warrants an immediate investigation and strict action from the Indian government, including tax governments, CAIT added.


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How Flipkart maintained its users employed during lockdown with effective collaboration

When contacted, a Flipkart spokesperson said as a marketplace, Flipkart's endeavour has always been to use technology and innovation to facilitate the buying and selling between lakhs of local vendors/ MSMEs and over 300 million purchasers in a transparent and effective manner.

"We will continue to operate with the same transparency, and in line with India's FDI and regulatory fabric, while generating brand-new support opportunities and jobs...With more than 3 lakh vendors on the Flipkart Marketplace, our vendor marriages are an integral part of the ecosystem, " the spokesperson said.

In 2018, Walmart had invested $16 billion for acquiring a 77 percentage stake in Flipkart. Last-place year, the US retail giant contributed a $1.2 billion fund round in the Indian e-commerce company.

CAIT noted that in 2019, Flipkart had created a two-tier model consisting of ADs and Diamond Sellers( DSs) and that currently, there are 20 DSs and 10 ADs in place.

These 30 entities were created for the sole purpose of granting control of inventory and rates to Flipkart, and to "act as an eye-wash and( to) disconcert the authorities concerned from taken due note of the absolutely illegal activities" being undertaken by Flipkart and these entities, it alleged.

CAIT alleged that the ADs and DSs exist only for GST compliance and to service their plan with Flipkart and cede control for a minuscule cost.

"Flipkart has created a plan of replacement business partners with the sole purpose of bypassing the FDI Policy and destroying the very merchants the policy aims to protect."

"On behalf of over 8 crore merchants, we are writing to you to initiate an immediate inquiry and investigation into the utterly illegal business practices of Flipkart and its cases of violation of the FDI Policy, GST, Income Tax and more serious money laundering concerns, before it wreaks ravage in the lives of our members, the families of such, and the overall retail industry, " it said during the letter.

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Covid year produces most multibagger stocks on D-Street since post-GFC rally

MUMBAI: In the midst of the worst health crisis in human history over the past century, the Indian stock market made the highest number of multibagger broths since 2009 -1 0 in the year till March 2021, data compiled by ETMarkets.com showed.The astounding performance was aided by the trillions of dollars of money reproducing by global central banks and stimulus containers from governments to repair the global economy from the Covid-1 9 shock.“Extremely gigantic response from central banks and governments compared with the 2008 crisis has underpinned this bull market, ” said a premier asset polouse at a city-based life insurance company, who barred naming.In 2020 -2 1 still further, as numerous as 1,090 -- or 45 per cent of the children of the rostered capitals on the BSE -- have given more than 100 per cent returns, data available on the Ace Equity database till Friday showed.While the number of BSE-listed stocks has risen over the years, even adjusting for that, 2020 -2 1 find the highest percentage of stocks register more than 100 per cent gains.< iframe claim= "The Pandemic Winners" aria-label= "chart" id= "datawrapper-chart-P6 5l"Q src= "https :// datawrapper.dwcdn.net/ P65lQ/ 1/ " scrolling= "no" frameborder= "0" mode= "width: 0; min-width: 100%! important; strip: nothing; " height= "4 00 " >! perform () "use strict"; window.addEventListener( "message" ,( capacity( a ) if( void 0 !== a.data[ "datawrapper-height" ]) for( var e in a.data[ "datawrapper-height" ])))(); Further, the current financial year has so far created the largest number of stocks that originate investor prosperity by more than 1,000 per cent of the children since 2009 -1 0. Eight stocks -- Tanla Platforms, Digispice Engineering, PG Electroplast, Intellect Design, Subex, Venus Redress, CG Power and Jaykay Enterprises -- have risen more than 1,000 per cent of the children since April 1, 2020.81643820 Other major gainers of its first year included Adani Total Gas wih 753 per cent of the children returns, Dixon Engineering 497 per cent of the children, Hindustan Copper 491 per cent, and Tata Elxsi 339 per cent.Among the Nifty5 0 inventories, Tata Motor was the biggest gainer, as it more than quadrupled investors' money during the financial year given the company's focus on shorten pay and reinventing the Indian passenger car business.Liquidity shot in by the Reserve Bank of India and global central banks and influx of a large number of first-time retail investors helped prop up stock tolls during the year even when the real economy registered its first-ever technical receding in several decades.Drawn by cheaper furnishes after the March crash and forearmed with zero-broking cost trading lotions, Indian retail investors shot in billions of dollars into the secondary and primary marketplaces, said market participants. Data from the Defence and Exchange Board of India( Sebi) registered over 10 million brand-new dematerialised chronicles were opened in 2020 -2 1 so far.Dharmesh Kant, an independent busines specialist, said while world-wide liquidity and influx of brand-new investors have played their part, the rise in the stock market has still been driving in fundamentals.“Earnings were robust considers the economic backdrop ... We is very likely to aim the financial year with around 10 per cent earnings growing( for Nifty5 0 companionships ), ” Kant said over telephone.For the next financial year, analysts have projected Nifty5 0 earnings to grow north of 30 per cent, leading Kant to believe that Indian equities will register an even better act going ahead.< iframe entitle= "The Best Performing Stocks of FY21" aria-label= "chart" id= "datawrapper-chart-0m 6pe" src= "https :// datawrapper.dwcdn.net/ 0m6pe/ 1/ " scrolling= "no" frameborder= "0" vogue= "width: 0; min-width: 100%! important; strip: nothing; " height= "9 11 " >! capacity () "use strict"; window.addEventListener( "message" ,( purpose( a ) if( vacant 0 !== a.data[ "datawrapper-height" ]) for( var e in a.data[ "datawrapper-height" ]) document.querySelector( "iframe[ src *= '"+ e+ "'] " ); t &&( t.style.height= a.data[ "datawrapper-height" ][ e ]+ "px" )))(); Not all are in agreement that reaching returns on one’s equity portfolio will be as straightforward as it was in the current financial year amid signalings that investors are already beginning to worry about delivery on the stratospheric expectations.The re-emergence of Covid-1 9 pandemic in countless parts of the country and the possibility of the US Federal Reserve tapering its quantitative easing programme from January of 2022 have already cast doubts over return expectations.A recent inspection of global fund managers by BofA Certificate evidenced inflation and decrease tantrum are now being perceived as bigger gambles to equity portfolios than Covid-1 9. “There is a lot of sud in the market and, therefore, there is a big chance of displeasure for investors next year ... but from a three-to-five years perspective, equities are still preferred over fixed income, ” said the CIO of city-based life insurance company quoted above.Investors hope the new financial year will see a redo of the astounding rendition heard after BSE Sensex’s 89 per cent gain in 2003 -0 4, instead of the underwhelming returns that followed the 2009 -1 0 man feed.

