It’s easier than ever to add two-way communication to Arduino devices

There’s a brand new device-to-device communication feature accessible now in the Arduino IoT Cloud. It’s something we’ve been working on for a long time. So we’re elicited to see how it’ll include a whole new connected dimension to your Arduino …

Organic Valley loans dairy farmers funds for renewable energy

Organic Valley loans dairy farmers funds for renewable energy

How Organic Valley is leading a growing trend designed to tackle Scope 3 radiations

Agriculture sustainability improvements have long-term positive outcomes both for the planet and the farmer’s wallet, but the upstart expenses can be a preventative hazard. Some big …

In Uzbekistan, public-private partnerships are the engine driving infrastructure development

Uzbekistan is undertaking an ambitious program to develop its infrastructure with public private partnerships playing a key role.



A key theme of Uzbekistan’s affecting economic resuscitation since 2017 has been to accelerate infrastructure development through private sector involvement. This led to an grandiose public-private partnership platform that included elapsing the first Public-Private Partnership( PPP) Law, creating …