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Super raises $50M to cover home repairs and maintenance via a subscription model

The real estate auctions sell has been in an upswing this year, and today a startup that's addressing one of homeowners' biggest needs -- fixing and maintenance services, and specifically the stress of sorting these out when things break down -- is announcing some funding on the ends of strong growth.

Super -- which has built a business adding mend and maintenance for electrical and mechanical systems, contraptions, and plumbing by way of a monthly subscription -- has closed a rise round of $50 million.

The startup plans to use the funding to expand into brand-new business, to hire more parties, and to continue adding more maintenance/ repair services and partnerships into its wider home-warranty-by-subscription proposition.

CEO Jorey Ramer, who co-founded the company with Ryan Donnelly( VP of engineering ), also said that another part of the investment will be used to enhance the AI tech that underpins Super's service and pricing strategy. More on that below.

The San Francisco-based company is currently active in some of the fastest-growing housing sells in the U.S ., Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio, and Washington, D.C.( ironically not in SF itself ), and it has grown revenue 7x since April 2019, when it previously promoted coin, a $20 million Series B. It's not reveal actual receipt numbers , nor customer numbers.

This is latest Series C contains a number of strategic allies that speaks to the bigger ecosystem of business and insurance services that interlink with each other, and which are used by the average person in the course of home ownership.( Surely, Super these days seems to refer to itself as an "insuretech" .)

Led by Wells Fargo Strategic Capital, the enterprise weapon of the banking giant, others in the round included dwelling creation monstrou Asahi Kasei, AAA- Auto Club Group( which also sells assurance ), Gaingels, and REACH. The last of these is a scale-up service from Second Century Ventures, which is the investment fund of the National Association of Realtors. Aquiline Technology Growth, Liberty Mutual Strategic Ventures, Moderne Ventures and the HSB Fund of Munich Re Ventures -- which all invested in Super's previous $ 20 million round back in April 2019 -- also participated.

The company has now promoted $80 million in total, and it's not disclosing its valuation.

As we have noted before, Ramer came up with the idea for Super when he himself moved to San Francisco after he sold his previous startup, Jumptap -- an advertising network acquired by Millennial Media( who is currently part of Verizon by way of its acquisition of AOL, just like TechCrunch ). He'd been an accommodation renter for all of his adult life, but when he moved to the Bay Area, "hes found" himself buying asset, and it comes down with more than a little reluctance because of the headache of taking care of his new home.

“I liked being a renter, ” he said in an interrogation. “You offer a fee, and you know what to expect.”( “Super” is a reference to the administrators that handle maintenance and restore in an apartment building, and to what Super hopes patrons will think about its service .)

The route that Ramer decided to take for how to approach replenish that spread, interestingly, is not unlike the challenges that Jumptap faced in the world of ad tech: instead of trying to build a services business from the ground up, he opted to build an integrated structure that tapped into a number of big business organizations already working in the business of maintaining residences.( The correlation here is that, rather than building a first-party behemoth, the coming is to knit together a number of online owneds so that people looking to advertise can do so across a wide range of places in a system ).

Super has created a kind of marketplace: the services offered businesses and individuals that Super commits with to carry out maintenance and reparations are all licensed and use its scaffold free of charge, essentially, and Super administers remuneration based on call-outs. For useds, the call-outs come as part of their monthly designs, and they include different options based on which height of service they pay for.

The funding it's announcing today will be used in part to enhance how those monthly programs work.

Not simply are there algorithms that Super has built to determine how to expenditure its services based on location, length of home and other factors; but there are features in the app that customers can use to interact with Super to report concerns, call out maintenance people, and provide more details about difficulties to improve faster, and in some cases, automated adjudication on issues.

Better tech for more accept dwelling assistances has been an interesting area of the market, but one that's primarily been ignored til now, but as they have matured, AR and other computer see breakthroughs have definitely helped to advance that sport.( And a number of others are also tapping into that, including Hover, Nana, Jobber and more .)

The way that the services offered has been built to scale -- are concerned with contractors intends contributing in more kinds of coverage is easier than build from the ground up -- likewise means that Super over go may well add more services into the mix.

