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‘The future of learning is hybrid’ – 40 quotes of the week on digital transformation

Launched in 2014, StoryBites is a weekly piece from YourStory, boasting notable quotable mentions in our essays of this past week. This special series of repeats focuses on the increasing impact of digital media in India and around the world( examine the previous upright here ). Share these 40 pearls and penetrations with your colleagues and systems, and check back to the original sections for more penetrations.

Mobile shopping is going to change dramatically, and it is going to be led by content which is authentic and recreation. - Piyush Shah, Glance

Globally, more beings now have done online patronize than ever before. They have found a convenience that is not going to change. The hope now is on speed of transmission. - Sharen Jester Turney, ex-Victoria’s Secret

Instead of you going to the coffee, at coffeehouses, the chocolate can come to you. - Chaitanya Chitta, SLAY Coffee

The switch to the digital gap has become a obligatory are searching for eateries to survive in the food business. - Beerud Sheth, Gupshup

Customer experience is a core ingredient for success in the D2C category. - Vaibhav Domkundwar, Better Capital

It is not just user behaviour data; contextual data like place, season, likings, make catalogue, forecast, and more aids understand the user’s context and planned at any given moment. - Sunil Thomas, CleverTap


How 100 X.VC starts' social proof’ for seed-stage startups and drives deal flowing for big stores

Technology financings have surfaced as a profitable change resource class to traditional speculations like equity, indebtednes, commodities, and real estate properties. - Kris Gopalakrishnan, Infosys

Steve( Jobs) saying that privacy was stating in plain language what parties are signing up for and rendering their allow, and that allow should be asked repeatedly. - Tim Cook, Apple

Startups, especially those in the early stage, should know that what you end up achieving is directly proportional to the strength of your squad. - Mona Gandhi, Upraised

Value is about understanding the market’s needs and solving that in the most efficient and simple way. - Siddharth Rajsekar, Internet Lifestyle Hub

It is important to get all the brainstorming documented, which will help in solving future problems linked to a framework in place. - Ayush Varshney, Testbook


With around 40 percent of the Indian population being below 18, every year millions of brand-new girls will start using their first smartphone. - Sambhav Jain, FamPay

Insurance penetration in India continues to be low at about 3.76 percentage. The demand for insurance is strong in India, supply has always been a gap. - Balachander Sekhar, RenewBuy

The Indian insurance industry is a tale of an inefficient ethic chain with analogue processes and digital band-aids. - Amit Boni, Ensuredit

Traditional credit instruments have failed to create a significant impression in the Indian market with credit card penetration standing only at 3 percent v/ s 42 percentage in China. - Pravega Ventures


Indian startup funding on track for a record 2021

The[ IT] industry is still web hirer of skilled talent, computing 1,38, 000 beings in FY2021. - Nasscom

As one of the largest sectors in India, FMCG is still run over the backs of millions of traditional distributors. - Udit Dhawan, Dropshop

Only 0.5 percent of micro-businesses can scale up and graduate to the next tier in India, while the comparative figures for China and the USA are at 25 percentage and 45 percentage, respectively. - Amit Kumar, MSMEx

The online casual gaming sub-segment in India has emerged as the largest in terms of consumption among overall online gaming, with close to 420 million gamers engaging in online informal gaming in FY21. - Girish Menon, KPMG India

MENA is one of the fastest-growing gaming marketplaces, with an estimated size of $4.8 billion, and has over 160 million gamers( of which 100 million are portable gamers ). - Ozgur Ozalp, Publishme


The web has an ephemerality aspect that can be overwhelming. Everything deepens so quickly, so fast, that it can take all our time to precisely keep up. But should we? - Erin Casali, Automattic

Look at the analytics of your YouTube video and participate where people are lowering off. This is the point that can be changed and measured to see what really pieces. - Lisa Toner, HubSpot

Audio needs continual invention across make and material to accelerate the adoption. - Rohan Nayak, Pocket FM