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Genesis praised for saving Tiger Woods, Burger King redesign beats McDonald’s in poll: Wednesday Wake-Up Call

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Woods’ car triumphs kudo

As news of Tiger Woods’ horrific car crash in California stunned the world countries on Tuesday, his battered vehicle became an unexpected supporter. Woods was driving the Genesis GV8 0 crossover, a brand-new midsize simulation that arrived at peddlers in December, as a courtesy vehicle after serving as host for the Genesis Invitational golf tournament last week.

As Automotive News reporter Laurence Iliff reports, "law enforcement officials said the crash integrity of the vehicle -- and Woods' use of a seat belt -- may have saved his life.” As likeness and videos of the damaged GV8 0 dominated social media, Sheriff's Deputy Carlos Gonzalez, the first officer on the scene of the crash, called the overall integrity of the GV80 "a marvel of modern automobiles” and said he’d seen same accidents over many years where the vehicles and passengers had not fared so well.

Woods’ Twitter account posted an accounting of his injuries late last nighttime, including "open fractures altering the tibia and fibula bones" in his lower right leg and traumata to his foot and ankle. But the golfer was “awake and responsive” after surgery.

BK redesign thumps McDonald’s in canvas

Rivals Burger King and McDonald’s have both launched carton redesigns in the past few weeks. And while both have won industry praise, an early investigation of consumers reveals that Burger King’s new look has the edge.

According to an Ad Age-Harris Poll survey deported this month, 54% of respondents suggest that they elevated Burger King’s parcel, while 46% chose McDonald’s. Meanwhile 56% said Burger King’s new look, from Jones Knowles Ritchie, established the food sound more appetizing, while 44% picked McDonald’s, created by Pearlfisher, as having the more appetizing design.

But as Jessica Wohl writes, the good news for both orders is that the renovations show signs of potentially helping sales: More than 40% of those who like the new looks brought forward by Burger King or McDonald’s say they are more likely to patronize the chains.