" The things we would do are things your super would do ," Ramer said." So that might include fixing plumbing, but is likely to potentially include scavenging carpets, which you were able to think of as maintenance. Painting is another interesting area. It seems like it might be a cosmetic thing, but if you is not coat, you risk dry rot. It's also preventative attend. So if we, say, cover 100% maintenance you could imagine that included, extremely ."

One area where it's unlikely to move is general contract office, say rebuilding a lavatory or kitchen, or including in a new room in your loft: the focus it seems will remain on the essentials of maintaining your residence working.

But aside of expanding the services directly on its own platform, there is still potentially the possibility for how Super might work with spouses. AAA for example has a noticeable business not only in roadside succor but also insurance coverage. Ramer describes Super as" roadside assistance for your residence ," and he points out that it's a natural partnership to sell those alongside each other.

Similarly, Wells Fargo, as a mortgage lender, is a natural complement, plying a superhighway to its customers to help maintain the belongings that they're in the process of paying off to the bank. This in turn also becomes a kind of insurance policy to the bank itself, as it keeps the homes it is financing in better shape.

“Wells Fargo embracings invention, and we’re excited to support a tech-forward platform like Super which brings further advancement to the home works marketplace, ” said Matthew Raubacher, managing director for WFSC’s Principal Technology Investments Group, in a statement. “The challenges of ongoing fixings and upkeep reverberates with every homeowner, and Super plies an experience that is convenient for the customer, while boosting responsibility visibility for local contractors and transactions. We look forward to seeing them continue to widen their geographic footprint and expand their product offering.”

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A massive Montana ranch from ‘A River Runs Through It’ is set to sell for $136 million in one of America’s priciest ranch deals. Look around the property.

montana ranch The ranch spans virtually 80,000 acres across four districts.

A Montana ranch featured in the Brad Pitt cinema "A River Runs Through It" is set to sell to an uncharted customer for around $136 million. If it closes, it would be one of the most expensive ranches ever sold in the US. It's being sold by the Anderson family, offsprings of the founder of the Bank of California. See more fibs on Insider's business page.

A Montana ranch is in contract to sell for a record-breaking $ 136 million, ranch brokerage Swan Land Company confirmed to Insider.

montana ranch

As Mansion Global first reported, the ranch, known as the Climbing Arrow Ranch, went into contract for close to its $136.25 million asking price less than a few weeks after it hit the market .

A spokesperson for Swan Land Company declined to comment on the identity of the purchasers except to disclose that the buyer is an American citizen.

The deal is expected to close sometime in the summer, the spokesperson told Insider.

If the bargain closes, Climbing Arrow would be the most expensive ranch ever sold in Montana and one of the priciest sold in the US, the ranch brokerage spokesman said.

montana ranch

The current record in Montana is held by the $ 132.5 million Broken O Ranch, which billionaire Los Angeles Rams owner Stan Kroenke bought in 2012 in a transaction likewise handled by Mike Swan.

Kroenke was also the buyer of what is believed to be the most expensive ranch ever sold in the US in 2012: a 520,000 -acre Texas ranch that was listed for $725 million. The final obtain premium, however, was never disclosed.

Most ranch distributes, nonetheless, are nowhere near that rate series. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, one of the richest boys in the US, devoted a comparably insignificant $45 million on a 4,600 -acre Colorado ranch with a golf course and a helipad last-place May.

A Texas ranch that belonged to late petroleum industrialist T. Boone Pickens hit the market for $250 million in 2017, but it's still on the market four years later -- even with a $30 million price cut.

Climbing Arrow spans roughly 80,000 acres across four Montana counties: Gallatin, Meagher, Madison, and Broadwater.

montana ranch

It's within 30 miles from Bozeman, one of the fastest-growing cities in the US.

One portion of the ranch frontiers a ranch owned by Ted Turner, the CNN founder who's also one of the country's biggest proprietors .

A trestle aqueduct that heads into a tunnel on the dimension was boasted as a filming locating in the 1992 Robert Redford-directed film "A River Runs Through It."

montana ranch river runs through it

Source: Swan Land Company

Climbing Arrow is being sold by the Anderson family, "whos doing" condescended from the founder of the Bank of California.

montana ranch

Buck Anderson, the grandson of Bank of California founder Frank B. Anderson, bought the ranch with his wife, Marcia, in 1959, according to Swan Land Company. Their children are now selling the ranch following the deaths of Buck in 2012 and Marcia 2020.