Contact centres are heavily dependent on the infrastructure, which comes at a cost. Going remote helps you save a lot of those infrastructure costs, while the overall execution remains the same if not better. - Sachin Bhatia, Ameyo

Estimating the quantities of inventory available across an organisation’s value chain is a critical exercise. - Vaidyanathan Jayaraman, SPJSGM

90 percent of world-wide enterprises and 50 percent of midsize organisations will have contract lifecycle control( CLM) mixtures in place by 2023. - Ravinder Singh, Kalaari Capital

There are many directions incumbents and fintech startups can collaborate -- from starting brand-new ethic propositions for clients to originating back-office enterprises guide more efficiently. - Theodora Lau and Bradley Leimer,' Beyond Good’

While startups bring in the agility, banks can offer the strength of scale. - Tanul Mishra, Afthonia


The rise of mobile gaming has democratised esports to a huge extent, and will continue to do so in the near future. - Parth Chadha, EWar Games

The honors of cracking the B2B2C model are disproportionately large, which is why investors are seduced by it. - Arjun Rao, Speciale Invest

Agriculture is a particularly broken industry, especially in developing nations. - Lalit Gautam, Sensegrass

The macro-shift to contingent labor and gig economy has already grown 10 x over the past decade and more we’ve only just begun scratching the surface. - Nishant Rao, Avaatar Venture Partners

Remote care is a robust alternative to limit patient sees in overburdened hospices. - Gautam Chopra, BeatO

As long as you have good quality data available, quant handles can assess a business very quickly, be it small-cap, mid-cap or large-cap. - Chandresh Nigam, Axis Mutual Fund

While earlier MSMEs fought with technological stoppages, the pandemic instruct them the importance of digitisation and automation of business. - Archanna Das, ASCENT Foundation


AI will certainly become all-pervasive in our lives in the coming years and it was essential to to inculcate the necessary skills and knowledge right from high school level. - Manoj Ahuja, CBSE

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are likely to shape the future of transactions. People can disavow it, ignore it or even fight it, but it is here to stay. - Jeevan Thomas, AMBCRYPTO

The flexibility, agility, and scalability been provided by hybrid gloom computing are why it’s gaining popularity. - Anurag Sinha, Wissen Technology

Testing software across the expanding number of browsers and manoeuvres is a huge and expensive challenge for improvement squads to manage on their own. - Jay Simons, BOND

The future of learning is hybrid and it will bring together the best of offline and online study. - Byju Raveendran, BYJU'S

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VC firm Artha Venture Fund announces final close of Rs 220 Cr debut fund

Artha Venture Fund( AVF ), a Mumbai-based early-stage micro-VC fund, announced the final close of its debut fund at Rs 220 crore.

In a statement, AVF said, 50+ restriction partners( LPs) participated in the fund, with almost half of the LPs increasing their investment commitments in the last three months. More than 50 percentage of the investments came from family parts, and from over 20 listed companies participating directly or through proponent entities. NRIs, HNIs, super angels, and SIDBI devoted the remaining capital.

The fund has allocated over 65 percent of its corpus for follow-on rounds and will realise 10 -1 2 seed+ financings per year, the statement added.

Anirudh A Damani, Managing Partner, Artha Venture Fund, said, "Besides exceeding our targeted heighten two months ahead of schedule, almost 50 percentage of our first cohort of LPs doubled down on their earlier financings. Many directed us to beings in their network."

"I welcome each LP to our investor clas. Their reinvestment and aimed at promoting our store within their network is a clear indicator that our fund policy and organization reverberates with them at a deeper height, " he added.money rupees

Image source: Pixabay


Artha Venture Fund announces second close of Rs 100 Cr

"The real ascribe of closing this fund goes to our founders and my superb squad. The effect of the two pandemic-led lockdowns sway our portfolio benefactors and our squad. However, each one stuck to their task, and our founders responded to each obstacle as an opportunity. As a answer, our portfolio-wide receipts ripened 3x in 12 months without raising additional capital."