Facebook backs down in Australia

Facebook backed down from its bulletin blackout in Australia yesterday after the Australian authority agreed to amend legislation forcing it and Google to pay local publishers for content. As reported by Bloomberg News via Ad Age, the Australian government said here today would take into account commercial distributes Facebook and Google reach with information corporations before deciding whether they are subject to the law, and would also give them one month’s notice.

But although the immediate Australian face-off looks to be over for now, the issue isn’t going away any time soon; publishers are lobbying in the EU to obligate Facebook and Google pay for content while in the U.K ., the Evening Standard reportsthat Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden will meet with Facebook’s ministerials this week to discuss the issue.

Staples prepares for back-to-office

It may seem hard to imagine after a year of WFH, but the coronavirus inoculations roll out, people may be returning to departments across America some date. And Staples is getting ready. Daniel Reilly, Staples VP of symbol and make administration, assembles Adrianne Pasquarelli on the latest edition of Ad Age’s Marketer’s Brief podcast to discuss how the retailer is preparing, and how it’s going to compete with direct-to-consumer labels that have forged brand-new links with customers in the pandemic. Listen here.

Just briefly

Somewhere over the Rainbrow: Pinterest chief marketing officer Andrea Mallard assembles Ad Age’s Garett Sloane in today’s live episode of Remotely to discuss some sizzling 2021 trends including the makeup craze “rainbrows, ” the stomach for “getaway cars, ” and the latest foodie obsession, “epic charcuterie.” Listen here at 1PM EST.

Final countdown: Tuesday, March 2 is the final deadline to enter the 2021 Ad Age -AList and Creativity Awards. The gifts celebrate the most attained enterprises, standout make and forward-thinking supervisors and knacks in service industries. Details here.

Fearless Ray: A brand-new commercial from State Street Global Advisors and McCann New York--the team behind the award-winning "Fearless Girl" statue--is now turning to another "fearless" icon, boxing protagonist Sugar Ray Leonard. The recognise celebrates the resilience of mid-sized business in the pandemic through the allegory of Leonard in the ring. It's narrated by the real-life Leonard, who was recreated as his younger self expend CGI and a lookalike performer. See it over at Creativity .

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Women, don’t let go of these 9 property rights

Matters related to transfer of belonging can be tedious and many times can involve a great deal of stomach burn. This can be especially true in the case of woman. This is why it is of utmost importance that gals should know of their property rights. Here are nine property rights a woman should not let go of. 1. Get a emulate of your parents’ willIf your parents have a will, recollect to get a copy with you when you get married. “This is important to avoid any disputes with siblings about your title over it after marriage, ” says Dinesh Rohira, Founder& CEO, 5nance. com. Even if there is no will, get the documentation of the owned from your parents clearly stating your title over it. 2. You have a right to ancestral propertyWhether or not you carry a will or documents about ancestral asset, it is yours by virtue of your birth. So have no doubts about your legal right over it. You can claim it when you are miss, whether your mothers are alive or not, whether you are married or not. 3. Any property bought by you is yoursAny property that you purchased with your own monies before marriage is yours and you can sell, retain or endowment it to anyone you demand. Your husband has no right over it. 4. Property funded by you is yoursIf any property is purchased employing your monies but in the name of your spouse or children, you can claim before the court that you are the real owner by showing proof of the money paid towards its obtain. 5. Property in your reputation is yours“Any property purchased in the name of a married woman by her husband becomes her absolute belonging by virtue of Section 14 of the Hindu Succession Act, even if joint funds were used to purchase the same, ” says Beenashaw N. Soni, Advocate, Delhi High Court. 8136269 96. You have a right to residenceIf the marriage doesn’t work out, and your partner wants you to leave the house, remember that he has no right to expel you, whether the house belongs to him, his parents or any other relative. You have a right to residence whether it is provided to you by him or your in-laws. Likewise spoke: 6 money rebuts you need before saying yes to him7. Right to husband’s properties“As a married woman, you are entitled to a have participated in the owneds owned by your partner, whether the latter are movable or impassive, along with the other legal heirs, after his death, ” says Soni. You, however, do not have a right to your husband’s property during his lifetime. 8. Married Women’s Property Act 1874 This Behave was brought in to protect a married woman’s property from her husband, creditors or any other relatives. Under this Deed, the property of a woman cannot be attached in case of any liability incurred or tax owed by the husband. 9. Life insurance brought under MWP ActUnder Section 6 of the Married Women’s Property Act 1874, any life insurance policy brought under the protection of this Achievement work towards ensuring that the advances go to the wife and children. Hence, creditors cannot have the first allege over any proceeds from such protected programmes.

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