"Our family has had the great privilege of being the superintendents of this beautiful ranch for over 60 times, " the Anderson children said in a statement obtained by Insider. " ... While we feel both dignity and heartache in this change, it is time to pass the reins to a brand-new proprietor who will love and enjoy the ranch as much as we have."

Climbing Arrow facets various meagre employee palaces, guest residences, and an owner's home, according to the listing.

montana ranch

There are also multiple barns, corrals, mechanic stores, molts, and calving equipment on the ranch.

The ranch is set up with a 2,000 -head business Black Angus cattle operation.

montana ranch

Source: Swan Land Company

The dimension is also a primary recognize for trawl, with 17 miles of the trout-filled Sixteenmile Creek passing through the owned as well as five miles of Madison River frontage. Other fish flows are a short drive away.

montana ranch

Source: Swan Land Company

Ranches have become a hot merchandise during the course of its pandemic, dealers say.

montana ranch

"Land as an investment-grade asset has enjoyed a flag 2020, " Eric O'Keefe of the Land Report told Forbes in September 2020. " ... Clearly, the best interests of the a remote or a removed getaway has become a much-coveted quality."

Bill McDavid of ranch brokerage Hall& Hall told Insider last May that he'd already seen a spike in interest in ranch assets in places like Montana and Wyoming a couple of months into the pandemic. Most of the wealthiest customers come from California, Texas, and New York, he said.

"You get up to that echelon of prosperity and those individuals who own a penthouse in New York are the same people that own a ranch in Montana and they're the same people who own an estancia in Argentina, " McDavid said.

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Empty apartments and plummeting rents in the world’s most expensive housing market: How the exodus out of Hong Kong could change its real-estate scene in 2021

hong kong China's new national insurance principle triggered an exodus from Hong Kong.

Hong Kong residents are absconding to the United Kingdom after China's crackdown on the city. The exodus could stimulate Hong Kong's notoriously high-pitched rents to fall 10% in 2021, per a new report. The city had been able to have the highest number of vacant dwellings that it's considered to be in 18 years. See more storeys on Insider's business sheet.

For years, Hong kong residents has been notorious for its astronomical real-estate prices. In 2020, it was reputation the world's priciest residence market for the 10 th year in a row.

But 2021 could be a year of major modify for the city's real-estate market. Hong kong residents tenants have been flocking to the United kingdom government since China guided a controversial brand-new national defence law last-place summertime. In January, a new UK visa scheme met it even easier for Hong Kongers to move there. The British government said here today expects more than 300,000 Hong Kongers to move to the UK in the next five years under the brand-new scheme.

In their aftermath, Hong Kong's infamously high rents could droop 10% and vacancy rates could smack an 18 -year high-pitched, returning a major shake-up to Hong Kong's real-estate market, according to the South China Morning Post, who quoted a brand-new report from Bloomberg Intelligence.

An exodus from one of the world's priciest cities

Hong Kong's high cost of living and residence inequality are well documented. While the rich descend hundreds of millions on mansions and build "Versailles-like" villas, numerous tenants is impossible to afford to live in tiny "coffin homes."

Even the COVID-1 9 pandemic and months of social turmoil didn't conclude have too much of an impact on Hong Kong's prices in 2020. Rents abode high last year and home premiums put only 4 % between May 2019 and October 2020, according to Reuters.

'Vibrant Hong Kong' by @leemumford8 (UK) Hong Kong has long been the world's priciest metropoli for housing, but things could change in 2021.

But 2021 could be a different story. After China surpassed their own nationals protection ordinance last year that menaced life imprisonment for pro-democracy opponents, the UK accompanied record number of Hong Kongers applying for British National( Overseas) passports, known as BN( O) s, which allow them to live in the UK but don't automatically grant them the right to work.

The British government said it issued about 200,000 such passports to Hong Kongers in the first 10 months of the year at a rate of about five passports every minute.

In January, the UK started it it even easier for Hong Kongers to live and work there, launching a brand-new visa intrigue for BN( O) owners to live and work in Britain and apply for citizenship after six years, according to a government statement. They can apply for the visas online from their residences in Hong Kong.