"We will continue to scout for grain+ place deals in our preferred investment themes of D2C, D2C enablers, and B2B. Another sleeping being that has aroused our interest in the last 12 months is the gaming sector, especially for the masses, " he lent.

AVF had previously announced the second close of Rs 100 crore of the said store in June 2019. It claims to have invested more than 25 percent of the total corpus in category-winning startups such as Agnikul, LenDenClub, Kabbadi Adda, HobSpace, PiggyRide, Daalchini, and others.

The fund recently reinvested in Agnikul's Series A round and has six agreements set in the pipeline for the next few months. AVF has been extending investment opportunities by committing with various accelerators across the country and cumulatively( through associations and trade instantly) plans to support 40 accelerator stagecoach investments through small-scale cheques written from this fund.

Since its inception in late 2018, AVF, led by Anirudh A Damani, a second-generation investor, is part of Artha Group with investing in 85+ startups across India, the US, and Israel like OYO Rooms, Purplle, Tala, Coutloot, Karza Engineering, Mobilewalla, Interstellar, and more.

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USD-INR: Indian Rupee Hits 9 Month Low vs US Dollar

On Monday, the US Dollar Indian Rupee( USD/ INR) exchange rate rose for the fifth consecutive date. The pair gained 1.8 percentage in the previous week, settling at 74.98 on Monday. As of 11:00 am, the USD to INR is currently trading at 75.35. On April 12, the BSE Sensex plummeted and finished in the red. As a solution, the Sensex fell by 3.44 percent, or 1707.94 targets. As a answer, at 4:10 p.m. IST on Monday, the session ended at 47,883.38. Likewise, the NIFTY fell by 3.53 percentage, or 524.05 moments, to 14,310.80.

The rupee is under pressure as business in India's wealthiest state grapple with the country's current stringent covid rules. As the number of new cases per daylight outstrips 168,000, India has outstripped Brazil as "the two countries " with the second-highest number of covid actions after the United States.

Maharashtra, India's wealthiest government and home to the country's fiscal hub, is at the heart of the rising COVID-1 9 occasions. Non-essential collects, theaters, gyms, and forbids have been forced to close before they have had time to recuperate from the previous nationwide lockout.

Maharashtra's business operation accounts for approximately 15% of the country's GDP and are fundamental to India's economic recovery.

The US Dollar is currently trading higher against the Indian Rupee. The US Dollar Index, which measures the greenback against a basket of major currencies, is currently trading at 92.27, up 0.14 percent.

It is anticipated in Indian Rupee to devalue further but if you are interested in knowing the yearly forecast for the currency pair, do check out our blog on USD-INR forecast for 2021.

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IRFC raises funds at lower rate than G-sec

State-owned Indian Railways Finance Corporation( IRFC) Friday conjured 20 -year money at about 10 basis sites lower than what same maturity sovereign bonds render on an annualised basis.In the recent time, this is the first instance when a top-rated corporate invoked long term money in domestic market at pace lower than sovereign papers.This fundraising points to a possible corporate attachment marketplace rally, lowering funding costs for borrowers.When bond furnishes come premiums rise.IRFC promoted Rs 1,375 crore with 20.1 year maturity via regional bails that offered 6.80 percentage. A government newspaper maturing in 2041 relented 6.80 percent semi-annually in the secondary market, which is annualised at about 6.90 percentage, establish data from the Clearing Corporation of India.EPFO, the largest debt investor in the country, ought to have bought a lion’s share of the primary cope, market participants said. EPFO could not be contacted immediately for notes. The retirement person earlier decided to deliver 8.50 percent return on provident fund monies. “It is a demand supply equation at romp, ” said Ajay Manglunia, managing director- obligation uppercase busines, JM Financial. “Long term institutional investors have money to invest, but primary issuances are not rising. This has left those investors with little selection amid a consortium of surplus liquidity.”The existing IRFC ligaments with same maturity are providing in the range of 7-7. 05 percentage. Ligament dealers expect a rally in the corporate alliance grocery after Friday’s primary sell deal.“Existing investors of IRFC will try to sell at lower crops searching trading additions, ” said a merchant with a larger bank.

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Work and leisure blur in the home office, a study shows – how you can protect yourself

Many studies show that home office hires have a hard time switching off from drive. This is partly because the boundaries between work and personal being can easily become blurred when people work and live in the same space. It's hence helpful to establish precise rulers with your bos about when you can be reached in the home office, too.

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More peace and quiet, more flexible time management, better harmony of job and family: working in a main office has many advantages, that's indisputable. Digital conferences and Zoom sees eliminate unnecessary long business excursions. You save duration and money on commuting. Children can come home after clas and don't have to go to daycare.

What has advantages, nonetheless, always has weakness as well. For countless, operating from dwelling on a permanent basis can become a real test of endurance - too much pressure , too little self-discipline , no social exchange with peers. It is also is increasingly of a problem that many employees in the home office find it difficult to switch off from piece. Checking e-mails early in the morning or hanging around for an hour after dinner has become a habit for many. Even after job, the cell phone remains switched on - it could be something important.

Of course, workaholics "whos working" around the clock existed even before the Corona pandemic impelled us all to sit at our desks at home. But in the home office, the threshold for being constantly available or making overtime is even lower. After all, the boundaries between work and private soul readily threaten to merge when people work and live in the same chambers. Only one in two manages to keep the two areas rigorously separate, shows an analysis by the DAK. And that, in turn, tempts parties more rapidly to work when they actually have free time.

The causes are an increased stress elevation and too little rest - which in turn can lead to health problems. Because productivity needs respite. And that requires employees to be able to switch off sometimes.

Executives have the same problem

A survey conducted by the Frauenhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering among roughly 180 company managers and human resources consultants shows that the problem has already reached the executive floors. For example, around 70 percent of those surveyed said they mentioned a negative effect from the lack of separation between drive and private animation among their employees - albeit to differing measures: 35 percentage said some, 30 percent said a few cases and six percent said many of their employees were affected.

The HR managers and heads cross-examine cited is currently working on peculiar terms of the day( 66 percent ), overtime( 65 percent ), fragmented slog - i.e ., starting early in the morning and then continuing with a long break simply in the night - and work on weekends( 55 percentage) as common reasonableness. This also divulges the normal coronavirus-related challenges many face in the home office, such as homeschooling, makeshift roles in the laundry room or hallway, and other tasks we have to do on the side.

Only a third ascertain a need for action

The problems are well known, more exclusively about one-third of the honchoes or HR professionals surveyed check a need for action. There is also disagreement about who is responsible for this issue and whose job it is to improve the situation. For example, half( 52 percentage) of survey respondents make the direct manager to duty. Around 48 percent of participants reflect its own responsibilities lies with the company management and the same number think it is up to the employees themselves. In differ, little relevance is attached to the HR department.

So what can be done? "Employees need to set borderlines when working at home and regulate themselves more closely, " admonishes the German Trade Union Confederation( DGB ). On the one entrust, the home office offers more flexibility in the use of time. However, it is also important to ensure that an employee's protective liberties are respected there just as they are in the position - i.e ., the legally prescribed residue destroys and only a limited number of overtime hours.

Define clear rest periods

According to the DGB, it is helpful to create binding regulations for home office work that are based on legally safe and healthy working conditions. It should also be clearly defined at what times employees must be supplied. The honchoes and HR managers surveyed by the Fraunhofer IAO also watch a good solution approach in agreeing within the team on the availability of each employee - as well as in the training of managers and a positive example set by the company management. On the other hand, checks on whether rest periods are observed, for example, are less popular.

And it is also one's own responsibility to allow oneself to rest so that one can return to full conducton the coming workday. If you're afraid of being seen as less hardworking just because you've reduced your accessibility, you should probably talk to your superintendent about it. After all, they probably don't expect their employees to read their e-mails late at night - and you're merely generating yourself unnecessary stress.

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