In total, approximately three million Hong kong residents residents are eligible to apply for BN( Os) and move to the UK, according to a British government study.

China denounced the UK government's recent move and said it would no longer recognize BN( O) s as valid travel documents.

london rutland gate mansion Wealthy Hong Kongers are clicking up indulgence real estate properties in London.

An out-migration boom

The influx of Hong Kongers to the UK during the past year has was instrumental in a surge in demand for luxury real estate in London, regional workers told Insider's Bill Bostock last summer.

In 2020, London homes that sell off 10 million pounds( about $14 million) or higher were "dominated" by buyers from Hong Kong and China, luxury real-estate agency Beauchamp Estates said in a January report provided to Insider.

Hong Kong, meanwhile, have had an opportunity to 66,683 homes sitting empty-bellied in 2021, up from 52,370 last year, according to the Bloomberg report.

"This is the biggest emigration boom in Hong Kong's record, " Andrew Lo, a Hong Hong emigration consultant, told Nikkei Asia last-place month. "People from different levels of the society, aged from 18 to 80, are all talking about emigration."

Read the original section on Business Insider

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A Hong Kong billionaire paid $276 million for London’s most expensive home last year. Now, he plans to spend another $277 million renovating it.

rutland gate The 62,000 -square-foot mansion at 2-8A Rutland Gate neglects London's Hyde Park.

A Hong Kong billionaire ceased $276 million on London's most expensive home in January 2020. Now, he plans to spend millions on an extended restoration of the "heavily dilapidated, " 45 -room mansion. The proposed renovation proposals could cost as much as $ 277 million , experts told the Sunday Times. See more tales on Insider's business sheet.

Last year, Hong Kong billionaire Cheung Chung Kiu demolished London's real-estate record by roughly $276 million for a 45 -room mansion overlook Hyde Park.

Now, he reportedly plans to spend approximately that same amount to renovate it.

Cheung has submitted plans to the Westminster City Council for an lengthy renovation of the 62,000 -square-foot mansion at 2-8A Rutland Gate in Knightsbridge. Per a website that shares information on the renovation, the house is "heavily dilapidated" and necessitates "extensive refurbishment prior to occupation."

Experts told the Sunday Times that Cheung's proposed restorations could cost as much as 200 million British pounds, or about $276 million - which is slightly higher than the rate he paid off the home last year via his private family office. A spokesperson for the renovation project declined to comment for this story.

Peter Wetherell, chairman of the Wetherell real-estate agency in Mayfair, told Insider that after its renovation, 2-8A Rutland Gate could be worth "anything from PS310 million to over PS500 million, either way the most valuable private home in London."

london mansion rutland gate A judgment of 2-8 Rutland Gate in 2015.

Cheung, a Hong Kong real-estate investor whose net worth is estimated at more than$ 1 billion, bought the residence from the estate of Saudi Arabia's late crown prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz. 2-8A Rutland Gate was originally four dwellings before being combined into one massive build with 45 rooms. The sprawling mansion neglects Hyde Park in Knightsbridge, an upscale neighborhood in central London. It was once rostered for PS300 million .

When Cheung bought the dimension in January 2020, he had not yet decided whether he would live in the mansion himself or turn the building into apartments, his spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal at the time. But in agreement with the Rutland Gate redevelopment website, the property is now intended to be the brand-new owneds' category home in London.

london mansion rutland gate A reception room at 2-8 Rutland Gate.

The proposals for the home include altering, repairing, and shattering parts of the building's facade, according to the website. The owned also wants to change the internal schemes, demolish and remodel the fourth and fifth degrees, trench the basement, and supplemented nearly 11 paws to the building's overall height.

Pending approval from the city council, structure will start in the fourth quarter of 2021 and the family will move in in early 2025. A spokesman for Cheung's firm did not immediately respond to Insider's request for note for this story.

When it comes to Cheung's personal and family life, he's known for bide under-the-radar, according to Bloomberg. His real-estate acquires, on the other hand, often reach headlines.

In 2015, he spent $656 million on a piece of land in Hong Kong's exclusive Peak neighborhood. And in 2017, his companionship, CC Land Holdings, bought the Leadenhall Building, a 740 -foot skyscraper in central London known as "the Cheesegrater."

london mansion rutland gate A lavatory at 2-8 Rutland Gate.

Cheung isn't the only Hong Konger who's been snarling up asset in London lately. As Bill Bostock reported for Insider, Hong kong residents occupants have been rushing to snap up luxury real-estate in the UK capital since China imposed a new national-security constitution on Hong kong residents last summer.

Once a rarity, homes priced at PS100 million ($ 139 million) or higher are becoming more and more common in London, generate a brand-new "giga-prime market for billionaire purchasers, " according to Wetherell. About 20 homes in central London that are built or in development are currently valued at around PS100 million, he said.

"Billionaires like owning accolade residences in London because it is good for their likenes, " Wetherell said in a recent report from his agency. " ... And they likewise like London because each decade asset prices come near, so the value of their property assets increase."

Read the original article on Business Insider

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Dear Penny: I Think My Wife Is a Predatory Lender

Dear Penny,

My wife lent money to a friend. I presumed we would accept the loss if it weren’t refunded, but my partner had other ideas. It turns out that the friend's small business is collateral, with the stipulation that the borrower could become an employee if the business were taken.

The borrower has shaped payments, but not always on schedule, and apparently the entire extent is now due immediately.

My wife is preparing to claim the business, which she guesses she can run better than her friend does. Improbably, she doesn't think this will harm their friendship.

Apparently, my wife was once litigated by her loving mother. She said they remained close throughout, and it was a good learning process. She showed me photos of herself and her mother together, both dressed businesslike, from the day she faced her in field. I’d like to ask my wife's mothers about this, although I’d preferably not mention how it came up.

Back to the current situation: Is a court likely to enforce this? Might my partner be penalized for crafting what could be construed as predatory terms?

The contract appears to be notarized, and I wonder whether the notary considered this. I cannot give precise details of the contract, as I am not likely to have it in front of me while alone.


Dear M .,

I don’t care how beautifully your wife administered it when she was litigated by her own mother. I most mistrust her friend will react to being indicted by freely posing for a courtroom selfie. I can’t imagine what their working relationship would look like after that.

Let’s put aside the legality of this agreement for a second here. Your partner crafted an arrangement that you believe is predatory to take advantage of her friend. Regardless of whether it’s law, you don’t think it’s right. You have an obligation to speak up here.

I expected Justin Meyer, an Orlando-based attorney who practices business constitution whether the credit you describe could be construed as predatory, bearing in mind that we don’t know what state you’re in. Here’s what he had to say 😛 TAGEND

“I would worry about what the interest rate is, ” Meyer said. “Without knowing more about the situation, I can’t say if it is predatory or not. It is also important to note that each state defines greedy lending differently. Nonetheless, most moods panorama greedy lending as a consumer issue , not a business issue and if this can be saw a business loan, then there are generally fewer protections.”

According to Meyer, if your bride met the lend knowing her friend couldn’t afford to refund it, who is able to illegal, depending on the state and what the lend utilized for. But it is legal to use a business itself as collateral, even though it’s more common to use business assets, like real estate properties or armory. Located on the limited information you present, Meyer thinks this does sound like an enforceable agreement.

But the notary had no role in seeing sure this was a fair or enforceable contract. “The notary is not responsible for the text of the document, exclusively for ensuring that the people are who they say they are, ” Meyer said.

So where does this leave you? It doesn’t sound like you know all the terms of the agreement. So I’d indicate you and your bride sit down with an lawyer to review exactly what’s in that contract. That’s assuming, of course, that your partner is willing. She’s been less than upfront with you, so this isn’t a given.

It’s striking all the things you haven’t talked about. You knew your wife was lending fund, but you premised the two of you would eat the loss if necessary. Meanwhile, your bride was planning to take over her friend’s business. It sounds like it was only after you learned of her proposal that she mentioned that her mom formerly sued her. That seems like a moderately significant happen -- one that you would have mentioned to your spouse.

I don’t know of a elegant route you can ask your mother-in-law about the time she indicted her daughter, but I’m curious what you’re hoping to find out here. It sounds like you have a nagging suspicion that your partner isn’t trustworthy. Are you hoping your inlaws’ explanation will squelch that surmise?

Past lawsuit aside, if you believe this loan was greedy, "youre supposed to" establish that case to your wife. Just because something is legal, that doesn’t make it right. Ask your spouse about her planneds. Is it to get refunded? Is it to become a business owner? Whatever the goal, can she achieve it without suing her friend and taken away from her business?

You may not win this one. But given attention if your partner doesn’t want to discuss details. Sometimes the more we mask, the more we discover. If your spouse doesn’t want you to know the terms of this contract, your bigger question is all the other things you don’t know about your wife.

Robin Hartill is a guaranteed financial planner and a elderly scribe at The Penny Hoarder. Send your tricky coin questions to AskPenny @thepennyhoarder. com.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which assistances millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal legends, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 graded The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

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Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle just sold their Hamptons house for $8 million – nearly double what they paid for it in 2019. Look inside the 7-bedroom home.

donald trump jr hamptons house The Bridgehampton home sits on 3.9 acres in a gated community.

Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle just sold their Hamptons live for $8.14 million. The 7-bedroom waterfront home in Bridgehampton comes with a heated outdoor kitty, spa, and waterfall. The marry is now looking for a home in Florida. See more stories on Insider's business page.

Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend, onetime Fox News emcee Kimberly Guilfoyle, just sold their house in the Hamptons for $8.14 million, a source close to Guilfoyle confirmed to Insider.

donald trump jr hamptons house Trump and Guilfoyle's bought the Bridgehampton home almost two years ago.

The couple practically redoubled the return on their be invested in the Bridgehampton home, which they purchased for $ 4.4 million in the summer of 2019.

The home was not publicly listed, according to Page Six, who first reported the spate. James Giugliano and Shawn Egan of Nestseekers brokered the spate, per the Page Six report. The operators didn't immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle, who have been together since at least June 2018, are now looking for a home in Florida as the rest of the Trump family relocates to the Sunshine State, the source close to Guilfoyle said.

Kimberly Guilfoyle and Donald Trump Jr. Guilfoyle and Trump Jr. at a Ted Cruz Rally in Texas in October 2018.

In January, virtually the entire Trump family manufactured moves to Florida.

Former president Donald Trump and Melania Trump left Washington, DC hours before Biden's inauguration and took up residency in Trump's Mar-a-Lago club .

The day before, The Wall Street Journal reported that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner signed a rental for a "large, unfurnished unit" in a Miami Beach condominium building for at least a year. This move came after the couple bought a $32 million spate in December on a high-security private island in Miami that's known as the "Billionaire Bunker."

Page Six reported at the time that Tiffany Trump was also looking for property in Miami.

Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle's sale of their Bridgehampton pad comes as the Hamptons real-estate market has boomed during the course of its pandemic.

donald trump jr hamptons house

The exclusive deprive of hamlets on New York's Long Island has construed bidding conflicts and dwellings flying off the market at record rates, Insider's Juliana Kaplan recently reported.

The 9,200 -square-foot Bridgehampton home sits on practically four acres in a private gated community, according to a onetime inventory.

donald trump jr hamptons house

The living room features a fireplace and high-pitched ceilings .

A formal dining room posteriors at least eight people.

donald trump jr hamptons house

Source: Corcoran

Another dining area is just off the kitchen.

donald trump jr hamptons house

Source: Corcoran

The comfortable, farmhouse-style kitchen is divided by a large island.

donald trump jr hamptons house

Source: Corcoran

The kitchen extends out to a screened patio mis the consortium.

donald trump jr hamptons house

Source: Corcoran

The home's master collection has its own sitting sphere and private deck.

donald trump jr hamptons house

Source: Corcoran

There are currently six other bedrooms in addition to the master suite.

donald trump jr hamptons house

Source: Corcoran

And they each come with an en-suite bathroom.

donald trump jr hamptons house

In total, the residence has 10.5 full showers and one half-bathroom.

The directory photos testify multiple sitting spheres throughout the house.

donald trump jr hamptons house

Source: Corcoran

A game room with a billiards table opens up to one of the floors.

donald trump jr hamptons house

Source: Corcoran

The room is hours from the beach and includes vast mahogany and stone porches, a hot puddle and spa with a cascade, and waterfront access to a 25 -acre pond.

donald trump jr hamptons house The Bridgehampton home sits on 3.9 acres in a gated community.

Source: Corcoran

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